10 Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Adjustable beds are no more exclusive to hospitals!

You can have this luxury at your home to help you to sleep better.

Maintaining a sleep cycle will help you to avoid dizziness times.

No more zombie looks wondering to find your senses back to normal in the morning.

Grab the best adjustable bed & start falling asleep in the world’s most comfortable bed. That is not a dream anymore.

Proper sleep is the to maintain your mood after you wake up.

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best adjustable beds according to consumer ratings and reports. SO without further ado, let’s get started

Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best adjustable beds based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Sven & Son Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame


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Features at a Glance
  • Zero gravity and anti-snore option
  • 3-preset memory function
  • Wireless remote, dual USB ports
  • Free 5 Year Extended Warranty
  • Head 0-75° Foot Articulation 0-45°

Are you looking for a zero-gravity adjustable bed? A premium quality option comes from Sven and Son. It is one of the top-rated beds in the market with an adjustable base.

If you can’t sleep due to a snoring or back problem, this relaxing bed will put you to sleep in no time. Anti-snore and zero-gravity features are top-selling points.

Interactive dual massage targets pain areas and soothes the body. If you feel it hard to sleep at night, its massage option is super effective. You can choose between pulse, wave, and full body massage as per your needs.

You won’t face any trouble adjusting the bed as it is designed with two independent heavy-duty motors.

Wireless backlit remote has a flashlight and intuitive control options. You can illuminate your space with a touch of a button.

Switching between anti-snore or zero gravity mode is super quick. Press one button to resume flat mode.

Remote will save three preset memory options, so you don’t have to perform settings again and again next time.

Buying an adjustable bed is a considerable investment, but you can rely on the brand as it offers a free 5 year extended warranty.

Besides, if you face any technical or massage-related issues, its 5-star customer service is ready to address all sorts of problems.

Depending on height requirements, you can adjust your legs. Setting options are 3, 6, or 12 inches. There is a mattress retention bar for comfy night sleep.

The bed is designed with  12” Luxury Cool Gel Bionic Infused Memory Foam Mattresses.

Full body massage on this mattress focuses on pressure points while eliminating heat from the shoulder and hip so the user can fall asleep without feeling discomfort.

What We Like!
  • Easy to Assemble, requires 30 min
  • Under Bed lighting, wireless backlit remote
  • Motors with interactive massage
  • One-Touch flat button
Things to Consider!
  • The bed mattress is very soft

2. Blissful Nights e4 Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Massage


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Features at a Glance
  • 4 USB ports, 4 Motors
  • Zero Gravity, flat, and anti-snore positions
  • Handy adjustable bed height
  • Custom Memory presets
  • Mattress foot retainer bar

Blissful Nights can offer you a bed that will adjust the way you want.

If you are in a mood to read, then grab its wireless backlit remote and transform the bed into a lounge.

From zero gravity to anti-snore preset, multiple functions are available to make this bed super comfortable.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that quality meets with affordability on this specific bed model. You can avail yourself tons of valuable features at a price you can afford.

When selecting a specific position, you need to press one button, and the bed base will follow the command.

Dual USB ports on each side let you charge your smart devices. Under-bed light provides illumination when you need it.

You can adjust the height as per your requirement on this adjustable bed with a total height of 14.5in terms of design.

Head incline is 0–65° while  Foot incline is  0–35°. This adjustable bed base supports weight up to 750 lbs.

What We Like!
  • Easy to install, no need to use any tool
  • Sturdy build and construction
  • Under-bed light
  • 10-year warranty with excellent customer support
Things to Consider!
  • Headboard brackets aren’t included.

3. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

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Features at a Glance
  • Modern Shade Luxury Upholstery
  • Efficient 2 Step Assembly Design, No Tools Required
  • Ultra Sturdy Steel Frame Design
  • Quiet Motor with Full articulation facility
  • Ergonomic Wireless Back-Lit Remote with 18 Buttons

If you can’t get to sleep without getting a good night message, you need to add this adjustable bed to your lifestyle.

With its full body massage option, you can choose between three different intensity levels.

Set an intensity and untie pressure knots from your body, get relaxed at night, and wake up fresh in the morning.

The adjustable bed offers ultimate comfort with full articulation.

Heat level can be adjusted from zero to seventy degrees, while foot level can be 48 degrees. It’s a bed that lets you adjust the bed at a different angle or position.

Massage has four different modes such as wave, pulse, constant, full-body, etc. You can set the timer of the massage from ten to thirty minutes. This adjustable bed can handle weight up to 850lbs.

The biggest issue with motorized beds is the noise produced by motors. This kind of distortion hinders a good night’s sleep.

However, this adjustable bed is made to offer comfortable and quiet sleep, all thanks to its ultra-quiet Leggett & Platt Power Motors.

Its zero-clearance design lets it fit inside the existing frame, and you can use it for setting legs.

Ultra-sturdy steel frame is covered by premium furniture grade upholstery in the charcoal shade.

This kind of bed will blend beautifully with your contemporary room furniture.

Its strong deck is designed with Ultra High-Density Foam Padding. This ergonomic design offers optimal structure support.

What We Like!
  • 3 Preset positions Including
  • Zero-Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat Button
  • 2 Programmable Position Memory Buttons
  • 4 Massage modes, 3 Intensity levels
  • Emergency Battery Back-Up power box
Things to Consider!
  • Under-bed light is minimal and inadequate.

4. Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Features at a Glance
  • Good quality frame with a solid finish
  • Easy to follow manual instructions
  • Super Quiet Adjustable bed
  • Wireless remote
  • Easy to Put together and use

After an entire day of work stress, you can unwind yourself on an adjustable bed.

Tap on zero gravity position to enjoy weightlessness sensation. Pressure will release in the air, and you get to sleep in less than ten minutes.

This adjustable bed lets you set three different positions. If you want to use a laptop or plan to watch TV, grab it as a backlit wireless remote and choose TV mode. The lounge mode brings ultimate relaxation.

Sleep mode with massage functionality eases up your mind and body. Now you won’t have to wait for hours to initiate a sleep cycle as this bed is ready to unlock lifestyle and health benefits for the user.

You can make the most of a programmable position. If a specific position suits your body, offers optimal spinal support,  and offers excellent blood circulation, then save it to use later. No need to do settings again and again.

There are 2 USB 1.5A charging ports so you can charge devices without leaving your rest zone.

Your cell phone is getting its required power while you are energizing yourself with a 3-speed massage.

The base is made of premium quality steel with a good fabric finish. The flexible leg length lets you decide your suitable height, though maximum height of 12 inches seems like the best option.

Assembly is pretty straightforward. Color-coded cables keep everything simple during installation. Pay close attention to instruction for putting it all together smoothly.

What We Like!
  • 3-speed separate dual head and foot massage
  • Three Leg heights
  • 2 USB ports for mobile charging
  • Presets and programmable functions
Things to Consider!
  • Legs are made of soft metal instead of a strong one.

5. iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Zero Gravity

iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Zero Gravity

Features at a Glance
  • Multi-Height Leg Height Design
  • Emergency Battery Back-Up
  • Luxurious Furniture Grade Upholstery
  • Smooth and silent drive motor, up to 850lbs capacity
  • Convenient Set-Up Design, No Tools Needed.

A disturbing night sleep means waking up less energized and feeling drained to the office.

For waking up fully rested, you need to invest money in an iDealBed i3 adjustable bed with full articulation.

The head can articulate up to 75 degrees, while the foot can be set up to 48 degrees.

The base is super sturdy because lighter-weight Aerodynamic Tubular Steel is used for construction.

The iDealBed Microbead Grip fabric is integrated into the upper platform for securing the mattress to its place.

The dark shade of furniture-grade micro-suede upholstery enhances its aesthetic value.

The ergonomic backlit wireless remote has eight buttons such as head/foot articulation control buttons, 2 one-touch comfort buttons, and 2 programmable memory buttons.

The new technology doesn’t require a retainer bar for the mattress, but manufacturers still included a bar in the pack for ultimate comfort.

Legs are adjustable. If you don’t need legs, its zero clearance design is set in any existing bed frame.

One of the best features of this adjustable bed is its ten years coverage from the manufacturer; you will get three-year full coverage and five-year full parts replacement coverage, including motor.

In case of a power outage, an emergency backup facility is there, so you keep relaxing at your favorite position.

No need to use any tool during assembly. Installation is pretty quick and straightforward.

What We Like!
  • Lightweight Aerodynamic tubular steel frame
  • German engineered Okin Motors
  • iDealBed Micro-Bead Grip fabric
  • Zero Clearance, Use without legs
  • Compatible with all Mattresses
Things to Consider!
  • The bed is heavy; leg adjustment requires two people.

6. LUCID L300 Bed Base Remote Adjustable

LUCID L300 Bed Base Remote Adjustable

Features at a Glance
  • Folding hinge for affordable shipping
  • Sturdy build, Attractive color, and Design
  • Reliable and Quiet Premium motor
  • Head and Feet Articulation facility
  • Wireless remote with programmable memory function

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? It’s time to bring improvement in your quality of life by purchasing an adjustable bed from LUCID.

Sleeping at an incline aligns your spine has a positive effect on sleep apnea.

When you raise your head level from 10 to 30 degrees, you experience better airflow in your sleep, and it can reduce snoring and congestion issues.

When you incline head level by six inches, you enjoy improvement indigestion. Besides, it is the most effective sleep position to deal with acid reflux and throat stress.

People with back pain can set a recliner position on the LUCID L300 adjustable bed to get optimal back support.

No more pressure on your nerve, back, and muscles means sleeping like a baby at night.

When you order a bed online, its shipping cost is too much. A LUCID adjustable bed has a folding hinge to make shipping cost-effective. You can unpack and assemble it all without putting in much effort.

After years of use, low-quality bed motors start producing noise. LUCID has engineered this bed base with a premium quality motor that is super reliable and works quietly.

Its wireless remote brings a flashlight and programmable memory options, so you don’t have to save your favorite position and angle over and over again.

This upholstered frame has a chic charcoal look to enhance the stylish appeal of your bedroom interior. A 10-year warranty is significant proof of its durability.

What We Like!
  • Ten-year Warranty and Coverage
  • Add comfort and luxury to your bed
  • Dual USB charging station on either side
  • Offers solution for multiple health issues
Things to Consider!
  • Assembly is not easy

7. Milemont Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds

Milemont Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds

Features at a Glance
  • Easy Set up, 10 min Assembly
  • Easy to use Wireless Remote control
  • Customizable Memory Setting
  • Separate Head and Foot Inclination
  • Suitable for reducing snoring, back, knee pain

Sleeping with a partner who snores at night brings ultimate discomfort.

It’s time to get comfort back into your life with this Milemont adjustable base. It offers independent head and foot inclination options.

So, you can elevate your head incline to have a peaceful sleep at night.

Its user-friendly remote control offers two different controls for both sides. There are a few buttons for non-techy people. You won’t have to struggle with two many features and options.

Custom memory preset options are worth mentioning. There is no need to press the up and down button multiple times to reach a desirable angle.

Set your favorite position and save it in your remote memory. Next time you need the same position, simply press memory.

Zero gravity position is certainly desirable as it promotes relaxation with the simulation of a weightless scenario as you elevate both head and feet level. People with back or knee pain will find comfort in this bed.

Whether you are watching TV or reading a book, this bed will become your ultimate hangout spot due to its multiple articulation settings.

Set your preferred angle and feel relaxed. One-click flat button transforms bed shape into straight so that you can start your sleep cycle at night.

What We Like!
  • Watch movie or read a book with comfort
  • Separate Controls and Settings
  • Ergonomic elevation, zero gravity feature
  • Compatible with all mattress under 12.”
Things to Consider!
  • Mattress slides from the sides.

8. LINENSPA Motorized Head and Foot Full Adjustable Bed Base

Features at a Glance
  • Easy to Assemble, the time required less than 10 min
  • A high-Quality adjustable base offers comfort
  • Independent head and feet elevation
  • Provides relief for snoring and pregnancy discomfort
  • Zero gravity position

Pregnant women feel it hard to get in and out of bed. This adjustable bed will bring comfort to their life.

With its independent incline option, you can set a position you desire. You feel like your dream of a peaceful night comes true once you start using this bed base.

It is universally compatible with all sorts of mattresses under 14 inches. So, if you have an existing mattress, simply assemble the base in five minutes and relax the way you always wanted.

Its whisper-quiet motor doesn’t wake up your husband while you are changing either head or foot elevation settings.

You can have a full incline “zero gravity position” to feel like your body sinks in the air for your personalized comfort.

Sleep problems will get out of your life once you say hello to this fabulous adjustable bed base in your life.

It lets you find relief from snoring and back pain in no time. You can raise your head and feet to a comfortable level and get a sleep apnea solution without trying hard.

What We Like!
  • Durable Product at Unbeatable Price
  • Universally compatible with mattresses under 14.”
  • Smooth and Quiet motors
  • Easy to use wired remote control
Things to Consider!
  • Mattress slides around often.

9. LUCID L150 Bed Base Wireless Remote Control Adjustable

LUCID L150 Bed Base Wireless Remote Control Adjustable

Features at a Glance
  • Full-Size Heavy-Duty Steel Bed Frame
  • Foot elevation up to 40ᵒ, head elevation up to 58ᵒ.
  • Even weight distribution provide back pain relief
  • Reliable, quiet, and responsive motor
  • Metallic legs with 2” diameter

You won’t have to break the bank to buy an adjustable bed anymore as LUCID has offered an affordable bed base.

This metal-constructed bed is super adjustable with independent leg and incline options. It lets you avail all health benefits of elevated sleep position.

No matter you experience sleep apnea, snoring, or acid reflux, this adjustable bed can be set at your favorite position to find the relief you deserve the most.

Its zero-clearance design lets you adjust this base in the existing frame.

There is an 11-inch under-bed storage space for keeping some essential documents or other things nearby. You won’t need to leave your bed to grab routine things anymore.

LUCID integrated base with eye-catching upholstery. No matter where you set this base, it will add charm and beauty to its space.

Many people complain about having a stiff back in the morning. It’s hard to work with this health issue, especially when it is recurring in nature.

Thanks to an adjustable bed from LUCID, you can have a permanent solution to this common issue. This base offers utmost back support, so you wake up without any back pain anymore.

The whole Set up of this adjustable base is pretty simple. Please follow the instructions for quick installation. Its wireless remote has an easy-to-use button.

If you face any problem during or after installation, no worries. Friendly and responsible customer service is ready to serve you in the best manner available.

What We Like!
  • Compatible with all Lucid mattresses/other mattresses under 14 inches
  • Zero clearance design, quickly fit in all standard frames
  • 5-year warranty coverage against manufacturer defects
  • Easy and quick assembly
Things to Consider!
  • Size is not suitable for people over 6’4″

10. Ananda 12″ Cool Gel Adjustable Bed Frame Combo

Ananda 12" Cool Gel Adjustable Bed Frame Combo

Features at a Glance
  • Dual Massage Motors with three intensity levels
  • 30 Degree Head Tilt Feature
  • Independent Head Up and Foot
  • Whisper-quiet motors
  • Heavy Steel Construction

When you need the best package deal for an adjustable bed, you won’t find it anywhere but at Ananda.

This premium quality adjustable bed base makes a combination of Cool Gel and Pearl Infused Premium Memory Foam.

The cooling gel inside foam regulates temperature and keeps it at a neutral level. Pearls tech helps create a balance of energy.

Dual head and foot massage facilities improve blood circulation and aid in good night’s sleep.

For a personalized comfort experience, you will have your hands on a wireless backlit remote.

You can take control of dual massage motors that offer 3 varied massage intensity levels. With a 30-degree head tilt feature, you enjoy muscle pressure relief.

You can find buttons for zero-gravity, one-touch flat position, anti-snore, and custom memory presets on the remote.

This adjustable bed blends beautifully with this digital world. You can control its feature through a mobile application named Ananda Base Wifi.

Blissful nights offer an adjustable bed base with multi-layer construction and Patented Wedge Support, so you get the comfort you deserve and enjoy an improvement in your sleep cycle. Welcome this bed to say goodbye to pressure and work stress.

What We Like!
  • Adjustable Leg Heights
  • WIFI Phone App
  • Multiple USB charging ports
  • Cool Gel and Pearl Infused Premium Memory Foam
  • Machine-Washable zip-off cover
Things to Consider!
  • The mattress is very Firm

How To Choose The Best Adjustable Bed – Buying Guide

There were times when adjustable bed base were only found in hospitals, but now with the increasing ratio of chronic muscle pain and headaches adjustable beds have become an essential part of our lives.

They make sure that everyone sleeps peacefully and according to their body needs. Straight mattresses can be uncomfortable at times, and adjustable beds basically allow you to raise your head, neck, and leg position as required.

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Tech Features

Adjustable beds have different kinds of features and benefits. One of the most common features of an adjustable bed is being a technology-friendly bed.

Let’s look at some of the most common technology-savvy features available in adjustable beds nowadays.

Built-in USB port

Nowadays, adjustable beds have become tech-savvy. A USB port could be used for various purposes, but the main purpose is to charge your cellphones. These can be found on both sides of the bed (better for couples).

Spot Massager

What is better than lying down on your bed after a long and tiring and get a free massage? I believe nothing! That’s a major reason for choosing an adjustable bed. Get a free massage anytime and every time.

Wireless Remote Control

Who would want to wake up and find the switches to elevate their bed base? Therefore, most brands offer a wireless remote control feature to adjust and reset the settings. These remote controllers also allow the user to save their favorite positions.

Under-bed lights

There were times when the sleepers had to keep a lamp beside their bed, but today, beds come with built-in lightings under them. These lights are controlled by either a switch or remote controllers.

Silent Alarms

Silent alarms are the most needed things while you’re asleep. They will wake you up by gently vibrating, without raising your heartbeats. Always look if the brand offers this feature; if it does, that brand has to be our favorite.

Sleep Trackers

Ever lost track of your sleep? If yes, this feature will help you track and record your sleeping time. This feature is handy if a person needs to figure out his/her sleep pattern. Most brands offer this extra feature.

After this, we have some other physical features of an adjustable bed that is commonly available in every bed.

Physical Features

The technology features are aforementioned, but some other features make an adjustable bed really adjustable.


Random beds are fixed at one position and remain at the same height forever, but an adjustable bed allows us to customize the bed’s height according to the needs.

Dual Adjustment

The probability of every human’s different preferences is too high; thus, many brands offer customizable adjustments for both sides of the bed according to each sleeper’s preference. This is indeed a cool feature of an adjustable bed.


If anyone is suffering from chronic back muscle pain, this zero-gravity setting is an ideal position to sleep. In this position, the sleeper’s legs are raised higher than the head to create a zero-gravity posture, which eventually reduces back pain.


Anyone who has slept with a snorer or is one might agree on the importance of this feature. This feature elevates the head of the snorer to let the air vent in and out properly.

Retainer Bar

There is an obvious problem that occurs when a bed is elevated, i.e., friction. It is imaginable that the mattress would slip out of the base if elevated to a certain height, but the retainer bars play a crucial role here.

Retainer bars prevent the mattress from slipping out of mattress. These bars are sometimes fixed at the base’s head and foot and sometimes fixed at the foot of the bed. You have to choose what’s better for you!


This is a cool feature as it eases down the sleeper’s body when the bed is inclined. However, the space between the bed and the wall remains constant.

While choosing an ideal adjustable bed for yourself, it would be great to consider certain factors yourselves. Here in this guide below, we will discuss some of the merits and demerits of an adjustable bed.

Merits to Consider

While talking about a bed’s features, it is also essential to discuss how these features can become beneficial for every one of us.

Muscle Pain Reliever

As we have already mentioned many times above, this is the only option that has made these adjustable beds a common household name.

These beds help the sleeper eliminate chronic pain in their body parts, mostly muscles, such as the head, neck, backbone, and legs.

They do it by providing an extremely comfortable position, body massage, and additional support than commonly available beds.

Snore Reducer

With their customized elevations, these beds can reduce snoring. It also helps people suffering from sleep apnea to get peaceful sleep. Some brands have a pre-set option to adjust the bed to elevate it to the required position.

Comfortability to adjust

They are very comfortable because of their elevation, which allows the sleeper to sleep in any comfortable position. Another aforementioned feature is its dual adjustment feature, where each person can set according to the preferences.

Demerits to Know


Although it is a perfect bedroom set, the biggest low point is its cost. The lowest price starts at a thousand bucks, which might not be very affordable for most people.

And if you want to buy a good quality bed base and mattress, the price starts skyrocketing with each increasing feature.

Shorter lifespan

Adjustable beds are seldom everlasting because of their technological components; the chances of malfunctions are higher than normal beds. Thus, if you are looking for a durable bed set, this might not be an ideal choice.


Unlike normal beds, these adjustable beds are very noisy while transitioning. However, some brands offer a feature to reduce noise.


The bed base becomes heavy due to exceptional features used in the elevation of the base. Their average weight is around 50kgs (1000lbs), making the entire bed a tough job.


Most commonly found mattresses are not usually compatible with the bed base; thus, you will have to choose the mattress wisely.

Final Verdict

Adjustable beds have become a new normal, with their features and merits, more and more people are opting for them instead of normal beds.

Life has become tougher with each passing day, and adjustable beds help ease our pains and solve our sleeping issues. Get yourself an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are not just for hospitals nowadays. Modern beds have become comfortable.

Choose wisely, and enjoy it!

FAQ’s about Adjustable Beds

What are the best adjustable beds 2023?

Here are the best adjustable beds by consumer ratings & reports 2023:

  1. Sven & Son Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame
  2. Blissful Nights e4 Queen Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Massage
  3. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base
  4. Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base
  5. iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Zero Gravity
  6. LUCID L300 Bed Base Remote Adjustable
  7. Milemont Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds
  8. LINENSPA Motorized Head and Foot Full Adjustable Bed Base
  9. LUCID L150 Bed Base Wireless Remote Control Adjustable
  10. Ananda 12″ Cool Gel Adjustable Bed Frame Combo

Are adjustable beds worth it?

Definitely, it will help you sleep or relax in a better way.

Is an adjustable bed can do massage?

Yes, it does. Make sure to buy with the features.

How much can an adjustable bed cost?

It can go from 200$ to 2500$ depends on the features.

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