7 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

The kitchen and bathrooms are the dirtiest places in our homes.

A little moisture is enough to build up bacteria and put your family’s health at risk.

Using soap bars is risky and built-up bacteria in the environment are the breeding grounds.

That’s why automatic soap dispensers are considered the best hack for proper cleaning.

Most of us, in public places, might have used automatic soap dispensers, but the little bird of imagination did not think that these could be available for home- now.

Yes, you can have a different range of automatic soap dispensers for the kitchen and bathrooms to deal with the chaos produced after you wash your hands.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best automatic soap dispensers according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.

These dispensers can be placed near your sink to help you be top on personal hygiene and prevent viruses from spreading. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best automatic soap dispensers based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Secura Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

Features at a glance
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • 500mL liquid container
  • Infrared sensors to detect motion
  • Adjustable volume

Secure is one of the most followed and top-rated Automatic soap dispensers.

Battery operated dispenser has a large container that holds up a pretty enough volume of soap to fits the needs of regular households.

Plus, it got a clear container, so it is easy to see when to refill the container with fresh soap.

This automatic soap dispenser prevents bacteria and viruses spread and offers the best performance anyone could imagine.

It is powered with 4 AAA batteries, premium touchless soap dispenser got 500Ml of liquid soap with adjustable volume that allows you to adjust the amount of soap to be dispensed per activation on every shot.

It uses infrared sensors to provide you a touchless dispense, this technology detects your hands from 2.75 inches, and with the adjustable volume control and infrared technology-infused, dispense exactly the amount required.

It is one of the versatile dispensers. It can be placed on the countertop or can be mounted on the wall for easier operation.

Plus, there is no power issue you will have to take care of, the battery compartment works properly and helps you get this thing running undisturbed.

There are a few downsides that one must take into account. Likes the durability of the dispenser, some mentioned that it does not last longer the container starts to break off.

Some mentioned that the dispenser stopped working after several months.

But more than 90-percent of the users were completely satisfied with the quality, about 17000 plus users have given 5 ratings.

What We Like!

  • A see-through container can easily be refilled
  • Infrared sensors to detect hands-motion
  • Big large liquid container
  • Adjustable liquid quantity

Things to Consider!

  • Not a sturdy constructed container at all

2. Hanamichi Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser

Features at a glance
  • 400 Ml Volume
  • Latest precession technology
  • Infrared sensors integrated
  • Hassle-free refills

If you want to give your kitchen or washroom the latest touch and looking into buying a sleek and modern-looking dispenser, I think Hanamichi is the name you can trust on.

It is one of the top-rated and best-selling products around the world, known for its sleek and elegant design.

It is not just a modern-looking electric dispenser, the latest precession technology integrated into constructing this dispenser stands out in the crowd.

Its volume can easily be adjusted so that only the required amount of soap is dispensed, no waste.

It uses a free-standing adjustable button to be placed along with the sink.

With built-in precise infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology, you enjoy hassle-free performance.

The upgraded sensors prolong the working life and are more sensitive to help you get the soap instantly and quickly.

This automatic dispenser got a 400 mL volume capacity of soap, its variable dispense control volume helps you switch the control of the liquid without any dripping or wasting of the soap.

This dispenser can be filled variety of liquid soap, it is better to read the description before you buy any liquid soap.

It runs on battery, the battery compartment of the dispenser is sealed and water-resistant so that it does not get soaked in water which can cause corrosion and dispenser, in the end, fail to work, there is no screw to open the compartment, easy to separate.

It is no doubt one of the sturdiest constructed dispensers. It is made of ABS+PC and plastic to enhance motor power and stable quantity of produced liquid.

The compartment is never going to leak off, the water-proof technology is used to prevent or water from coming out of it, to make the overall experience devastated.

In short, there are very few shortcomings of this device most of them are shipping or customer care issues.

Read the descriptions before using this machine, everything has been provided in the user manual, to help easily operate this amazing thing.

What We Like!

  • Sturdy constructed container
  • Easy to adjust volume control with +,- buttons
  • Waterproof technology is used to prevent water from leaking
  • Good volume

Things to Consider!

  • Poor customer care

3. Simplehuman Touch-Free Rechargeable Soap Pump Dispenser

Features at a glance
  • Stainless steel constructed
  • Clog-free tubing pump
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Battery operated

Simplehuman is another big name in the world of producing high-quality Kitchen and bathroom products.

Its simple and elegant-looking jar-shaped automatic soap dispenser is another great option that offers neat, easy, automatic, and touch-free operation. No germs passed on, stay safe and healthy in your environment.

It is one of the best pump-up dispensers that is considered one of the top choices, it is a best-selling and the top-rated product in the dispenser market today.

This dispenser is made of stainless steel. One thing is for sure, it would not tear off or break off that easily, a sturdy constructed product. It’s known for its excellent clog-free tubing pump and seamless funnel refill opening.

With the option to conveniently and seamlessly refilling it is one of the convenient options to get hands-on.

It also features flexible silicone valve snaps that make the device supremely tight to drip off the water and prevent messy drips or trails off.

You do not have to plug this into electrical power. It got a hidden charging port on the back that hinged top for easier access.

With an IP67 rating, it allows you to clean this device with water, with no issue at all.

It works on battery, you have to put in AAA batteries to make it running.

Do not have to worry about the charging or power, just replace the batteries and there you are with an efficient working soap dispenser.

It got a variable dispense feature that makes you control the amount of soap released.

Not just the amount of soap you can control, but the position of hand closer or farther from the dispenser, can also be adjusted.

What We Like!

  • Unique stainless steel constructed
  • IP67 rating waterproof funnel
  • Can adjust the volume of the soap
  • Easy to refill funnel

Things to Consider!

  • The sensors do not perform as good as advertised

4. Apanage Automatic Soap Dispenser Equipped Stainless Steel

Features at a glance
  • Stainless steel body
  • 250 mL volume capacity
  • Runs on AAA batteries
  • Three adjustable volume settings

Apanage is another sturdy and elegant designed Automatic soap dispenser that got a great range of features to help users prevent passed-on bacteria.

This automatic soap dispenser got a free-standing adjustable button design that can be easily be taken alongside a sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

With precise infrared motion and PIR sensor technology, this Automatic dispenser does exactly the demanded thing. It got upgraded sensors that prolong life and make it easy to use.

It allows you to adjust the volume of it and get the soap dispensed quickly to easily clean your hands.

It is a sturdily designed dispenser, shares a stainless steel construction. The top and bottom though are made of plastic but it is an ABS plastic material that is known for its roughness and durability.

Its superb quality keeps the long-term metallic gloss that suits every kitchen and bathroom ideally.

The soap got an amazing 250 ml volume capacity. The dispenser dispenses the soap when you take your hand near to the dispenser in 1.5 seconds, the second comes in 2-seconds, the third 2.5 seconds, and so on.

You can change the setting, dispense at variable control as per your liking.

The dispenser not only shares a rubber-sealed base that prevents water corroding the batteries and Cricut but its 3A glass leak-proof and waterproof technology prevents overall leaking and seeping of water in or out of the system.

The brand backs its product and offers 19-months money-back guarantee.

The brand is confident that for the longest time the sensor can perform and without malfunctioning or leaking provides an error-free performance.

What We Like!

  • All metal construction
  • The base and top are made of plastic
  • 3A glass technology to prevent leaking
  • Adjustable volume settings

Things to Consider!

  • If you do not use it for one day it goes to sleep

5. Ponydash Automatic Soap Dispenser for Kitchen & Bathroom

Features at a glance
  • 450 mL capacity
  • Responds in 0.25 seconds
  • Four volume settings adjustments
  • Countertop or Mount on the wall

If you are hunting for an attractive and stylish-looking bathroom and kitchen automatic soap dispenser, Ponydash got your back.

It comes with a modern designed and stylish looking automatic dispenser that shares built-in motion IR sensors to easily helps you when your hands are messy, or you do not want to touch the soap so that the germs can’t be passed on.

It is a great automatic soap dispenser, comes with a big sensor area, does not worry if your hands are a little bigger, it easily suits you, and dispenses the required amount of soap to help you clean hands right away.

It integrates built-in motion sensors that respond within 0.25 seconds.

You can adjust the quickness and volume of the dispenser if you like. It can be adjusted up to four touch-free dispense volumes, you can adjust it from 0.5 to 2 ml volume on each dispense to fits regular household needs and requirements.

It can be adjusted on a countertop, desktop soap, or mounted on the wall to help you easily access and enjoy a hassle-free cleaning.

It provides a clean and mess-free operation, no trailing or dripping, just clean shots.

With 450 mL volume capacity, it can easily hold up enough volume to fits regular household’s needs.

You can open the top of it, and see the volume to refill it without any big mess.

With IP6 level of waterproof technology, this dispenser is amazing, you can easily wash or clean without malfunction the circuits or battery.

The bottom of the dispenser is sealed with Glass so that no water or moisture reaches the battery compartment and makes the whole system breaks down.

It runs on batteries, one set of batteries comes with the package, once in a month you would be required to replace the batteries.

Do not worry, if this dispenser does not operate the way it should, the brand offers a money-back guarantee within 30-days.

Besides you also get a 24-months warranty for replacement service, for as long as two years, the brand will offer free services.

What We Like!

  • Elegant and stylish looking
  • 450 mL capacity of liquid soap
  • The bottom of the dispenser is sealed
  • 24-Months replacement service warranty

Things to Consider!

  • The soap stream should have been wider

6. Fangsky 300ML Foaming Automatic Hand soap Dispense

Features at a glance
  • Detects 2-inches away
  • Dispense within 0.26 seconds
  • Saves up to 60-percent of the content
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries

If budget is your concern and you are as much concerned about a budget as your Hygiene, I think Fangsky designed Foaming automatic hand-soap dispenser is an option to go with.

It is a Foamy dispenser and most of us due to using a hand bar for a long time, becomes addicts to something visually bulky to clean hands, and for them, a Foaming dispenser is a great option to get hands-on.

It is an ideal touchless Home soap dispenser that is great for kids. It is an ideal suit for home, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, offices, hospitals, and many other public places where there are huge chances of germs passed on.

This dispenser comes integrated with sensitive infrared motion sensors.

These motion sensors are amazing and easily detect hands as far away as 2-inches and dispense within 0.26 seconds to help you clean your hands using foamy hand soap dispense.

The dispenser is great to use all kinds of different detergents including bath gels, lotions, and shampoos prevent overusing of the detergents and saves up to 60-percent of the content that could have been easily wasted otherwise.

It runs on 3AAA batteries and lasts as long as 6-months. Once in half a year, you will have to replace the batteries with new ones and get things rolled on.

What We Like!

  • Budget price range
  • Foamy content is visually appealing
  • Less power consumption, replace batteries once in a six months
  • Great for home, kitchen and various other places

Things to Consider!

  • The amount that comes should be a little bit more

7. Everlasting Comfort Soap Dispenser Kitchen & Bathroom

Features at a glance
  • 500Ml capacity
  • Rubber base
  • Five volume adjustment setting
  • Chrome plated

The everlasting designed Soap dispenser is another amazing soap dispenser that offers quick operations by utilizing the latest Infrared sensor technology.

You can easily dispense soap on your hands or sponge and without touching the dispenser enjoy safe cleaning and washing of the hands or dishes.

When more than a person in the-home uses the same bar some chances germs pass on, especially in the Covid-19 case.

The no-touch dispenser design eliminates the need for multiple touches of the bottle and provides a more hygienic way.

The dispenser offers an adjustable volume feature. You can adjust the volume dispenses out of the dispenser, 1 being the least amount dispensed and 5 being the most.

You can press the minus and buttons to increase or decrease the dispensed content.

It is one of the robust and safe-designed dispensers. It is built with a durable base that protects the battery.

The battery compartment is encapsulated by the rubber seals that protect it from water and other damages.

It got a shiny catchy design. Its appealing chrome plated design makes it blend with the decor and adds an aesthetic appeal.

With the volume of 500 mL, it easily fits average household needs and makes you lesser refills.

Its see-through design makes it easier to check the volume level of the dispenser, and if needed, refill it.

It has an indicator feature that notifies whether the dispenser is functioning or not.

When the indicator light is green, it means it is running and when it is red, it means the soap level or the battery is down and it can’t be run right now.

So, if you are into buying a more versatile and advanced function automatic soap dispenser, this is the option to get hands-on.

It increases your hygienic level and its touch-free design exceeds the expectations.

What We Like!

  • Large capacity soap container
  • Super quick infrared sensors detect hands
  • Easy to wash a dispenser
  • The chrome-plated design adds a décor

Things to Consider!

  • Overpriced

Things To Consider Before Buying Automatic Soap Dispenser

Now when you have read through all the reviews you need to learn what makes an Automatic Soap dispenser stands out.

This portion is going to help you pick the right product as per your need and keep in mind some important considerations.


There are primarily three types of water dispensers around; Free-standing,  wall-mounted and deck-mounted.

1. Freestanding

Free-standing water dispensers are an easier option to get hands-on.

They require no installation and can simply be placed on a flat surface, or alongside the sink without any fitting, installments, or arrangements.

2. Wall-Mounted

Wall-mounted water dispensers are the ones that require installation, the installation is much like a hair-dryer. We see this type of liquid dispensers in malls and public places.

They look efficient and more than often comes with a large volume tank to help hold more volume that lasts for a longer time.

3. Deck-Mounted

The deck-mounted dispensers are the ones that normally install on the sink countertop, near faucets.

We see this type of dispenser in public restrooms and kitchens.


You do not like refilling the dispenser every other day, no one does. So, you must buy a dispenser that got enough volume or capacity to hold liquid soaps for a regular household.

I mean, it should be big enough to hold volume that lasts for at least one month. It is inconvenient to refill the bottle frequently.

Even for the hotels, restaurants, offices, and other places, a larger volume is always better as you would not have to refill it repeatedly.

Compatibility with different detergents

Yes, another important consideration. Buy a soap dispenser that got the compatibility for a good range of detergents.

Be it Foaming or hand sanitization, it should deliver the right flow and consistency, preventing you and your Family from infections and bacterial build-up.


Automatic dispensers offer touchless dissipation of soaps. That means they come with some kind of sensors that detect human hands and offer touchless dissipation.

For such kinds of devices, Infrared 4.0 Technology is used that detects motion, and right at the moment you open your hand under the dissipation mouth, it dissipates soap detergent.

The whole system is controlled by mini-computers, with the lowest energy consumption.

So, look for the infrared 4.0 motion sensors, I can assure you, this will change your experience of using an automatic soap dispenser.


This is another important thing, whatever features or functions your dispenser holds, if the power supply is its issue, there would be no use of it for you.

Soap dispensers can be powered through rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable removable batteries, and a DC power supply.

Battery operated are the ideal ones, they are handy and can easily be operated in the areas where no electricity around.


You should pick a model that is made of durable and long-lasting material.

Some of the units are also made of ABS materials, while some are stainless steel or Brass constructed.

For some, they are built using Plastic and some 304 Stainless steel. So, whatever you pick, it should be durable and long-lasting.

Final Verdict

Automatic water dispensers are taking an upward trajectory. They are more witnessed at public places and taking their place in homes and kitchens as well.

You get to see them in commercial spaces, offices where more people use bathrooms, and common rooms.

They are not only impressive for preventing contamination or germs passed on, but they also reduce soap wastage.

In this long guide, we have reviewed the top best automatic soap dispensers. They are the top-rated and most followed products in the market right now.

You need to learn your needs and requirements, and under the budget radar, go with any of them listed. I am sure you would not regret buying any of them.

FAQs About Automatic Soap Dispenser

How Does an automatic soap dispenser work?

The automatic soap dispenser comes with Sensors integrated that detects the hands under and dissipates the set amount of liquid soap.

The sensors drop the liquid when your hands are right below the dissipation mouth and when your hands leave it stops dispensing.

Passive infrared sensors detect the infrared radiation by the objects, it is used to detect the movements of the objects.

How to prevent automatic soap dispensers get clogged?

It is hard to see an expensive dispenser get clogged. You should take proper care of a dispenser in terms of cleaning it every time you refill it.

It is recommended to clean the soap hoses with fresh water if you do not clean them for more than one week, they may gets clogged.

And if it is clogged, pour a stream of clean tap water into the soap bottle until the tap water is dispensed.

How long do batteries last in the automatic soap dispensers?

If you have an automatic soap dispenser that runs on Batteries and uses replaceable AA batteries it can last for several months; don’t worry.

One dispenser with AA or AAA batteries can last up to 6  months, it is more depending on the model and frequency of use.

D-type alkaline batteries last 3000 times/month for six months. Some advanced Dispensers come with a flashlight that indicated red when the battery is low and needs replacing.

What should be the capacity of a soap dispenser?

About the soap holding capacity, the more is better. Yes, the larger capacity holding soap dispensers can last for a long time and you would not have to refill the soap frequently.

If you are intended to use the soap dispensers at offices, or public places, it is paramount for them to hold a larger capacity volume that lasts for several days or weeks.

In general, 350-450mL is an ideal capacity for a soap dispenser. Look for more than that if possible for the budget you have set for purchasing an Automatic water dispenser.

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