11 Best Bathtub Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

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In this post, I am going to review some of the best bathtubs according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Bathtub Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

These bathtubs are made of porcelain, acrylic, copper, and stone marble. Their design and shape vary from one another. If you have been looking for a suitable bathtub, you can take help from this post.

1. ANZZI 27″ x 53″ | Wide Opening Swing Door

This Miami, Florida based brand has served wondrously in manufacturing and providing bathroom fixtures of all types.

And with so much to offer with quality making and reasonable rates, we can’t miss its walk-in tub too.

A decent reason for that is that this 27″ x 53″is a perfect bathing option for seniors while staying within a reasonable budget.

Features and Specifications

Other than the factor that this jetted walk-in tub comes at a highly reasonable rate, you can’t even ignore its notable feature of fast auto-draining.

This helps to drain water in the tub in just 60 seconds after you’re done with the bath.

Its high-end features, including the 20 air-massage jets, 12 hydro-power jets, and the 93-gallon capacity, all add an extra touch to making this walk-in tub the best investment option ever.

Along with this, another smart feature of auto-lock comes as a safety and quality addition that ensures the temperature of the water doesn’t exceed 104 degrees F.

This makes it extra safe for the seniors to rely on without worrying about the weather.

This walk-in tub’s extra luxurious features include integrated LED lighting, which can be controlled with a touch-pad panel, an in-built heater, a three setting showerhead, and three built-in grab bars.

All this ensures a next-level smart, luxurious, and easy user-experience for the bather.

What We Like!
  • Fast water draining
  • Large water capacity
  • Anti-slip floor
Things to Consider!
  • The tub is a bit heavy

2. Signature Bath LPI4730-C-RD Walk-in Air Injection and Whirlpool Bathtub

This is another one of the best walk-in tubs you can have for the seniors in your home.

Its high-quality making and quality design aren’t just about how it serves seniors as one of the best walk-in tubs. Know why?

Well, it’s simply because the air injection and whirlpool addition is surely a quality feature that we can’t ignore at all.

Features and Specification

To ensure that product is durable enough to last for a long and quality time, it is created with stainless steel water jets, stainless air flow injectors, and a long-lasting fiberglass resin coated acrylic shell.

All this adds extra strength and a long-lasting quality experience for the bather.

The addition of a 2HP water pump in the stainless water jets and the quiet 1HP air blower supported in a stainless steel case combine to add extra durable and quality bathing ease for the seniors.

This walk-in tub also includes a factory-installed heat stick that helps the bather maintain a suitable temperature in the water without facing any struggles.

This way, warming the water every time separately isn’t an issue for the seniors anymore.

Along with all this, the easy to use controls in this walk-in tub is also worth praising here.

Since seniors find it hard to follow instructions and remember them, so this tub eliminates these struggles for them.

The presence of a no-slip seat is another special and extra security feature to add ease to the senior’s bathing experience.

What We Like!
  • Both left and right drain available
  • Secure no-slip seat
  • Luxurious outlook
Things to Consider!
  • No hook-up manual instructions

3. Empava 53 Walk-in Tub Freestanding Bathtub With Door

Are you looking for a walk-in tub that serves you well with all the suitable and luxurious features while also being easy on your pocket?

If so, then this Empava 53″ is the most suitable and classic investment option for you. It doesn’t just provide you with quality features at a reasonable rate, but the classy outlook is also worth praising here.

Features and Specifications

This Empava 53 comes with all the necessary safety features you can look for in a luxurious walk-in tub.

This includes the necessary features like an ultra-low step-in threshold of 4 inches, the easy to use ergonomic control knobs, a surrounding handrail in the rim, the pre-installed faucet, left side drain, and a left side door.

This all together makes it a walk-in tub having everything needed.

Now other than the basics, this walk-in tub also consists of extra safety features to ensure the seniors’ safe and secure bathing experience.

This includes features like an extra grab bar inside the bath, a textured and slip-resistant floor, and an integrated seat.

It also includes an extra-large bathing space having a capacity of 94 gallons of water, giving more space to the bather to enjoy a comforting bath.

Along with this, the two copper drains also add ease to this walk-in tub usage after every bath you take.

Finally, we can’t miss out on discussing the classical and durable outlook this walk-in tub consists of.

As its glossy white acrylic and standalone outlook ensure a high-quality, relaxing, and luxurious bathing experience for the seniors.

What We Like!
  • Consists of a low threshold
  • 3 grab bars available
  • Reasonable price
Things to Consider!
  • Back tilting seat

4. Ella Bubbles 60″— 30″ Companion Massage Walk-In Tub

If you’re looking for a large walk-in bathtub that would not just serve you with all the necessary and luxurious features but would also make a couple of bathing tub.

You’ve found the best one to invest in. this Ella Bubbles 60″x 30″s a highly suitable and quality bathtub with everything one can really desire for in a walk-in tub.

Features and Specifications

This Ella Bubbles walk-in tub comes with 2 fixed facing seats that are slip-resistant, ensuring a safe and quality bathing experience for you.

This walk-in tub also comes with a glossy white acrylic shell reinforced with a fiberglass gel coat for a glowing, easy-to-clean, and luxurious outlook. This also adds an extra touch of durability and class to this walk-in tub’s making.

It comes with features like a low step-in threshold, a slip-resistant floor, and a deck mount grab bar.

These features add an extra touch to the ease of use and safety for the bather inside this walk-in tub.

For easy and fast-draining, this walk-in tub comes with 2 2″ drains along with overflows.

These drains consist of a self-operated drain opener that can be easily held and extended without making the bather face any difficulties in draining the water.

Along with all this, this quality looking walk-in tub also consists of a 15 air therapy system.

This system mainly consists of a speedy airflow push control and auto-purge system, allowing the extra water to be eliminated from the pipes after you’re done with the bath.

What We Like!
  • Sleep-resistant floor
  • Easy-to-clean glossy finish
  • Easy-to-grip drain openers
Things to Consider!
  • Heavy and hard to maneuver

5. OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

This beautiful bathroom is made of acrylic and fiberglass. These two materials add more beauty and give the best glossy look.

This bathtub is very attractive and beautiful. If we talk about its shape and design, it is gorgeous and layers of fiberglass that protect it from scratches and cracks.

What We Like!
  •  It is compatible with deck mount faucets as well as free-standing faucets.
  • It is very stylish and stunning
  • It is made of 100% acrylic
  • It is very lightweight, 82 pounds only.
  • It has a pop-up drain and proper waste overflow
Things to Consider!
  • Some users say that it could have more space

6. Cast Iron Slipper Tub with 7″ Faucet Hole

This is a heavy one as it is made of cast iron. Cast iron can deal with hard water easily.

It is quite a big in size that is 30″ x 61″. A very beautiful inside out – a pure white bathtub.

A smooth, clear porcelain interior makes it a darling to have in your bathroom.

What We Like!
  • You can get all the plumbing equipment with it.
  • It would help if you fixed it for you.
  • A 14″ overflow will ease up your bathing
Things to Consider!
  • You need to buy plumbing and pay extra

7. AKDY 67″ Bathroom Smooth Glossy |Freestanding Bathtub

AKDY 67 bathroom tub has a smooth glossy look and is freestanding. This freestanding tub contains more space and you can enjoy your bathing with your children.

The capacity of the tub is appreciable and can contain 79 gallons. It is a double-wall. It is coated.

You can fix it at any location in your bathroom as per your requirement there. There is a drain in the center of the tub, and you can drain it easily once you are done.

What We Like!
  • It has 79 gallons of water capacity.
  • It is quite a big lad with a sitting area of 36 W x 20 L x 18.5 H
  •  No need for a plumber while fixing.
  • AKDY has a 1-Year of warranty for limited parts
Things to Consider!
  • It may be a bit costly for a few guys, but worthy of spending on

8. American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet | Freestanding Tub

This cadet freestanding American tub is for more calm and comfort. It can be the best decision for short men and women.

There is more depth capacity that gives you softness while bathing or laying in the tub.

The design of the tub comes with simplicity and attracts everyone’s quick.

It got significant dimensions 66 x 42x 23 inches. It is lightweight and made of acrylic and fiberglass. It can store a lot of water in it due to its depth.

What We Like!
  • It is a pre-leveled tub
  • You will get a limited lifetime warranty on some parts
  • The overall look of your bathroom will increase
Things to Consider!
  • It is not for tall people

9. AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color | Free Standing Bathtub

This bathtub is going to add more comfort to your bathing experience. There is a plethora of features and benefits that push people to install it.

The four feet of the tub keep it stable and safe. This got a good capacity of water inside.

The material of the tub is highly-efficient and durable. It is an anti-leak design for your safety, and it is slip-resistant.

It is 63 inches in length, 27 inches in width, and 30inches height, approximately

What We Like!
  • It is made of tough to crack Acrylic material
  • Very easy to install
  • Four adjustable feet that keep the balance well
  • You can fix by yourself without plumber support
  • The smooth and glassy look
Things to Consider!
  • There is no faucet system, and you would have to install it

10. Ella’s Bubbles 93057-HB Deluxe Air | Walk-In Bathtub

The second last product to review is Ella’s Bubbles. This is the most different item in the best list of bathtub customer ratings.

We can say that it is a modern tub with an air jetting system, hydro massage system, and easy push control buttons.

Even we can control the intensity with the control dial. On the other hand, the hydro massage system is a plus point in it.

You can rest your neck and head for some time during your bath. It has a wonderful design.

The outer design contains a stainless steel door with tempered glass. There are two grabbing tools to help you sit and stand.

The inner design has hydro massage, faucet type, and many more things.

What We Like!
  •  It has the grabbing bars
  • It is a hydro massager as well
  • It is scratch-free as made of the tempered glass
  •  Neck support to add more comfort
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive stuff but worthy of having one

11. American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge | Simple Bath Tub

This bathtub is of an American standard 24.61. It is for those who are fond of simplicity.

The thing is that it is an anti-slip and scratch-resistant bath. It can store 50-55 gallons in it and does not let any water overflow.

Two men can pick it up easily from one place to another. It keeps warm water in it for an hour and weighs 160 plus lbs only.

It is made of porcelain material. It is durable than most of the bathtubs in the market.

What We Like!
  • Secure for the elderly as it is anti-slip
  • 14-inch depth for better soaking
  • Porcelain material adds wear resistance and give a longer life
  • Very strong and durable
Things to Consider!
  • A bit heavier

Suggestions for Buying a Bathtub

It would help if you kept in mind the below points while purchasing a bathtub.

Bathtub Design

The first thing to notice is the design of the bathtub and how it looks. There are hundreds of designs like acrylic, Cambridge, freestanding, American, air & hydro, and faucet hole drillings.

You are suggested to buy one of them. The reason behind this is that design adds more ornamentation.

Bathtub Size and Depth

The second suggestion for buying a bathtub is to keep in mind the tub’s size and depth. The thing is that some men and women may be tall, and they would be unable to take a bath easily.

Therefore, size should be suitable and must be in the range of 5-6 feet. On the other hand, depth contains water, and if the depth is less, water will overflow during the bath. A good bathtub contains 60 plus gl.


The third recommendation is the color of the tub. There are many more colors present in the market, or you may find them on the internet.

But the majority of people prefer the white color. White color is the best choice because it shines even in the darkness. Furthermore, if you have decorated your bathroom with some lights, it will be luminous.


It will save you money if you pay some attention to the material of the bathing tub. A good combination of materials makes a beautiful tub like porcelain, acrylic, copper, and stone marble.

Bathtub Safety

A few consumers ratings & reports that they face many accidents during bathing. The bath may be slippery or feetless, whatever the reasons are over there.

As we know that there are many designs, and these designs may have different layouts. In the end, you are suggested to install your bathtub with the wall.

What to Look for in a Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in tub is a great addition to the bathing luxury and ease in our day-to-day lives.

Since it helps the seniors with mobility issues to avail of a luxurious and comforting bathing experience overall, it’s definitely a great bathroom addition for anyone who wants to gift their seniors something they can adore while making the most out of.

But even when you’re sure you need to buy a walk-in tub for someone you care about, does it get easy to invest in one too?

Certainly not! As there are so many models and brands available in the stores that keep us confused about which one would really serve as a beneficial investment for our seniors.

But don’t worry about that, really, as we’ve got you covered with some of the best walk-in tubs you can invest in.

So no matter what your budget, space, or feature requirements are, these best walk-in tubs would surely serve you as some of the best options to invest in. Now without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss the best options below.

In today’s advanced world, there’s hardly anything limited to any specific age. We can now avail of anything and everything that serves specific ages just rightly.

It can include a suitable electronic device to a pair of shoes“ and anything in between. A similar addition to the advanced living for the seniors is the walk-in tub.

Since these bathtubs help seniors with mobility issues to easily and conveniently take a bath without facing the struggles of getting in or out of it, but that’s certainly not enough to know before you go on buying a walk-in tub for the seniors in your home.

Mainly because each model’s different types and features make it harder to choose a specific option, but don’t worry about facing all that, as we’ve got you covered with some important factors to consider before investing in any walk-in tub.

So without wasting any more time, let’s go ahead and discuss these factors, shall we?

Basic Features

A walk-in tub’s major feature includes a watertight door, a built-in seat, a handled shower head, grab bars, and anti-slip floors.

All these features are present in almost all the basic walk-in tubs, making them a perfect bathtub addition for the seniors.

So when you go look for a walk-in tub to invest in, ensure that it has all the basic and needed features for a more suitable bathing experience.


Considering the quality of everything before investing in it is something we all consider important. And as a matter of fact, the quality mainly determines if you’ve made a good investment or not.

Hence, when it comes to buying a walk-in tub for yourself, it’s important to make sure that the tub and operating system’s quality inside it is good.

And along with that, ensuring that the tub is leak-proof and comes with a suitable warranty is also very important.

The Size

The walk-in tubs consist of different shapes and sizes, varying from higher walls to lower ones, and different shapes.

This makes it a fundamental question of what tub size would fit inside the space of your old bathtub.

Therefore, you can’t just go picking any sized walk-in tub, making it important to ensure the space you have.

Tub’s Type

With the different types of tubs offered by different companies, i.e., the soaker tub, the therapeutic tub, or a combination of both, it’s often hard to figure out which tub type you should invest in.

Hence, you should leave this decision to the person requiring the tub and choose what eases them the most.

Fill and Drain Feature

Since taking a bath in a walk-in tub requires the person to sit inside the tub until the water fills as needed, it’s better to focus on this feature.

A faster filling and draining tub would help the bather avoid the waiting as much as possible, helping them face minimum chilling experiences inside the water.

It would also add great ease to the bathing experience of the person inside the tub.

Final Verdict

Investing in a walk-in tub for your seniors or your partner can be a great thing you can gift them with.

But even when you’re all set to invest in one for your loved ones, you mustn’t buy a walk-in tub that is just fancy-looking and not decent with its features.

Therefore, investing in the best options is always the smartest thing you can really do here.

FAQ’ about BathTubs

What are good bathtub brands in 2023?

Here is a list as per our editors choice;

  • OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub
  • 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub with 7″ Faucet hole Drillings & Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet
  • AKDY 67″ Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub w/Overflow
  • American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub, Arctic
  • AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color FreeStanding Acrylic Bathtub
  • Ella’s Bubbles 93057-HB Deluxe Air and Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub
  • American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

What type of material is used in these bathtubs?

These tubs contain porcelain, copper, acrylic, and stone marble. This material is pure and genuine. Most noteworthy, it protects the tub and adds more durability to it.

What is the difference between acrylic and cast iron?

Certainly, there is a difference between them. Firstly, acrylic is derived from acrylic acid and is used for the incensing strength of anything.

On the other hand, cast iron is a metallic product that contains 2 to 3 percent carbon in iron and is used for more durability. These bathtubs are heavier but durable.

How much can a bathtub be costive?
It varies from product to product, but there are many bathtubs that you can afford easily. Firstly, you can buy a simple tub of 500 dollars. Secondly, walk-in demands more money round about 2000 dollars.

Can we install them or not?
Probably, it is up to you whether you install them or not. But you can fix them with the wall or keep it in the corner of the room.

How can we change a bathtub after damage?

Most of the bathtubs are replaceable. You can contact the supplier again and see if the required tub is available, then you can order for replacement or hire a professional plumber in case.

What are the key benefits of walking tubs?

Walking tubs work great for the seniors out there. Those who have a hard time standing can use the tub’s seat for sitting and enjoying showering. If someone is in a wheelchair, they can get settled in the seated position.

How much time will my walk-in tub take to fill up?

A Walk-in tub generally takes 15-20 minutes to fill up, but that also depends on your home’s water pressure.

How long will the walk-in tub take to drain the water?

It generally takes 2-3 minutes to drain the water completely.

Are our walk-in tubs safe?

Walk-in tubs are made with a non-slippery surface to make sure that no one slips and gets hurt. They are safe, thus work great for elderlies as well.

Can you shower in a walk-in tub?

Yes, you can! You can get a handheld shower that could be mounted to your nearest wall. A long hose will help you take a good shower in the walk-in tub.

Is a walk-in tub high on maintenance?

No, they are not. You need to clean the upper surface; this could be done with the right soap. You just clean walk-in tubs like you tend your ordinary bathing tubs.

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