5 Best Deck Cleaner Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Is your deck in need of cleaning? Then get your hands on the best deck cleaner based on the consumer ratings and reports.

Change the dirty look of the deck using the top-notch cleaner, which gives a perfect outdoor shine.

Take care of the wooden deck and get rid of all the stains plus fungi and algae.

Don’t waste any of your time and dive in to find out all about the best deck cleaners, which help remove contaminants, dirt, mold, algae, oxidation, stains, and much more.

Deck cleaners are designed in such a way that they are composed of caustic soaps, which help in pressure washing and scrubbing.

These cleaners raise the pH of the wood leading to deck brightening results with a clean finish.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Deck Cleaner Consumer Ratings & Reports

We have compiled a list of the best deck cleaner according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

1. Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Chelating detergents loosens dirt
  • Clean up non-skid decks
  • Leaves non-slippery coating
  • All-purpose cleaner for deck, fibreglass, and more.

Clean away ground-in dirt, grease, mold, stains, and mildew in a single go! Brite Star has been a market-leading brand since 1973.

The tagline of this brand is “Protection + Performance” which defines its dedication to its products.

The company claims top-notch quality products to clean, restore, and protect the surface.

Here we come with an exclusive product by this brand, known as Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner, that is ready to fulfill your household cleaning needs.

Our outdoor fixtures and composite decks need a mild cleaner like Starbrite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner, which is made up of non-caustic detergents.

These chelating detergents help you to clean the spills and dirt without hard scrubbing or rubbing.

Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is a perfect solution for household cleaning. An efficient all-purpose cleaner for vinyl, plastic, fibreglass, metal, rubber, and other painted surface.

It leaves a protective polymers coating that acts like a barrier for future stains or weathering. It makes cleaning easy just like a breeze.

The reason people like StarBrite Deck cleaner is due to its tendency to clean the non-textured areas without damaging the polish or wax.

Apply the Star Brite liquid cleaner on the surface, wait for 3 minutes then scrub the treated area and then wipe it off.

What We Like!
  • No hard scrubbing
  • Remove dirt and stains
  • Repel future dirt
  • Easy cleaning
  • Will not damage polish
Things to Consider!
  • Use with care, don’t breathe fumes

2. Spray & Forget House & Deck Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • 64 oz. bottle spray
  • Cleans area up to 1000 sq. ft.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • No rinsing required

Yes! Just Spray and Forget, it’s that easy.

Spray & Forget has revolutionized the cleaning process with its advanced formula.

The reason its cleansers stand out in the market is due to their eco-friendly ingredients and time-saving cleaning methodology.

Let’s have a look at one of its best-selling floor cleaner known as Spray & Forget House & Deck Cleaner

The Spray & Forget House & Deck Cleaner comes as a 64oz bottle is equal to 5 gallons. This quantity is good enough to clean an area up to 1000 sq. ft.

It is a perfect outdoor cleaner for decks, stucco, stone, brick, siding, and other surfaces to remove mildew, mold, moss, lichen stains, and other spills.

Unlike other deck cleaners, It doesn’t require scrubbing or rinsing. All you need to apply the concentrated solution using a basic garden pump sprayer. Mix it well, spray and forget it.

The deck cleaner contains gentle ingredients including water, Uniquat Qac-80, Trilon B Liquid, Orange Franganance, and tracer orange dye.

It does not contain any harmful ingredients such as phosphates, heavy metals, acid, lye, bleach, etc.

Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, and eco-safe cleaner.

According to the consumer reviews and ratings, it is an affordable spray that is easy to apply and avail the shiny clean surfaces in a few minutes.

What We Like!
  • Easy to use
  • Eco friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Active ingredients formula
  • Remove the patches, moss, and algae
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for fibreglass

3. Sun Joe House and Deck Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Pressure washer concentrate formula
  • Cleans wood, bricks, and more
  • Apply using a brush or mop
  • Require a soap nozzle or sprayer

Bring out the look of your exterior wooden deck!

Sun Joe House and Deck Cleaner help you to rejuvenate your aluminum and vinyl made sliding, preparing the surface for paints, removing patches from concrete and bricks.

The all-purpose concentrated cleaner is special formulated to use with a pressure washer. In addition to this, it is a bleach-free, non-toxic, and biodegradable formula.

It requires a pressure washer along with an injection system such as a bristle brush or mop.

It is advisable to mix the quantity of 1/2 Gallon of Sun Joe cleaner in 5 gallons of water for the cleaning of light soil.

On the other hand, mix the 1 gallon of Sun Joe cleaner in 5 gallons of water for heavy soil cleaning.

Simply, mix the cleaner and water as recommended, then fill your pressure washer and power it up to produce soapy water to clean the stubborn grease, dirt, and grime.

Boost your cleaning with sun Joe special concentrated formula to achieve exceptional Cleaning results,

Snow Joe is one of the market-leading brands to produce innovative tools to keep your home clean throughout the year.

It offers a wide series of outdoor power equipment such as trimmers, tillers, blowers, and more.

What We Like!
  • Pressure washer cleaner
  • Heavy-duty concentrated formula
  • Safe on metal, vinyl, and aluminum
  • Removes dirt, grime & grease
  • Effective for stubborn strains
Things to Consider!
  • Require sprayer

4. Wet & Forget Roof and Deck Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Maximum reach up to 30 feet
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Easy spray and leave cleaner
  • Non-refillable cleaner

Enjoy the cleaning with an extreme reach of Wet & Forget Roof and Deck Cleaner.

This model has made the cleaning so quick and easy that you will adore its convenience to use.

Either you are intended to clean the roof, decks, heightened exterior, or more, the Wet & Forget Roof and Deck Cleaner is a perfect solution for you.

It doesn’t require rinsing or scrubbing, just makes the surface wet with this cleaner and leaves it to dry. The cleaner will vanish away all the dirt, grime, algae, moss, and others.

You can spray it up to the height of 30 feet for the second-story building, hard-to-reach areas, roof, siding, and others.

One bottle of 48 oz. can be used up to 2,000 sq. ft. area. Furthermore, the bottle comes with a hose-end to spray it easily.

The Wet & Forget Roof and Deck Cleaner works with the rains and winds to remove the stains over the surfaces with time. As the name elaborates itself, just spray and forget it.

The cleaning formula is non-acidic and contains no phosphates or bleach.

The rapid application removes the algae, moss, mold, and mildew in an easy and quick way.

What We Like!
  • Perfect for roofs, double story sliding
  • Non-acidic formula
  • No hard scrubbing
  • Less messy
  • Easy to use
Things to Consider!
  • Non-refillable cleaner

5. Scotts FBA Concentrate Outdoor Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Fast Foaming action
  • Lift away dirt and strains
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Cleans wood, sliding, patio, and more

Your outdoor patio, deck, and exteriors are important to “Scotts”. This brand is a renowned name to keep your lawn’s exterior beautiful and clean.

The Scotts FBA Concentrate Outdoor Cleaner will never disappoint you in terms of performance and cleaning strength.

You can use it on various surfaces including concrete, wood, vinyl, patio, roofing shingles, fibreglass, painted metals, and more.

This cleaner has a fast- foaming action that activates as it comes in contact with the surface. It wipes away the algae, mildew, mold, moss, and other stubborn stains.

The formula is eco-friendly, therefore safe to use around the plants, lawns, and plants. It will not harm the fabric.

According to the best deck cleaner consumer ratings and reports, this foamy cleaner has a great impact on vinyl and wooden surfaces, especially for the heavy wooden lodge. It cleans the mold and mildew in a single application.

You can use it with a pressure washer as well. 10 gallons quantity is good enough to fulfill your cleaning needs throughout the home.

Make sure to clean your outdoor areas for the next party, barbeque feast,  or gathering with Scotts FBA Concentrate Outdoor Cleaner

What We Like!
  • Can be used in a power washer
  • Use of a wide range of surfaces
  • Not harm plants or fabric
  • 10 gallons quantity
  • Multi-purpose
Things to Consider!
  • Eye and skin irritant

How To Choose The Best Deck Cleaner

Now, let’s dive in to find out all about how to choose the best deck cleaners.

It’s a daunting task to select the deck cleaners with a wide range in the market, but we are here to help you in this challenging task.

Types of deck cleaner

Oxygenated deck cleaners have active ingredients like sodium percarbonate. They are the ideal ingredients for getting rid of mildew and mold. They also contain surfactants which boost the real effectiveness of the cleaning solution for the external wood.

Such oxygenated deck cleaners come within powdered concentrates, which are then mixed in water for application over the wood surface.

You can easily apply this solution using a pump sprayer, and they scrub it and wash it off.

These deck cleaners are environmentally friendly and are highly effective. They are a cost-effective solution with the removal of contaminants.

Bleach-based deck cleaners come with an active ingredient known as sodium hypochlorite. Such deck cleaners come with a wood whitening effect.

Plus, they have soapy surfactants which clean the grime and dirt. These cleaners can, however, damage the lignin in wood which binds the cellular structure in wood.

All-purpose deck cleaners

They come with detergents that help in dissolving the spills, dirt, and grime. They are present in premixed form, concentrated form, and liquid form.

Such cleaners are highly suitable for external types of woods, including redwood, teak, and cedar. These cleaning solutions can also be used on wood decks that are pressure treated, having copper azole or alkaline copper quaternary.

You can apply the deck cleaners using deck brush or sprayers, spread them evenly using the mop, now rinse with a garden hose.

For Weathered or dull wooden decks

Choose restorative or brightening cleaners over the wood decks like redwood or cedar. Rust can eventually appear over the screws for which such cleaners work effectively.

For mildew and mold decks

If you have a home in an area where there is frequent rain, there are higher chances of mildew and mold growth.

If you leave them untreated, they might destroy the wood leading to decay and rot.

Choose a cleaner that comes with mildewcide available in liquid concentrate or premixed formula. Make sure you rinse off the cleaner.

For composite decks

Choose special composite deck cleaners which help in resisting decay and rot.

These are available in a concentrated liquid or premixed formula with surfactants that leave a protective layer and repel stains.

For decks having paint

Use deck cleaners that are all-purpose and are without ammonia. Harsh cleaners can affect the painted surface, which might weaken them and cause peeling or cracking.

Choose the cleaners which come with surfactants and are available in the premixed formula.

Premixed and concentrated solution

It is simple to use the premixed deck cleaners. You need to put them in a bucket or pump sprayer and then apply it over the deck using a deck brush.

These cleaners only cost around $25-$30 and help in cleaning 1000 square feet area.

The concentrated solutions are available in liquid and powdered crystal formulas. You need to dilute these cleaners in water before you apply them.

They are cost-effective and are available in the range of $10-$15 for cleaning 1000 square foot deck.


Wood decks are close to the plant beds and lawns, which means you can’t use chemicals affecting the environment.

This is essential to check when cleaning the deck regularly. Make sure to buy the biodegradable deck cleaners.

Liquids or granular

Choose the deck cleaners of powder or granular type if you are also concerned about the storage.

You can add this powder to the water and make a solution for use on the decks. Liquids, however, consume more space than powders as they are available in huge bottles, making them consume more space.

Wrapping It Up

Outdoor decks seem to offer an entertaining, fun-filled, and relaxing spot for most couples and families.

It’s the ideal spot to have a relaxing cup of tea with the blowing winds. If you keep the deck dirty and exposed to external weather for a longer duration.

It will become rusted and grow algae, mold, and debris deposition.

So, it’s high time to invest in the best deck cleaners, which offer a clean, sleek finished look.

Annual cleaning or periodic cleaning of the deck is essential for ultimate cleaning results. Don’t wait any further, and invest in a mesmerizing deck cleaner solution.

People Also Asked About Deck Cleaner

What are the deck cleaners?

Deck cleaner is a cleaning agent that helps you eliminate all the old stains and noticeable dirty patches.

These cleaning solutions offer an immaculate finish to your deck wood. Prepare to use the deck cleaners, apply over the outdoor wood and then place sealers and varnish.

This cleaner removes the blemishes and dirt from the deck surface, including delicate moss, lichen, algae, oxidized patches, or weathered stains. After cleaning the wood, sand the area to remove stains and lingering patches.

What is the difference between deck cleaner and stripper?

Deck stripping is all about removing the past stain application and varnish. If you don’t strip, the wooden deck will end up in old stain patches. Striping is only meant for getting rid of huge stains.

Choose the deck cleaners by paying attention to the deck’s strength. Mild products are unable to remove dirt.

However, high-strength deck cleaners are highly acidic. For removing high stains and debris, make use of high-strength cleaners.

However, if you want to remove the stains and extreme varnish, you might need a stripper. Stripper is highly acidic compared to cleaners.

What does it mean by brighteners?

The brighteners in the market are meant for restoring the pH of the deck wood, which makes them neutral.

Is it safe to use acid cleaners?

They are ideal for instant cleaning, but they don’t offer better results in the long term. However, using acid cleaners can lower the wood deck’s pH, resulting in changing the deck structure after long-term use.

Is it necessary to apply extra pressure in cleaning using the deck cleaners?

No, there is no need to apply extra pressure when using deck cleaners. For some cleaners, you need to apply additional pressure in cleaning.

Is it possible to use detergent in deck cleaning?

You can utilize any substance for deck cleaning, but its effectiveness varies.

The deck cleaners clean the decks by getting rid of stains, algae, dirt, and lichens without leaving any stubborn patches.

The detergents, however, do not work well, similar to deck cleaners.

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