Best Time To Buy a Mattress From Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Time To Buy a Mattress From Consumer Ratings & Reports

No matter how much you spend on a mattress or how many durabilities claims a brand makes about its product, a mattress tends to deteriorate over time.

A saggy old mattress brings more pain than comfort. So, if you are done with your existing mattress and thinking of purchasing a new one, then it’s a post designed to help you secure the best deal.

You can’t go out and shop for a mattress. It won’t work in your favor like this.

You need to know when it’s the best time to buy a mattress. Yes, there are some times when you can shop for a mattress at a discounted rate.

What’s the point of paying the total price when you can cut the cost to only 70 percent and even lower?

Be a smart buyer who considers every single aspect before buying a mattress. You are not going to get a cheap product.

It’s a matter of your comfort and good night’s sleep that is solely based on the quality of the mattress. Exceptional quality often has a high price tag, which you can’t afford usually.

But this price falls within your budget once you get an idea of the right time to buy a mattress. Does it sound interesting? Well, it must.

It’s time to know when it is the best time to buy a mattress so you can mark your calendar accordingly. Let’s get started.

What is the Best Month to Purchase a Mattress?

According to consumer ratings and reports, the month of May is the best time to buy a mattress. It’s the month when top brands are planning to launch new mattresses.

As a result, stores are ready to plan substantial clearance sales. So, if you want to know about one month when you can secure a deal with up to 50-70 percent discount, then it’s MAY.

When is the Best Time to Get a New Mattress After MAY?

May is the best month, but it’s not the only time to enjoy great deals and discounts. There are Holidays and special days when you have an excellent opportunity to find a mattress at the lowest rates. Here are some other days to try for your new mattress shopping.

1. New YEAR Eve

Stores want more foot traffic in the New Year. They decorate every inch of their places to attract buyers, but the ultimate magnet for customers is Deep Discounts and Wonderful Deals.

For example, you probably need a new sheet and cushions when you buy a new mattress. If you plan to buy in a group or get a package, you can enjoy a discount of 30 percent or even more.

Be costly but old ones are available at deep discounts. Get a new mattress at New Year to have a brand new look in your bedroom. New arrival might

2. President’s Day

Another way to get a deep discount and make the most of Mattress Sales is to plan your shopping around the third Monday in February.

3. Spring Product Launch

Since many brands launch new products during May and April, be ready to shop for a mattress during this time.

4. Memorial Day

It’s the last Monday in May. You can avail of sizable discounts during the three-day weekend.

5. Independence Day

The 4th of July Sales are highly promoted, and many brands start unlocking deals one week before the actual holiday to gain more customers. It means you can think of getting a new mattress from mid of June till 4th July.

6. Amazon Prime Day

Are you a member of Amazon Prime? Well, if the answer is yes, you can enjoy unexpected discount rates on mattress prices. Not just that, shipping costs reduced greatly on this day.

This Anniversary celebration usually happens from 13-16 of July, but it varies from one year to another. As a member, you will get an alert once Sales hits the Zone.

7. Labor Day

Another best time of the Year to Buy a mattress is Labor Day, which is the First Monday in September.

Many times these sales coincide with “Back to School” Sales. If you plan to cut the cost of your mattress shopping, you can try this month.

8. Veteran Day

When you make up your mind to purchase an old mattress, you should go shopping on 11th November.

It’s Veteran Day, where most brands launch a new product and are ready to negotiate for an old product. Go and bargain.

9. Black Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. This day has become a part of the Sales Tradition. No matter how big or small, every brand is ready to offer big discounts and incredible deals.

For years, online shops have offered deep discounts on this day to avoid crowds in brick and mortar stores. However, you can avail of these exclusive deals online and in the local market.

10. Cyber Monday

Four days after Thanksgiving, you can avail yourself of “Cyber Monday” deals.

They are super affordable and bring a bundle of products with a mattress. It’s hard to resist these mouthwatering deals.

11. Other Holidays

Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving bring some amazing deals and discounts.

As many people are shopping for new products during this time of the Year, it’s not a surprise that you can enjoy a discount of $100-300 on a premium-quality mattress.

When it’s Time to Change a Mattress?

Well, now you know what’s the best time to buy a new mattress. Another critical piece of information to gather is when you need to change a mattress.

When you are confused about whether to keep an existing one or grab a new one, this piece of info will help you end this confusion right away.

Here are some questions that provide you with a clear answer when it’s time to replace your mattress.

How Old is Your mattress?

If it is older than seven years, get a new one. There are different kinds of mattresses; you should have a clear idea of mattress age.

Average Age of:

  • Latex Foam is 7.5-8.5 years;
  • foam is 5-7 years;
  • innerspring is 5.5-6.5 years;
  • airbed is eight-plus years; and
  • Hybrid foam is 6.5-7.5 years.

What’s the shape of your mattress?

When your mattress is saggy in the middle and changes in its shape, then it’s a tell-tale sign to look for a new one.

What do you feel after using it?

Sometimes a mattress is brand new, but it gives you discomfort. You feel tired after sleeping on it, and muscle aches become a daily phenomenon.

If it happens with regular mattresses, you need to start searching for a new and comfortable mattress.

How does it smell?

After years of use, you notice a nasty odor coming out from your mattress. It’s because of bacterial infestation.

If you keep using this mattress, you put your health at stake. So, you better change this mattress to a new one.

Other signs that You Need to Replace Your Mattress are

  • You wake up tired.
  • Deep body impressions are formed in the place where you sleep.
  • The edge of the mattress starts sinking more when you sit.
  • You encounter dust allergies.

Where to Buy a Mattress?

Today, every consumer has two options to choose from online shopping or getting a mattress from a brick-and-mortar store.

Both options are great, but you should know about their pros and cons to find out which one works for you.

Online Store

E-commerce has shaped the world in a brand new way. Consumers can purchase products with just one click.

During and after Covid-19, every other business realized the importance of the digital market. Therefore, you have countless stores to purchase mattresses and other products.


  • Convenience is certainly the best factor. You don’t need to drive to any store. You can place an order and expect a door-step delivery service no matter what place you live.
  • Since online stores are easy to manage, you can expect deep discounts and good deals.
  • You can always compare prices and features before finalizing any mattress.
  • An eCommerce store helps you explore a wide variety, which isn’t available much in brick-and-mortar stores.


  • You can’t get the feel of the mattress at all. It’s good to grab a mattress with a money-back guarantee so you can return the mattress, in case you don’t like it.
  • If you have some questions, you need to find their answers by contacting customer service. Often, knowledgeable staff isn’t reachable due to holidays or because you contact them during outside business hours. In that case, online mattress shopping becomes a hassle.

Brick and Mortar Store

If you are a person who can’t trust anyone or can’t place an order before checking the product, then certainly brick and mortar is the best place to buy a mattress.

Here is a pro and cons list that gives you a deep insight into this option.


  • You can try and test a product before purchasing it.
  • Sometimes, you don’t have a clear picture of a mattress’s look for. In that scenario, sales staff come to help you.
  • You can negotiate the price


  • The mattress price in a store is high as the overhead cost of maintaining a store is also a part of the price.
  • Some sales staff are very pushy, and they influence your decision unexpectedly.
  • Coming to this store is never convenient if you live in a remote area. Planning shopping on the weekend is the best option, which becomes the worst when dealing with traffic and the crowd.

How Much Does a New Mattress Cost?

Another question you have in your mind regarding a new mattress is its cost. Well, the price range of mattresses varies.

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of a new mattress. The price depends on the size, brand, and material used to create a mattress.

Let’s discover factors involving the cost of mattresses one by one.


If you need a mattress for a single person, it costs less than a double. You can cut a good deal for twin, twin XL, and full size as they are designed to bring comfort for one person.

Once you skip too big sizes like a queen, king, California king, then you see a sudden price boost. It’s because these sizes are intended for multiple sleepers. Even size for a couple is more expensive than a single one.


The cost of a mattress also depends on the type of material used to make a mattress. Molly foam and innerspring mattresses are available within the $700-$1200.

When you switch to All-latex and hybrid models, the range increases from $1500-$2300. Premium quality airbed mattresses cost more than $2000.


You need to pay more money when you buy from a renowned and established brand. A new brand is ready to give you the same product at a low price.


Thickness is essential to get more body support and layers that make your bed more comfortable and easy to use.

A bed more than 12 inches thick is considered high profile and is usually available at a high price.


You can shop for a mattress either online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Since a local store has overhead costs, therefore you usually pay more. If you want to cut the cost of a mattress, online shopping seems like the best option.


Before you place an order, you should check the typical shipping fee and the company’s shipping policies.

Sometimes, you shop products at a deep discount online, but this money-saving turns out to be a complete waste of time and money when you see that the shipping cost is too much to handle. If shipping is high, you need to pay more than you expected.

White-Glove Delivery

Many top-rated online stores and brick-and-mortar offer this delivery service. They cost $150 and more. After you spend this cost, a team will deliver a mattress to your place and help you with the installation.

They remove existing mattresses and offer a complete assembly of beds at your place. Often, companies offer white glove delivery services free of cost, which you need to get to drop mattress prices.

Package Deal

You can reduce the cost of a mattress by shopping for a complete sleep package, which comprises sheets, pillows, foundation, etc. You pay more, but you save money by getting more items at a collectively low rate.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Mattress Deals

You know where to buy a mattress when it’s the best time to buy a mattress. Well, it’s time to unlock some tips that would help you get the best mattress deals.

1. Subscribe

It’s good to subscribe to top brands, so you get instant alerts when there is a big sale.

Top brands offer deep discounts, and they keep sharing discount codes to promote sales during holidays and other times of the Year. As a subscriber, you will get an email alert for every deal.

2. Shop with a Friend

A referral discount is always a great deal to go for. Instead of shopping for a new mattress alone, ask your friends.

They might be looking for one. This group shopping helps you enjoy good deals and avail discounts, which are not available otherwise.

3. Start Early

As soon as Sales season kicks in, it would help if you were an early-bird. Why?

You will be able to explore tons of deals and a comprehensive collection. If you go late, you will have limited choices.

In that case, you always make the wrong choice. So, start shopping early and make the most of deals.

4. Must Check Clearance Sales

When a store launches a new product, it wants to get rid of old ones. So, it would help if you kept an eye on clearance sales.

You can enjoy discounts of up to 70 percent at this time. Please don’t miss it, especially when you want to get an old-model mattress at a deep discount rate.

5. Research

Don’t jump on offers and deals during holidays. Would you mind completing your research? You may get up to 40 percent discount at one store and more than 50 percent at another.

As you can switch from one tab to another with a simple click, it’s good to compare all available options before you finalize one.

When is the Worst Time to Buy a Mattress?

A time when you shouldn’t think of buying a mattress is after the sale ends in December. Why? Most brands are out of stock during this time as money shoppers have booked the order.

If you try shopping during this time, you have to deal with restricted supply and limited options. Also, don’t try to purchase a mattress after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

People already get top products and good deals. If you become late, you compromise, which is never a good idea.

Should You Buy a Used Mattress?

No, you shouldn’t buy a used mattress, If you have a tight budget, go with a foam mattress. They don’t cost much more than latex and other types.

A used mattress has wear and tear. You never get the hygienic feeling no matter how much you clean it.

You should save some money and purchase a good quality new mattress. This brand new mattress will give you peace of mind alongside peaceful sleep.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, you know when it’s the best time to buy a mattress. You know all about the best dates to grab a mattress for your home. Please mark them on your calendar.

Next time you need a mattress and think of replacing your old mattress, simply look at this calendar. Why? Because you would be able to purchase a new mattress at a deep discount and with good deals.

Happy Mattress Shopping! 🙂 

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