Best Car Air Filter Consumer Ratings & Reports

Car air filters can actually help incredibly in the perfect performance cleaning the air and removing all the car’s odor.

If you have never looked upon or replaced your factory fitted air filter, then there are most chances that your filter is all clogged up, and your HVAC performance has decreased.

5 Best Car Air Filter Reviews

Here I have collected the best air filters in this blog to make your market research easier.

1. Briggs and Stratton 593260 Air Cleaner Cartridge Filter

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Most engine performance problems are initiated because of a dirty filter or maintenance issues like a fouled spark plug, etc.

This outdoor power equipment air filter provides you with superior protection against all the dirt that is deteriorating your engine. This pointer can be used for many engines and supports many designs with a proper fit.

It can Fit in the 675exi series engines model also in 103M02 and 725exi series engines model 104M02.

Briggs & Stratton is a company that has genuine parts specially constructed to exact OEM criteria, produced, and tested to make sure it delivers optimum performance in engines. It provides full warranty coverage too.

What We Like!
  • Keeps the engine safe from dust
  • Increases the durability of the engine
  • Comes with full warranty
Things to Consider!
  • None to mention

2. Motorcraft FA1883 Air Filter

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By replacing your old filter with this Motorcraft air cleaner cartridge filter, you can increase the life of your car’s engine. All the cars need an annual tune-up, and this includes the replacement of the old filter

This Motorcraft air filter can help protect any dust to decorate your engine and stop it from wearing because it screens out abrasives such as carbon, dust, and tiny bits of metal before they harm the engine.

This filter has pressure relief valves, which can minimize the circulation of contaminated oil back into the engine. These Pressure-relief valves can also help maintain the proper supply of oil to the engine whenever there are extreme cold conditions.

It also supports the oil supply when the filter gets clogged.

It has a Perforated steel center tube which is there to Help in preventing collapse under pressure conditions.

What We Like!
  • Ironed steel cases
  • Precise fit
  • Filter cutaway.
  • A fluted case for easy removal
Things to Consider!
  • Not long lasting

3. EPAuto GP075 (CA10755)

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This air filter helps extend the performance and life of the engine. It can help to protect against dirt so that it causes no deterioration.

It can also improve the fuel mileage, making it healthy for both your pocket and car.

Manufacturer Recommends the replacement every 12,000 miles for better engine durability.

It can be Replacement for FRAM CA10755, Toyota / Chrysler Genuine Part# 17801-0P050, 17801-0P051, 17801-31130, 04861756AA, 4861756AA, some of the Lexus Compatible Auto, Toyota Compatible Auto and Sienna (2011-2019)

What We Like!
  • Enhances performance and life of the engine
  • Compatible with many cars.
  • Increases fuel mileage.
Things to Consider!
  • Excess rubber moldings

4. FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter

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This brand new clean air filter can make sure that your engine has a longer life compared to the one with a clogged Up engine.

Changing or replacing your old filter with FRAM extra guard can ensure that this filter does not let dust particles and deteriorating stuff from the air enter into the engine and destroy its life and durability.

A worn-out air filter can pressure the engine and restrict the airflow, leading to decreased acceleration, horsepower, and overall bad performance.

What We Like!
  • Increases engine life.
  • Improves overall performance of the vehicle
Things to Consider!
  • Does not fit properly

5. FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer

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This filter comes with Carbon and Baking Soda, which ensures a Fresh Breeze. These air filters are formulated with a special medium with carbon and Arm & Hammer baking soda, which can absorb all the odors entering vehicle ventilation systems.

There are cases where the filter in your car may not have carbon or baking soda and does not reduce any odors.

The air in the vehicle can be 6X’s dirtier than the air outside. The filter of the car gets dirtier the air entering your vent system could become restricted. A cabin air filter can be changed every 15,000 miles or annually.

FRAM Fresh Breeze air filters clean up to 98%* of dirt, dust, and airborne allergens from the outdoor air passing through your car’s air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems.

This dramatically reduces passenger exposure and improves overall driving comfort.

What We Like!
  • Precisely filters the contaminants
  • Incredible ventilation system
Things to Consider!
  • Can not fully filter the odor

Buying guide for Car Air Filters

Why do you have to change the filter and the signs

A clogged up filter can cause the HVAC to make noise and Be Loud. To prevent all these factors, you must consider the idea of buying a new air filter so that you unclog your HVAC system and improve the durability and sustenance of its vital component.

You must have wondered many times about the smell you sense whenever you turn on the AC. If you noticed a musty smell coming out, you should consider getting your filter changed.

Your filter has carbon and charcoal with all the bad odor, and when it gets old, it gives off a bad odor instead of reducing bad odor.

Changing the filter can improve the environment inside the car, helping many people with motion sickness cope with it. By changing the filter, you can also reduce the bad orders coming from the AC.

There is a reduced number of allergic reactions if you have a fresh filter. If you feel like constantly sneezing, coughing for wheezing during that long drive, then there is an immediate need to get your filters changed.

The new filters can take well care of the allergies. The air filter plays a vital plan by trapping all the Pollen and dust in the filter’s carbon. This keeps all the allergens away from you throughout the drive.

Types of Air Filters

Most of the vehicles come with a factory-installed air filter with the HVAC. But if you’re planning to replace the old filter with the new one, you have many options available in the market. You can choose the best filter according to your car model easily.

Every car owner must make sure that the car engine is breathing effortlessly. You have to do for your car engine’s improved durability to invest in a good quality Automotive air filter that engine’s breathing effortlessly by investing in quality automotive air filters.

Either you might want to get rid of the old choking factory fitted filter or plan to enjoy booming horsepower and torque games.

We Have listed some types of filters that can be used to replace your already dead filter.

Paper Air Filters

These are the filters that are fitted by the factory in your vehicles and are very expensive that dealers can charge you so much to replace them.

The major purpose of having a filter in the HVAC system is to have dirt protection and better airflow through the car. But mostly, these paper air filters won’t last very long and will make you spend enough money on multiple replacements depending upon the frequency of drive and condition of driving you experience.

Stock Replacement Air Filters

Stock replacement air filters are designed in a way that they can fit almost every vehicle on the road. Whenever you decide to get rid of the old factory fitted air filter that came with your car, you have stock replacement air filters to replace those disposed of filters.

These filters fit tightly without any leakage to give the maximum result. Even stock replacement air filters are reusable and can be washed.

They are built from very durable quality materials, and they can handle many conditions without deteriorating. They have a very wonderful performance and last longer than most of the filters available.

Oil Bath Air Filters

This type of filter is usually found on classic or old and antique cars. This fact is that oil bath air filters were being used before paper filters came into the market.

These filters have a unique design in that all the contaminants and dust particles get soaked in the oil medium to improve the airflow.

Washable and Reusable Air Filters

Most of the reusable stuff tends to be more expensive than the non-reusable one. That is why washable and reusable air filters are comparatively more costly than stock filters.

But on the other factor, they help you save in the long run because you don’t have to replace them like stock hair filters frequently. These filters can be cleaned to perform just like new, with a recharging kit.

Few types of reusable air filters are available, including filters with cotton gauze or foam air filters. Foam air filters are made in a unique style. It has oil-impregnated polyurethane, which is very important for vehicles that have to drive through the dusty land daily.

Universal Air Filters

Not only it gives your car better performance and increased horsepower. Universal air filters are also offering this flexibility for different types of design of cold air intake systems.

These filters are very amazing to use because they fit into a large variety of engines, unlike most air filters. They are compatible with so many designs and configurations of different engines.

Most of the universal air filters are fixed into the already existing air intake system without making any changes, and the best part is they fit the exact size. These Universal area filters are quite inexpensive, so they are more pocket friendly than other air filters.

Custom-Fit Air Filters

Like Universal air filters, please custom-fit air filters also improve and enhance horsepower, torque, and MPG. These air filters are specifically designed for a certain car model and make.

Like other custom-fit products, these custom-fit air filters are also expensive, but the benefit is that they can fit flawlessly in the specific vehicle you’re using.

Their specificity in the design makes them have a hassle-free installation. Moreover, it has a fine design that can spot even the finest of grit, which can pass through the universal air filter.

Air Intake Filters vs. Regular Air Filters

Where intake filters and regular air filters seem like they are both the same thing but just different names, it isn’t like that. Air intake filters and regular air filters have a huge difference among them.

Air intake filters are designed in a tube shape that has a filter at the end. This type of cold air intakes is found in so many trucks and racing cars. These vehicles are built with this air intake filter to improve horsepower and performance impressively.

While Regular (box) air filters are more widespread and commonly found in any vehicle, either it’s a sports car or not, they are constructed to maximize airflow to attain across-the-board enhanced performance.

Final Verdict

When you have a weird smell in your car and want to make sure that there are no contaminants and clean air in your car, these car air filters are ideal. The above article has been compiled with adequate information that you need to have while purchasing the car air filter for better details.

FAQ’s about Car Air Filters

When do you have to Replace Your Air Filter?

In general, most of the cars need to get their air filters changed every year. Replaced filters can have your car to achieve maximum performance of the car and even minimal gas mileage. But in some cases, the interval of time changes between every replacement as some people drive more than others who only drive in the city. Moreover, it also depends upon the condition and environment your car has been driven through. Take an example of driving on dirt roads; this type of place can make your filters get all clogged up soon. But when you only drive on highways at fast speeds, then the filters last longer. To judge your filter, you can check it every month. It can be an ideal and perfect idea if you clean or replace your air filter whenever you drive for an oil change.

How to clean your Air filter?

Whenever you find that your air filter is clogged, you can easily get it cleaned like an original by using an air filter recharge kit, specifically made to clean air filters. An air filter cleaning kit can thoroughly remove all the grime from the air filter and recharge all its essential oils. These air filter cleaners are very affordable and can be used easily.

What are the most known Brands of Air Filters?

You can choose any particular brand without struggling to have assistance from anyone to guide you. There are these certain brands you can choose from; top ones are K&N, aFe, and Airaid to assist your engine work extra efficiently for years.

How to Install Air Filters

Changing your air filter can be a very stressful and daunting task, but you can do it easily as a DIY job without getting all tired. There might be different steps for every vehicle, but we have enlisted some of the general steps you can follow to install an air filter.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  • First, you have to check the manual to ensure that you have the correct air filter that can fit exactly in that space, because different vehicles may vary with their air filter space.
  • The first thing is to open the hood of your vehicle to find the air filter box. Commonly, a black plastic box is either on the top or the side of the engine. Usually, that filter box comes with a large hose. Most fuel-injected near cars come with a rectangular or square shape filter housing that sits between the engine and front grille.
  • You can open the air filter box by using metal clips. It’s not the same for all, as some of the filters have clamps and clips, while the others have screws and wing nuts. When you open that, you have to make sure that you put screws safely not to lose them. You have to immediately remove the filter, which is either made of paper, gauze, or cotton.
  • Otherwise, you can check your current air filter if it does need a replacement or not. If you notice dirt and debris inside its folds, then it’s time for a new filter.
  • Before inserting your car’s air filter’s replacement, you will first have to make sure that the housing is clean and dirt free. If it’s not clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean that area and connect the hose to the compressor to blow out the debris and dust. Why you clean you have to make sure that you’re in the engine is well covered with tapes and adhesives, so that the dust doesn’t enter your engine.
  • Now at the last step, you have to place your new air filter into the box and make sure it fits perfectly. You have to close the top of the box and snap clips making sure that your engine is breathing perfectly along with this upgrade.

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