7 Best Car Sun Shades Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Summers are amazing, there is a lot to enjoy about the summer but have you ever experienced touching the car’s steering or sitting on a leather seat of the car parked in the sun for a few hours?

I am sure you would call it the worst experience of your life and something you do not cherish about the summers. Fortunately, there is an instant fix to all those issues.

Car sun shades help you protect your car from the negative damage of the hot sun, from the UV and heat exposure, to make you enjoy the summer and mitigate the damage.

These car sun shades also offer protection against the sun when you are traveling, adding shade to the side and rear windshield.

Makes it easier for your next road trip, and helps you protect your babies traveling with you against the UV rays.

In this detailed guide, I am going to put the best car sun shades available on the market. These picks have been made after hours-long research.

You can pick them as per your needs, budget range and makes your life a little easier than before. So without further ado, here are the 7 best car sun shades according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Car Sun Shades Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best car sun shades based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade with Storage Pouch

Features at a glance
  • 240T sun blocker screen protector material
  • SnugFit design
  • Seven different sizes
  • Foldable design

How many times do you have to turn on AC instantly after stepping in your car when it was standing directly in the sunlight in the hot summers?

Almost every time because the interior turns into a Sauna like temperature and the burning hot inside makes you more than just irritated.

To prevent such conditions, there comes one of the top-rated EcoNour designed Car sunshades.

With the Windshield Car Sunshade installed when parking your car in hot summer at a place exposed to sun rays, you would not have to blast AC or worry about burning your hands on the hot steering wheels or seatbelts.

This sun shade shares a quality construction, more than that, it easily pops out and gets folded up easily.

You can store it up in the pouch that comes with the package and put it in your car door pocket or center console anytime you like.

This car sunshade is constructed using Nylon Polyester material and is lightweight.

The weight though does not matter here, as you do not carry the sun shades in your hands, you just fold them up and store them in the door’s pocket or on the back of the car or SUV.

It got a strong and stretchable Wireframe that is made of sturdy material. The wireframe makes the sunshade stay in place when you are back in your car, which helps in easier folding.

You do not have to struggle a lot in folding them up, they are easier to get folded, ed, and store.

The product comes in different sizes and colors to choose from. Yes, in the sunshade cases too, color matters and most of us do not pick a color we do not like.

But do pick the right size the one that fits your car windshield perfectly and stays in place.

What We Like!

  • Sturdy stretchable wireframe that holds it in place
  • High-quality Nylon Polyester construction
  • Prevent from UV rays
  • Easy to fold and install
  • Reasonable price range

Things to Consider!

  • Some users complained about it leaving black marks

2. EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade with Shield-X

Features at a glance
  • Advanced Shield-x technology
  • Blocks 99-percent UV Rays
  • 15-Percent cooler
  • Comes in identical rectangle shape

If you have been using sun shades you know that their installation and folding is a big headache.

This EzyShade designed Wind Shield and Windows shades are super easy to store and install.

They share a foldable design and get folded in a shape that can easily be put in a pouch and store.

The second most amazing aspect of the EzyShade designed Sun Shades is their Shield-X technology integration.

This technology from day one has been in use with the EzyShade designed Sunshades, this technology made the sunshades up to the 15-percent cooler and reduce 85-percent heat inside the vehicles.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Read the size char designed by the brand, and get the right size that provides a snug fit and protects against most of the Sun rays or U-V rays.

Do not go with the shade that does not persist your vehicle’s Windshield or windows.

It is a double shade design that combines with Shield-X ultra-reflective UV and sun protection, that blocks most of the sun rays and prevents the hot sun damage that may spoil your mood if you are going out with your family on the drive.

One package, one purchase also includes an anti-slip dash mat. This little mat helps you keep loose items stored in that and access them anytime.

You can store things like sunglasses, cell phones, and other items which are hard to carry along all the time.

It comes in Identical rectangular shapes that adapt your car’s windshield and allow you to install them vertically or horizontally.

It comes in three different sizes, to help you pick the right sizes, there is an easy-to-store pouch that adapts the sizes of the sunshades and helps you store them away.

What We Like!

  • Advanced their Shield-X technology integrated
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Shares sturdy, water-resistant materials
  • Included anti-slip dash mat
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to choose from

Things to Consider!

  • Leaves white marks behind

3. Kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades

Features at a glance
  • 2 transparent plus two semi-transparent
  • Certified sun shades
  • Overlaps to fit any window
  • 120GSM mesh

One prominent aspect of Kinder being known for a long time is its quality. You can call quality as Kinder’s game and the band is playing it the way it should.

It produces qualitative Sunshades which are easy to use, durable, and come in hands at an affordable price range.

These sun shades do not require any straps, brackets, Velcro, or any other fastening or tethering device to get installed.

It can easily be installed and stays on the side of your Windows using a static film, there is no glue or tape required.

One package of this Sunshade comes with two transparent and 2 semi-transparent rectangular shades that cover almost 20 into 2 inches of your car.

It also comes with free storage that helps you store your sun shades easily. Store the car sun shades on the sides of your car’s door or behind the seat protector.

These are semi-transparent and transparent, as I mentioned above, you can use them according to your needs.

These can rightly be used as car sun shades for your babies when you are on long travel and taking them with you on trips, or pets sun shades for the rear window.

As I mentioned there are no suction cups required. The sunshades come with a static effect that produces a thick film to the fabric to help the car shades cling to the windows, no need for suction cups or any adhesive, just use the way they are.

The added benefit of the thick film stitched to the fabric is that there will be no residue.

Yes, the clinging would leave no residue, like the way many other cars sun shades leaves. They cling to the windows easily be just simply pressing them against the glass.

This sunshade is made of superior quality 120GSM mesh. This quality is better than most of the car sun shades we see around, against the most common 80GSM.

Its design shares an exclusive connector clamp, these connectors are better than most of the connectors around.

The use of these car sun shades is very not exclusive to cars. If you have a big kitchen window that is exposed to too much sun, these car sun shades can be installed over there to block the glares or UV rays and provide you with a cooler indoors.

In total, I see these car sun shades as one of the most amazing things to get hands-on.

They just do not provide a cooler car interior experience but protect against UV rays that can hit your babies or you and can be dangerous.

What We Like!

  • Clings to the glasses without any adhesive requirements.
  • Leaves no residue behind unlike many other car sun shades
  • Comes in semi-transparent or transparent forms
  • Made of 120gsm MESH that provides darker shadow
  • Can be installed indoors in the area exposed to heat

Things to Consider!

  • Smaller when installed in the rear windows

4. Enovoe 21″x14″ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows

Features at a glance
  • Larger 21 into 45 inches
  • Use static film to get attached
  • Blocks 97-percent of the sun rays
  • Lifetime warranty

If you are looking into buying Windows shades for your car, Get Enovoe designed Window shades they come in a pack of four and provide a super sun ray blocking experience.

These windows’ sun shades block almost 97-percent of the harmful UV rays and protect you and your family from the negative impacts of UV and Hot Sun rays and glares.

These Windows Sun Shades come in a big size and variety. With 21 into 45 inches size make them a good option for larger vehicles such as trucks and vans.

Yes, for smaller vehicles they can be a problem and you might have to spend some more time getting them snugged.

These sun shades use Static film to get attached to the glasses. And to get them installed in smaller cars you may overlap the sun shapes.

These sun shades block almost all sun rays almost 97-percent. The reason behind this amazing range or percentage of blocking is its layers of mesh.

Although the brand does not disclose the layers and their density it blocks most of the sun rays.

The mesh is backed by a film of static tape, just a steady pressing of your hand is required to apply them simply, no need to have a damp cloth or water to get them installed.

It follows a simple and steady method to get installed, removes them when you are done and it comes with a pouch to store them.

The last but not the least advantage of this car sunshade is a lifetime warranty.

The brand backs its product and provides you a lifetime warranty, if you do not like their performance, or they are not performing the way you imagined or promised, you can send them back and get your full money refunded.

What We Like!

  • Large size fits large vehicles
  • Thick mesh backed by a tape film
  • Folds up into a small pouch
  • An easier application does not require any damp cloth or water
  • Blocks 97-percent of the sun rays and UV Rays

Things to Consider!

  • No variation in transparency
  • The larger sizes make overlapping in smaller vehicles

5. Autoamerics Car Front Window Sunshade For SUV Truck

Features at a glance
  • Two small piece design
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Blocks 99% UV rays
  • 2 dash anti-slip pads

For those looking for sun shades just for Windshields, Autoamerics offer a great package at a cheap price range.

You know that windshields sun shades are expensive and it is hard to get the right size if you have an odd size vehicle.

This Autoamerics designed Windshield’s sun shades provide a dedicated solution to any size of the vehicle.

It comes with two smaller size sunshades that you can put together, and they fit entirely of your windshield, irrespective of the size and shape.

The brand also offers Windshield sunshades for small and large vehicles. You can read the chart of sizes and then get accordingly the size of your vehicles; you may go along with a universal size if want.

One of the most obvious advantages and the aspect most of us like is its silver-coated reflective outside face.

Its reflective surfaces keep the Harmful and UV rays out and protect the expensive gadgets or electronics left inside.

If you go out shopping leaving your baby inside, do not forget to spread these sun shades, they protect them against most of the UV rays and sun rays and the black material towards the other side makes the vehicle cool and increases the shades.

Installation of the shades is not a big deal. They come with a static film, no need to take suction cups or glues on board, just a steady firm hand to get them installed.

Well, if you change the direction or orientation of the sun shades you might not get the snug fit you want, but the right fit of the horizontal and vertical fit allows you to have a firm fit.

What We Like!

  • Comes in three sizes to choose right
  • Two small sunshades provide the ideal fitting
  • Silver front blocks sun rays and UV rays
  • Non-slip dashboard pad to secure keys and other things

Things to Consider!

  • Measure before purchase, an odd size car may find an issue in fitting

6. Magnelex Car Windshield Sunshade with Steering Wheel Cover

Features at a glance
  • Polyester 210T constructed
  • Four sizes
  • One-piece design
  • Includes steering wheel cover

If you are fed up using the car sun shades that require lots of time for fitting, folding, and storing, give this sunshade a try.

This Prototypical one-piece car sunshade is very simple to install and remove, and gets folded up easily to store.

This Magnelex designed Car sunshade comes in four sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large.

Read the size chart before placing an order, measure your car’s windshield size before placing an order to get just the right size and fitting as you desire.

The small size as per most of the users and reviews small fits most of the hatchets, medium to most of the sedans, and extra-large to pick-ups and other vehicles of the type. It is a sun-shade of pop-up type, fits snuggly to the size you have purchased for.

This car sunshade shares 210T polyester construction, which makes it blocks almost 99-percent UV and sunrays, no sun rays will get into your car.

A bonus for those purchases the Sunshade designed by Magnelex is a steering wheel cover.

Well for some it can be a task to install a cover to the steering wheel, but you would love to get an extra cool steering wheel at the end of a scorching day.

So, with the use of these Car Sunshades blocking 99-percent of the sun rays and UV rays, you will be spending less gas and energy in terms of AC, as less energy would be required to cool down the insides of your vehicles.

What We Like!

  • Comes in a variety of sizes to provide a right fit
  • Thick Polyester layer to keep heat away
  • Compact, small and lightweight pouch
  • Extra steering cover

Things to Consider!

  • Single-layer design

7. SACSTAR Foldable Car Shade Front Windshield

Features at a glance
  • Umbrella style sunshade
  • The handle acts as a prop rod
  • Silvery reflective coating
  • Two sizes

What is the biggest issue you have to face using car sun shades? Obviously, they do not stay in place and pop out easily, the result is not what we want, our car gets exposed to direct sunlight and turns into an oven if exposed to direct sunlight for hours.

There comes a unique and working formula, Umbrella style car window shading.

These sun shades for car pops easily and stay in place not just for hours but for days. When you are done, wrap them up, and they fold up in a tiny rod-like shape.

This sunshade for cars comes with a silvery reflective coating and seems opaque than other bargain brands, protects against the sun rays for long hours, and blocks the UV rays entering your cars, damaging the dashboard or steering.

Take it along, and use it as a regular odd-shaped umbrella as well. It is perfect and install solution for any car user, gets into the place, more affordable than most of the others around.

But it is tiny and compact and even in the box, gets lost and you spend time in searching or finding this little thing.

It is a unique and instant solution to the problem most users face in hot summers. For the smaller cars, it may be an issue, as it comes in only for larger-sized cars.

What We Like!

  • Compact to store
  • Easy to install, a quick deploy
  • Stays in place for long hours
  • The silver reflective outer side

Things to Consider!

  • Many moving parts

A Complete Guide Guide For Car Sun Shades

Before you step out and buy a car sunshade, it is important to learn what makes a car sunshade stands out.

I mean you would not like compromising the benefits of the products you are buying for the purpose.

In our case, we want to block sun rays and UV rays from entering our vehicles and turn them into a hot oven.

These important aspects or features you must look into any car sunshade before you give it a final shot.

Types of Car Sun Shades

1. Custom Fit Foldable design

As the name suggests this type of sun car shade is designed specifically for your car.

It comes in dimensions that custom fit your car and covers maximum windshield area to block as much sunlight as possible.

This type of custom-designed Car Sun Shade is expensive but they are great and get folded along with the collapsible panels.

2. Custom designed Roll-up:

Like foldable custom car sun shades these are roll-up shades, and they are designed to fit your car’s specific dimensions.

They are roll-up shades, instead of folding for storage, they roll-up. They are a little less expensive cover most of the area exposed to the sun but are hard to install.

3. Universal Car Sun Shade

These sun shades fit a large variety of cars dimensions and are the cheapest options to get hands-on.

They are easily foldable for storage, but as the name suggests they are universal, might not cover all the areas, and may leave some gaps along the edges.

4. Accordion

These car sun shades fold and unfold along with pleats. They stay in place firmly and are easy to store as well.

They come in universal fit but come in the sizes of to fit different types of vehicles.

You first check whether you have the right size designed specifically for the type or size of the vehicle, if not, then go with the universal option.


Whether you are into buying a windshield sunshade or want back windows or side windows shades to block sun rays, you must buy the size the fits your vehicles.

One model comes in multiple sizes, you measure the size of your rear windows or windshield and match with the ones you are buying.

Give one or two inches extra, as you would not like light coming from the edges of the sunshades, the shades should cover the windshield or windows of your car and block all the rays.

As we are talking about the size, let’s discuss the storage size. The sunshade you are going to buy should not be big enough to take all the time in wrapping and store.

It should be lightweight and easy to fold and should come with a pouch to store it up anywhere.


Sunshades are designed to block out sun rays and fend off heat and UV rays. Naturally, they are designed for the purpose mentioned but what if you want some darks inside, like if there are babies inside or you want the interior more black than regular or cooler than regular?

In those cases, look for the car sun shades with mesh fabric integrated. These mesh fabrics designed car sun shades offer less visibility and filter more rays, blocking most of the rays, without any negative impact on you or those sitting inside.

UV Protection

UV Rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that presents in the sunlight and causes various skin issues.

If your skin is exposed to sunlight and UV rays for hours a day, you may get more wrinkles and liver spots and in severe cases skin cancer.

So, whatever sun shade you are buying for your car, look for one that blocks UV rays and filter sunrays to fend UV rays to make the insides safe for you and your family.


Most of the sun shades we added here come in hands at a reasonable price. So, do not go with high-priced products that come with extra nuts and bolts most of us do not need.

Yes, if you want some custom-designed sun shades, that’s fair to pay a higher price compared to regular ones.

Final Verdict

In this long guide, we have reviewed the top best car sun shades. These products have been chosen after deep research, and about all of them got amazing ratings to help you read out the old reviews to learn whether the products are great for you or not.

This guide also has a buying guide section that helps you understand what makes these sunshades for cars stand out.

We hope that this guide helps you pick the right product as per your needs, requirements, and budget range.

FAQs About Car Sun Shades

Why should you use a sunshade in a car?

Using sunshade in a car comes with a wide range of benefits. From keeping your car inside protected from heat to UV rays, and lowering the internal temperature to make you consume less on AC.

In the long term, the benefits are these sunshades protect your car from fading due to sun exposure.

If you travel a lot or have to park your cars in sunlight, it is better to buy a sunshade or you will suffer in hot summers.

Does it matter which side faces out?

Yes, if you have a sunshade that has a silver side, that side should be facing out the sun and heat.

If there is a black side, that side should be on the downside, for absorbing the sun and heat.

If both the faces of the sunshade are the same, there would be no big issue, it does not matter.

How much sun does a car sunshade block?

It depends upon the quality of the sunshade you own. Sunshades that share a Nylon Polyester, can easily block out around 99-percent of the sun rays.

That’s the reason, these shades can lower the temperature and make your vehicle consume less energy.

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