Casper Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

We can buy anything online these days. What about a mattress, can we buy something as large as a mattress online?

Yes, you can, and it was Casper who took this initiative and started delivering mattresses online in a box space.

It was a hard decision though because no one initially believed that could be done, but Casper due to its out-of-the-box thinking capabilities did that and made it possible for the users to buy their favorite mattress across the globe.

It is not the shipping in a box that made this brand one of the social media darlings, it is because of the performance and features it comes integrated with.

It has a wide variety of mattress collections, as per their fame of claim ‘One perfect mattress for Everyone’ also helped it to reach more potential customers.

Well, social media is flooded with praise about this mattress, we wanted to see how good the Casper designed in a box mattress is. So, we tested them and going to help you learn in detail about these mattresses.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Casper Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best Casper mattresses according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Casper Sleep Element Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Two layers designed
  • Top memory foam perforated layers
  • Thick base
  • Medium firmness

If you are looking for one of the least expensive mattresses without cutting the corners, buy a Casper-designed Sleep element Mattress.

This mattress is a fine grab for couples who do not want to feel the motion of their partner, combination sleepers who like to toss around on the bed without finding it hard to switch the position.

It is a simply constructed budget memory foam mattress with just a two-layer design. At the top, it shares a perforated Polyfoam layer that integrates AirSpace technology, designed to dissipate heat so that you can enjoy a cooler sleeping experience even in a hot climate.

This top layer is dense memory foam constructed, contours your body curves, and changes position accordingly to provide a cradling sleeping experience. This top memory foam layer is what makes it great for combination sleepers, as well as side sleepers.

Below the perforated Memory foam layer, there comes a thick base. It does not have a middle support layer, like Casper Original Mattress, which has a Zoned support system to provide constant support to your body, but for the price, it is the best solution, great for college students, guest rooms, or for day bedroom.

If you like a too cushy or soft mattress, this might not be for you. It provides a medium firmness, not very firm not very soft, just the right firmness ideally suits for back sleepers.

Yes, the light body side sleepers will also find this mattress good to go, but for heavyweight side sleepers, it might be too firm.

For couples though, I find this mattress fits their need. Not just because it is medium firmness but due to minimizing motion transfer due to which if one moves, the other one would not feel their movement or changing position. But it does not have good bounce what most of the couples want for their private things.

Overall, for a budget price, and those like medium feel firmness, this mattress is the best to get the hands-on option. It might not have shiny extra bells and whistles but it covers the base and provides the required comfort

What We Like!
  • Good for back sleepers
  • Medium firmness prevents sagging
  • Good breathability perforated memory foam mattress
  • Budget price in hand
Things to Consider!
  • It is just a basic mattress with two layers design

2. Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Three Layer design mattress
  • Pocketed Innersprings for motion isolation
  • Perforated memory foam layer on the top
  • Zoned support

If you are suffering from back pain and looking for a Hybrid mattress that provides cushioning like a memory foam mattress and alignment like an innerspring mattress then buy Casper-designed Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress.

It is one of the top Hybrid mattresses designed by Casper, it falls in the premium category.

Its construction, built, comfort, and breathability has been taken under serious scrutiny before making them available for sleepers.

It is a three-layer memory foam plus innerspring formula which provides you the best of the bot world.

It shares zoned support in the form of pocketed coils which makes it easier to get up and switch positions when you are sleeping.

It is a medium-firm mattress, for those who like too cushy or comfy mattresses, maybe this is not the option.

It falls on 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, good for those suffering back pain and wants their spinal aligned when sleeping, no sagging or sinking into the like experience.

Do not worry it would not provide a rigid sleeping experience. The memory foam layers on the top of it provide enough cushioning or pressure relief to contours around your body curves and make you enjoy a cradling sleeping experience.

Do not forget that the top memory foam layer before the condensed memory foam, is a perforated breathable foam layer that increases airflow and enhances breathability even in a hot climate. Its edges have also been supported with borders to help you enjoy sleeping on the edges.

And the coils support at the bottom makes this mattress ideal for couples. It not only provides required responses but enhanced airflow and breathability.

Air particles would not be trapped in the thick layers, will easily pass-through perforated layers to bottom coils.

Do not worry if you are allergic to harsh chemical smells, this mattress is CertiPUR certified, no harsh chemical is used in the making.

What We Like!
  • Top perforated Layers for breathability
  • Thick Pocketed coils for improved airflow
  • The thick support base for responsiveness
  • Good for couples and those suffering from back pain
Things to Consider!
  • Not for those like too comfy mattress

3. Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Three basic layers designed
  • Memory foam cradles your body
  • Alleviate your pressure points
  • Thick base layer to provide edge support

If you are looking to buy a soft all-foam mattress that makes you have a plush feeling sleeping on, buy a Casper-designed Sleep Original Foam mattress.

This mattress, from the looks, might not appeal to you, and might not look as plush as all foam mattress are used to be, but when you lay on it, it cradles your body and alleviate your pressure points.

Its top memory foam layers cradle your body and mold with your position. When you want to switch your position, go do it, here you would not have to put lots of force to do that, without lifting your body switch your position and the foam still alleviate your pressure points.

It is a good comfortable mattress, ideal for back sleepers as well as Stomach sleepers. Its memory foam which molds itself with your body provides a good response for those suffering from back pain.

On the firmness level, I would give it a 6 on a scale of 10, you can call it a medium-firm mattress, soft on touch and sinks your body but provides a good response.

Its thick high-density memory foam integration at the base makes it good for those who like to sleep on edges.

Its good edge-to-edge support makes it hold your body on the edges and prevent slipping off or falling off the edges, yes it caves slightly but would not make you fall off it.

It is a good cool mattress to provide a cool sleeping experience even in a hot climate. It is engineered with temperature regulation in mind; the top memory foam layers have thousands of perforated cells to circulate air.

These cells rather absorb your body heat and again give it back to you, the perforated cells disperse the heat away from you and release it.

About the bouncy feeling or motion isolation, I think we already know about the memory foam mattress especially those all-foam.

It is bad at motion isolation, if you are a light sleeper and sleeps with your partner, this product might not fit your need. For those who sleep alone, it’s a great mattress with all the comfort and peace needed.

In total this three-layer designed memory foam mattress is all in all for those like an all-foam mattress. All forms of it are certified by CertiPUR US Program, which means that no harsh chemicals were used in the making, nor did they release any.

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What We Like!
  • Three Layer designed all memory foam mattress
  • Good breathable, top perforated memory foam layer
  • Breathable top knitted fabric cover
  • Thick base layer to render enhanced edge support
Things to Consider!
  • No motion isolation

4. Casper Sleep Nova Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Four-layer designed hybrid mattress
  • Perforated memory foam layers
  • 7 Zones support
  • Thick pocketed coils layer

Casper has been at the forefront of mattresses for years now. Its Nova Hybrid series is an advanced and modern feature integrated mattress series that integrates Zoned support for those suffering lower back pain or hips pain.

If you are a back sleeper or lightweight side sleeper this mattress is going to add comfort to your sleeping pattern.

It is a good comfortable mattress, not too soft nor very firm, just the right soft mattress which lets you sink into it, and get the comfort of a memory foam mattress.

The springs in the bottom layers, provide responsiveness and prevent you get sagged or having stuck into the quicksand-like experience.

But what is the most amazing or stand-out aspect of this hybrid Nova Mattresses?

The zoned support. Casper designs its memory foams in a way that the center of the foams is a little firmer. It is the transition memory foam layers that are a little firmer towards the center to provide lumbar support.

And with this latest one, not only one but two zoned supports are given. It comes with two7 zoned support memory foam layers which get mixed with the coils or encased springs to provide a bouncy, breathable yet comfortable sleeping experience.

As I mentioned, this Hybrid Zoned Support Nova Mattress is good for back sleepers with Lower back issues. It is not good for heavy-weight side sleepers due to its firmness scale.

In my view, on a scale of 10, it has 6.5 firmness which is very firm for the side sleepers or those like a too cushy or soft mattress.

The breathability or airflow, the mattress integrates two layers of perforated memory foam layer which reduces heat.

The tiny holes in the memory foam layers remove the heat away from your body and prevent it from trapping into the thick layers of memory foam.

Do not forget the resilient spring layers. These spring layers prevent your body from sagging into the mattress, provide the response required and prevent you from condensation even in a hot climate.

Its firmer border around it provides constant edge support, allows you to get in or out of the mattress easily.

What We Like!
  • 7 zones support to provide constant lumbar support
  • Breathable perforated memory foam layers
  • Spring layers prevent sagging and provide responsiveness
  • Good for back sleepers suffering back pain
Things to Consider!
  • Firm for side sleepers

What are the different kinds of Casper mattresses?

Casper is relatively a new brand compare to the top mattress you see. It was 2014 when the band released their first bedding product and within the shortest period, now as you can see it is one of the top names in the world.

And about social media, you know already that it is a darling product on social media with millions of fans online.

A few years back, Casper has only one mattress series available in all the usual sizes, but now it has expanded and included many series with different construction, type, and body weight.

Casper Original Mattress

Casper Original is the most popular series, it comes in all foam as well as Hybrid mattresses. It comes in various profiles or thicknesses, priced around $1100 for a queen mattress.

If you want one of the comfortable and cushy mattresses with all premium feel and construction, buy Casper Original Mattress.

Casper Nova Hybrid

It is a mid-tier series, that comes with zones support, and multiple layers with springs encased to provide a cooler sleeper experience.

If you want a little firm mattress with zones support for your back and good ventilation, go with this series you would not go wrong with it.

Wave Hybrid

Wave Hybrid is the premium series designed by Casper, its mattress is relatively expensive and provides advanced support with modern features and advanced construction.

Casper Essential: It is a start model, that comes with the design of a basic layer. It is a relatively thinner basic mattress that comes in hands at the budget price range.

Casper the Brand in a Glance

Casper Sleep known as Casper was launched in 2014. The brand is also known darling of social media because on social media you will see people talking and praising mostly Casper.

Its social media marketing strategy led this brand to sell around 1 million products in the first 28-days of its launch.

It is a multi-million dollars company now, spending more than 80 million dollars annually on just marketing.

Yes, that’s the reason you see people are talking about Casper, Podcasters are in awe of the performance of Casper, and its marketing team even made a catchy line, ‘If you do not sleep on Casper, do even you sleep’.

Casper the biggest achievement is the Fit in a Box mattress idea. Yes, Luke Sherwin Casper’s Chief shares the story long back, how his being living on the fourth floor made him think how hard it would be taking a full expanded queen-size mattress to the fourth floor.

They started working on the idea of compressing on the mattress in a box size of a dorm room refrigerator. In that way, they were capable to deliver the mattress via UPS saving costs up to the 10th of the Price to ship.

In that way, people were able to test their mattresses at their homes and return within 100-days if they do not like sleeping on them.

It was not that easy, initial experiments were tough but it made them earn loyal customers, that’s the reason people are loving their mattress.

Final Verdict

Casper is one of the most popular bedding brands around the globe. It is relatively new compared to many other top brands you see, but within the shortest time, it has established itself as one of the best or most sold mattress brands.

Within 7 years, it is a billion-dollar brand now, which spends around 80 million dollars yearly on its marketing.

It has a huge range of different products to target different users. It has products in premium as well as budget range category, from Hybrid to all memory foam mattresses in different thicknesses or profiles.

FAQs About Casper Mattresses

How Long Does It Take for a Casper Mattress to Expand?

Casper officials say that you can sleep on the mattress right away, after unboxing and setting it up.

But in our experiences, it takes around half an hour t get the mattress fully expanded. In some cases, it might take around 3-4 hours, so do not sleep until unless the mattress gets fully expanded.

Be very carefully cutting the plastic layer, because in some cases, users cut the top foam layer of the mattress in haste.

Do Casper Mattresses Smell?

As per the customer reports, there was no particular smell when unboxing the Casper mattresses. But when you open the All-foam mattress, there can be a slight smell but it would not be noticeable in most cases.

Plus, all memory foam layers of the Casper are CertiPUR certified, in other words, the foams are not made using harsh chemicals, nor do the memory foam releases chemicals, no VOC emissions for indoor air quality.

Do Casper Mattress, Last Long?

The longevity or the life span of a mattress is hugely impacted by several things. It depends on your weight, your sleeping position, your climate temperature, and how careful you are towards using your mattress.

If you are careful, it can easily last around 7 to 10-years or maybe more than that. But as per experts’ suggestion, you should change your mattress every 7-years. If it is a spring mattress, the lifespan can be shorter than that.

What is Zoned Support Technology?

Casper believes in innovation and that’s the reason the brand spends in studying sleep, and experimenting with new products or materials.

Its research paved the way towards the Zoned support mechanism which is a unique mechanism of making the mattress firmer in the center more than its edges to provide pressure-relieving.

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