Do Power Recliners have Battery Backup?

Do Power Recliners have Battery Backup

The power outage is not strange. With us, surrounded by more and more electrical devices, the consumption of electricity has way increased. W

ell, power short might not be common in Europe and first world countries, but in developing countries, a few hours of a power cut is very common.

What if you are resting in your recliner and the power goes out?

It might not be that serious in normal cases but if you are pregnant, or injured with one hand or other parts of the body, you can’t stand out of the recliner on your recliner with it reclined fully and the footrest extended.

Is there any backup option?

Yes, there is, but not with all-power recliners. You should check your power recliner, if it has a battery compartment on the sides of it, open it and check it, most recliners do support the 9-volt battery.

Most of the power recliners come with battery backup. They come with a battery compartment, with the option to insert a 9-volt battery to help control your power recliner with the help of battery.

Well, I am not saying that you should install the battery backup with you stuck in the recliner when the power goes out.

You should be prepared for that already, and get yourself ready for the power short beforehand.

With that, if power cuts come your way when you are resting in the recliner, you would already have a battery backup to not only get out of the recliner but to control it just the way you want.

Installing the battery pack in the recliner

So if it is the first time you are going to install a battery pack in the recliner, let us help you. Follow the instruction to get the battery pack installed.

First thing, I am sure you already have checked that your power recliners support battery backup.

And also the type of battery it supports, in most cases as I mentioned, recliners support a 9 Volt battery pack.

In some cases, the power recliners support the battery backup but they don’t come with the battery compartment connected to the main power supply so that when there is a power outage you could use it without having any issues.

And the procedure we are going to elaborate on is for such power recliners.

Unplug your recliner

Unplug your power recliner, turn it over and see the bottom part and its mechanism.

Unplug the transformer wire from the recliner motor

Now when you have turned over the recliner and inspected the bottom part and its mechanism. Open the mainframe, and unscrew all the bolts using a screwdriver.

Locate the transfer in the recliner, once you spot the recliner transformer, unplug it from the recliner’s motor.

Connect the motor to battery backup:

Now once you have unplugged the recliner from the transformer, plug its wires into the motor of your battery backup pack.

Get the batteries, put them in the battery compartment, and connect its pin-type cables and battery backup pack.

Even when your battery compartment is not connected to the power system of the recliner now by following this method you can connect it and control the recliner when there is a power outage or power shortfall.

How to operate a recliner using a battery backup pack?

Now when you have installed your battery backup pack to the recliner, you need to operate it in the case of emergencies and power outages. To get this done, follow the instructions.

Start it by connecting the battery backup plugs to your recliner’s transformer. Plug your transformer and battery backup pack into a power source, the power source should be at least 120 volts.

There are a few more things you should keep in mind, like when the battery is charging it should turn on as red, with fully charged it should turn on as green, to help you better understand the status so that you could charge it on time before it is dead.

Power recliners with no battery backup option:

As I mentioned, not all recliners support battery backup. There are some options with no battery backup, if that’s your recliner, how would you get out from it when there is no power?

Or how would you operate it with a power shortfall? You simply can’t operate it by power, it is without power now, and to get out of it safely follow the mentioned tips.

You can’t operate the recliner with no battery backup support in a power outage. There are several things you can do to maintain a comfortable and soothing experience.

Lie down on it support yourself with the pillows and take some blankets t to prevent it from digging.

Put another chair next to your recliner to get support.

How much electricity do Power recliners use?

The electricity a power recliner uses depends largely on your usage. As they come with electric motors which take power from the batteries, and batteries get drained concerning the hours you use recliners on an everyday basis.

A standard electric recliner may use a 1.5 amp t 2.0 amp power block. The power supply for this type of furniture is rated at 2A which is equal to around 58 watts.

Does the battery backup pack also support additional features of the recliner?

With your installed battery backup pack in your recliner, you will be enjoying the reclining features of your recliner even when there is no power.

But, the additional features can’t be accessed or enjoyed, on the battery backup pack only limited features can be accessed and enjoyed.

How long does the battery backup pack last?

On average a battery backup pack lasts for around 3-4 years in a recliner, around 1000-cycles.

The number of years a battery backup pack lasts is directly proportional to its quality and capacity.

If you have a good quality battery backup pack, obviously you will be enjoying a longer and smoother runtime compared to a cheaper quality battery.

Can I use my battery if it is not fully charged?

It is not recommended to use the battery backup pack of the recliner before it gets fully charged.

So, let the battery gets fully charged and then connect it to the recliner to get a smoother and error-free experience.

Why does my battery run out so quickly?

It happens when your battery is at its last breath. Or maybe you are not using the battery and its power correctly.

So, there are a few things that you keep in mind to get the most out of your recliner. Don’t use your battery before it gets fully charged.

Moreover, your battery is getting drained fast because you are using it more frequently than normal. Or maybe you are overusing the additional features of the recliners.

So, limit your use of additional features of the power recliner, and don’t use the battery until it gets fully charged.

Should I unplug my recliner when not using it?

Yes, don’t leave your recliner plugged in for hours and days when you are not using it.

In case your model comes with a battery pack you may take the liberty of leaving it plugged in. But, not when it does not come with a battery pack.


Not all power recliners come with a battery pack and the feature to connect it with a battery backup pack.

But in some cases, they come with a battery compartment that can easily be used by inserting the batteries, and in some cases, you will have to do some labor to connect the motor of the recliner to the battery compartment.

And that’s possible too that your recliner does not support a battery and it runs on direct power.

Getting out of your recliner in a power outage can be hard in case your recliner does not support battery backup, in that case, you can take help from others or put some pillows or blankets behind you to take support while getting out.

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