Best Electric Coffee Percolators Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Are your one of those who can’t start functioning in the morning without having 2 cups of coffee in the morning?

Then I can guess you would be using a Coffee Percolator because they are considered one of the efficient, traditional, and classy ways of brewing coffee.

There are two types of coffee percolator you may come across if you are on a hunt to buy a new one for you; electric coffee percolator and stovetop coffee percolator.

As the name implies, electric ones are those that take heat from electric energy and stovetop take heat from the stove.

Electric percolator is more efficient and a right suit for our today’s modern and busy life.

If you too are interested in buying an electric coffee percolator, I am here to help you pick the best one.

In this post, I am going to review the best electric coffee percolators according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Electric Coffee Percolator Reviews

I have compiled a list of the best electric coffee percolators based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Presto 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

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Features at a glance
  • 12-cups brewing
  • Stainless steel constructed body
  • Stainless steel filter basket
  • Easy to pour spout

If you don’t like the plastic used in your coffee maker, the Presto-designed coffee maker is the right option to get hands-on.

Well, it is not like, not having plastic inside or outside of its construction is the only trait to appeal to you of buying this product.

It got all the nuts and bolts that you can ask for from a brand-new electric coffee percolator.

It is a 12- cup coffee brewer, it delivers really hot coffee, as we all know coffee means to be steamy and hot.

A right suite for a large family, or for the time when you have a social gathering and friends are invited to your home.

With this pot, you would not be repeating brewing coffee, just one-time brewing and serving even a team.

It is not like it brews 12 cups of coffee well, it delivers a small batch of coffee as heavenly as a full pot.

It does not mind whether you make 1 cup of coffee or 12-cups of coffee, it really puts many others to shame every day, with its performance and consistent results.

It comes with easy to pour spout and traditional design. With this coffee Percolator, you would not indulge in a cycle of messy complex steps from pouring the water into the reservoir, to checking the grounded coffee, from trying to separate 1 paper filter from the others to sticking a filter in the basket.

It allows you to traditionally brew a coffee by just pouring the water and beans into the percolator and getting things rolled smoothly.

It is an elegantly designed, stainless steel constructed, easy-to-clean material that helps you brew coffee traditionally, just like the way you had been seeing your moms in your childhood.

It also comes integrated with stainless steel filter basket, that basket helps you filter your coffee without any big trouble.

Its signal light indicates when the coffee is ready to serve. To help you learn when to serve the coffee even when you are busy.

What We Like!

  • Stainless steel constructed body
  • Easy to clean
  • 12 cups of coffee in one brewing
  • Easy to pour a spout

Things to Consider!

  • You can’t turn it off until you unplug the cord

2. Farberware stainless steel Percolator

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Features at a glance
  • 2-CUP SIZE
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Plastic outer lining
  • Cool on touch lid and handle

If you are a small family looking for an affordable yet efficient Coffee Percolator, or a bachelor living alone in an apartment to buy a Percolator, Farberware designed stainless steel inside constructed percolator is the right option to get hands-on.

It is a compact, moderate cost, with a stainless-steel inside, and plastic outside constructed a percolator that makes a solid pick for those too travel a lot like me.

If you remove the innards, you can easily use them for many other purposes such as making noodles, boiling water, or making tea.

I liked how fast it goes. Yes, for me it looks like a racehorse. Within a few minutes of you putting it on an electric stove, it would brew a solid coffee just like the way you like to sip it.

Even for a big family, sometimes you just don’t like filling up a 15-cup-sized coffee maker with one or two cups of water to make one or two cups of coffee.

For me, when I have to make a coffee for myself only, I always rely on this little baby.

Although the outer lining of the coffee percolator is made of plastic, it is cool to the touch.

But I don’t think you should try to touch any coffee percolator reservoir even on the outside, try to handle it using the handle.

It got a cool touch, an ergonomically designed handle, and a lid knob with rolled edges for safe and easy handling.

It also got an automatic keep-warm mode. With this mode enabled, you can still enjoy a hot coffee even if it was brewed some hours before, a modern feature to help you drink multiple coffee cups in just a one-time brew.

This coffee percolator comes with a durable basket, this basket is designed to extract the maximum coffee flavor from your favorite coffee brand.

It also comes with detachable cords; the cords can easily be removed to serve the coffee on the coffee table using the percolator.

What We Like!

  • Fastest coffee brewing within 1-2 minutes
  • Stainless steel interior constructed percolator
  • Portable designed, easy to take around
  • Durable basket

Things to Consider!

  • Too much plastic outside

3. Presto 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

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Features at a glance
  • 500-Watt maker
  • Detachable cord
  • Cool on touch bottom and lid
  • Ready to serve indicator

If you are looking for one of the fastest Percolators for your coffee brewing, I don’t think anyone other than the Presto-designed coffee percolator could be the option.

It can brew 6 cups of coffee in less than 5 minutes, so for 2-3 members of the family, within 5 minutes, they can make their coffee ready and leave for work.

It is a 500-Watt classic coffee percolator, that helps you brew coffee in traditional style, and circulates hot water through the coffee grounds.

It is easy to use a percolator with easy to serve a spout, with a ready to serve indicator, it lets you know if the coffee is brewed and ready to be served.

It also comes with a detachable cord; you can remove the cord and directly serve the coffee on the coffee table using the percolator.

It got cool on touch a handle, and stay cool bottom and knob. You can use its stay warm feature that helps you let the coffee be hot for a long period of time after finished brewing.

I have to say it is a well-built coffee maker, with stainless steel interior. Thick steel though makes it heavy, but for a percolator that’s good, prevents poor insulation and heat loss.

It is a coffee percolator, so you can’t be wrong with the flavor here. It is as good as it should be, way better than coffee drippers.

The only concern I had with this is its aluminum receptacle for the tube. This is the only part in the percolator that is not made of stainless, that’s why it can discolor if not washed or used properly.

What We Like!

  • One of the fastest percolators
  • Thick stainless steel made
  • Detachable Cord
  • Read to serve indicator integrated

Things to Consider!

  • Aluminum receptacle tube prone to discoloration

4. Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker

Features at a glance
  • LED Light indicator
  • 12 cup size
  • Easy to read marking
  • Spill free spout

If you are interested in buying an electric percolator from one of the most esteemed brands, I think Hamilton Beach designed Percolator can take your eyeballs.

You already know how well-esteemed Hamilton beach as a brand is. It is not just the brand power that makes this coffee percolator one of the finest picks, it got all that you can expect from a good percolator; well-constructed body, ready serve light, warm setting, and many more others in the row.

It is a 12-cup coffee maker that within 6-10 minutes can brew 2-12 cups of coffee without any time.

It shares a traditional but attractive design with a cool one-touch handle, lid, and base to make you don’t get hurt even when you accidently touch it.

It got easy to serve a pout, spills free dripping is what you are going to get from the percolator.

It shares a stainless-steel construction, which not only makes it easy to clean but prevents heat losses.

The solid construction on the other hand makes the percolator last for the longest time. The brew basket and stem are also made of stainless steel rather than aluminum.

With its ready-to-serve LED light, it notifies when the coffee is ready for serve.

The light illuminates to let you know when the coffee has been brewed and is ready for service.

With the clear marking on it, it is easier to fill the percolator with water. You know how much water to pour for the people you are making coffee for.

It is a dishwasher-safe percolator, you can put it in the dishwasher, and get it clean without messing your hands in the cleaning process.

What We Like!

  • Ready to serve illuminated Light
  • Made of stainless steel that lasts long and prevents heat loss
  • The fastest coffee brewing process
  • Stay warm setting helps drink coffee for a long time

Things to Consider!

  • No auto shut off

5. Mixpresso Electric Percolator

Features at a glance
  • 2 cups capacity
  • Warm settings
  • Drip free spout
  • Stainless steel filter basket

If you are looking for one of the best Percolators that could brew 2 to 10 cups of coffee at one time, this is the percolator you should get your hands on.

It is a dishwasher-safe percolator that has an illuminated indicator to help you know when to serve the coffee.

It also comes with a warm setting. With that, you can brew coffee once and drink for multiple times, no need to brew coffee every time you want to sip it.

To make your coffee as hot as you like, don’t forget to use cold water. Using the cold water tricks the thermostat putting on work for a longer period of time. In this way, you can make the coffee hot.

It comes in hands under an affordable price range. It is amazing to see such as sturdily constructed machine under such a budget price range.

With its stainless-steel filter basket, it is effortless to remove the filter basket clean and reuse it for a long time.

It got a drip-free spout, that helps you serve coffee without indulging any messes.

With its innards removed, the percolator can be used for many other purposes including boiling water, making noodles, tea, and many others.

It is a sleek and stylish-looking percolator that makes a great gift for a variety of occasions.

You can use it in the office, use it for housewarmings, and on many other occasions.

What We Like!

  • A multipurpose percolator can be used for making tea as well as noodles
  • Stylish and sleek designed a percolator
  • Stainless steel removable filter basket
  • Spill free spout

Things to Consider!

  • No auto shut off

6. Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

Features at a glance
  • 8-cup size
  • Mirror Polished stainless steel made
  • Dishwasher safe
  • See-through Knob

If you are on a budget and looking for efficient stainless steel constructed Coffee Percolator that fits your family’s coffee needs with flying colors, this is the right coffee percolator for you.

Though it has plastic construction, got a clear viewing knob to help you watch the action, to help witness brewing.

It can brew 8 cups of coffee in one shift, but what makes it stands out on the list is its portability.

You can drag this coffee maker out of the campfire, it makes the right option for those who like to take their coffee percolator along with on travels and trips.

It comes with a transparent knob, this knob helps you view the coffee brewing process, as some of us like to watch the coffee bubbles while the coffee brews.

You can view that amazing process of taking the soul out of the beans, to provide you with a heavenly drink.

But keep in mind, that knob is not made of glass, it is a solid safe for food plastic constructed.

It is stainless steel constructed coffee percolator that has a mirror finish to make it look as elegant as you want it.

This polished stainless-steel construction makes it easy to clean. You can use put it in a dishwasher too, it is made of dishwasher safe products.

With this coffee percolator, you are not required to use dedicated coffee filters or mesh. It comes with a permanent, no need to deal with messy coffee filters.

So, what makes this percolator makes its way to our list is its affordable price, solid construction, and portable construction to make those who travel a lot take this thing with them.

What We Like!

  • Durable polished stainless-steel construction
  • Portable designed percolator, easy to take with
  • See-through clear glass knob
  • Integrated permanent filter basket

Things to Consider!

  • No LED light for notifying if the coffee is brewed and ready to serve

Buyer’s Guide: How to pick the best electric coffee Percolator:

Buying an electric coffee percolator that fits your needs, requirements, kitchen décor and other particular needs is quite a task.

In this tiny section, we will put light on some very important features or factors one should look into when buying an electric coffee percolator.


Construction determines the lifespan of your electric percolator. So, it is very important that you pay special attention to the material used in the making.

Electric Percolators are mostly made of three main components; aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel.

The innards including the filter basket are made of stainless steel. Most of the products share stainless steel inside and plastic outside construction.

Some may share all-metal construction, which makes them last longer, and come at a hiked price.

Pay special attention to the outer parts that you grab. For instance, the handle of the percolator, the bottom, and the lid.

These three parts should be made of touch on cool material so that accidental touches don’t damage your body and skin.

Even if the outer surface is made of plastic, it should be food-grade plastic, the one that is allowed for making products used in the eatery.


We live a very busy life. No one has time to follow through with a rigorous complex cleaning process.

So, always look for a product easy to clean. The innards of the product should be detachable so that you could remove them and clean them any time you like.

Plus, if the percolator is dishwasher safe, you put it in the dishwasher and clean it without any big issue or trouble.


One of the top reasons to buy a percolator is its affordable price range. They are pretty affordable, without costing you arms and legs and fit your every coffee brewing need.

For a percolator, no one expects a 500 dollars price range, so don’t spend more than 200 dollars for a premium quality constructed percolator.


Well, in my view, capacity should be the first aspect you should look into in a percolator before buying.

If you are a large family, lots of people in your home that drink coffee, around 4-5 people, you should buy a percolator with at least 10-12 cups of capacity.

For a single user or a small family, 5-6 cups capacity is the right size. Because you may have your friends visit at your place or your family members.

So, the overall capacity of the percolator should be higher than what you actually need.


Yes, we live in smart apartments, with a tiny section reserved for the kitchen. If you have the luxury of living in a spacious apartment you may pick any size of percolator.

But for most of us, we don’t have lots of space on our kitchen countertop or placing the percolator.

So, if you buy an oversized or bigger than your counter-space percolator, it can be an issue for you. Plus, the oversized percolator can’t be taken around.

If you guzzle as much coffee as I do, you would like to take the percolator around you, and for a bigger-sized machine, you can’t take it around.

Detachable Cord

A detachable cord is a great feature to look in for serving and purpose.

With a detachable cord, you simply remove the cord and serve the coffee easily, plus they are easier to store.

Final Verdict

If you are considering buying a percolator as you like brewing coffee following traditional methods, we have provided you guidance to get you started with the top 7 products.

These are some of the top electric percolators that offer you the right quality and performance for your everyday coffee rituals.

Through this post, we tried to ensure you that you get the right information needed to find the right coffeemaker.

We have pinned out some features you should especially care about to get the most out of your percolator.

FAQs About Electric Coffee Percolator

Can I Use Regular Ground Coffee in A Percolator?

It depends on the filer basket of your percolator. If the filter basket of the percolator you own is as good as a regular coffee machine, you can use regular ground coffee.

But most of the time, the percolator’s filter basket comes with a subtle basket that makes it hard for regular coffee.

So, if the filter basket is not as good, you should use a coarser grind to avoid ending up with the grounds in your coffee.

Why Does My Percolator Make Weak Coffee?

If your percolator is making weak coffees that mean the water in the percolator is not getting that hot.

That means the richness of the coffee is not getting extracted from the beans or ground coffees, and some of the flavors are getting wasted.

So, in that case, you should set the right temperature and go up to the maximum temperature reached.

If the temperature is not the issue for you, that means the filter basket is clogged or packed too full that it is not brewing long enough.

Are percolators better than drip?

If you love to drink strong coffee, then percolators are the best. They are traditional machines designed to get all the richness and flavor of the coffee and brew as much as double compared to drip coffee.

With a drip, the water passes through the coffee once, making it cleaner and less strong compared to percolators.

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