Best Front Door Locks Consumer Ratings & Reports

Why is a Front Door Lock for your home seems complex to buy?

Do you want to have a sturdy door lock along with exceptional looks?

Front door locks define our home entrance through its physical appearance. Our home and other essentials security are fully dependent on the durability of these locks. Therefore, it is important to look for some unique, different, and heavy-duty locks.

These locks are cost-effective. You can find the locks ranging from $100 to $300. Different brands are launching their respective models to compete well.


Here are top rated products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

7 Best Front Door Locks Reviews

Here we shortlist the top 7 Best Front Door Locks ready to be available on your doorstep.

1. Baldwin Hardware Front Door Handle | Elegant

If you are searching for a stylish door handle with a lock, then we recommend this top-rated and trusted brand.

Baldwin Hardware Store has maintained a good repute for the manufacturing of stylish and trendy door locks.

This door lock is designed to conceal cylindrical bores. It can be installed in metal, wood, and fiberglass doors. The country of origin of this stylish door lock is china. The dimensions of the door lock are 22*5*4 inches.

Furthermore, it has special premium quality brown and satin brass finish. Besides, it is available in brown / Stain brass color that makes its appearance unique.

According to many customers’ feedback, these locks are famous for their performance and durability. To install this door lock, you have to purchase a mortise lock, handset trim, and deadbolt key cylinder.

According to the company’s defined merits, it is available with both single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt Keys.

The single-cylinder deadbolt key comes with an interior thumb turn and exterior key cylinder. The double cylinder deadbolt key comes with a key function on both sides.

  • Fully reversible for both hands.
  • Durable.
  • Solid brass.
  • Suitable for a door thickness of 1.70 inches.
  • Perfect for metal, wood, and fiberglass doors.
  • Expensive to buy

2. Ultra Loq Digital Bluetooth Keypad Door Lock

Let us introduce a new digital remote control door lock. This door lock is the product of a very famous brand Ultra Log. You can access this door lock with remote control via the Ultraloq Wi-Fi Bridge from anywhere and for anyone.

Moreover, it can also be operated with voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant that works with IFTTT. According to the experts, this door lock has a 4-in-1 Keyless entry (Smartphone App, code, Fingerprint, and Mechanical Key). You can also use the apple watch to open, even if you are not carrying your iPhone.

If you are using a smartphone, then you can open it by using the U-tec App.  You can give access to family members and other service people to open it via a code.

You can also see the complete log that has opened the door, time, date via your smartphone.

Furthermore, the company claims that it easily fits in any US standard exterior and interior door with a single hole prep. The installation needs no drilling and no wiring.

If unfortunately, the actual batteries are dead, then you can operate it by using an external battery. You can also set a timer to lock after the door is closed automatically.

The company offers 18 months electronic warranty and 30 days return & exchange service. Other than this, the company also offers Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

  • 4 in 1 keyless operating door lock.
  • Specific smartphone app.
  • Anti-peep keypad.
  • Voice Guide.
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty.
  • Poor design
  • Has some quarks.

3. Berlin Modisch Heavy Duty Entry Door Handle Lock

Another very trendy door lock handle by Berlin Modisch. For proper installation of this door lock handle, both handle set hole and deadbolt boreholes should be 5-1/2 inches apart. According to the company, this lock offers a worry-free installation.

Using this lockset, the customers claim that it is a very durable and heavy-duty hardware security lockset. The set includes a reversible handle for fitting right or left-handed doors.

Its oil rubbed bronze color makes it an eye-catchy door lock. It comes with a slim square full plate with fine finishing of iron.

This door lock handle has a unique design with an adjustable backset latch and square corner striker.

Besides, the handle is fully reversible for both left and right hands.  It has an oil-rubbed special bronze deadbolt set that easily fits in a 1-3/4 inch door.

Above all, it includes accessories like single cylinder deadlock, keys, latches, plates, lever, handles set, hardware, and instructions guide. This stylish door lock handle is designed for residential and commercial applications.

Hence, a perfect door lock to install in your home for security purposes.

  • A deadbolt with 2 keys.
  • Premium quality material.
  • Easy installation.
  • Adjustable latch design.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Poor internal Quality.
  • Poor quality top finish.

4. Gobrico Store Satin Nickel Finished Lock Set

If you are searching for a simple but stylish door handle lock, then this brand best goes for you. Gobrico Store is a most demanding brand for the manufacturing of the simple to operate door locks.

According to the company defined merits, this is a set of 6 deadbolts and 6 knobs, and all are opened with a single key. The lockset is available at a very reasonable price. All are made from stainless steel.

The diameter of the knob is 57 mm, while the diameter of the rosette is 65 mm. It is a universal lockset that fits in any door. The latch has a 2-3/4 inches diameter that perfectly fits in 1-3/4 inches thick doors.

Most people appreciate its stain nickel color along with fine finishing. It is made up of stainless steel material that adds durability to it. The pattern design is round in shape.

Furthermore, all the necessary tools come in the pack, including the screws, strike plate, lock, keys, and the latch. It is easy to install with the help of a Philips screwdriver.

Moreover, it comes with a single deadbolt and a flat ball style knob. The company offers an easy refund policy in case if you receive a faulty product. Better say, an all-in-one front door lock that provides you security and warranty.

  • Satin Nickel Finish.
  • Stylish door lock.
  • Unlock/Lock by key outside.
  • Lockset with 6 keys.
  • Universal lockset.
  • Faulty Deadbolt.
  • Cheap Quality.

5. Baldwin Hardware Front Door Handle (6542.260.)

Let go through another model of door handle by Baldwin Hardware store. This model number of this door handle is 6542.260.

This front door lock has a solid forged brass finish. It is available in 16 different types of finishes. The company says that this door handle is designed for cylindrical bores. For installation, it requires a mortise pocket.

According to the customer reviews, this door handle fits metal, wood, and fiberglass doors. The company is confident that its designers crafted each piece with the utmost quality and care to create a unique signature look.

You need to purchase the complete set for proper installation that includes a mortise lock, handle set trim, and a deadbolt key cylinder. This door handle is available in single and double cylinder bolt sets.

The dummy trim requires no lock component. The dimension of the door handle is 17*3.3*2.5 inches. The origin of this door handle is china.

It fit accurately in the door of 1.75 inches thickness.

  • Need no batteries.
  • Elegant and stylish finishes.
  • Suitable for cylindrical bores.
  • Perfect for a door of 1.75 inches.
  • Suitable for both metal and wood doors.
  • Not easy to install.

6. Baldwin Hardware Entry Door Handle (6974.055)

Baldwin Hardware store is a very famous brand for stylish and elegant door locks and handles.

The most attractive point about this best front door lock is its unique polished nickel color. If you want to give your home a stylish appearance, then this one is the best to buy. The door lock is made up of entirely brass material, and polish has fine finishes as well. Besides, it is made in China.

It is a mortise type door handle. It comes with a single-cylinder deadbolt set. This door handle is available in 16 different types of finishes and colors.

The door handle is fully reversible for both hands. The thickness from center to center is 5.5 inches. The backset is 2-3/4 inches, while the door thickness varies from 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 inches.

  • Premium quality nickel polish.
  • Lifetime finish guarantee.
  • Available in different finishes and colors.
  • Suitable for fiberglass doors.
  • Appropriate for the door of 1.75 inches thickness.
  • Polishes get damage with time.

7. Kwikset Vancouver Front Door Lock Handle Set

In the list of the best front door locks brands, Kwikset Vancouver has worth mentioning. The door locks of this set are low profile but are very durable in performance.

It is certified with the highest security, finish, and durability. The company is using the grade AAA deadbolts. The door handle set has an adjustable bolt design that offers an easy installation.

The material used in its manufacturing is “metal,” which is why they are hard and sturdy. Above all, it is available in an iron black modern design color.

According to the company, the handle set hole and the deadbolt borehole should be 5-1/2 inches apart for proper installation. With the help of

Microban product protection means the door hardware remains clean up to 99.9% compared to an unprotected surface. It also offers protection against antimicrobial products.

With the help of an advanced break-in technique, you can easily re-key your lock in a second via the smart key security.

It includes components like an interior deadbolt, lever, handle set, latches, strikes, SmartKey tools, installation guide, and hardware. It offers a lifetime mechanical and finishes warranty.

  • Easy installation.
  • Antimicrobial protection.
  • Re-key in a second.
  • Low profile but durable.
  • Best suitable for wood doors.
  • Poor coloring quality.
  • Wrong sized.

How to Choose a Door Lock? | Buying Guide

After exploring the top 7 best front door locks, let’s jump into some key factors to consider while buying the door lock. The following are some important questions that a common buyer must have in its mind before buying a door lock.

 What colors and finishes does it have?

The color and finishes of the front door lock model are important to consider. It should not have a color that gets damaged after a few months. The color should be suitable for your door style and design. Moreover, it should have fine finishing throughout.

What is the durability of a door lock?

A door lock can last for more than a decade with proper care and maintenance. It is valuable to check the features and specs of the door locks, whether they have weather-resistant properties or not. The durability depends upon the composition material, along with the sturdiness of its knobs and deadbolts.

How secure are door locks?

The security of your home door lock does not depend on its material. It lies on the hardware like a deadbolt and strike plate. To ensure security, the deadbolt must insert 1 inch long. Besides, you can add a stronger striking plate as well.

What is the price of a front door lock?

It would help if you defined the price constraints first. A large variety is available in the market ranging from cheap to expensive door locks. One can buy a manual key operated door lock at reasonable prices while a smart lock may cost more.

What type of lock are you looking for?

Single Cylinder Locks

It is operated by a key to open the door from the exterior side with a thumb knob on the other side. However, some new designs do have other optimal features like a numeric keypad to enter the code to open the door.

Double Cylinder Locks

The double cylinder locks have a key to open and lock it from the outside. It doesn’t have the thumb knob feature. The same key is used to lock and open the door. These are child-friendly locks as they have a glass covering to prevent kids from locking them accidentally.

Vertical Locks

The most commercially used door locks are vertical locks. These locks are mostly deployed at hotel rooms or apartments. The physical appearance of these locks is a vertical lock along with bolts that keeps the door secure. The vertical locks can be found in both single and double cylinders.

Smart Locks

Some advanced types of door locks can communicate to your smartphones by sending voice messages, emails, or operated by voice recognition technology.

Is it easy to install or not?

The installation of a door lock should be easy and quick. Look for some do-it-yourself friendly door locks that allow the user to install within a few manual strikes. Besides, some door locks come up with a 3-inch screw to connect the strike plate with the door edge.

Wrap Up

No one can deny the importance of having the safest and sturdiest door locks to keep home, offices, industrial areas, business, and other essentials safe. This is only possible if you adopt a reliable, durable, unbreakable, and strongly bounded lock for your door.

You may find it expensive to buy, but it will value your money. We have shortlisted the top 7 best door locks to buy based on detailed research; sales generated reports, customer feedback, and other surveys. I hope you will find our writing helpful in finding the best front door locks.

FAQ’s about Best Front Door Locks

Which one is the safest type of lock for residential property?

If you are looking for the safest and strongest door lock for the residential area, better buy a deadbolt lock. The name dead is given to this lock because it lacks spring technology. However, you can find both double and single cylinder locks for this purpose.

What are Baldwin products made of?

These products are made up of solid and hard materials and knob, deadbolts, handsets, and levers. Apart from this, it offers a lifetime limited warranty. Moreover, the handles are composed of solid brass, whereas the knobs are made up of zinc material.

What are keypad door locks?

Keypad door locks come up with a numerical code to open the door. You can assign different codes to your children to make entry through the code. The door will close automatically for the next person. They are safe, but the probability that your kid should be sensible enough to keep the code himself.

Which one is the best front door lock for the hotels?

According to our buying guide, Baldwin Hardware Front Door Handle is the best suited for hotel rooms and apartments due to its stylish looks, composition material, and design.

What are the most important features to observe in a front door lock?

Buying a door lock is quite technical. As it involves analyzing the material, size, pattern (square, rounded), compatible with door types,  price, color, finishes, installation, and others, you must evaluate a product through all these factors.

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