How Much Does a Garage Door Cost? Installation & Replacement

Are you a homeowner interested in knowing how much your garage door costs?

The cost of the garage door hugely depends on various factors. If you are interested in installing a larger-sized garage door, the cost would be higher.

Garage door type is the second factor that impacts the cost, along with the material with which the door is constructed.

Well, if you compare the garage door prices with home front doors, or other doors, their prices are less.

They are considered less expensive because here, you don’t require something to show off.

But, if want garage doors with electric openers and many other integrated features, their price would go high.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this guide, we are going to pen down the costs of garage doors, with their sizes, shapes, types, materials, and other features integrated.

Factors to Consider

Garage door costs depend on various factors as I mentioned above in my introductory paragraph.

Plus, if you have a garage door already installed, there will be an extra cost for removing that door.

So, overall costs would also include labor costs for removing the existing door.

Let’s elaborate on different factors, and how they increase or decrease the overall cost of the garage door.

Type of the Garage door

Well, like any other features or facility installed in your home, to get the best results from a garage door installation, to cost the home’s curb appeal, the garage door you are going to install should blend with the rest of the house.

You can choose the best garage door with respect to the aesthetics and functions.

Maybe one type of garage door that you have seen installed in your neighbor’s home, would not match your home décor and design.

Garage door comes in various styles as well, such as roll-up garage door, or tilt-up garage door onto the tracks into the ceiling.

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Tilt-Up Garage door

I am sure you know what is a tilt-up garage door. It is one large piece of the metal-designed door that comes in a fully retractable style and forms a small canopy over the garage.

It goes back into the garage room, and here rather than panels, a large piece of metal is used.

These types of doors can be opened manually as well as automatically if an opener is installed.

These are not the very expensive type of garage door, can cost around $500-$1500.

Sectional Garage door

If you are living in the USA and looking for the best garage door, let me recommend to you the most used garage door, which is, the Sectional garage door.

The reasons are obvious, it does not take much of the space, shares a good style, and usually comes in an automatic opener.

Here rather than one metal piece, different small panels are hinged together into making one piece that acts as one big metal piece. Here too, the door rolls back into the ceiling easily, retractable garage door.

For the cost, it too is not considered very expensive, and can easily be purchased for around $500-$1500.

Roll Up Garage Door

This type of garage door is different from what we have mentioned above.

Here, one big metal piece is used, and rather than sliding back into the tracks, it rolls up in a bundle.

It also comes in two designs, one-piece as well as section, choose whatever suits you the most.

One more thing, roll-up garage doors are one of the sturdiest and easy to use. They hardly require any maintenance or repairs.

Just install them once, and use them for years. The price wises too, they are not very expensive and fall near to the above-mentioned garage doors.

Their biggest cost includes the installation, the installation here can cost in some cases more than the actual price of the garage door.

A roll-up Garage door can cost around $600-$2000.

Glass Roll Up Garage Door

If you are into making a statement and got the money to spend on buying quality and good-looking garage doors, you should probably go with a glass roll-up garage door.

These glass doors are hinged together in aluminum and steel frames and rolled up in sections.

Here, you got the diversity, you can pick an insulated and non-insulated glass door. Yes, again they are expensive and roll up glass garage doors.

The glass roll up garage doors can cost around $1000-$6000.

Carriage house garage door

If you like traditional appearance, it is better you should go with a carriage house garage door.

These doors come in double and triple designs that swing out in the middle to open.

They come in many designs and styles, and some are arched and rounded on tops.

One best thing about these doors is, that they come with featured windows. Their typical cost can be from $1000 to $6000.

French Style Garage Doors

Like the traditional French doors design, these French-style garage doors open outward from the middle.

They come in glass design, that’s why not considered very good for insulation.

For garages, mostly people don’t like French design garage doors. Their typical cost can be $1500-$5000.

Keep in mind, that the price mentioned here are average prices. The price of the different types of garage doors can vary with respect to the material used in the construction.

It can also vary with the quality, as well as the integrated featured.

Garage Door Materials

The type, of construction with which the garage door is made, is the second aspect that contributes to the overall cost.

These days you can buy a variety of materials for constructed garage doors, it is now up to you, and your pocket size, what material you want to purchase.


If you want a quality garage door that stays there with you for a long time, go with a composite garage door.

This is the most expensive material constructed garage door that you can buy for under $1500, it is a traditional classic style garage door, and would not require much maintenance too.

The only disadvantage of this garage door is its lack of style and fashion statement, and this type of door, mostly is not customizable.

You can’t customize it as per your needs, features, aspects, and function required.


If you are a lazy person like me, who can’t maintain the products or gears, you should probably go with a fiberglass-constructed garage door.

It is a great alternative to wood, it provides great insulation, and allows you to paint.

They are sturdy doors, would not rust or corrosion over time, and are lightweight too.

But if you live in very cold weather, these doors may crack in cold weather, these doors too can’t be customized. If you talk about the price, they can cost around $1000-$2000 easily.


If you want to install a sturdy yet lightweight door that stays with you for the longest time without cracking, rusting, and other weather conditions, go with aluminum-constructed garage doors.

These garage doors are a great alternative to steel, they are not very heavy, not very difficult to handle.

Yes, they are a little more expensive than steel and can easily cost around $2000.


Well, if you ask me to recommend the most adopted garage door materials in the USA, that’s steel.

Steel is sturdy, durable, and above all does not cost much. You can easily get a steel constructed door for around $400-$1000.

But there is a downside for them too, they are very heavy, and come in fewer styles, their insulation is considered very poor, and you can’t customize them either.


If you want a wood-like material constructed garage door, that’s Vinyl. Vinyl constructed garage door too are lightweight and does not require regular maintenance.

They are good at isolation and provide a sturdy lifespan without any big negative side.

The only downside of the Vinyl constructed garage door is cold weather. If you live in extremely cold weather, the Vinyl door may crack during the winter when the temperature is low.

But, they are affordable, one can buy a vinyl-constructed door for easily around $600-$1000.


After steel constructed garage doors, Wood is the most popular and adopted material for making garage doors.

They are around us for decades, provides custom door options, and comes in various options, style, and designs to choose from.

At the same time, wood is expensive, the price of a wood-constructed garage door can easily go up to $2000.

So, if you are really into something sturdy and long-lasting door, don’t overlook wood-constructed doors.

Additional Costs and Other Considerations

Garage door overall cost can be impacted by many other things. Up till now, we discussed only the garage door size, shapes, and construction prices.

Prices such as openers installation, windows, labor costs, customization, and many more others are yet to discuss. Here we will discuss the additional cost you have to spend on garage door installation.

Opener Installation

Most of the garage owners also like the idea of openers installation. The convenience of an automatic opener is really amazing, you don’t have to open and close the door manually, and a remote will do that for you.

But there is an additional cost for the opener, an electric opener can cost around $200-$500.

If you are buying a new garage door, then maybe the installation of the opener can be covered within the installation cost of the door, but if it is just one feature you are going to integrate with your garage door, there will be an additional cost for that too.


If you want to save energy and pilled up electricity bills, then must install insulation in your garage.

An insulated garage door can increase your energy savings by limiting those temperature swings.

Garage door insulation can easily cost around $50-$200, it is just an additional feature, so look for a garage door that comes with insulation.

Design, and customization

It is always a great idea to buy a garage door and make it blend with your home’s style and design.

It not only increases your property’s overall value but elevates your design and look too.

So, whatever door you are buying, buy the one that could easily be customized and blend with your design. And that blend and improvement are going to cost you money.

I think that only aspect can easily cost you around $1000-$5000, to help you install the garage door after trimming and designing or upgrading to blend your home.

For that thing, hire a professional, an expert who is known for designing and decorating home.

Don’t just go for any random guy to install the door, take time to decide on customization and upgrading.

Electric Components

If you are installing a garage door for the first time and installing an automatic one, there will be wiring and outlet requirements.

An automatic garage door requires access to electricity, electricity should always be available to make the automatic opener functional.

Considering the price of electric components, it also depends on what wiring you require and the outlet too. If you are doing it from scratch, it can cost around $100-$200.

Inside Locks

Inside locks are helpful, they help you lock your garage door from inside. With an inside lock, no one would be able to open the garage door from the outdoor.

Actually, the inside locks are installed for enhanced security, and to prevent burglars and intruders away from your garage when you are on a trip or vacation.

So, you should add the cost of inside doors in your garage, it can easily cost between $100-and $300.

Damaged garage door replacement

If you have a damaged garage door, that has been damaged by a car, object, storm, or any other vehicle, it is required to be replaced.

The replacement cost depends on the type of the door as well as the features and design it has.

Single panel doors will have a different replacement and removal cost than tilt canopy and others.

Most of the time, you get a lump sum to quote for installing a new door and removing and extracting the old one, that would be better for your cost-wise.

Garage Door Labor Cost

Now you have gotten the idea of the type of door you are interested in buying.

It is the time for calculating the labor cost, the labor cost will vary with respect to the size of the door, type of the door, customization, and design.

On average the cost could be around $200-$375. Keep in mind, that if it is a custom door, a specialized hardware door, or a heavy wood model, their labor cost can be different.

Garage Door Installation: DIY OR Hiring a Professional?

Choosing the right type of garage door, the size of the garage’s door, and its customization is really a daunting task.

If you have already picked the right door, the one that blends with your home décor and design, that’s Okay you can install that by yourself if you are an expert or have been doing these kinds of power-packed tasks.

Even though you are a DIY enthusiast, installation of a garage door will require specialized kits, as well as more than one person.

You can check for the kits at a nearby local store, or check from an online store when buying or picking a garage door.

But, keep in mind, that fixing small things in your home, and installing a big-sized garage door are two different things.

The garage door is heavy, metal or galls panel contracted door, lifting and lowering the door requires extreme pressure, it can hurt someone if you are not cautious.

So, it would always be ideal if you hire an expert r professional. It is best to leave the heavy lifting to the pros. You can assist them, learn from them, and check how things roll on.

Or you can get your hands on different small tasks in their presence so that they could correct your time if you are doing it incorrectly.

How to save money on a new garage door installation?

Buying and installing a new garage door must not be a costly affair. If you want to increase the overall value of your property, for instance, customization, it is going to be costly, but at the same time curb the appeal of your home.

But, If you want to go with a standard door that most of the homes in the USA install, that would not be a costly affair.

Well, we can help you save money if you want a standard garage door installed in your garage.

The first thing you should do is buy direct from the manufacturers. Try to avoid middle-man, and then hire an independent contractor to install the door.

Here too, in installation, try to avoid middle-man, and find someone independent that directly deals with the client.

If you want to save money, and don’t have much to spend, don’t go for adding windows, or a custom-designed door, a simple basic style garage door is always better.

Yes, the curb appeal would not be that much, but it gets the job done.

Even if you don’t go with Windows and extra nuts and bolts, there are some basic but most essential features that you can’t live without such as insulation, or opener, or double steel backing, go with simple but most essential features, don’t overcomplicate things.

Yes, the most important step, buy a garage door that comes with a warranty, it gives you peace of mind because sometimes doors get defective on their way to delivery.

If that happens, on warranty doors, you can claim the warranty, or send them back to get a refund.

Last but not the least, maintain and clean your door on a regular basis. If you maintain the door regularly, it surely will prevent you from sudden repairs or even replacement.

What’s included in the garage door installation process?

If you are installing a new garage door, then it is the features or type of the garage door that will decide the cost of your installation.

But if you are into removing your existing door, and installing a new one or repairing the old one, it requires a careful inspection of the hardware.

You can hire a team that will inspect the hardware of the garage door and will determine which parts are required to be installed, and which of the parts can be fixed, and after that careful inspection, the team will tell you the cost of the door installation.

How Much does a new Door Installation Cost?

The price of the new door installation varies due to more than one factor.

The biggest factor is the type of door you are interested in installing, its size, material, the number of doors, and customization.

On average, as per stats, around $1100 can easily be the cost of the installation of a new door.

Again, it is the installation plus the labor cost of the door, the average cost to buy a new door can be between $600 to $2000.

How much does it cost to replace a two-car garage door?

A two-car garage door or double bay door can cost around $800-$4000, depending on the customization, type of the material, geographical location, size of the door, and a few more extra nuts and bolts.

How Much Does a Carriage Garage Door Cost?

The carriage-style door is in trend due to its simplicity in use and efficiency. The carriage door opens outward rather than shifting on the top of backtracking.

These are made of wood and custom beams or wrought iron designs. On average, a carriage door can cost around $1000 to $10,000.


A garage door can cost you a big money, if you are not cautious about it, and don’t plan it ahead.

So, in this guide, we tried to help you in knowing how your money can be spent on installing a new garage door or replacing an old damaged one.

Well, the cost of the garage door varies. It depends on more than one factor, including the type of the door, material, construction, and more than that.

We elaborated in detail, on which type of door can cost you how much money, along with many other aspects.

So, have a bird’s eye view of the things we mentioned, and have a plan before a salesman dent your bank account.

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