10 Best Gun Safe Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Safety behaviors are part of our daily life. Whether it be seat belts, fire alarms, or any other thing.

But the instant damage of a pistol or gun is way bigger than any of the other accidents, so gun safety should be on the top of our priority.

Firearms are serious business and one should take it very seriously especially if you have little kids buzzing around who like to portray the film or drama characters.

A gun safe that could not be opened or accessed by kiddos is one of the essentials or responsibilities of firearm ownership.

In this guide, I am going to review the top gun safe available on the market. These gun safes are hard to get accessed by kids but get opened with one hand, just put on the right pin and access them in a moment.

These gun safes have been picked after hours-long research. So without further ado, here are the top 10 best gun safe reviews according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.

Best Gun Safe Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 10 best gun safe reviews based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID

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Features at a glance
  • Good for Shotguns
  • 1500 lb. rated cable
  • Multiple safe box opening options
  • Digital keypad

If you are a firearms enthusiast you know how big Hornady Rapid’s name is in guns and ammunition manufacturing.

The brand besides guns and other ammunition produces gun safes to help you securely stores your guns without spending a big money.

This gun safe is for mid-size guns and comes in a sleek and compact construction.

You can easily slide this safe under the bed or on the side of your sofa, and access it in time of need.

This compact designed safe looks like luggage, and would not draw unwanted attention.

One more thing that I liked about this gun safe is it has a power cord.

That means you would not have to replace the batteries repeatedly, and can securely power up the device and make it running all the time, unlike the battery-powered safes which stop working.

It comes with big options and possibilities to open it. You can open it using a physical key, in time of need, you do not always carry gun safe physical key, open it up using an RFID Wristband.

Or use an RFID Key Fob or one of two RFID decals that you can hide in nearby objects and create unexpected keys anytime.

It comes in two sizes, at different price ranges. Pick the one that suits you the most, and fits your regular gun safe needs.

What We Like!
  • Rugged tamper-proof construction
  • Made of 16 gauge steel
  • Certified Child-resistant
  • Power cord feature
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

2. FCH 5-Gun Rifle Gun Safe with Small Lock Box

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Features at a glance
  • Budget price product
  • Good for shotguns
  • An added box inside the safe
  • Easy to use

If you are looking into buying a gun safe of someone’s limited budget range, FCH Gun Safe is the way to go with.

In performance and advanced features, this gun safe is as good as expensive range long-safe, but there are a few downsides that would not impact the overall performance.

It might not be a heavy-duty gun safe but offers a good spacious inside to hold up lots of guns.

Anyway, our main goal is to prevent our firearms from our kids’ access, so that they could not get a hold of them and get injured.

You can put your collection stored into this spacious inside gun safe and gets the job done.

The added benefit of using this gun safe is its additional lockbox. This gun safe integrates an additional lockbox inside the actual safe, with an independent key lock.

That means, if someone guessed the password right, the extra layer of security would not let him get access to the firearms. An amazing added layer of security or protection to your ammo.

It is easy to program a machine and comes assembled. You just need to insert the batteries and set the password, to make it work.

It’s easy to follow a user manual guide that is there to help you, to make you understand the secrets of using this safe.

It comes with emergency keys, in case you forget the password or the batteries are dead, using the extra keys will help you lock it off.

Do not worry, the password will remain the same even if the safe battery is dead.

The brand offers a 30-days warranty against any defects. The upgraded packaging ensures that you never receive a damaged product during shipment.

In case if something bad happens, and you receive a damaged or broken product, the 30-days warranty is there to help you.

What We Like!
  • Programmable code
  • An additional box inside the safe with independent keys
  • Budget price range
  • Upgraded packaging ensures no damages
Things to Consider!
  • Not sturdy and durable

3. RPNB Certified Handgun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint

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Features at a glance
  • Mounted Gun Safe
  • Rugged steel constructed body
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • The padded compartment holds the gun

If easier access to the firearm is your biggest criterion, and you are looking for a gun safe that is in your arm’s reach to help you fetch it in time of need, this is the best gun safe you can get hands-on.

This gun safe is not like a regular gun safe designed,  it is designed to be mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface to help you access the gun in no time.

If you have faced accidents before you know that how impractical it is to store a gun where you could not access in moments.

The firearms use you know that come in accidents, and accidents happen abruptly.

Mount this gun safe on your bedroom, on the back of your sofa, behind the table you use the most or anywhere else you like.

It is a steel-constructed gun that shares tamper-resistant closure to make this safe secure and safe.

And let’s have a peek inside of the gun safe, there is foam layer insertion that provides padding and protects your firearms, and holds them in place.

It comes with a basic keypad function to allow you to access the gun in no time.

It also allows fingerprint scan, just put your finger on the scanner and get the gun popped out of the drawer.

This firearm can store up to 50 fingerprints, so you can make other family members excluding kids to access the firearm in time of need.

The only downside of this product is it eats up the battery too fast. Whenever you mount this thing anywhere just keep in mind to replace the battery from time to time to make it work.

What We Like!
  • Easy to access
  • Fingerprint scanning features
  • Save 50-finger print scans
  • Tamper-resistant and steel construction rugged body
Things to Consider!
  • Eats up battery too fast

4. AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock

Features at a glance
  • Two carpeted drawers
  • One-handed operation
  • Two override keys
  • Door lifts automatically

If you have plan not much in storing in your Safe just a Gun, SentrySafe designed Gun safe is a go-to option.

This safe comes with digital Keypads that allow instant and quick access to the gun stored in the gun safe.

For one or two firearms, this gun safe got spacious space and is compact enough to store inside a drawer or under the bed to access anytime you like.

Although there are options with fingerprint scanners, this is s a simple gun safe that has basic keypad features to help you store weapons without spending arms and legs.

The most important aspect that will impress you from the cores is how sturdily this thing has been built.

It feels durable and offers single-hand access, the door lifts automatically when you put on the right pin, in a matter of seconds you access the firearms.

The gun safe offers two drawers, you can use one to store the firearm and the other to store jewelry and other important things.

Both of the drawers come with carpeted floors to protect your precious items from scratches and damages.

This gun safe operates on two AA batteries, the batteries are included in the package.

The digital access is amazing you can program the device and creates your numeric code.

In case you forget the pin, it supports two override keys, makes it possible to open the safe.

What We Like!
  • Spacious enough for two firearms
  • The doors open automatically, one-handed operation
  • Feels sturdy and well constructed
  • Can be mounted on the walls or bolted down to anything
Things to Consider!
  • Consumes lots of batteries

5. BARSKA Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

Features at a glance
  • Fingerprint lock
  • 120 verified user
  • 5 seconds to unlock
  • 12 shelves

If you are looking into buying a safe lock that could easily and instantly be accessed this is the gun safe you can rely on.

This Gun Safe comes from Barska one of the leading names in fingerprint technology, to help you instantly access the firearms stored in the lock in the time of need.

The brand creates some of the safest locks on the market, get hands-on with the model if you get your feet into fingerprint technology.

This brand uses biometric technology that is a perfect balance of safety and accessibility.

It can store up to 120-verified fingerprints in the database. You can add a new fingerprint anytime you like, but new fingerprints can only be added in the presence of a verified user.

It notifies and sounds beeps when someone accesses the lock using the fingerprint.

But you can mute the beep option, which marks this safe as the best-suited one, as no other brand allows you to mute the beep.

A handy feature that allows you to easily open the safe in case of home invasion, this level of attention to detail is what makes this brand the leading one.

Its biometric module takes 2.5 seconds to unlock. Its body is made of solid steel and comes with a five-point deadbolt locking system.

This construction passes from the California Department of justice which verifies the sturdiness and durability of this gun safe.

It can hold up to 12 rifles and comes with 12 shelves that can easily be adjusted and customized to maximize the interior holding capacity.

Spare storage could ideally be used for Jewelry, do not put jewelry if you are using it for professional scale.

What We Like!
  • Biometric technology at its best
  • Certified and passed by California Justice Department
  • Holds 12 rifles and offers customized space
  • Steel constructed
Things to Consider!
  • No fireproof rating

6. Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Gun Safe

Features at a glance
  • Multiple variants
  • 22 rifles capacity
  • 12-Gauge and 9 gauge steel construction
  • 60-Minute fire protection

If you are looking for a gun safe for long guns, surely a Steelwater gun safe is the best option to go with.

It comes with arrays of the model that stores 16, 20, 22, 39, and 45 rifles to help customers of every range fit their needs.

Every model comes with customizable features and different sizes, and construction to help you safely store your weapons and access them in time of need.

It shares a simple and monolithic design that discourages your toddlers even to try opening the gun safe and access the guns stored.

This simple and minimalistic design is to deceive burglars, but the design of the gun safe is sturdy and constructed using 12-gauge steel to make it safer than you can imagine.

They are locked with 20  1 1/2 solid steel bolts and share a drill-resistant system on the locking mechanism.

The extreme model of the safe guns is also thicker and impenetrable, which shares nine-gauge steel construction is  175-degree F fire resistance.

The basic 16-gun safe version cost around 1200 dollars, and the 45-gun safe model costs around 2000 dollars, whichever model you get hands-on you are guaranteed the best blue on the market.

What We Like!
  • It offers multiple models with different specifications to choose from
  • EMP-proof lock mechanism
  • Holes mounting on the ground
  • Heavy steel constructed
Things to Consider!
  • Pricey side

7. American Security TF Series Gun Safe

Features at a glance
  • 12 and 10 gauge construction
  • Holds up to 50 guns
  • Multiple lock option
  • Made in the USA

You have a fixed budget of $2000 for Gun Safe purchase, and look for the best options under this price bracket, I think Amsec is the best option to get hands-on.

This brand offers a lot of customization and allows you to store the gun safes the way you wish.

No matter the sizes of guns you have, wallet, or room, this gun safe has a multitude of versions or models to suit a particular’s needs.

This product offers a good color range to help you pick the color that blends with your decor from Pearl Essence to Satin Black Textured.

If you do not like any of the color options, Amsec offers a safe cloak that is a plain wood cover and looks like a regular cabinet.

This product is made in the United States that’s why it compliance all security and safety standards.

It comes with a lifetime fire burglary guarantee. The construction of the models is rugged, offers a 12 gauge and 10-gauge body and doors, ceramic nuggets in the steel add extra integrity.

Yes, its weight is massive, and to relocate the placement is going to be a job to carry on. It weighs 3455 pounds, more than any of the models we reviewed here.

This gun safe can hold up to 50 guns in total and comes with movable shelves inside.

It has a customizable interior, you can add a handgun rack, four drawer storage, a jewelry drawer for extra spent.

It comes with multiple lock systems, a combination of lock systems offers a personalized experience, you can pick combination locks, digital locks, and Redundant Rotobolt locks.

What We Like!
  • The product is made in the USA
  • Offers quite a spacey interior to hold up lots of guns
  • Lots of customizable option
  • Lifetime warranty
Things to Consider!
  • Big and bulky for regular homes

8. Stack-On Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock

Features at a glance
  • Cheap price range
  • Compact designed
  • Removable mounting bracket
  • Keypad can be muted

If you do not have a hefty budget to spend-on on a gun safe and looking into buying a budget option, Stack-on is there to help you.

A budget product does not mean that you will have to suffer the quality, it comes with some limited features and basic functionality.

But in the end, it gets the job done, stores your firearms, and prevents unauthorized access.

This product has a slim, minimalistic, and low-profile design. It is a slim and compact designed product that would not get unwanted attention.

But to get things escalated and protected, it is better to mount the safe to add a security element.

If someone, maybe your kids tries to open it, it has a handy time-out period. And if they go it three to four times, it gets locked and would not accept any password for a limited period.

It comes with a keypad, the keypad is very basic and allows you to set the security code of your choice.

It also supports override keys, in case you forget the pin, you still would be able to open the safe anytime.

Yes, the door does not open or lift automatically. You need to slide the knob after putting in the right password or key.

Yes, it is a great advantage as even if someone guessed the right password, he would not access the firearms right away, there is still a security layer to halt the ways.

What We Like!
  • Integrates a removable mounting plate
  • Programmable pin code
  • Time out period after three incorrect PIN
  • Compact and minimalistic designed
Things to Consider!
  • The door does not lift automatically

9. Stalwart Digital Safe Electronic Steel Safe

Features at a glance
  • Portable safe
  • Can store jewelry cash and firearms
  • LED Backlight keypad
  • Comes with two override manual keys

For the users with a limited budget range, it is hard to go with an expensive product that offers extra nuts and bolts, if that’s the case, get a hands-on Stalwart-designed Electronic digital safe.

Yes, it is not as big as others and might not have enough space to store a range of firearms, for one or two firearms it got good enough space.

It is a simple safe, does not come with extra nuts and bolts. This is the upgraded version, and this version comes with a backlight keyboard to help you get things rolled in dim lights.

This electronics gun safe allows users to create a guest combination to help other family members to access the safe.

But they can’t change the password or the settings of the lock, only master password users can do that.

More importantly, three or more incorrect entries will sound an alarm to notify you that someone is trying to get into the safe.

A good addition to letting you learn that the kids are trying their luck to get this mysterious box opened.

You can mount this safe on the wall to make it accessible in arm’s reach. Or you can bolt it down to any other object or put it under the bed to easily access it in time of need.

Keep in mind, the only downside of this cheap safe alarm is that it is not fire-resistant.

And if you bolt it down to any object nearby it will prevent you from moving the safe if the house catches fire.

Otherwise, this product offers the right range of advanced features to help firearm enthusiasts to store their firearms and ammo by preventing your kids to access them.

What We Like!
  • Allows guest password
  • Incorrect entries of the password will set an alarm
  • Mount it on the wall or bolt it down
  • Cheap price range
Things to Consider!
  • Not a fire-resistant

10. Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Safe

Features at a glance
  • 11-gauge steel constructed body
  • Total 64 piece capacity
  • Interior electronic lock option
  • 4-Inch military style locking bars

Fatboy is the biggest brand in the world of gun safe production.

Yes, the gun safe designed by the brand is expensive but they are secure and offer top-quality equipment.

This brand is there in the European market for the longest time and has produced arrays of amazing products.

This product comes in three models, Standard Fatboy, Fatboy Extreme, and Fatboy Jr.

You can choose between the three models, the one that exactly matches the needs and requirements.

The material used in the manufacturing of the safe box is top-notch, offers good storage space that makes this option a go-to pick for gun enthusiasts.

The Fatboy offers the space to holds 64 guns, with two collectors’ racks, one rack holds 32 guns.

The extreme, another model that is great to hold long guns, comes with three racks, holds 20-pieces of firearms in each.

The Jr option holds 48 firearms, good option comes at almost half the price of the Fatboy.

It shares an 11-gauge steel body, 12 1/4 Locking bars, and certified fire protection. The biggest upside of this gun safe is its level of customization.

It allows you to specify the color of the interior, you can also add a sure tight three-spoke handle or a durable electronic lock.

There are arrays of many other additional and optional features you can pick to customize the setting.

What We Like!
  • An extensive space to store weapons
  • Allows interior customization
  • A wide range of optional features
  • Extremely sturdy and durable made
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive price range

A Complete Guide For Buying Gun Safe

Your personal preference or situation dictates what gun safe is perfect for you. But you always need to pay attention to the little details when buying a gun safe.

Several different factors come into play such as the type of weapons you want to store, features you are willing to ensure, the price range, and many others.

In this coming section, we are going to mention those important factors you need to pay attention to buy a gun safe.

The Types of Weapons to Be Stored

It is important to learn the types of weapons you store or the collection of weapons you have.

For example, if you have a collection of handguns, some safes are less expensive to help you store handguns.

A single handgun is easier to store and put in the safe compare to a collection of guns.

Short weapons or firearms require less space compare to long weapons.

If you have a collection of different types of guns including a shotgun, handgun, and long gun, you will require a big cabinet or safe to store all these different types of guns.

Lock Types

Yes, gone are the days for stereotype rotary dial locks for gun safes. Now several different types of safe locks are available and offer a huge range of benefits.

1. Physical Key Entry

Most gun safes come with a backup key or two to help them access the guns.

For example, if the battery that provides the power is malfunctioned or dead and you need to access the guns stored, that physical key is helpful to get instant access.

Although these keys are not meant to get quick access, they are used when you forget a pin code or there is any problem with the electronic or fingerprint lock.

2. Mechanical Locks

Well, today’s most safes do not integrate mechanical locks, but still, they are in use in some traditional locks.

Here you have to provide a physical input to unlock the gun store. In the form of a dial, you rotate the series of the correct number.

Mechanical locks are considered the most reliable and do not require any electronic functionality to get running, nor do they require any power to get function.

3. Electronic Keypads

Electronic locks are reliable and efficient. But they can produce incorrect results even if you put the right password.

They are neither very slow nor too fast, you should try to put passwords many times in starting to learn how it functions.

4. Finger Print locks

Fingerprint locks or keyless entry is one of the safest, secure, and efficient ways to get access to the guns store.

Here your finger or thump impression is the key, many locks offer as many as 150 fingerprint impressions to allow a range of people to get access to the value stored in the safe.

Fire rating

Fire rating is one of the most important aspects we rely heavily upon when it comes to gun safes. A good-rated safe gun for fire helps your valuable to be secure in case the place catches fire.

Well, you must have fire-resistant installed in your home, still, you should not compromise on the fire rating when buying a gun safe.

Gun safes we see around come with half an hour fire rating to 2 hours fire-resistant rating.

If you can afford it is good to buy the one with 2 hours fire-resistant rating, as it will help you’re valuable stored in the gun safes remain safe for a longer period.

Internal organization

The gun safe you are buying should have a good internal space to help you hold a good range of guns. It depends on the internal organization of the guns stored.

Like, if the internal organization is not well planned, to get one gun out you will have to pull out three more guns and store them away once again.

It is important to notice that brands advertise the gun safe holds 16 guns, in reality, only 10 guns can be stored comfortably.

Many gun safe comes with internal shelves. Users can rearrange the internal shelves as per their liking.

Some even come with internal lockboxes with dedicated keys to help you store other valuables.

Pre-drilled bolts

Pre-drilled bolts on holes are important. Sometimes when intruders can’t open or crack the safe they try to carry that along.

So, should bolt your safe down to the floor or wall to prevent that from happening.

And if your safe is lightweight, it is doubly important for you. Look for the safe with holes in the back or bottom, so that it can secure the safe to the wall or floor.

Final Verdict

In this guide, we have reviewed the top best gun safes you can get hands-on. These options come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and comes loaded with different features.

It is you who can decide what is good for you, as you know your needs better and your circumstances.

There is no clear winner, I can’t announce a winner. It is particular requirements or needs that make a product well suited.

The buying guide section is there to help you, to make you better learn the basics of gun safes.

Have a bird’s eye view of the products, consider their pros and cons, and after a thorough research land on a product that suits you the most.

People Also Asked About Gun Safe

Is Gun Safe Worth It?

The simplest answer is ‘Yes. The gun safes are definitely worth a good spent.

Not only because they help store your weapons and other valuables but they prevent them from rust, mishandling, burglary, and kids access.

The crime rate around is not slowing down, it is important that to give a safe and secure environment to our loved ones we own firearms.

And to keep them away from kids it is important to have safe guns that help us quickly access the firearms.

How much is a good gun safe?

It hugely depends on the size of the gun safe you are looking after and the advanced functions or features.

An average-sized gun safe with a good range of features and reliability can easily cost around $1000-$2000.

And if you need a large-sized gun safe with extra nuts and bolts, the cost can easily go up to $3000-$4000.

What is a better gun cabinet or gun safe?

Gun cabinets are less secure compare to gun safes. But if you are into finding basic security preventing your kids from accessing the guns, gun cabinets are good and cannot be easily accessed.

Yes, against bulgers and thieves, the cabinets are no good they could easily be break into.

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