7 Best Hand Mixer Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Electric mixers seem like the sort of thing you’d anticipates to see in your grandma’s kitchen, but not really in a modern interior.

These days, hand mixers are just as successful as a kind you may recall watching when you’re a child, except they’re usually far more efficient, simpler to use, even easier to clean.

Today, hand mixers have changed a lot from the hand-controlled model, where you had to pull the handle on the sides for one hand to spin the prongs whilst gripping and maneuverability of a mixer with the other.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best hand mixers according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Hand Mixer Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best hand mixers based on consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

1. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Handheld Mixer

The Cuisinart HM-90BCS is indeed the strong contender whether you’re searching for anything or some kind of use, whether it’s skilled or private.

The key strength of this approach is its 9-speed range, which is more than all the models on this index.

It’s also a one-button process, that allows it even easier to deal with the whole stuff.

Apart from the Snap-On opening, the beater runs at a steady start-up rhythm, which minimizes any splash and makes quick and seamless mixing.

It is a nice option to have whether you’re trying to be careful with a combination and wouldn’t want to be too harsh.

There are no special drawbacks or drawbacks that we would like you to look out for.

Just ensure sure you wash the prototype from time – to – time, then let it dry until storage. Besides that, you’re pretty ready to go!

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What We Like!
  • 3 low starting speeds to avoid splashing of ingredients
  • Offers a case of storage
  • 1 button-speed monitoring lever
  • 9 various levels of speed
Things to Consider!
  • The limited and restricted area of the container
  • Von Shef

2. VonShef Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater

The Von Shef BLUE Hand Mixer is a perfectly useful model to recognize if you’re searching for anything to use in the kitchen.

So here is what you’re going to get in with it! Easy to use and stylish, the Von Shef BLUE Hand Mixer also has a user-friendly configuration that does not involve any readiness or setup.

Also, read the instructions, and you’re going to become well-versed in how to operate this model! Secondly, the model arrives with fixtures made of steel. It guarantees durability and strength, two positive things to do.

Also, the Von Shef BLUE Hand Mixer uses five different speed methods, as its turbo increase method at the highest point.

It will make it possible for you to speed up the process or blend things during hard dough.

The only real drawback to this framework is that the minimum speed is not low sufficiently.

Even with the standard setup, there’s a good chance to step gliding out of the container.

So you’re going to keep it in the head all the time you carry the Von Shef BLUE hand blender out.

What We Like!
  • Available with a whisk attachment
  • Incredibly powerful engine
  • Compact / convenient  to use
  • Aesthetic appeal
Things to Consider!
  • Does not have a reasonable starting speed
  • Dough handles are too small.

3. DmofwHi 9-Speed Hand Mixer Electric with Timer | Digital Screen

If you’re searching for one with a wider variety of sliders and, therefore, more versatility, so it provided by DmofwHi could be the right one for you all to decide on.

Such a mixer, a quiet yet high-powered engine, has a digital monitor for changing settings that make it very easy to monitor.

It comprises nine levels that are well-matched to different forms of mixtures of different widths.

It has a countdown clock, which you can use for timed blending. Whenever you’re finished, the three styles of beaters and the portable frame in a plastic rack make it easy to pack.

While most previous customers indicated that they were still delighted with such a device’s quality performance and results, many of them tested the device.

Still, they had no distinction between a few of its speed configurations.

The consequence is that they catch themselves using the same 2 or 3 levels repeatedly because they don’t find differences with really powerful speeds.

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What We Like!
  • Three categories of (dishwasher secure) dishwasher with various mixtures and results.
  • A stand to accommodate all 3 sets of beaters as well as a platform for quick storage;
  • Heavy, quiet motors and electronic display for blending timer or countdown function
  • Conveniently placed controls for simple thumb adjusting during and after blending.
Things to Consider!
  • Each of the nine speed-level settings has no difference with those just during and after them.
  • Speed

4. Black & Decker Lightweight Hand Mixer

Whether you’re nervous about the mass of the hand mixer as its ones you used during the history were heavy, maybe you’ll get the most out of this explicitly lightweight and compact supplied by Black + Decker.

It is an inexpensive, easy-to-remove mixer that features durable mixers built to incorporate a huge spectrum of soft patterns.

They are easy to remove, secure for the dishwasher, and built to be light as the foundation.

The headset gives blending speeds, functions of a comfortable grip handle, and it has a little weighted leading edge, which is intended to rest mostly on the shelf with an angle to keep the beaters out of the surface.

The potential customers who had bought this design for a long period presently, so many had the same objection.

Though its beaters were also good for the weight shape, you must dry them fully, so if you start taking them out of the dish-washer.

Unless the bubbles are held underneath low humidity, they may begin rusty after constant usage and regular cleaning.

What We Like!
  • Lightweight structure with secure good grip including pointed heel assist
  • Five simple, easy-to-adjust blending speed
  • Beaters are properly designed for various surfaces and therefore are convenient to detach and repair.
Things to Consider!
  • Beaters have to be handkerchief-dried before they are removed; the drying process after many usages and the washing will lead to rust and corrosion.
  • Hamilton

5. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach Electronic Hand Mixer is your luxury choice, whether you’re searching for the perfect hand blender you’ve ever made.

The key strength of this approach is the balance of the bowl and the Snap-On storage cover. Standing together, it means there are no drips or leaks that will cause the counters messy.

The model runs at several variable speeds and can manage flexible modifications that ideal for many different types of mixture processing.

As far as storage and usage are involved, the method is straightforward or illustrated throughout the instruction book that arrives with the kit.

Clean-up or repairs are often very simple and would not require any additional time, such as just adopt our route, and it’s safe for you to go!

As this is the top choice, it’s fair to assume that we haven’t noticed any potential drawback or de-merit towards this design.

The Hamilton Beach Electronic Hand Mixer is as perfect as it is!

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What We Like!
  • Easy to transport and store;
  • Versatile processes
  • Easy cleaning-up
  • No pouring mess at the counter
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive product

6. KitchenAid Speed Digital Hand Mixer

Are you planning to use your hand blender for a reasonably large variety of textures?

Now you’ll appreciate that this KitchenAid prototype comes in two different already included, which is also consistent with several others (to be purchased online).

Each basic portable lad is light, gives you seven distinct speeds, and has a constant speed mode, which begins gently and progressively rises to the chosen level.

It will reduce the chaos and make a final texture cleaner. The easy handling provides protection when mixing, as well as the locking substance cord helps you move the part before spinning the cord and slipping into the stuff.

Although this design offers a variety of speeds that technically have a wide range, some users have been disappointed with them during practice.

They indicated that there is not much variation between most ranges, leading to the main use of the middle-high levels, as they are the most powerful based on what you do.

What We Like!
  • Two distinct styles of beaters with various textures including blending effects
  • Seven distinct speed configurations, with constant speed solutions to ramp up the chosen level.
  • Very silent when running
  • Lock the location of the cord stops it from causing problems as well as avoid to drop  in the food
Things to Consider!
  • Certain speeds do not look different from the increase beyond them, limiting the amount of particularly effective speed capacity provided.
  • Cuisinart

7. Speed Hand Mixer | Simple & Effective

The  Speed Hand Mixer is an update to the previous version listed by Black + Decker throughout this series.

Here’s all you ought to expect! First of all, the smartest way about this prototype, which can certainly play a crucial role, is a 25 percent slow launch.

Apart from making it much simpler, such functionality also means you can set the tempo.

It will avoid some form of leak. In addition to the bowl, including accessories, this design’s full kit also contains a storage box.

If not in use, you can conveniently place everything in this hard-shell box.

The design guarantees that this can sustain light pressure and fully absorb shock, maintaining the hand mixer secure and distant from any injury.

There are, however, two limitations of this design. Firstly, weight. The model is just a little bigger than intended and can find it harder to run over longer periods.

The second reason is that even the connections are a little bit short. Yeah, if you’re going to operate in quantity, it could be a subject of concern.

What We Like!
  • Arrives with hard-shell casing for safety
  • The acceleration button guarantees full speed
  • Works with a mixing bowl of its own
  • Safe with a dishwasher
Things to Consider!
  • There are tiny connections
  • Heavier than many other designs


If you ask us, obviously someone would find a hand blender that is useful at a certain stage or the other!

And if you’re not baking from scratch or creating instant sauces, hand blenders will speed up cooking and preparing procedures for all sorts of far simpler stuff.

Now you have a good understanding of the hand blender and how important it is in your cooking.

Anyone who regularly bakes has less space should use a hand blender to handle the limited baking tasks.

We’ve included all the essential specifics that are likely to help you pick the best out of it. But if you find like we need to include any other items relevant to the above and any of your ideas, please share it with us directly in the comment box.

Buying Guide for Best Hand Mixer

Because you’re here, we’re going to guess to say that you’re searching for a hand mixer to do it with your current kitchen souvenirs.

First of all, we would also like to encourage you on the move, as it would always drop a load once it comes to everyday activities like whipping eggs in the morning.

You may also be conscious of some of the better hand blenders commercially available. Even so, until you can buy another, you have to understand what you’re looking into.

For example, would you like a hand mixer to cater as much to desserts like whipping cream and frosting, or even something tastier?

Other than, you have to hold the costs under control, together with the amount of usage, or all that material, so proceed as we bring you via the absolute buyer’s hand mixer guide!


Before buying the hand mixer, consider its price as well as compare it with other models too.


The first item to think about is the substance of the hand mixer. Since hand blenders are fragile and delicate, it is of the utmost importance that you get durable or at least willing to have a light effect.

This is so there’s still a fair possibility that someone will fall into touch. You wouldn’t want small disadvantages, breaking your mixer or leaving it worthless.

Another interesting thing to remember is that you must focus on the manufacturing company or the retailer whenever it originates from the mixer stuff.

There are several replicas or clones of the original design available at a lower price. Don’t fall into this trap as these items are not intended to last and are irreparably harmed to the slightest effect.

The base

When it relates to the design, the base is the most critical thing to look for. Honestly, we will suggest whether you pick one that has a plain foundation.

It will encourage you to position it on the shelf before paying attention to it. Hand mixers come in several sizes and colors; the last aspect you also want is to be oriented in a specific way while not in operation.

Curved or rough bases frequently lead to unexpected injuries or falling over, which may do you further damage than good at this point.

It’s a simple idea to put the appliance on the shelf and turn it up. Suppose this doesn’t spill over straight away, so that’s a positive thing.

Often, also ensure that cord does not specifically interact with stabilization. In certain situations, the power cord is mounted at the base, making the entire process complicated. Prioritize what you’ll do, so work and then!


Weight is indeed a very significant element to remember. Surprisingly, that’s what those viewers will miss or tape.

To put things in context, imagine this: are you happy keeping everything still in place for the next 7-10 mins?

Perhaps not, so I’m certain you’d be resentful of the idea of taking anything heavy than 10 lbs.

When searching for hand mixers, the optimal weight category is about 1.5 lb. range. Nothing slightly further makes the muscles exhausted.

Simply put, the goal is to find something that you’re happy holding still for long periods. It’s because some recipes and sweets require a longer time to prepare than others!

Beater’s Shape

The shape of the beater will determine how simple or complicated the task will be. Generally, it’s nice to look at the diversity but not go for the usual material. A little final twist could make a huge difference.

Also, check at the gadgets that arrive with a hand mixer. If you’re going to get one option for certain needs, simplicity is the secret to finding one with the most accessories.

Even so, don’t let that affect the efficiency of the mixer!

Speed set-up

Speed levels will help or hurt your interaction. Despite popular opinion, a turbo-speed blender is not good as a mixer doesn’t have this functionality.

When you’re looking for the right mixer for yourself, we suggest if you aim for one with customizable reasonable speeds. It is because slower speeds are usually advised to start mixing activities.

The slow speed choice, or the high-speed alternative, need not be the choice. Yes, it could come in useful from time – to – time, but it’s not always going to be required.


There are designs out there that have an almost unsustainable output of electricity. Generally, you get one that makes it easy to do the function but doesn’t leave evidence on the energy bill.

The sweet spot among too many and even less, was about 300-350 watts. Nothing other than it might be good for mixing a tough dough!

After all, something less than 300-350 watts will not be ideal for most activities and may not offer you the flexibility you’re looking for.

Spinning Direction

The spinning position of the mixer beater is undoubtedly one of the most underestimated features out there.

While selecting a hand blender for yourself, give particular attention towards this precise detail, so thanking you mostly on the way.

Practically speaking, the key concept for a mixer is to add air. In this respect, gravity is the major aspect here because the ingredients begin only at the base and frequently finish at the tip.

To make that happen effectively, the beaver’s rotating path should be at the outside. It will push the ingredients outside or up and bring oxygen to the combination, creating it evener.

On the opposite, it will create a mixture that is not properly processed and of poor quality.

FAQ’s about Hand Mixers

What is the best hand mixer in 2023?

Here is a list according to our recommendations;

  1. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Handheld Mixer
  2. VonShef Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater
  3. DmofwHi 9-Speed Hand Mixer Electric with Timer | Digital Screen
  4. Speed Hand Mixer | Simple & Effective
  5. Black & Decker Lightweight Hand Mixer
  6. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
  7. KitchenAid Speed Digital Hand Mixer

What is the use of a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is a handheld electric instrument that can blend two substances in a fluid / smooth-solid shape.

It includes multiple beaters and, therefore, can run at varying speeds. It has extra attachments that make it operationally flexible.

Is there is any difference between a hand mixer as well as a stand mixer?

Broadly speaking, a stand mixer can produce more electricity and can effectively blend stronger batteries with minimal effort. Feature and functionalities are the same.

What is the method to put beaters in a hand mixer?

Various models support different instructions; however, the basic idea is still the same.

Turn the engine off, switch it to the minimum speed, put the beater, then put the other side throughout the bowl to mix the dough.

Turn on the mixer; then you’re ready to go.

What is the substitute for an electric mixer?

An electronic blender is a suitable alternative to an electric mixer.

Is a hand mixer being useful for mixing cookie dough?

Yeah, it is. But preparing cookie dough by hand is also a smart option, as it will offer you a better understanding of the dough’s texture.

How to clean a hand mixer?

Cleaning hand mixers is a complex system that takes a little technical skill. You may also learn how to wash a hand blender for more detail.

What is the voltage of a stand mixer?

Hand mixers run on watts ranging from 201 to 250 watts. Typical engines used for industrial purposes run at roughly 225-30  watts and can effectively handle most of the tasks.

Is it possible to mix cake batter with a hand blender?

Yes, it is. However, the main point is to consecutively add each ingredient but not simply put it all in unison. Even that would lead to a battery with a feel close to a homemade batter.

Are hand mixers safe?

Yes, hand mixers are suitable for use but do not face any specific public health and safety threat. However, as it’s a mobile system, it’s safe to be patient and cautious while using it.

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