10 Best Home Safe Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Can you imagine leaving your expensive jewelry or cash unprotected?

What if a burglar breaks into your home and takes it all away? What if your home sets on fire and damages your irreplaceable documents? It’s always better to stay safe than to be sorry.

When it comes to cash management and securing your home valuables, the ultimate choice is home safe.

Its sturdy steel construction with advanced or classic locking mechanism is something you need all the time.

Whether you are into a fireproof space or planning to conceal a safe in a wall, I have created a list of top home safes.

I selected only top-rated and highly reliable safes for home use. They can ensure your peace of mind and give you confidence that nothing can cause you damage.

So without further ado, here are the 10 best home safes according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.

Best Home Safe Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best home safes based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. SentrySafe Fireproof & Waterproof Safe

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Features at a glance
  • Good Quality
  • Fireproof;1 hour at 1700°F
  • Waterproof;24 hours
  • Solid Steel Construction

Do you want to keep your keepsakes and documents safe from fire? You should invest money in a fireproof home safe from Sentrysafe.

This safe is designed to withstand one hour of fire at 1700°F. You can keep your precious documents, valuables, DVDs, and USBs safe and well-protected from the fire.

This safe is ETL Verified, which means this safe will remain closed even when you throw it from a 15-foot area during a fire incident.

Another protection this safe is guaranteed is from the water. This waterproof safety box protects your belongings from water when submerged up to 8 inches deep water.

In case of a flood, you will have peace of mind that documents won’t be damaged due to moisture.

As far as security is concerned, you are free to set your own digital combination.

The manufacturer has added an extra layer of protection with a secondary locking key.

The construction of this safe is made solid with complete steel constructions, four live-locking bolts, and a pry-resistant hinge bar.

It’s easy to keep everything well organized in the machine whose interior is featured with a locking drawer, interior light, shelf, and key hooks.

If you want to make the most of this home safe, you need to use top-quality alkaline AA batteries with more than eight years expiration date.

You won’t be able to enjoy an outstanding performance by using generic batteries.

What We Like!
  • Interior Light
  • Digital Combination safe
  • Secondary locking key
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar
Things to Consider!
  • Key doesn’t open safe

2. BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Safe

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Features at a glance
  • Biometric Locking module
  • Department of Justice Approved
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Easy Manual Access

Many people like to keep the money close and secure. So, Barska offers them a fully-secured biometric safe that can be mounted in a large drawer.

There are two ways to access your valuables. The first method is biometric. You will use your fingerprints to open the safe.

This advanced method is highly recommended as no one can have the fingerprint you got.

Another way to access your valuables is to use a traditional approach, aka using emergency keys.

This safe is designed with a 120 fingerprint biometric module. Therefore, its programming is simple and easy.

If you don’t want anyone to know about this safe, then you can turn on its silent mode. It will work as your best home defense.

It is designed with a Hydraulic-assisted top opening door. The manufacturer made this safe with durable 16-gauge steel, tamper-resistant edges, and two built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts.

Inside the pack, you will find mounting hardware for quick anchoring. It also brings 2 solid steel motorized Deadbolts.

The quality construction of this safe makes it pry-, pick-, saw- and drop resistant.

What We Like!
  • 2 Steel Locking Bolts
  • Protective Floor Mat
  • 2 Backup Keys
  • Mounting hardware included
Things to Consider!
  • Powder coat chips easily

3. Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe

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Features at a glance
  • Electronic Keypad
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Easy to Program and Use
  • Emergency-key as a backup plan

If you are out in the market for buying a solid home safe, then Amazon Basic Steel Home Security safe is something you should consider getting.

It is made with Heavy-duty carbon-steel construction. The manufacturer designed this home safe with an 8-gauge steel door and 14-gauge steel body.

For maintaining optimal security level, it is featured with two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges.

The capacity of the safe is 1.52-cubic-foot. It provides the best storage room for your expensive jewelry, precious documents, and other valuables.

When it comes to setting the passcode, you will deal with a Programmable electronic keypad.

It is easy to operate, and you can set a secure password easily. There is a backup key for emergency use.

You can install this safe easily on your floor and wall. There is no need to get help during installation as the manufacturer has pre-drilled its mounting holes.

Before you buy this safe, you should know that it doesn’t protect against water and fire.

What We Like!
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Pre-drilled Mounting holes and hardware
  • Easy to Reset Your Password
  • Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Construction
Things to Consider!
  • It is not fireproof.

4. Stalwart Digital Electronic Steel Safe with Keypad

Features at a glance
  • Lightweight, portable Home Safe
  • Floor/Wall Mount System
  • Sturdy Construction
  • LED Keypad

Do you want to keep your valuables with you all the time? In that scenario, the ultimate protection is provided by this portable safe.

Since it’s only 13 pounds, you can travel it from one place to another easily.

You can even keep it secure in one place by mounting it on the floor or your wall. It’s your personal choice of how you keep it.

The multi-purpose safe makes it easy for you to protect your valuables and belongings such as cash, jewelry, documents, passports, heirlooms, and more.

This home safe will send a theft alert. If a person makes three incorrect entries, the alarm will buzz for 20 seconds.

However, when there are 5 failed attempts, you will hear a red alert for five minutes.

You will see an easy-to-use LED Keypad on the safe door that helps you program this safe with master and guest codes 3-8 digits long.

In case you forget the code, you won’t have to get worried because you will get two manual override keys. They work as your perfect security backup plan.

What We Like!
  • Plenty of Storage Space
  • Multi-Purpose Safe
  • 2 Manual Override Keys
  • Theft Alert Sound
Things to Consider!
  • The batteries died after a few months.

5. Electronic Digital Safe Home Secure-Paragon Lock & Safe

Features at a glance
  • Easy to operate and program
  • Tamper-proof hinges
  • 1 Interior Shelf and 2 unique compartments
  • Simple programmable Electronic Lock

Are you searching for a large electronic home safe? Get one from Paragon Lock and Safe.

It is a well-designed security safe that offers plenty of space for keeping your passport, documents, jewelry, and other valuables.

You don’t need to use multiple keys to open the safe, thanks to its digital entry. The whole operation is easy and smooth.

From its digital pad, you will set the secret PIN code. In case you forget the code, 2 keys work as a perfect security backup.

Manufactured safely with extra thick 11 gauge solid steel to prevent hand and mechanical tool attacks.

The interior is powder coated with a smooth finish. There is a grey carpet mat padding on the inside bottom.

There is one interior shelf that divides the safe into two usable compartments. They offer good space to store as many items as you want.

Anchoring the safe is super simple as holes are pre-drilled. It gets power from top-quality AA SIZE(1.5V) batteries, which are included in the pack.

What We Like!
  • Constructed with 11-gauge solid steel
  • Pre-drilled holes for anchoring.
  • Powder-coated interior and exterior
  • Anchor bolts and batteries are included
Things to Consider!
  • It is not a good safe for storing irreplaceable documents.

6. FIRST ALERT FATS2092FBD 2092F-BD Combination Safe

Features at a glance
  • Fireproof Safe
  • Sturdy made and heavy
  • 4-number combination lock
  • 2 emergency override keys

Some people want to buy a safe to keep their irreplaceable documents well-protected.

If that’s what you need, that first alert fireproof safe is well-designed to meet your specific needs.

This safe is UL listed for 1-hour resistance to fires up to 1,700°F. Even when an outside environment is set on fire, its construction is strong enough to maintain an internal temperature of less than 350°F.

You can keep your money and other expensive items inside this home safe without getting worried about their safety.

It’s because the manufacturer has designed ready-Seal bolt-down hardware to prevent theft.

You can set a 4-number PIN code to avoid unauthorized access. In the time when you forget the passcode, manual access is ensured with two emergency override keys.

This fireproof home safe is featured with four live door bolts and a pry-resistant concealed hinge.

When it comes to organizing items inside the safe, you can adjust its shelf or simply remove it to get more space.

What We Like!
  • Easy to Mount
  • Affordable
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • Adjustable and removable shelf
Things to Consider!
  • Sometimes combination locks don’t work.

7. Honeywell Safe & Door Locks Fire Resistant Box

Features at a glance
  • Programmable Digital Lock
  • Concealed Hinge
  • Foam Padded Floor
  • Convenient Carry Handle

Do you need a mini home safe for cash management? Honeywell brings the best option for you.

This safe is designed with an easy-to-carry handle, so moving it from one place to another won’t be a challenge for you.

It lets you set a PIN code of up to five digitals. No one would be able to get access to this safe without a proper code.

Manufacturers offer protection from prying the door by designing this safe with concealed hinged.

As it has a fully foam-padded floor, you can keep your valuables inside the safe without getting them scratched.

The safe is designed with sturdy and solid double steel walls that withstand harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to its powder finish, this safe is highly scratch-resistant.

What We Like!
  • Mini Portable Safe
  • Fire Resistant Digital safe
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Double Steel Wall Construction
Things to Consider!
  • It is not waterproof.

8. Viking Security Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

Features at a glance
  • Biometric or PIN Code
  • Upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism
  • 2 pry-resistant insertion slots

Tons of home safes are available in the market, but Viking is different in its construction and security mechanism.

Other safes are designed with 2mm doors and 16mm bolts, but this one has a 5mm door and 20 mm bolts.

Ordinary safes have no anti-pry insertion slot while Viking safe brings two such slots to maintain optimal security.

When it comes to getting access to safety, you can opt for either a biometric or PIN code.

Its advanced fingerprint module can scan and save up to 32 fingerprints.

The solid construction of the safe makes it multi-purpose. You can store documents, valuables, DVDs, and even guns inside this safety box.

The versatile size of this safe allows you to use it in a variety of locations, such as in your home and office.

You can easily anchor it at both places, mounting hardware included. This military-style safety box has a modern design and smooth finish.

Its interior is fully carpeted, so whatever you keep inside, it won’t get scratched. There is an adjustable shelf that helps you organize your stuff easily.

You can turn on or off its sound as per your preference. If you left it unlocked, then it will start buzzing a warning beep to remind you.

What We Like!
  • Seamless Laser Cut
  • Four Prong Backup Cross Key
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Warning beep
Things to Consider!
  • The non-scratch finish chips off easily.

9. Digital Wall Safe 2 Manual Override Keys

Features at a glance
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Perfect Hidden Storage
  • Tamper-proof hinges
  • Grey carpet mat padding

If you like that traditional style wall safe that can be hidden easily, then the Paragon store brings the top-quality home use.

The flat and large safe can be installed between wall studs comfortably. It’s easy to conceal it behind a painting or closet.

The safe is large, so you will get plenty of space for storing cash, jewelry, documents, passports, heirlooms, and more.

There is a LED keypad that allows you to set a passcode of 3-8 digitals. The programming is easy and simple to use.

If you forget the password, you won’t keep wondering what to do, as 2 manual override keys are there to assist you.

It can prevent theft. If a person tries to break into a safe, the alarm starts buzzing after 3 failed attempts.

You don’t need to buy anything from the market; anchor bolts are included inside the pack.

Even the manufacturer has pre-drilled all the required holes for good fitting.

The interior and exterior are powder-coated to provide a smooth finish and look.

What We Like!
  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Simple programmable Electronic Lock
  • 2- Overriding keys
  • Easily fit between wall studs
Things to Consider!
  • No middle shelf included.

10. Huker Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet Security Box

Features at a glance
  • Anti-pry resistant
  • Triple solid lock core
  • Fireproof and Waterproof
  • Double-Unlocking methods

If you need a reliable home safe to keep your small items fully secured, then this one seems like the perfect choice.

It keeps your belongings well protected against water and fire incidents.

In the unfortunate event when your home is set on fire or flooded, this safe will maintain optimal security level for your valuables, passport, cash, jewelry, and documents.

You will never lockout in this safe as it has two reliable access points. In case of emergency, you can use keys and knobs. Generally, you can open this safe with a password and knob.

It is featured with 20mm solid locks that deliver excellent anti-theft performance. A bulgar can’t access your lock with drilling and prying.

The major problem with a home safe is that its battery dies fast, and you don’t get an alert about that.

However, this safe will provide a solution to this common problem. It has some indicator lights that inform you as soon as your battery needs replacement.

The complete installation is hassle-free. All the bolts and screws are included. You can mount it on the floor or wall easily.

If you don’t like the safe after use, you will enjoy its 90-day return and exchange service.

What We Like!
  • 8 cubic capacity
  • Easy to Install
  • Battery Power Indicator Lights
  • 90-day return and exchange
Things to Consider!
  • Front-door has no seal to prevent water.

A Complete Guide For Home Safe

When choosing the right safe for your home, you don’t need to look into its safety and protection features.

It would help if you asked for more than security like easy programming, setup, and anchoring.

Let me guide you about the best factors that you should consider during home’s safe shopping.

Type of Assets

Before you start searching for a safe, you need to determine what kind of valuables or assets you want to protect.

Mainly home safe is used to keep expensive belongings safe such as documents, collectibles, jewelry, digital media, electronics, Cash, and Guns.

This knowledge will help you choose a safe that meets sizing requirements. You can further look into insurance and the price range of this safety box.

Locking mechanism

Safes are designed with varied locking mechanisms. You need to decide what kind of option you are looking for.

1. Combination locks

They are hard to break into as three-wheel combination locks have one million possible combinations.

It is reliable and doesn’t require much maintenance. It would be best if you had to memorize that combination to avoid trouble later.

2. Electronic Keypad

Another locking mechanism is the digital number keypad. It is easy to operate and program, and you can reset it easily.

An automatic locking mechanism after failed attempts is another plus. This kind of safe is more expensive than combination ones.

They require constant battery replacement. Another shortcoming of this method is that they are prone to electronic malfunctions.

3. Biometric locks

It is a highly advanced locking mechanism. You can unlock a safe through fingerprint, retinal scans, or voice recognition.

They are quick and highly secure. They are programmed to use multiple fingerprints, retinas, and voices.

They also have a digital number keypad as an added security level. However, they also have some shortcomings.

Sometimes scanning fails to recognize prints. They are more expensive than other safes.

4. Lock and Key

It is a classic kind of locking mechanism. Older people prefer this kind of safety as they don’t have to remember the passcode. However, this mechanism isn’t very secure.

Choose Home Safe Styles

There are many different varieties of home safes available in the market. Fireproofs are designed to keep your belongings protected from fire.

When it comes to mounting, you can find a safe that can be anchored in a drawer, on walls, or floor. You can find a type that can be kept hidden inside the wall studs.

Some safes are designed to protect only documents, while others are heavy and meant to keep guns, jewelry, and other valuables.

Wall safes are considered safe as you can conceal them inside the wall, and burglars can’t find them easily.

Many people prefer portable safe. They like to get it for cash management. This type of safe is lightweight and has a carry handle for easy transport.

Know the Market Value

Some safes are suitable for only cash management, while others are designed to protect irreplaceable items, keepsakes, personal record files, etc.

You can’t store a valuable commodity in an ordinary safe. When the market value of an item is high, you should seek different kinds of protection such as anti-theft, anti-pry, etc.

When you want to keep important documents safe, go with a product that has waterproof and fireproof features.


If you have a few and small items, a mini home safe is undoubtedly a good choice.

However, when you have many things like passports, documents, files, jewelry, and other valuables, it’s better to seek high capacity.

Get a safe with a removable shelf, so you can remove the shelf to increase the storage area.

Protection System

Another thing to look for is the level of anti-burglary protection. Some safes are designed with alarm systems that send alerts quickly.

A few are designed with surveillance cameras, while others have no such features. A homeowner can choose the protection system as per his preference.


You need to buy a home safe with optimal performance.

The best performing safe is one that doesn’t get open by using hand tools, picking tools, grinding points, carbide drills, pressure-applying devices, portable electric tools, power saws for cutting wheels, or other means.


You need to check the thickness of the door. If a door is weak and less than one inch, it can be opened easily with mechanical tools used for prying, drilling, punching, chiseling, etc.

Always go with a safe that is made of top-quality or heavy-duty metal. The construction quality depends heavily on the type of steel, the size, weight, and locking mechanism.

Independent Testing and Ratings

Another factor to look for when choosing the right safe is safety testing and rating.

Third-party experts use some testing methods to check the security performance and fire resistance of different safe.

One of such organizations you can rely on is Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (U.L.). So, when a safe is U.L. tested, then it can offer burglary protection against attacks.

Level of Fire Protection

When you plan to protect your valuables from fire, you should check its fireproof rating. It’s essential to determine whether you live in a fire-prone area or not.

People living in high-risk areas should seek an excellent level of protection against fire. Many safes are available with different U.L. Fireproof Safe Testing Classifications.

Some safe offer only half-hour protection. When the external temperature is 1550°F/843°C, this safe will maintain internal temperature up to 350°F/176°C during testing.

Therefore, your paper remains protected. It is the lowest rating of a fireproof safe.

In the market, you can find a safe that ensures one to four-hour fire safety. This level of protection is suitable for commercial and confidential documents.

You should seek a safe at home with U.L. certification and rating for at least one plus hour.

Final Verdict

A home safe is a must-have protection level that you need to set for your valuables and expensive items.

These days, it’s easy to buy safe with advanced and classic locking mechanisms.

Depending on the level of risk, you can choose a safe that meets your security needs and gives you peace of mind.

It’s not that hard to seek protection against fire and water as many top brands are introducing fire and waterproof home safe.

People Also Asked About Home Safe

Is 30-minute fire protection enough?

Yes, 30-minute fire protection is enough. According to experts, fire spreads within 20 minutes in a room or any area.

In case you need optimal protection, you should seek for one-hour fire protection safe.

How Do you know what level of burglar protection I need?

If you live in a high-risk area where burglary cases are on the rise, you need to seek a full-proof home safe.

On the flip side, when you live in an area where the burglary rate is low, then you can opt for low-level protection safe.

How much fire rating Do I need in a safe?

It is good to go with a U.L. 1-hour fire rating. Your valuables will survive a business and home fire with this much level of fire protection.

What are B-rated safes?

It is safe whose walls are less than 1/2″ thick while doors are less than 1″ inch thick.

Are home safes easy to break into?

If you buy a home safe with the optimal level of protection, then it is hard to break in.

An inexperienced burglar can’t unlock an advanced level safe like one with a digital keypad and biometric locking mechanism.

What is the cash rating of A home Safe?

It is a security rating of a safe given by an insurance company.

When an underwriter checks the content of a safe and gives it a rating, then it means that the safe is well-protected. The higher rating it is, the more security it will offer.

How do you open a safe if you forgot the combination?

If you forget the combination, the manufacturer offers you an override key or mechanical key that you can use for emergency access.

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