How to Fix Recliner Footrest (7 Easy & Effective Solutions)

How to Fix Recliner FootrestHow to Fix Recliner Footrest

A recliner is the most used furniture item. For most of us who spend all day working, getting back home and resting in a recliner is the favorite thing of the evening.

It is the safest spot place you can spend your evening after a stressful day at work. One of the most comfortable features is its footrest.

Without a footrest we can’t imagine the level of comfort or soothing, recliners are known to.

We accept that sometimes we go harsh on the recliner, especially on the footrest.

Its back and footrest most of the time take their toll and get broken.

Well to fix the footrest you can always call for the experts or professionals.

But if you are the one that takes interest in doing things like these, you can too fix that. The guide is for those who like to DIY, and want to replace the components like a footrest.

How to fix a recliner Footrest

We are going to help you fix your recliner’s footrest. But, before we move further, let me clarify one more thing.

Maybe there are some issues a DIYer can’t fix, and for that, you will have to hire a professional.

To the point, we have no idea why the recliner footrest is not working. When we actually learn the real issue, we would be better able to tell you whether or not you can fix it.

There are a few tools that you require, and every home owns these very common tools like Screwdriver, lubricant, tapes, and wrench.

1. Spring is not working

We are telling you the spring is not working after accessing the machine and checking that the footrest is not working because of the spring.

So, by just looking at the footrest you can’t judge whether it’s the spring or other things.

You just turn the recliner upside down and access the mechanism of the recliner. To flip it over, you might have to take assistance.

Check the different parts connect to the footrest, sooner you will know that it’s the spring of the footrest that is either broken and needs replacement or it’s not working due to rust and has come loose.

Use the screwdriver to lose all the screws. Keep these screws in the safe place so that you might not lose them.

Try to take a picture of the pattern with which the springs are attached to the footrest. Remove the spring and install a new one.

Tighten the screws and there you are with your footrest working like new.

2. Saggy Footrest

Saggy footrest by just appearance and extending it can tell you what the problem with that is.

The sagging happens because of the loose screws and ratchets of the recliner. It can happen with a relatively newer recliner as well as old ones.

The sagging of the footrest luckily can be fixed quite easily, without breaking a sweat.

Like the way we fixed the spring issue in the footrest, here it’s the bar inside the ratchet that needs replacement.

So flip the recliner over and find the mechanism underneath. As you already know it’s the ratchet that requires replacing, the part that locks the footrest in the position.

Remove all the screws and find the ratchet, in some cases there can be some springs there too.

Take a snapshot using your smartphone so that you could fix everything just like the way it is. Remove the screws and springs and there you find the ratchet.

Once you remove the ratchet there is a bar that connects to the ratchet, remove that too.

Remove the bar and replace it with a new one. When it is fixed, get the springs and other screws, and tighten them well together to make your footrest act just like the way it was designed.

3. Don’t close properly, or won’t stay down

Sometimes, your recliner may act weird. It would not stay down or close properly, or be stuck in an upright position.

Although the problem or issue seems big, its fixation is very simple and straightforward.

It can easily be fixed with lubrication, I am sure you get some as we had mentioned the tools or things required for the fixing already.

Here this time, you will have to be careful with some plastic wraps and other kinds of protective covers for the recliner.

This time, things can go messier than before, and if you don’t use plastic wraps, you may get spoil even the entire recliner.

Just like the way we did in the above two cases, here too flip your furniture item over and find the wooden chassis.

Unscrew every screw that is holding the chassis of the footrest holding the footrest’s ratchet metal bar.

Get the lubricant, get a spray bottle instead of having the oil or lubricant applied manually.

Spray the lubricant, do it thoroughly, and don’t forget the joints that connect the parts and have gotten stiff due to not lubricating for a long time.

Now again, get all the screws tightens, just like the way did it before.

4. Footrest leaning

If the footrest of the recliner is leaning to the one side, this can be one of the issues or problems maybe you can’t fix by yourself.

In some cases, you can fix them, but in most cases, you just can’t. If the footrest is leaning on one side, maybe the scissors of the mechanism are either bent or broken.

In some cases, it can be the loose screws, or fasteners holding the footrest.

Flip the recliner over and explore its underneath to examine and check what wrong inside is, or what is causing the recliner footrest to lean to one side.

If it is the loose fasteners, you can tighten them just like the way we have it already done.

If the scissor mechanism is broken or bent, maybe you can’t fix it yourself. Or you can give it a try, and replace the scissor mechanism yourself, which is hard to go through for even a DIYer. In that case, you can call for a professional.

5. It’s bent to one side

In the previous problem, we have seen that the left to one side of the recliner’s footrest happens because of your recliner’s loose fasteners or screws.

But, if it is bent on one side, then it is clear that the scissors mechanism of the recliner is completely broken and not working.

Well, this problem too, I don’t think even a DIYer can fix unless he/she has been dealing with fixing the recliners before.

Some may try to get the scissors working by hammering and to get them back in the same position that it was before.

Don’t do that, by hammering you can bring more damage than good, you may break some other parts of the footrest mechanism of the recliner.

The scissors mechanism has to be fixed by a professional, so call the professional.

6. Loose Footrest

You extend the footrest of the recliner, to get the best feeling of rest in the world, but guess what happens, it is loos and bent your feet slightly lower.

It is another common problem with the recliner and can be fixed without having to call a professional or expert.

For that too, you require the tools we earlier mentioned; screwdriver, wrench, and some other tools. These are very common tools, easily accessible in every home without any hassle.

Flip over the recliner, and access its mechanism or moving parts underneath.

Observe around these parts and check which parts are making the recliner become loose. Observe those parts which have multiple joints or fasteners, from these areas you can find the problematic areas.

Once you identify the problem, get your screwdriver and tighten the screws.

7. Power recliner footrest

In a power recliner, there can be more than one reason the footrest mechanism is not working.

In the power recliners too, there can be one of the reasons we mentioned above why it is not working.

But if it not even responding, that means it is wiring that makes the footrest have issues.

For that, you can check the wires around your motor and make sure they are properly connected. If they are working fine, then check the transformer.

Sometimes the power surges can lead to the motor or transformer overheating or dying.

If the light on the transformer is green, then this too is working fine, if not then it is the motor that has died.

8. Recliner Footrest is not opening

The above issues or problems we mentioned made us know the recliner footrest problem with its footrest opening or bending to one side or others.

But here, the recliner footrest is entirely not opening, there can be more than one reason why it is not opening.

Old recliner

If you have been using the recliner for years, and now its footrest is not opening, it’s because the mechanism behind the footrest is not working or some of the joints or metals or screws have become vulnerable with time.

They don’t work appropriately and stick. For that, you should turn over the recliner, and lubricate the joints or metal parts of it to make it function properly.


If the recliner is not opening and moving a bit it can be because of the springs rusting or breaking.

If the springs are broken off or rusted, it can prevent the footrest from opening and closing. You can replace the springs, or lubricate them if still working.

Broken parts

In some cases, it can be the broken parts of the mechanism behind the footrest opening and closing.

You can hire a professional to help with broken parts and enhance flexibility.


Recliners are one of the finest furniture items in terms of taking care of the comfortable relieving sitting experience.

It is considered a lifesaver for that stressful day when you have to go through extra miles in your working days.

It’s every part is important, along with the footrest. Its footrest is essential, and we can’t neglect it if it’s not working.

In this guide, we helped you fix the footrest. We mentioned some of the most common issues the footrest is not working.

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