How to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch

How to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch

Who does not like a recliner sofa in their homes and other sitting places?

But if you are the one that takes interest in interior design the back of the recliner empty space just kills the décor or style of your space.

Maybe you have some marvelous ideas about hiding the back of your recliner chair, but before I let your mind come up with more stunning ideas let me tell you that if you place anything behind the sofa, it will block the extending or reclining feature of the reclining couch.

With that in mind, can you still keep coming up with the ideas, I salute your ideas and invite you to let’s mull over together and come up with some out-of-the-box ideas about making our space look awesome without taking the recliner out of the scene.

7 useful ideas to hide the back of your recliner sofa

If it’s the color that haunts you about the recliner sofa, don’t worry it can easily be fixed. But, if it is the space gets left empty behind the recliner, this is the issue we are going to loggerhead.

While reading this article, I inspire you to take notes of the ideas we are going to pen down, you can take ideas from the post, and can mix them with your own to come up with a unique solution for your personal preference.

1. Home Office

Yes, that’s a brilliant idea. You maybe are bored of using your laptop on your sofa or maybe sometimes in your bed too.

Why don’t you have your own office space, when there is a perfectly suited place in your home behind your recliner sofa is available?

Well, you might be asking, what will happen to my little office if any of my siblings dare to recline the recliner?

The tiny office will be torn apart, isn’t it? I don’t think it will happen, because the chair you would be buying for the little office can be easily adjusted under the table or desk.

And the task placement would be not directly behind the recliner sofa.

When anyone in your home intends to recline the recliner, the chair should be under the desk or the table, and that’s how you can kill two birds with one stone.

You get your own personal home office space, and the awful-looking empty space behind the recliner is turned into a beautiful interior.

2. More seating

I always have to manage my living sometime because I have a big family and more than often on occasions, all members of my family like to visit me. So, the idea of creating more seating right behind the recliner sofa got my mind.

Actually, that’s a brilliant idea. You would not have to bring more chairs from your store room and put them in an awkward position to have more seating for your family members.

There are already more seating spaces, and the time you receive guests overthrowing the size of your main living home, the extra side seating behind the recliner comes to the rescue.

To get the behind area filled, you have required only two chairs and one patterned size table.

You can use these seating when you like, and reorganize them in a way that they don’t block your recliner when you extend the recliner.

And more importantly for the extra seating as well as for the table, you will not require any more storage space, out of your already crowded storage.

3. Adding a bench

Adding a bench-like scenario only fits in the cases when the recliner is placed near an entrance of the home.

It not only saves space but helps you in managing different things better. You can use this tiny space while entering your home or exiting.

I always prefer a nice-looking bench with a nice pattern to fill the empty space for the recliner, because it is all about how your space looks, it must not look odd.

And most importantly don’t forget to put some décor items on the bench. You can put décor baskets, floor lamps, and special pieces of art or anything you like to make the space look as stylish and good-looking as you imagine.

4. Placement

If it is the backspace of the recliner that is draining all of your energy out, don’t you think you should mull over the placement of that recliner?

I think anything that takes a huge space out of our living or other rooms, we try to put it near the wall. With that, not only do we save our space but enhance the décor of the room too.

Don’t you see most of the time we place your beds and other sofas near the walls?

In the same way, the recliner too can be placed near the walls in a way that its recliner should go parallel to the length of the wall, not blocking the back or reclining feature.

5. Bookcases

If space is not an issue for you, and you have the luxury of living in a spacious apartment having a bookcase installed behind your recliner sofa is always a great idea.

You see in bedrooms we prefer to have bookcases because before bedtime we love reading.

In the same way, if you have leisure time, or have fixed reading time for you, you can use the bookcases area behind your recliner so that you can read the book while resting in the recliner.

In the end, if you are a book lover, you would love to grab a book and sit on the sofa, recline back and change position to whatever you like.

The bookcases help you match the color coordinates with your living room décor. You can have many other display items on the shelves from vases to Knick knack and many others.

You can even décor the bookcases in a way that perfectly matches the height of the sofa behind. Or can have it decorated or designed in a way from the floor to the maximum height you like.

6. Plants

If you are the one who loves greenery, the space behind your recliner can rightly be used for the larger plants. With this not only you will have lungs full of oxygen all the time but feels good for your eyes too.

The placement of the sofa as well as the recliner should be in a way that the plants behind the recliner should be visible when you enter the room for improved décor.

7. Storage and the console table

If you are running short of storage and require storage for your everyday use, the same space can be used for storing things.

You can get a cabinet or a storage table and put it in the back of the recliner couch is the ideal thing to do. You can also put a console on the table to make your space look astonishing.

Keep in mind, always take a proper measurement of the space left behind the recliner sofa.

Because sometimes we buy a larger sized cabinet and console that oversize the space left behind. Go with a console table that has more shelves rather than fewer shelves.


There are more than one ways to cover the space behind your recliner. You can follow more than one method mentioned here, but you should keep your requirements in mind first.

Like if you have space for storing your things, you may use the space for placing shelves and cabinets. If you want to go green, put the plants, or go with any of the methods we mentioned here.

It’s all your needs and requirements, along with keeping the right view of the décor in mind.

Lily Roberts

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