How To Hide The Power Cords of the Recliner?

How To Hide The Power Cords of the Recliner

Don’t you like the comfort of your power recliner?

Probably this is the reason why you purchased it and bring it home.

But isn’t the power cords of the recliner spoiling your interior décor?

There are ways that help you handle these power cords better and make them invisible.

I agree that power cords of the recliners that run from recliners to power cords are the major downsides.

This is where we are going to help you. In this tiny guide, we are going to help you with multiple ways to hide the power cords of the couch.

Stick to this guide, don’t roam around, reading through the end surely will help you hide cords by following more than one way.

How to hide recliner power cords

There is more than one way to cover the power cords of the recliner. And in this post we shall be discussing them, you can follow any of the mentioned methods to get things rolled smoothly for you.


The simplest and straightforward way to hide your power cord is to simply cover it.

Yes, the covering can be done in more than one way, to accomplish covering you can use rugs, power cords cover, floor taps, and many more others.

Well following any of the covering methods should go as per your preference, requirement, and needs.

You should be creative by following any of the methods, don’t just simply cover the cords, make your interior décor look as astounding and stylish as it already is.

So by following these methods you can cover your recliner power cords.


Rugs are one of the things that add a stylish look to your living, it helps your space style look elevating. But the added benefit of using a rug can be is to hide the power cords of the recliner.

Yes, it is way easier to cover the power cords under the rugs easily without fussing through a big mess.

The thing you need to do is place the rug in a style that hides the power cords of the recliner, in the meantime, the cords must not go out of the look.

To get this done, be sure that you got a good-sized rug that runs along the power cords.

For a small living, you may go with a thin rug and for a larger area, you can go with an area rug. The rug should be enough thick that it must not produce cord bums and trip hazards.

The hard to get things here can be is, to find a rug of the size that correctly covers the power cords.

That’s why the power cords length measure, and buy a rug if you don’t have one already. If you have one already, then maybe a little bit of the wires will be visible.

Power cords Covers

If rugs feel hard for you, as most of the time, you don’t have the right size of the rug that runs along the power cords, covers can be the right way.

The power cords cover come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to help you easily hide your power cord without spending much.

These covers are specially designed to cover and hold the power cords to the ground. They also included a slot that holds the cords in place.

They are designed in a way that makes a slope up the power cords and pushes them a little down so that they don’t come in a way when walking on them.

And most of the power cord cover come with taps underneath. You can stick them with the taps to the floors locking them on the grounds.

Well, the taps can leave a residue on the floors if left stuck for an extended period of time.

Most importantly the power cord cover comes in a variety of colors. You can pick the color that blends with your décor, and make your overall interior look stylish.


Well if you are not interested in spending much right now and looking for a cheaper way to hide the power cords of the recliner, taps can be an affordable way.

The taps you see are used for holding together the dance floor and making it safe in the shops and other places.

The taps stick well on the floor, and even constant walking and scrolling would not peel them off of the floors. They make a stunning option for holding down the recliner power cords.

The only downside of the taps you possibly can have is, that they leave residue on the floor if stuck for a longer period of time. If you have stylish flooring, this might not be a good option for you.

Make your cords look obsolete

Obsoleting your cords mean making your cords unnoticeable or unsightable by modifying their size and making their size as short as needed.

To get this done, there are two ways interior designers have been following. Let’s see both of the methods and check which one should go well with you.

Ditch the Electric Power

Well, ditching the electric power and opting for an alternative power method might not be as easy as it sounds.

If your recliner does not have a battery compartment already installed or does not support a battery mechanism, you will have to invest in other power methods.

You can buy a different power system like batteries, and make your power recliner don’t rely on electric power and depend on batteries with almost no cords in the surrounding. If there are any cords for the battery power, they would be short and easy to manage.

Keep in mind that the battery method can be expensive and chances are that your furniture might not support a battery system. Plus, to charge the batteries you will again be depending on electric power.

To charge the batteries the thing you can do is, to pull the batteries from the recliner, and charge it at a different place where décor does not matter to you.

Install a new power outlet system on the floor

If you have a fixed place for your recliner, and you know that you won’t be moving it any time in your living, the thing you can do is install a power system on the floor.

Yes, having an electric power outlet on the floor where you would be placing your recliner can be a nice way to manage the power cords.

As there would not be any cords involved here, the power outlet is installed on the floor already, and your recliner can get power without any fuss involved.

But the cost of having an electrician onboard, and the extra power outlets and boards are going to cost you a big.

Only go with the method if you know your recliner place for permanent, and would no longer be moving it to the other location, or at least move a little bit.

Place the recliner near an outlet

If you don’t want to spend a dime, or things are not getting in order despite mulling over multiple ways of hiding the power cords, you can follow this method.

Try to rearrange the furniture of your room, and place the power recliner near the power outlet. In this way, you won’t have any extra cords to manage or deal with.

Or if there will be any power cords involved, that would be seamless to manage even with the cord pins or clips.

Cable Clips

Cable clips are also an efficient and easiest way to manage the power cords of the recliner.

Keep-in clips require extra screws that go into your wall or baseboard which requires fasteners on them as an extra layer. But modern clips are way improved and efficient, here you require only tapping on them, no extra screws.

Run the cord along the baseboard

If the power cords of the recliner don’t involve any walls, you can run the cords along the baseboards.

You know that noticing the cords along the baseboard or the floor is the lowest and in that way, you can easily manage the power cords of the recliner.

You can use cord clips or taps to get that done so that they secure off the ground onto the baseboard properly.

Sticky Hooks

If things are not moving as per your plan, or any of the methods didn’t go well with you. Probably you have lots of pieces of furniture installed in your living.

Well, a different but enough to mull over method is to use the back of the furniture to run the cord to reach the power outlet.

On the back of the furniture items will be sticking the power cord and making it possible without any noticing reach it to the power outlet.

Well, to hide it near the power outlet still will be there, but they’re a short size of cord length to manage.

How much is the length of the power cord of a recliner?

Well, I think that question should come to our mind as the first thing. Let’s dig it at the end of the post.

On average, the power cord length of a recliner can be 4 to 6 feet, but it depends on the recliner type and manufacturers.

Well, shorter cords are easier to manage, but at the same time, they don’t offer you much freedom to move your recliner freely.

Can we use an extension cord for the power recliner?

Well, just like any other electric power appliance, the power recliners too can be plugged into an extension cord and there is no reason we can’t do that.

The thing you should keep in mind is that the cord extension can support the power required for the power recliner, and the cord extension should be properly grounded and rated for the power required for the recliner.

Well, you can check the power rating of your recliner, and buy the extension as per the rating and support.

Does the power recliner have to be plugged in all the time?

If you want to use your recliner, just like any other electric-powered appliance, here too it should be plugged in.

Like if you want to use its reclining feature, or other features you need the power to get this done. But if you are going away, on vacation, or leaving for the job, it is good to unplug the power recliner.


Hiding the cords of the power recliner can be a thing hard to manage. As we all like our décor to stand out the crowded and visible cords of the recliner surely spoil that decor.

By following any of the methods you can hide the power cords of the recliner, and make your place look stylish without going through a big fuss.

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