7 Best Knee Scooters Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Mobility without any assistance is such a gift that we never realize until lost.

If you have undergone surgery or suffering a leg or foot injury and can’t move freely, I know you must be frustrated right now.

If you want to regain that mobility during the recovery time knee scooters are an exceptional alternative that you can rely on.

Knee scooters give you independence and make it seamless to navigate throughout the day without any external assistance. It allows you to rest on one leg, ankle, or foot, propel ahead using one leg.

If you are intended to use a knee scooter but do not know where to start and what to get this post is going to help you.

Not all knee scooters are designed and made equal. They come in different shapes, sizes, types, and styles to fits different users’ needs.

So for us, it is important to learn our needs and then hunt for the top knee scooter that falls right on our needs and requirements.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best knee scooters according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started. 


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Knee Scooters Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best knee scooters based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. KneeRover QUAD All-Terrain Knee Walker in Metallic Blue

Features at a glance
  • 12-inches Air-filled wheels
  • Thick-knee pad
  • Dual braking system
  • 350-Pounds weight capacity

If you have an injury on your lower leg and can’t maintain free mobility, crutches are taking you down as they are hard, Knee scooter is the only option.

You get a good level of mobility, at comfort without enduring any pain.

KneeRover is a brand that is known for producing Knee scooters. The brand has great numbers of line-ups that are helpful for different ranges of users.

From budget to the premium range, it takes care of all and helps you pick the right scooter that ideally matches your needs.

For all-terrain of performance, KneeOver Quad All-terrain Knee Walker is a hands-down option. It is the first all-terrain four 12-inch wheel air-filled tires scooter.

It is great for indoors as well as outdoors mobility, whether you are at home or in the market it helps in navigating freely without any assistance.

This scooter is known for its maximum stability when maneuvering. This steerable knee walker offers next-scale automotive style tie-rod steering that makes it seamless to navigation- dual braking system offers great controls over the speed and offers safe maneuverability in tight spaces.

Its locking hand brake offers an adjustable brake option to stop immediately and take full control. Just a simple push of a button and there you are fully controlled ride.

It is no doubt a lightweight option. With just 20-pounds of weight it can easily be taken around or stored, but its weight endurance is super amazing; 350-pounds.

Quick-release folding mechanism makes it folded with just one push, the front-axle is removable that aids in seamless storage.

In short, if you need a new-generation Knee bike that takes care of your injured foot and helps you maneuver without any big issue, I can assure you this is the best option for the price.

What We Like!

  • Lightweight model
  • Great weight capacity
  • One push folding mechanism makes it easy to store and transport
  • Dual brakes

Things to Consider!

  • The brakes cant be managed with one hand

2. KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter

Features at a glance
  • 350-weight range
  • 12-Inches air-filled grip tires
  • Style tie rod steering
  • One-touch folding mechanism

It seems like this list is going to consist of all KneeRover products. It’s not because we are biased the brand you can say is the iPhone of Knee scooters.

Yes, it got a superb range of Knee scooters that come in the different price category and fits a large variety of users’ needs.

This particular model is Amazon’s Choice, one of the top-rated Knee scooters on Amazon.

It is an ideal alternative to crunches, ideal for users recovering from knee or foot injury, to help them increase their mobility around without any external assistance.

Its design makes it good for indoors, as it is a three-wheel design. Can easily navigate in tight spaces, and indoors without any big issue.

At the same time, its 12-inches big wheels make it an ideal contender to be taken outdoors.

Air-filled tires make it great for users on one foot to maneuver on all-terrain, without facing any big trouble.

It is a steerable knee walker that comes integrated with an advanced automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism and KneeRover stabilizer to enhance control and stability.

It got a knee platform that can easily be adjusted. You can adjust the height of the tick padded knee platform as per your comfort.

Its handlebar is detachable, you can easily detach it for storage purposes or when transporting it.

It can easily be folded, the one-push folding mechanism makes it supremely easy to store and take around.

It got a storage basket that helps you store things when you got out and buy something.

It is a great knee scooter for larger guys, its weight capacity is amazing, and the double-bar design is sturdy to help them maneuver easily.

In short, this Knee scooter is one of the best offerings, and one must not skip over it.

What We Like!

  • Double bar sturdy design
  • Air-filled 12-inches Grip tires
  • Easily maneuver larger overweight guys
  • One push folding mechanism

Things to Consider!

  • Minor design flaws

3. OasisSpace All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter

Features at a glance
  • Weight capacity 350-pounds
  • One push foldable design
  • 12-Inches big rubber tires
  • Extra thick padding

If your injury is serious and you are looking into buying a knee scooter that ideally matches the medical needs, this is where the OasisSpace All-terrain Knee scooter comes into play.

It is an amazingly comfortable knee scooter that comes integrated with all advanced features to help you increase your mobility around.

The lightweight foldable designed knee scooter is great to be taken around. It weighs just 20-pounds but still can endure a 350-pounds weight of the person.

Its push to fold mechanism makes it easy to store and transport, it got a removable handle, to help you easily take on trips and vacations.

To provide you seamless maneuverability, it got 12-inches Air-filled tires.

The tires got superb grips and make them stable on surfaces such as Grass, Gravel, and Carpeting. Great to maneuver indoors and outdoors, and one can control it very easily.

The point of controlling a ride is directly connected to the brakes. This Knee scooter got dual brakes to make it stop instantly.

It got adjustable locking handbrakes, and rear disc brakes to help you have full control of bike maneuvering indoors and outdoors.

Its extra-large tires, extra thick padded knee pad, and dual brakes make it an ideal contender for the outdoors.

Take it outdoor for grocery shopping, it got a large basket on the front, to make you store things easily.

The only downside or one should say the point to take care of is its rubber tires.

They are rubber tires and can be exploded or punctured or leak down on the road to make the maneuverability difficult.

Some of the parts of the Knee scooter are made of plastic, which may break off if collide with anything.

What We Like!

  • Push to fold mechanism make it easy to take around and store
  • Extra thick knee pad
  • Large basket for storing items
  • 12-Inches air-filled tires

Things to Consider!

  • Some parts are made of plastic that can break off

4. KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle Leg Walker

Features at a glance
  • Folded mechanism
  • Dual brakes system
  • 300-Pounds eight range
  • 5 Inches thick padding

If you are looking into buying a Knee scooter that goes with you on all terrains, this is the option to consider buying.

It is a great comfortable knee scooter that at a budget price range comes featured with all premium nuts and bolts users look into.

With 7.5 inches durable Non-marking wheels, this scooter is great to go for indoors and outdoors.

Makes maneuverability easier, and glides through every surface without any big problem.

It is a comfortable ride with a 3.5 inches extra thick knee pad. This knee pad is contoured that makes the grip easier and provides impressive comfort and ease when on longer routes.

With its Adjustable locking hand brakes and rear-disc brakes, it becomes easier to control this bike.

You can use both the brakes when needed, a great feature that enhances the safety around and make you have complete control over your ride on markets.

It is great to go on a scooter if you travel a lot, or have a tiny space in your apartment for maneuverability.

It is easier to store this scooter when need in use. The platform and handlebars are fully adjustable and accommodate easily from 5′ to 6’6”.

With just 22-pounds of weight, it can easily accommodate 300-pounds of weight.

Do not worry if you are a little overweight, it is a sturdy designed model that easily endures the given range of weight.

In total it is a great scooter that comes at an affordable price range, people rave about this ride.

You can check its reviews online, people are more than just happy to find something like this.

What We Like!

  • Extra thick Knee pad makes it comfortable for long hours
  • Hand and rear disc brakes offer smooth control
  • Great weight range of 300-pounds
  • Quick release folding mechanism makes it easy to store

Things to Consider!

  • Steering radius could have been better

5. KneeRover Economy DUAL BRAKING SYSTEM Knee Scooter

Features at a glance
  • Dual Hand breaks
  • Quick release folding mechanism
  • Big 7.5 inches grip tread wheels
  • Padded knee pad

As the name suggests this is one of the budget-priced Knee scooters. Despite its economic price this scooter includes steering and other arrays of amazing features to smooth your ride.

With just 21-pounds of weight, this scooter can easily hold up to 300-pounds of weight.

That makes it a low-cost ride for all types of users; healing from leg surgery, mobility issues, amputation, or angle fracture.

It is a fully adjustable and compact knee scooter. It features a handlebar with a quick-release folding mechanism to make hassle-free transportation and storage.

Just fold it up, and take it with you, on vacations or on trips to help you maneuver places.

With handlebars and padded platforms, this scooter is surely a great and comfortable fit that makes your maneuverability a non-issue.

It also features four 7.5 inches wheels covered in rubber for grip tread and grip. It is great to maneuver this scooter indoors and outdoors, even on uneven treads.

It features a steerable setup to help you control all wheels in all directions.

Its adjustable locking hand breaks and rear-on wheel brakes are also amazing, quickly help you manage the speed and direction of the scooter.

In short for the cheapest price range it offers everything you can imagine of. It got features of a premium range scooter under a budget price range.

The only issue some users mentioned is, the wheel bearings can be problematic, so ensure the bearings are in good working condition before you go on for a ride.

What We Like!

  • Cheap price range
  • Comfortable cushioned Knee Pad
  • Quick-release folding mechanism makes it easy to transport
  • Dual locking hand brakes

Things to Consider!

  • Wheel bearings can be problematic

6. ELENKER Best Value Knee Walker with Braking System

Features at a glance
  • 300-pounds weight capacity
  • Dual brakes
  • 8-Inches PVC tires
  • Contour padding

If comfort when maneuvering around is the aspect you pay special attention to, do not go anywhere, we got the perfect grab for you; ELENKER designed Knee Scooter.

This scooter got a contoured, memory foam knee rest that helps in distribute weight to make a comfortable mobility experience.

It got 8-inches PVC wheels that are great to go on any surface. They are good for indoors for outdoors, the uneven grounds might not be the surface you would like to pass through using.

It got locking hand-brakes, which makes them instantly stop anytime. The handle brakes and adjustable padding are the two claims of fame of this Knee scooter.

Yes, the rear brakes are also there but hand-brakes are what most use the rs use and demand in a Knee Scooter.

The rear wheels brakes are great when you have to jam stop the scooter. With 22-pounds of weight, this scooter can easily endure 300-pounds of weight; great weight capacity.

It shares a foldable design. You can simply fold it for taking it with you.

Open the steering lock, push it to the left and fold down the knee walker for storage purposes or for transporting.

To fit any height range, the handles are adjustable. The handles can be set up concerning the height of the users, without using any tool adjustment.

The same goes with the Knee pad, easily open it and adjust the height accordingly.

What We Like!

  • Contour padding distributes pressure
  • Adjustable handlebar and knee pad
  • 8-Inches Wheels are great for indoors and outdoors
  • Dual brakes

Things to Consider!

  • Safety drawbacks

7. Drive Medical 796 Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

Features at a glance
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • 8-inches Casters
  • Included baskets for storage
  • Shaped leg pad with cover

Drive Medical designed Knee walker is the last but not the least product on our list.

The model has gained amazing popularity and is considered one of the best choices.

It is one of the top-rated products on one of the top-selling portals Amazon.

With so many positive reviews, and people raving about this product, I think you will change your mind if thinking of buying something different.

It is the comfort that makes this knee walker great. With extra thick-knee padding that distributes Pressure and makes it great to go with for long hours, it is the best pick for overweight guys.

The knee pad also has a channel that allows fresh air to be cycled underneath the knee to make you enjoy the ride without any big issues or trouble.

This kneepad is amazing for hot days. The surface would not go sweaty and make it easy to use the knee walker for maneuvering inside or outside for long hours.

The kneepad, as well as the handlebar of the scooter, are adjustable, you can easily adjust both of them as per your comfort and needs.

The design and structure of the scooter are different and I would say efficient than others.

It is a lightweight designed walker that can easily endure 300-pounds of weight, with just 19-pounds of weight. It shares a sturdy aluminum construction, to endure this range of weight.

With its 8-inches PVC tires, it allows you to maneuver indoors and outdoors easily.

Though the brand mention it can be taken outdoors on uneven grounds but PVC tires on uneven grounds make it a little bumpy and uncomfortable.

Its braking system is better than any of the models we added. The deluxe braking system, it got enhanced safety and helps you instantly stop the ride without colliding with anything coming.

What We Like!

  • Unique sturdy design Walker
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great for indoors as well as outdoors
  • Deluxe braking system

Things to Consider!

  • Poor customer care

A Complete Guide For Knee Scooter

When it is about buying a knee scooter there are a few things that you must consider.

The important aspects or features we are saying can make or break your experience with Knee walkers.

These important aspects will make your buying d decision clearer and better. Let’s have a detailed view of those important points.

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It is the comfort that is the most important that you should look into. If it is not the comfort, maybe the crutches were the greater options. Crutches are hard that’s why you have moved to Knee walkers or knee scooters.

With that said, you should try to maximize the comfort level by minimizing the stress level. As you are already injured, any more stress or pain can make the injury worse.

So, it is good to buy a good comfortable Knee walker that comes with good cushioning and a proper adjustable handlebar and Knee pad.


When it is about the right height picking for a scooter we recommend the ideal height is what can be adjusted.

It means you need to find a scooter that could be adjusted to any height so that you do not have to crouch down or stand on your toes to ride comfortably.

Get a thick contoured Knee pad so that if there is any height issue, you could still ride the Knee scooter.

Knee Pad

A knee pad or knee place is the part of the scooter that you put one leg on which the other leg is available for pushing you ahead.

Because the injured part of your body or leg is resting on the pad so the padding should be comfortable and thick enough to make it comfortable for the other leg to push ahead.

Contouring and Thickness

When it is about the knee pad two terms surface; Contouring and thickness. The contouring type of the knee pad conforms to your injured leg’s curved shape so there is minimum friction.

Thickness is what absorbs the shocks or bumps when you pushing the scooter ahead with the other leg.

Both of these are essential to make the ride a comfortable experience. You may look out for basket storage if you move outside and buy groceries or other food items for yourself.

Transport and Storage

If you want to take the scooter with you on trips, or you are not intended to use it for a long time and want to store it, transporting and storage is the feature that comes into play.

For that, it is better to buy a scooter that gets folds easily and makes it easier to transport.

Many models come with one push folding mechanism or steering columns that reduce the footprints a little, in that way the scooters become portable and easy to take around.

Yes, the weight is also an important aspect, buy a lightweight model that is easy to transport.


Brakes are another important aspect one should look into when buying a knee scooter.

I am sure you would not like ending up rolling down a hill or not being able to stop the ride when you already are injured.

You might have already seen the different products that have different types of brakes make it confusing to find the right one that offers a safe journey.

Well, do not get confused, it is not important what type of brakes the scooter got, the only important thing is, that scooter should have one to make you stop the ride when needed.

Final Verdict

If you have just had a leg operation, or got injured, or have an amputation, a knee scooter is the best option to regain your maneuverability without any assistance.

They are also great for children and they are a great alternative for crutches. They are easy to maneuver, you can store them easily and transport them if you like.

In this long guide, we have reviewed the top best Knee scooters available on the market. These models as you can see are top-rated and come at the best price.

You can check them up, read through the reviews, compare their specs and features, and upon getting fully satisfied give any of them a shot.

FAQs About Knee Scooter

How does a knee scooter work?

A knee scooter is helpful when you are injured with one of your legs and are recovering, but still want to move around without putting any negative impact on the recovery cycle.

It comes with a knee padding that you rest your injured leg on and pushes ahead of the scooter with the other legs. Knee scooters come with three or four wheels.

It is not just the injured people who can use the Knee scooters if you have an amputation you can enjoy maneuverability without any big issue.

How to fold a knee scooter safely?

It is the type of knee scooter that determines its folding. Every knee scooter may have a different folding mechanism.

You will have to check the instructions by reading the user manual on how could you wrap this little thing.

In general, you see a level that connects the handlebar to the rest of the scooter. You need to release the hat handlebar to make the handles be folded.

There must be a similar level on the seating or padding, you can move that to be able to fold the seat down.

When you fold the bot handle and seat you can easily store the scooter or make it ready for transport.

Is a knee scooter better than crutches?

When it is about comfort and ease, Knee scooters are far better than crutches. Crutches are hard and painful and if you are injured, the recovery time can be enhanced.

If you give a choice to any patient, I am sure he/she will surely opt for Knee scooters.

Crutches are hard for the patients with balance issues, yes they are cheap and comes in hands at a way cheaper price compare to knee scooters.

So, it is totally up to you, if you are comfortable with crutches and can’t spend big money on buying a knee scooter better to buy Crutches.

Are Knee Scooters easy to Use?

If you are using it for the first time, yes it might take some time to get used to it.

But they are stable and comfortable at the same time, even if you are using them for the first time, you would not fall or get injured.

It takes far less time to master any type of knee scooter. It is easier than anything that requires balance.

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