Leesa Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

There is no doubt about it that all foam mattresses have their scale of softness and pressure relief which can’t be overtaken by any other type of mattress.

But what about sagging, and the right firmness required to make your overall experience comfortable and error-free? It seems you have reached the brand Leesa, one of the top 5 bed in a box mattresses online.

Leesa mattress is known for its amazing comfort and gentle pressure relief providing the right firmness for all types of sleeping positions and preferences.

It is not like Leesa emerged as a winner overnight. It took years for Leesa to reshape the whole Mattresses market and to make other brands change the way they do business.

Through the years, Leesa brought major changes in their mattress’s shapes and designs and shipping as well.

That’s the reason people know relies and depend on Leesa’s designed mattress and it is one of the top-selling online beds in a box brand.

If you too have made up your mind about buying a Leesa mattress and looking for more details and how they perform for different sleepers and body types, this is where we are going to help.

In this post, I am going to review Leesa Mattresses as per consumer ratings and reports and shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of Leesa mattresses. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Leesa Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best Leesa mattresses by consumer ratings & reports in 2023.

1. Leesa Hybrid Premium Cooling Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Fiver Layer Mattress
  • Comfort layers contours body curves
  • Thick Coils Layers
  • 100-NIGHT’S trail

If you are looking for one of the best beds in a box Hybrid mattress, I suggest you buy Leesa designed Premium Cooling foam With Spring a mattress. It is one of the highest performing mattresses which comes in hands at a budget price range.

It is a medium-feel mattress that comes with substantial responsiveness and comfortability.

You would not feel stuck in quicksand; the right support due to the spring encased is going to make you toss around on the mattress freely.

It is a five-layer designed matter with three comfort layers and two support layers. It has 1.5 inches top polyfoam layer which is there to help those who love hugging like feeling or conforming feel and bounce.

There are one 1.5 inches memory foam layer which provides pressure relief and also helps in motion isolation.

The third layer is a 2 inches Polyfoam layer which acts as a support layer and prevents from sagging.

This layer also aids in making the mattress good at good support. After these comfort layers there comes the main six inches Pocketed spring layer.

It got around one thousand pocketed springs individually encased to provide improved breathability airflow and motion isolation.

These are not simple coils, these are 14.5-gauge steel coils with reinforced support. That makes the mattress not only isolate the motion or do other favors but make it last longer than regular steel coils.

Coming to its performance, it is great for side sleepers. The comfort foam layers render their support for side sleeping and make this mattress relieve pressure points from the areas such as shoulders and Hips.

For back sleepers as well, it prevents the lower back from sinkage and provides constant support to the spinal alignment.

It is a Hybrid mattress, got a thick coils layer underneath to provide hot air particles a channel to dissipate out of the mattress making the mattress cool enough for a sound night’s sleep.

For motion isolation, it is good in minimizing the motion transfer, compare to an all-foam mattress. But for the light sleepers, there is still a motion transfer, but it would not be as big to disrupt your night sleep.

The best thing is it comes in six sizes to pick the one you prefer to sleep on. Plus, you get 100-nights of sleep trials to check if the mattress is the right fit for you.

What We Like!
  • Three comfort foam layers to render contouring and comforting experience
  • Good for side sleepers and back sleepers who prefer a medium-firm mattress
  • Thick steel coils layers encased for improved air dissipation
  • 100-Night’s trial
Things to Consider!
  • Comes only in one firmness, you can’t choose the firmness level

2. Leesa Original Cooling Foam and Memory Foam Bed-in-a-Box

Features at a glance
  • Three Layer designed mattress
  • Plush Memory Polyfoam with foam integration
  • All-foam mattresses with the right firmness
  • Good temperature regulation

Leesa Original was the mattress behind the true success of the brand. This was the mattress behind making the brand a household name around the world.

It is an all-foam mattress that marries the plus polyfoam with memory foam layers to provide the best of the best sleeping experience for those suffering from back and aches.

It is a three Layer design an all-foam mattress which got a super soft gray twill cover to enhance breathability and contouring.

The mattress as I mentioned marries the Polyfoam layer which is used as the first layer with the memory foam layer which is used as a second foam layer.

The first Polyfoam layer is an open-cell foam that lets the hot air particles pass through the mattress without getting back to the sleeper.

This layer adopts the body almost instantly and provides a cradling sleeping experience, molds with your body position, and helps you switch your sleeping position without putting in any effort.

The second memory foam layer is the culprit behind it being a pressure-relieving mattress. It is good for side sleepers, the layer provides a relieving sleeping experience for those suffering from lower back pain, hips pain, neck pain, and other aches.

The last layer is its durable support layer. This layer holds up the other layers and provides good edge support to make the mattress good for couples.

You would not feel like felling off the mattress at all, it helps your body holds up there, providing uniform support.

For back sleepers, it is a good mattress too. But, if you are a heavy body back sleeper, above 230 pounds, you may feel like sinking into the mattress.

It is an all-foam mattress; the foam layers get too compressed making the lower part of the body sink into it.

To my surprise, its motion transfer was better than even a Hybrid mattress. The memory foam layer acts as a transition layer and prevents motion from being transferred, helping your partner sleep quietly if you toss around on the mattress or vice versa.

It is good at temperature regulation as well. But for those who live in a hot climate, it is an all-foam mattress, there still would be heat at some scale, which might be disturbing for the hot sleepers.

What We Like!
  • All-foam mattresses with the right firmness required
  • Good for side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Good motion isolations
  • Temperature regulation is better compared to all-foam mattresses
Things to Consider!
  • Off-gassing smells stay there for 3-4 days at least

3. Studio by Leesa Memory Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Three Layer design mattress
  • Top low-density memory foam
  • 6 On a firmness scale of 10
  • Contouring and pressure relief

The studio is another great memory foam mattress designed by Leesa. Although it was Original which made the brand one of the popular mattress brands in the world Studio is upping the level and making it one of the top names around the world.

It is an all-foam mattress debuted in 2020, got a comfort layer of low-density memory foam plus transitional layer polyfoam to help it as comforting as traditional memory foam.

This blend of low density and Polyfoam layer responds slowly and helps sleepers get a comforting night sleep. The formula cradles your body curves and relieves pressure points, good for those suffering from pains and aches.

Despite it being an all-foam mattress, it falls at 6 on the firmness scale. So, it means, for the sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds, they will not feel a sinkage experience.

Above this weight limit may have the feeling of sinkage, as the layers get compressed too closely making for the heavy body sleeper hard to move or switch position.

It Is a good comfortable mattress for all types of sleepers, with great motion isolation. Its transitional layers absorb the motion and prevent it from transferring.

It is not complete motion isolation, there still would be motions if you sleep with your partner or pet, and the sleep disruption may be there if you are a light sleeper who wakes up on the tiniest motion.

As I mentioned it is a medium-feel mattress, but the top contouring open-cell memory foam layer conforms rather closely.

Those who suffer from pains and aches are going to get great pressure relief due to the memory foam which adapts the body almost instantly. Yes, for the back sleepers, particularly Heavy Body, may feel sink into the mattress.

The top Memory foam layer is low-density foam, and low-density foams are tended to be more breathable than high-density foams.

That’s why Studio by Leesa offers more temperature regulation compared to other types of foam or memory foam mattresses.

But after it is an all-foam mattress, and for those who live in a hot climate, there still be heat and if you are a hot sleeper, you may have issues using it in a hot climate.

Its edge support is though not that impressive, it seems the brand did not pay attention to this aspect.

But overall, all-foam mattress’ edge support tends not to be that impressive due to foam layers. In this, there is a solid base layer, but it is not as good as a Latex mattress or coils mattress.

In total, Leesa Studio all-foam mattress is great for side sleepers, light body back sleepers. It got great conforming support, impressive temperature regulation, and motion transfer.

The edge support should have been better than this, but this is how all-foam mattress performs.

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What We Like!
  • Good mattress for all types of sleeping
  • Good motion isolation
  • Top layer is made of Open cell foams for improved breathability
  • Thick high density foam layer as a support layer
Things to Consider!
  • Poor edge support

4. Leesa Legend Luxury Dual Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Breathable Cover
  • Micro Coils and Foam Integrated Layer
  • Thick Coils Layers
  • Pressure Relieving

If you are seeking out a luxury Hybrid mattress that comes with many top-of-the-line components, Leesa Legends is the option you should get hands-on.

Leesa Legend is comparatively a new model to the other Leesa models such as Original, Hybrid, and Studio, that’s why you might not have heard about this particular model. But I am sure you must have learned about the brand already.

Leesa Legend is a 12-inch mattress with a thin breathable cover that is made of recycled materials such as organic wool and cotton.

The top cover is soft on touch and surely going to provide you with a relatively cooling sleeping experience.

Then there comes a responsive Polyfoam layer. It is an open-cell foam with instant bounce-back feedback.

This foam layer adopts sleepers’ bodies and curves and provides a molding or cradling-like sleeping experience.

This foam is very responsive, helps in switching positions without any effort particularly for heavy body sleepers.

There is one more memory foam layer for pressure relieves and contouring. This is used as a transitioning foam, for temperature regulation as well as motion isolation.

After a thin memory foam layer, there comes an interesting layer, micro-coils, and foam integrated layer. This layer provides targeted pressure relief as well as support.

This layer feels firmer and supportive when you are on your back or stomach, and a pressure-relieving foam when you are on your side.

There comes a thick layer of independently encased pocketed coils. The idea behind double springs or coils is to make the mattress breathable for hot climates and prevent motion transferring.

The mattress is great for almost everything and every sleeper. Its unique construction makes it good at temperature regulation and motion isolation.

When your partner moves around on the mattress you would not notice anything, with no motion transfer at all.

Leesa Legend is a relatively new model, that’s why you see a few reviews. It is good for side sleepers, back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers to make your experience as comforting as you want from a luxury Hybrid Mattress.

What We Like!
  • A comfortable and breathable Hybrid mattress
  • Good pressure-relieving for side sleepers
  • Double coils layers with memory foams
  • Breathable Mattress cover with no tapered edges
Things to Consider!
  • Not for those who want an extra firm mattress for back support

Leesa Original Vs Lesa Legend Mattress

Leesa Legend is one of the tops and luxurious Hybrid mattress models with dual layers of coils encased. It got a layer of pocketed coils and one layer of Micro coils to enhance the support and comfort without increasing the firmness graph.

This dual encasing of coils makes Leesa Legend comfortable for side sleepers, back sleepers as well as combination sleepers.

Users with problems such as back pain and hips pain are going to get targeted pressure relief. For those who want a comfortable Hybrid mattress with good softness Leesa Legend is there to rescue.

While Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress. It got better contouring and pressure relief than Leesa Legend, but less edge support.

Leesa Original is also great at motion isolation as well as temperature regulation compared to many other foam Mattresses.

It is good for those who want a too-soft mattress, want more contouring, softer feeling, and enhanced pressure relief. It is not good for heavy body back sleepers as well as Stomach sleepers.

Leesa Hybrid Vs Leesa Original

You can call Leesa Hybrid the Coils version of Leesa Original. In performance, contouring, and softness, it is the nearest to Leesa Original.

It is not an all-foam mattress unlike Leesa Original, better breathable than Original along with supreme edge support due to 1000 plus individual pocketed springs encased.

Spring is what renders the firmness and makes it easier to toss around for heavy body sleepers.

On the other hand, Leesa Original is an all-Foam mattress with all the softness, contouring, cradling, and molding-like experience for light body and medium body sleepers, heavy body sleepers may feel stuck in it.

Leesa Original Vs Leesa Studio

If you want a cheaper version of Leesa Original, Leesa Studio is there to help you. It is also an all-foam mattress, thinner than Original but got a good plushness and comfort.

It is a medium-firm mattress, with minimal motion transfer but poor edge support and temperature regulation.

This is good for light body side sleepers and back sleepers. Heavy body sleepers would not feel comfortable at all, they should go with Leesa Original or Hybrid models we reviewed here.

Final Verdict

Leesa is relatively a new brand compare to many other mattresses line up you see around you. But in the shortest time, the brand is giving the toughest time to its competitors.

Leesa Original was the first mattress, the brand stepped its feet into the bedding world, and this only product made the brand very popular around the world.

After that, Leesa Hybrid, Leesa Legend, and Leesa Studio came into existence. To help a wide variety of users to pick the right type of Leesa mattress that suits or matches their sleeping position or sleeping preference.

We can hope that we introduced Leesa Mattresses to you, and briefed you about their advantages and disadvantages to help you pick the best one or at least narrow down the options.

FAQs About Leesa Mattress

Are Leesa mattresses hot?

All Foam mattresses are relatively hot compared to Hybrid mattresses. But in the case of Leesa, it designs its mattresses in a way that somewhat regulates the temperature, and makes it optimal cooling for sleepers, particularly hot sleepers.

Its Hybrid mattresses though are amazing, especially its Legend series mattress shares two coils’ layers, one is integrated with a memory foam layer to make it comforting, pressure-relieving, and cooling all at the same time.

Is Leesa Original good for side sleepers?

Yes, Leesa Original is the mattress that makes Leesa one of the biggest names in the online mattress world.

This original Mattress shares multiple memory and polyfoam layers to make it comforting, pressure-relieving, and contouring for the side sleepers.

You know that for side sleepers, soft mattresses with good support are considered ideal.

This is what Leesa Original is, it is a very comforting and soft mattress with good support of a thick foam layer in the base to prevent from sagging.

Does Leesa offer a trial?

Yes, Leesa comes with a 100-night trial. In other words, you can check the mattress for at least 100-days and return it if you find it not suitable or uncomforting for you.

In-store you can only check the mattress for a few minutes maybe, but a mattress that offers a 100-nights trial allows you to check it from any angle, and see if it suits your sleeping position or sleeping preference.

If you think it is not your cup of tea, the brand allows you to send it back or they send it to any charity foundation and give you a full refund.

Can I flip the Leesa?

No, you can’t flip Leesa Mattress. Because its comfort layers are constructed on the top, if you flip it, the soft layers or comfort layers would go down, and a solid foam layer which is a base layer for holding over other layers would come on the top, not comforting for sleeping.

The same goes with a Hybrid mattress, in Hybrid mattresses, there is a Coils layer at the bottom of the construction, not letting you flip it over.

What’s inside the Leesa Original Mattress?

Leesa Original comes with three foam layers constructed. On the top there is 2 inches foam layer, it is an open-cell designed foam that is designed to allow airflow for the cooling sleeping experience.

After this, there is 2 inches memory foam layer for contouring and pressure relief. And a 6 inches thick solid supportive base layer constructed of foam to provide support.

The mentioned three layers are covered in iconic four stripe cover which has fire hydrant properties.

The mattress construction and design are passed and certified from US CertiPUR, which means no hazardous chemical is used in the making of the mattress.

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