17 Massage Gun Benefits You’ve Never Heard Of

Massage guns are on the roll these days among the masses.

From day one of their introduction, they were considered one of the top tools of muscles recovery among athletes and sportsmen.

It helps athletes to take care of their well-being in better manners than before.

Now, they don’t have to make an appointment with a therapist or hire them by paying through the noose.

Now you can have a massage gun in your bag, if you feel like your muscle is sored or stretched a little more in the last working out session, just massage the part for 2-5 minutes you will get instant benefits.

Massage guns have been accepted as a replica of hand massages. You get the same results as a deep tissue hand massage, following your own timetable.

You get all the advantages and benefits of a massage at your most convenient time in minutes.

As I mentioned massage guns are on roll these days, it is the masses who have paid attention to them.

For them too, they got amazing advantages, after a hectic job day, if you feel like muscles are aching, get that part massaged and get things rolled on, as they were before.

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun might look like a tool to fix your car or bike. But in reality, it is a great tool that should be a part of your gym arsenal.

If you are a trainer, bodybuilder, athlete, or sportsman, for you, it is imperative to have that in your bag all the time.

A massage gun imitates the hand massage and helps users to enjoy a massage like the way you get from human hands.

It combines vibration and percussion therapy and its head moves back and forth to send a rippling effect to the tissues.

A massage gun increases the blood circulation of the part of the body you are using it on.

It comes with several different head attachments, which are used for different types of pressure and sensations.

You are not required to have a professional to use the massage gun. You can use it alone, just get acquainted with the features, speed, head attachment, pressure, and other things, and start using it.

With time you will learn how to use it for different types of therapy.

Top 17 Massage Guns Benefits

As I mentioned massage guns are not only beneficial for athletes and sportsmen, they are great for normal too.

They get all the benefits from the guns, and fix things in the comfort of their home, without spending arms and legs.

1. Stress Relief

As I mentioned the benefits of having a massage gun are not limited to injury or sored muscle pain-relieving, they are more than that.

They take care of your overall well-being and improved inner peace of body and mind.

Massage guns are considered an amazing tool for stress relief. If assisted by an expert or experienced person, the guns can really increase your dopamine and serotonin intake.

The two hormones are the force behind making you happy, if the dopamine and serotonin released in your body are high, you will feel less stressed, and happier.

Again, for that too, one should know the right spot to hit. You can learn that or you can hire a professional to give you massage therapy using a massage gun.

2. Improved Sound Sleeping

Yes, sleep is one of the core parts of our overall well-being. If you can’t sleep well, you can’t feel the freshness or energy within you.

Sleep deprivation is the biggest menace of today’s busy life. Due to high coffee and tea intakes, we hardly enjoy sound sleeping.

If you are suffering from irregular sleeping patterns or insomnia, give the massage gun a shot and I am sure you’ll start to witness the benefits it brings to your life.

Massaging your body regularly releases serotonin, which keeps you relaxed, happy, and alert.

I am not interested in the discussion of how much sleep you should get, or how many power naps you should take in a day.

You should go with the flow, and get at least 8-hours of sleep in a day, it will make you alert, focused, and cardiovascular health.

3. Boosted Immune system

Well, there are no significant studies backing the point but the impacts of a percussive massage on an immune system are real.

The reason is, that massage guns improved blood circulation, and due to this quicker traveling through the human body, minerals and other substances get to the human cells faster and quicker.

That indirectly makes the human body more alert to threats and improves the overall immune system of the body.

Again, if your immune system is weakened, and you suffer from allergies or diseases, it is not just the massage gun that could fix the issue.

You will have to take a medical expert’s suggestion with medicines and even change your diet and eating habits.

4. More alert and Focused

Because of a massage gun, you are likely to get increased blood flow and rich minerals or contents reach your body cells quicker than before. With increased blood flow, your body is likely to get more oxygen and alertness.

You might have heard it many times about taking morning walks. Morning walks help you get more oxygen due to rich availability in the environment in the morning times.

With more oxygen, your mind gets more alerts and focuses on things better than before.

The best of all is, to get it all, you are not required to pass through a long phase or procedure, you just need a simple massage gun.

But, again, if you have resources and you can hire a professional therapist, he/she can double the benefits of a massage gun.

But it is not like only a therapist can help you get the massage done; you can do it alone yourself.

5. Increased Lymphatic and Blood Circulation

I guess increased blood circulation is one of the most underrated benefits of having a massage gun or massage therapy.

You must not overlook this benefit, this only advantage is going bring it all for you. With increased blood flow, you get nutrients transportation quicker.

You should keep in mind that, the increased blood circulation will only be in the part where you are massaging.

To get your full body improved blood circulation, you will have to go for a full body massage. An increased blood flow also means an improved circulation of oxygen and nutrients.

In case of muscle swelling or muscle injuries, this is the improved blood circulation that helps you get healed faster.

If you massage an area that is swollen or exhausted, or aching, with percussion gun therapy, the area will start getting more oxygen and nutrients that lead to faster healing.

If you are suffering from overall poor blood circulation, you should probably after consulting your doctor or physician, should go with a massage gun.

The massage gun along with fixing many other issues can help you heal from poor blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation can have more than one adverse effect on your overall health and well-being.

Issues such as Fatigue, swollen legs, lack of focus, painful muscle cramps, cold feet, and arms.

If you had been suffering from more than one issue mentioned, it is good to go with massage gun therapy.

Boosted Lymphatic system is another under-rated and overlooked feature of massage gun benefits.

Actually, this system consists of multiple lymph nodes throughout the body, under the skin, or within the soft tissues of the body.

These lymph nodes act like storages, they store the liquid necessary to fight against the diseases and infections in our body.

If the lymphatic system gets jammed, your whole may get disrupted and you will start getting multiple infections at one time.

What a massage gun does is stimulate these nodes. With the stimulation, they circulate the lymphatic fluid to the areas needed the most.

So, once you start getting massages, your lymphatic fluid distribution will be quicker through the body, and your system will be functioning better and more properly than before.

6. Increasing Muscle strength

If you are into bodybuilding, weight lifting, or other sports, you know that to build muscle strength as well as mass, you have to lift more weight, more often.

But this is not the issue, we all try to do more within our range. The problem is the aftermath of pushing the envelope.

Usually, bodybuilders or sportsmen hire a therapist on regular basis to get their muscle soreness to vanish.

But, when you have a massage gun, you have no need to hire a professional or an expert for muscle soreness relief.

That means you can hit the gym, lift the weight any time you like, and get the soreness fixed right away using a massage gun.

I am not saying that only the massage gun can help you get out of that recovery period, there are obviously many other things that take part in it. Such as your diet, your sleeping pattern, your job routine, and many more.

7. Fix muscle stiffness and spasms

If you are not a sportsman nor a bodybuilder, but you love to hit the gym and take care of your overall health being.

But sometimes you took it very hard on yourself, and overdo an exercise or workout. This too can lead to muscle stiffness or soreness.

Stiff or sored muscle means the muscle is not getting the required oxygen or blood circulation.

That too can lead to spasms which make the situation even worse. You will feel pain even on touching the part of the body.

With a massage gun, you can easily fix that too, you can start from low pressure or speed and then increase the speed with time.

As per the latest study conducted, vibration therapy helps improve muscle soreness or spasms.

Well, vibration and percussion therapy follow the same mechanism, you don’t have to worry about that, use your massage gun.

8. Improved overall performance and mobility

For sportsmen, there is an extra edge to using a massage gun. They get their issues fixed right away using a massage gun.

Or maybe you have learned about the massage gun from a sportsman or an athlete.

Actually, if these were not athletes using the massage guns, maybe we would not have known them or used them.

As we have known them through the sportsmen, and we have seen top athletes endorsing them, we normal people also have started using them, and a study claims that using a massage fun enhances your overall efficiency and performance.

For athletes too, their overall sports performance is high and gets impacted by a massage gun.

For them it is easier to train their body any time they like, they don’t have to call for a therapist in the middle of the night just because their muscles are aching or they need therapy.

So, even if you are not a sportsman you can use a massage gun for your overall performance.

You get your pain relieved, your muscles mobility enhanced, and your overall blood circulation improved.

9. Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Massage guns are also used for rehabilitation after injury. The main purpose of a massage gun is to increase the blood flow through the body and relieve the muscle tension in the body which indirectly helps in recovering from a muscle injury.

The use of a massage gun during an injury or rehabilitation becomes very essential.

Because the massage gun not only facilitates the fasten recovery but also prevents a user from re-injury.

It does not matter if you are taking some medications or following some different recovering techniques or exercises. You can add a massage gun to the standard methods of rehabilitation therapy.

As the massage gun promotes air circulation through the areas, which helps in achieving flexibility and hastened the healing process.

But the question is which type of injury or rehabilitation can be fixed using a massage gun.

Firstly, it is your therapist who should recommend you a massage gun if important.

Anyway, the massage gun can be used for muscle soreness recovery, sciatica pain, TMJ syndrome, Nonspecific Lower back pain, Shin splints, and muscle cramps.

10. Alleviate Chronic Pain

We used to take medicines, pain killers, and follow dietary supplements when we suffer from chronic pain, you might not have a heart using a massage gun to alleviate chronic pain.

But, in reality, you can use a massage gun to not only alleviate the pain but fix it permanently if it is not because of a medical condition.

For that you are just required to hire a professional, don’t go with a noob, he/she can bring more damage than good. Hire an expert in the field if you suffer from chronic pain, especially in the lower back and legs.

With the help of the massage gun, you can massage the area aching.

Massaging increases the blood circulation in that area and loosens up stiffness around the joints and muscles.

In starting don’t hit the area at high speed, start at a slow speed, and then pace it up.

With time and careful use of your massage gun, within a few minutes, you will begin to realize the pain is vanishing.

But, if it is a medical condition, massaging the area might bring relief for some time, but it would not be permanent.

11. Helps You Warm Up

You might not agree with the point that Massage guns are also useful for warming up.

If you don’t want to lose your strength before a big game, and you also want to warm up your body, use the massage gun.

As per a recent study, it was found that the use of the massage gun brought more flexibility to the muscle without losing power or strength.

Plus, you already know that the use of a massage gun brings improved blood circulation.

It stimulates the blood flow which leads to improved pliability and oxygenation of the soft tissues.

Increased blood flow helps in warming up the muscle, and reducing the risk of injuries.

If you suffer from injuries more than often, related to muscles, it is better that you get percussive therapy.

It not only rejuvenates your muscle’s oxygenation but prevents it from re-injury.

Even if you are not a pro, you can still use a massage gun before you work out session in the gym.

It will help you get more stamina and have more muscle mass without any negative impact.

12. Improves Lactic Acid Release

Did you ever feel dizziness or nausea in the middle of a working-out session?

If you work out hard on regular basis, you must have felt that because everyone once in a lifetime gets the feeling.

This is because there is no oxygen left in your body muscles.

Oxygen in the body muscles is essential for breaking the fats stored in your body and converting them into energy.

If there is no oxygen in the muscles, there is no energy left, and lactic acid build-up faster in your body, it could burn up.

With a massage gun, you can quickly remove the lactic acid buildup in your body from your circulatory system.

Once the lactic acid is released, you are all set with new energy and get going.

13. Less Expensive than regular Massages

If you earn well and can afford regular massage therapy from an expensive service provider, you are good to go with the services.

But, if you can’t afford to pay $70 for a one-hour massage session, it is always recommended to buy a massage gun.

You can easily buy a massage gun for around $50-$600, but it would be a one-time investment.

With that one time spent, not only you but any of the family members who feel stiffness in the muscle or muscle injury can use the massage gun at any time.

I am not against the professional regular massages. Massage at home with a massage gun can’t replicate the experience a pro has in giving massages and making your body relieved and loosen up.

If you are revering from an injury, it is still recommended to get an appointment at least once a week.

14. Breaking up the scar tissues

If you had an accident long back, the injury is healed but there is a big scar on your body.

As per some experts, the regular use of the massage gun on the scar tissue area removes or at least diminishes the scar on your body.

Actually, the scar tissue is made of collagen that helps in healing the injury. But the elasticity of the scar tissue does not measure up with the natural muscle tissues in the body.

With a massage gun, massaging the scar area, the ripples effects go deeper into the skin and help in breaking down the scar tissues.

15. Improved Flexibility

If you love to do flexibility exercises but sometimes you, do it a little far and get yourself hurt.

With a massage gun now, you can try new depth without pulling your muscle or getting lower back pain or hip pains.

Actually, with a massage gun, your body gets increased blood circulation which helps in pushing out the waste stored in the body’s lymph or blood vessels.

This increases your muscle’s metabolism, which leads to quicker recovery from injuries.

16. Improve overall Wellness

If you use your massage gun on a regular basis, even though you are not an athlete or a pro bodybuilder, you will start to notice many health benefits.

As you will see, a change in your behavior, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, you will start to feel more relaxed and calmer than before.

Actually, massage guns stimulate the nervous systems and their receptors, which directly impact your muscle tension and improve your mobility and overall, well-being.

17. Portability

If you are healing from a delicate muscle injury. You have to make an appointment with your professional therapist, the exercises or the moves he helps you follow through can easily be done anywhere.

And you want to use that muscle recovery time to meet your friends, and parents or hit the countryside area, but you can’t because you have to take those muscle recovery therapies on regular basis.

With a portable massage gun now, you can hit the countryside areas, and get your muscle healed. You can take that gun around and get yourself massaged anywhere you like.

Massage guns are portable, you can easily take them around, they come with rechargeable cells as well replaceable cells.

Possible risks of a Massage Gun

We discussed in detail the top benefits of using a massage gun. But there are some cons as well, there are some risks if you don’t use a massage gun properly, your body may have some complications.

More than complications, if you have a medical condition, where your doctor refrained you from using a massage gun, don’t use it.

Incorrect Use

It is not like using a massage gun is harmful to a normal person or the one who needs it.

It is the incorrect use of the massage gun that can have possible harm or damage to your body.

Keep in mind, a massage gun is a tool just like any other, if you don’t know how to use it, you may bring more damage than good, just like any other machine or tool.

So, learn how to use a massage gun properly for different conditions. For example, maybe the use of a massage gun for lower back pain is different than that of muscle recovering from an injury.

Injuries and Open Wounds

As I mentioned a massage gun increases the blood circulation through the area where you are massaging.

What if the area you are using a massage gun on is injured with an open wound?

What if the bone in that area is cracked or broken? In such cases, the massage gun can damage your wound or bone, and for that, you must not use a massage gun.

There are certain medical conditions for those doctors who don’t recommend using a massage gun.

A condition conditions such as hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins, heart conditions, and many others.

If you have any of the conditions, you still can use a massage gun but with the permission of your doctor.

Have a long session of discussion about your condition and if your doctor allows you, go for it. ‘

High Price Point

If you don’t use a massage gun on a regular basis, but your doctor or therapist recommended you one for your injury, you better go for a therapist rather buying a massage gun.

Because their high initial price point does not make them favorable for those on budget.

Yes, if you are interested in using the massage gun after that, they are affordable in long run.

For one session of one hour of therapy, it costs easily around $70, so if you are interested in using them for a long time, better buy a massage gun.


Well, this particular point is for those very special people with sensitive skin.

Human touch is different, hand massage can’t go hard if you tell your masseuse about your condition.

But with a massage gun and the one you are using for the first time; you would never know what is the right speed for someone with sensitive skin.

So, for them, it can be discomforting to use a massage gun, if you fall in that category, it is okay if you don’t buy one.

A right Massage Gun is Very Important

In this long post, we are discussing the benefits of a massage gun.

To get those benefits, it is equally important that you buy a massage gun right suited for you.

You should go with a gun that falls right on your particular needs, don’t fall for aesthetics, or go with a massage gun that is the right suit for your friend or colleagues.

You are different, you have different needs, maybe the massage gun right for your friend, brings damage to you.

These are some short points you should keep in mind when buying a massage gun for you.

Stall Force

Well, I am not going to explain the entire mechanism of how the motor works and how the stall makes it good or bad for a massage gun.

The simplest thing you can learn is, that the higher the stall number, the deeper the massage gun can go into the muscle.

If you have big deep muscles, you should probably go with a higher number of stalls.


Amplitude is the distance a massage head covers back and forth. The higher the amplitude, the deeper the gun can go.

Stall and amplitude both joints’ hands in making the gun head go deeper into the skin.

If there is no force behind to support the massage gun to go deeper into the skin, it would not go into the skin, no matter what capacity it has.

I am not saying these are the only things you should keep in mind. But these are the most important things, if you get a gun that does not support your heavy muscles, there would not be any use in buying one.

Wrap Up

In this long post, we majorly discussed the benefits or advantages of using a massage gun.

There are a few concerns or disadvantages, and you can clearly view that advantages or benefits clearly outnumber concerns.

For me the biggest advantage is, that you can any time, anywhere, alone can do a deep tissue massage.

Not only when you are hurt, but when you feel exhausted and want to relieve your body from the pressure of a tough working day.

And if you do work out in a gym, or are a bodybuilder or an athlete for you it is essential to have a massage gun in your bag, so that you could continue your regular working out in the gym or practice sessions.

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