How to Use a Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain?

Back pain makes your life miserable. It not only limits your activity but makes even the simplest to-do tasks uncomforting.

With a sore lower back, you come to know how blessed your life was before.

You can’t just do the simplest tasks such as waking up from the bed, getting up from the chair, and bending down to tie the shoelaces.

Well, exercise is the best way to get rid of back pain if it is not a chronic issue.

With the exercise to speed up the healing process you can use get massages.

Well, if you take massages from a spa, no doubt about the performance or healing, but it is very heavy on your budget, plus you can’t take the spa with you always.

That’s why professionals recommend massage guns to reduce lower back pain.

A massage gun delivers a short burst of pressure into the muscles or joints to increase blood circulation and provide a soothing experience.

The massage guns reduce the tightness and promote the healing process.

But, being a novice user of a massage gun, you don’t know how to use a massage gun properly to lower back pain.

This is where we are going to help, to make you learn the right angle or procedure to reduce the lower back pain including joint pain.

Why use a Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain?

Massage guns use vibration percussion to send an effect to the deep tissue level. Its effects go inside the deep of the muscles and that’s why they are considered to release the stiffness of the muscles.

That’s why they are used for different pains and aching reduction. You see them used by the sportsman to fix their muscle stiffness and injuries.

You can use the massage gun for the lower back pain too. If you play a sport or get lower back pain for no reason, you can use the massage gun, it will increase the blood circulation of the body.

If you are getting too much pain, and you try to use a massage gun to reduce the pain, and you feel it very uncomfortable or unpleasant, you should not use the massage gun for that.

In that case, you should consult your doctor, and after a thorough checkup, if your doctor allows, you should use the massage gun then.

How to use a massage Gun properly for lower back pain?

Just owning a massage gun does not make you an expert in using one.

It is also important that you use your tools the way they should be used to get fruitful results.

This section is going to make you use your massage gun for lower back pain.


First thing first, if you are conscious about using a massage gun for the lower back pain or using it for the first time, the first thing you should do is make yourself comfortable.

Check the different speed and pressure settings of the massage gun and get yourself aquatinted with the massage gun.

Just like the way you get a spa from a premium service provider, in the same way, you should pick a silent, quiet place in your home. It can be on your lawn, garden, or a nearby park.

I would rather pick my home to do the massage because you will get lesser distractions there.

Find an airy open space in your home, and get yourself accustomed to the space, breath in breath out and find the inner peace within you.

The right speed, vibration, and pressure

The right speed, pressure, and vibration setting matter the most. Again, before using the massage gun if you are using it for the first time, play around with the speed and different vibration settings.

Start with the lowest pressure and speed to see what speed suits you the most.

Once you get to know the speed and other settings, crank up the speed and stop where you feel comfortable.

Don’t start with the highest setting, if it is the first time, or you had an injury to the area, or swelling, at the highest speed, you can hurt yourself.

Be soft on painful Areas

Your lower back consists of soft tissues, if you go very hard on the area you feel pain, it might bring more damage than good.

Be gentle on the painful area, and gently use the massage gun. Don’t try to be very hard, even when you feel it comforting, use the machine’s pressure, not of your hands.

Rub the painful area up and down using the massage gun head, yes, you can massage for a longer time to the painful area compare to the other lower parts of the body.

But, don’t stretch the session too long, the average massaging time must not exceed five minutes. Within that time you will start feeling relaxed and relieved.

Don’t try to run the massage gun on your spine, it brings more damage than good.

Focus on the lower back’s soft tissue, with the right setting, the right speed, and the right pressure you will see things turning in your favor and you will start feeling way more relieved than you had imagined.

But, maybe, you don’t get it right, maybe you can’t see your lower back and hit the right area.

This is where human assistance comes into play, if that’s your case, have someone onboard to get the job done.

Human Assistance

Well, we are not at the time of reaching the article reached a stage in technological advancements where robots could assist us with our commands, the way we want.

That’s why we will have to rely on human assistance, you too can get yourself assisted by your colleagues, friends, spouse, or anyone you want.

It is not that you can’t get the massage done alone. But, if your lower back is in bad shape, and you can’t handle it alone, or your hand is not reaching the right spot, this is where you will seriously take someone onboard.

So, if you have someone for massaging using a massage gun, lie down on your back on a flat surface. Relax your arms by putting them on the sides, feel no tension.

Keep in mind, that the person going to assist you in massaging is not an expert, maybe he/she knows less than you about massaging.

You can tell him where to massage and also that don’t run the massage gun directly on the spine.

You can use different poses to get the right spot hit. Like if laying on the bed straight is not making your partner hit the right spot on your back, you may kneel or bend position. This can encourage your body to stretch and hit the right spot.

Tell your assistant to run the massage gun along with the love handles.

These are the fatty areas on your lower back, massaging along with them also reduces the fat levels in your body.

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When to Use a Massage Gun?

It is not just the back pain you can use your massage gun for, you can use it any time you like.

But there are some specific times, exercise, you should use a massage gun.

Before Workout

Although many experts recommend using a massage gun after a workout or an exhaustive workday many say you can use it even before a workout.

And if you get back pain, after working out, you should necessarily use it before a workout, it will make you ready for the session.

The reason why you should use it before a workout is, that it increases the blood flow and makes your body and muscles get ready for the hard to go through a workout session. For improved results, aim at the parts of the body you are going to train.

During the workout

If you are a pro, an athlete, or if you are suffering from aching in any part of the body, you can use the massage gun even during the workout session.

For a bodybuilder or an athlete, necessarily use the massage gun to remove the stiffness of the muscles.

After workout

Your body has gone through an intense workout session, now you should get your body relaxed. The best part to get the body parts relaxed and relieved is to give a massage.

Yes, it can be a hand massage or the use of specialized tools, or a massage gun for the job. Don’t get too excited, 30-seconds to 2-minutes are more than just good.

One more thing, don’t just get the body to have a massage right away, let your body have some rest post-workout session and when the muscles reach the resting phase, get them relaxed and loosen up.

When you are getting Lower back pain

Well, a workout or after a long hectic day at work are not the only reasons to get a massage. You can get a massage when you get lower back pain.

It can be before the workout, after the workout, at the beginning of the day before work, or post-work.

If you travel a lot, and you know your back issues, you may buy a portable hand-held massage gun that you carry around and get the massage done whenever you want.

How Often Should You Use Massage Gun?

This section helps you know how often you should get a massage. Like, if you are exhausted after a tough day at work, you should not exceed the massage more than 2-5 minutes.

If it is your muscle that is hurting you after a long workout session, 15-30 seconds to that particular part of the body massage is more than just good.

More importantly, if it is your lower back pain, you can hit it for 5-minutes maximum. Don’t go very hard on the sensitive areas, and don’t place the massage gun head direct on the never area.

How to use a massage gun on the upper back?

Yes, you can use your massage gun to any part of your area’s massage. You can use it for the lower as well as upper back area.

Run the massage gun back and forth along with the muscle. Do it for 10-20 seconds in one session, and you will see the area starts getting relieved and relaxed.

Where not to use the massage gun?

Massage guns are safe to use for any part of the body area. They are not discomforting or hurt your body unless you have an already injury or other medical condition.

But there are some areas of the human body where you should not use a massage gun such as the Neck area.

Because if you use your massage gun on your neck, it can lead to carotid dissection.

There are some other areas of the body such as bony regions, bruises, injury, and excruciating discomfort, and also consult your doctor before you get a massage if you have a medical condition.

Wrap Up

A massage gun is really an amazing tool to relieve your lower back pain.

If you are suffering from back pain for a long time, and you are using a massage gun just because a friend recommended you to use it, have a specialized doctor onboard to have a look at your issue.

If you have a medical condition or a chronic issue, a massage gun might only relieve the back pain for some time, not permanently.

If you are recommended to use a massage gun by your doctor, or you are an athlete to get your sore muscles rejuvenated, you can freely use the massage gun safely.

In this guide though we have mentioned in detail how can you use a massage gun to relieve the lower back pain.

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