7 Best Oil Filters Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

You can’t ignore the importance of an oil filter. This tiny vital part of your car not only ensures your car’s engine’s optimal health but prevents you from unwanted pauses.

It helps in a smoother, undistributed, and efficient riding experience, just like the way you expect from your car.

These filters prevent tiny substances from getting your car’s oil doing potential damage to the machinery and preventing your car from smoother running.

If you have been using an oil filter and have pretty much acknowledged their importance, and now looking for replacing them as regular maintenance, we are here to help.

In this post, I am going to review the best Oil filters according to consumer ratings & reports you can buy.

These all are top-rated and top-selling oil filters that improve the filtering, indirectly aiding towards a smoother riding experience. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Oil Filters Reviews

These are the 7 best oil filters based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

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Features at a glance
  • 99-percent efficiency
  • Synthetic and natural material blend construction
  • Holds 14-grams f contamination
  • Anti-drain back valve

Bosch is one of the leading names in automotive parts manufacturing. Its made oil filters are highly recommended and often experts are found recommending BOSCH oil filters.

The top oil filter on our list designed by BOSCH comes with high-end features to keep the harmful particles away from your engine.

It comes powered with synthetic and natural material constructed media that aids-into superior filtration and increased engine protection and performance.

As per the brand’s claims, the filters have around 99-percent of the efficiency and easily hold up grimes and dust as much as 14-grams.

It comes with a spiral wound tube center. The center provides the required sturdiness and durability and makes your filter have the right strength to deal with all contaminations.

Its end caps are designed in a way that no contamination or leftovers would ever make to the engine.

To make you never face dry starts it comes with silicone anti-drain back valve protection. To prevent oil restriction, there is a relief valve integrated into the filter so that you always get proper oil flow.

With a high lubricity gasket design, it provides the right sealing and makes it easier to remove once the filter reaches its end-use.

One more thing, this filter comes with an OE fit. It is the same kind of fitting you might have seen with your new car rolled off the assembly line.

It fits various vehicles including Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Nissan, and many more in the list. Plus, don’t forget to select you for fitment before giving the filter a shot.

Overall, this filter is what you need to enjoy premium performance from a premium vehicle. It smoothly prevents your car’s engine from contaminated particles and premature wearing and failure.

What We Like!

  • Around 99-percent efficiency
  • Holds up to 14-grams of contamination
  • The end cups prevent trapped contamination from making its way to the engine
  • Anti-drain valve protects against dry starts

Things to Consider!

  • Hard to grip

2. FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter

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Features at a glance
  • 10000 Miles covering
  • Proprietary media filters
  • Sure-grip integrated
  • 95-percent efficiency

If you are looking into buying oil filters that offer great performance and come in hands under an affordable price range, I recommend FRAM-designed oil filters.

For new users as well as experienced and Pro, FRAM is one of the most famous names, those who have zero knowledge about the oil filters often found themselves purchasing FRAM filters for obvious reasons.

The brand does amazing advertisements and in the last decade, they have left their footprints in everyone’s mind through their working marketing tactics.

But, it’s not just the marketing that makes the brand stands out, it is superior performance, premium construction, and affordable price, that works as a team and provides all under one floor.

It comes with proprietary media filters which not only increases its dirt-trapping as well as dirt-holding capabilities.

As per FRAM, the filters can easily cover you for around 5000 miles and ideally works with modern as well as conventional motor oil.

It comes incorporated with a sure-grip coating what they say, this coating makes it easier for installation as well as removal when the filters reach their natural life.

With an internally lubricated sealing gasket, it enhances overall performance plus prevents your engine from wearing out unnaturally.

In total, I find these filters great for everyday drivers. If you have to maintain your vehicle on regular basis, this is the filter you can rely on with up to 95-percent of efficiency.

What We Like!

  • Up to 95-percent of the efficiency
  • It comes with a sure grip which aids in easier installation and removal
  • Affordable price range
  • Goes up to 10000 miles

Things to Consider!

  • Some users were not satisfied with the construction

3. Royal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter

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Features at a glance
  • 99-percent of the efficiency
  • Premium constructed using high-quality material
  • Extra thick shell
  • Covers 10,000 miles

Royal Purple is one of the esteemed and experienced names in the world of automotive parts manufacturing.

The brand has been there since 1986, although it is pretty short compared to many, but in the shortest span of time, it earned a huge reputation and made a good name for itself.

With this extended filter, Royal Filter showcases how they are the leading name in the auto-care world.

This filter comes shares 100-percent synthetic micro-glass media. This media ensures that you get 99-percent of the efficiency at 25-microns.

The synthetic fibers used are compact and fine, making it hard for even the tiny contaminants to get it to the engine.

If there is any contamination in the oil, you will see it getting filtered and cleaned to be ready for your engine.

It comes with an anti-drive back valve made of silicone to prevent dry starts. It also has a rubber gasket, to prevent leaks.

It easily lasts and covers for around 10,000 miles, just because of its sturdy construction of end caps, center tubes, and bypass valve which are made of metal.

It is surely one of the expensive oil filters but if you check its performance, and see the customer’s reviews, you will surely like to have it reached at your doorstep to assist your vehicle in making your next rides as smoother as you like.

What We Like!

  • 99-percent efficiency
  • Covers easily 10,000 miles
  • End caps, center tub, and bypass valve are made of metal
  • Comes with 100-percent Synthetic Micro glass media

Things to Consider!

  • Pricey

4. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

Features at a glance
  • Steel outer casing
  • Printed to prevent rusting
  • Shares fluted design
  • Silicone anti-drain valve

If you have a diesel vehicle and looking for one of the most renowned names in automotive products manufacturing then go with Motorcraft.

The brand has been there for the longest time, and one of the reckoned names produces qualitative oil filters.

This oil filter follows the quality standards set by the biggest brands including Ford and makes you never witness pauses due to contaminated oil.

This oil filter is designed in a way to screen out contamination such as metals, abrasive, carbon, sand, and dust so that they get their way into your engine to wear it out or make it stop functioning.

It comes with a pressure relief valve that removes any chance of contaminated oils circulating around your engine after being filtered out.

This unique designed oil filter makes sure that your engine always gets the oil even under cold conditions or if the filter gets clogged.

It comes with a steel outer casing to make it precise for fitting, its print makes it prevent rusting, and make it easier to remove when you want to remove the filter.

Moreover, it comes with a fluted design that makes the filter easily fit with different types of engines.

It also has a silicone anti-drain valve that makes the engine never drain the oil from the filter when the engine is not running.

It is one of the top-rated products on Amazon, that’s not because it comes from a reputed brand, but because its dust and dirt collecting capabilities from the contaminated oil and preventing your engine from wearing out.

What We Like!

  • Ensure consistent oil supply even in hardest cold conditions
  • Steel ironed outer coating makes it resistant to rusting
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve protects it against draining
  • Pressure relief valve to ensure no impurities get back to the engine

Things to Consider!

  • Be sure your oil cap is shorter one

5. ACDelco GM Original Oil Filter

Features at a glance
  • 98-percent efficiency
  • Captures 25 microns particles
  • 6000 coverage
  • Adhesive thermosetting seal in its base

If you are looking for a solid built designed oil filter, ACDelco GM Original Oil Filter is the best one to grab. The thermosetting adhesive seal in its base helps in filtering under extreme temperatures.

The seal remains tight, even when you are riding in the hottest weather. It comes with an aluminum shell which helps in a higher burst threshold compared to other models.

With dirt capturing efficiency of around 98-percent, it captures the particles even as small as 25-30 microns in size.

In other words, you would not be suffering from sudden pauses, jerks, and wearing out of the engine due to contaminated oil.

It comes with Cellulose media, which is known for capturing particles 1/3 width of human hair, in other words, your engine gets a clean and smooth supply of oil, no contamination even the tiniest one would ever be filtered through the cellulose media.

This oil filter is durable and lasts longer than others. It is because of its burst strength which makes it greater as much as five times than usual engine putting oil pressure.

With a filtering capacity of around 6000 miles of travel, it is one of the most efficient and finest oil filters you can ever grab.

Moreover, brands such as Duramax and LB7 recommend this filter due to its adhesive seal thermosetting which holds the media filters in their place even in the hottest conditions.

What We Like!

  • Adhesive thermosetting seal in its base
  • Exceeds around 6000 miles
  • Efficiency around d98-percent with capturing particles as small as 25 microns
  • Higher burst threshold

Things to Consider!

  • Does not integrate rubber gasket

6. PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Oil Filter

Features at a glance
  • 10,000 miles covering
  • Budget price range
  • 99-Percent efficiency
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable oil filter, go with a PurolatorONE oil filter.

It is an affordable but efficient option, shares premium built, and comes from one of the reputed names in automotive products manufacturing.

It withstands around 10,000 miles of driving and is indented for synthetic oil use. Under an affordable price range, this number is really something you should consider when narrowing down your filter options, as many only last around 5000 miles.

It comes with a silicone anti-drain back valve that prevents oil leaking, and its synthetic blend media make it easier to capture even the tiniest contamination mixed in the oil. It also has metal end caps and enters tubes, to make the filter wear-resistance.

It is one of those filters which keeps the engine operating at the highest efficiency with its 99-percent dirt, contamination, and carbon removal power.

It is not the only filter Purolator has to offer, it has others such as Purolator Classic and Purolator Boss. The one we are reviewing sits in the middle of them both.

If you want something more powerful, and can afford a high price tag, you may pick the Purolator boss absolute best from the brand.

For the users on budget and looking for a reliable Oil filter, this is the option to get hands. It has all premium features, you can ask from even a premium oil filter

What We Like!

  • Silicon Anti drain-back valve
  • Metal end caps prevent it from wearing
  • High-density synthetic blend media
  • Lasts for 10,000 miles easily

Things to Consider!

  • Hard to get it tight

7. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter

Features at a glance
  • 97% Efficiency
  • 20,000 miles covering
  • Holds up 28 Grams of contamination
  • Withstands increase oil pressure

If you don’t like changing the oil filter often, you should probably go with one that lasts longer, such as Mobil 1 designed oil filter.

It easily lasts for around 20,000 miles without wearing and comes from one of the most experienced oil filters producing brands.

This oil filter with ‘Extended’ in its name is the latest iteration by the brand. It seems like the brand is very serious about its name, that’s why not only in construction but overall performance and quality has also been improved way more than before.

Longevity is not the only feature this oil filter has to offer. In my view, the most astounding and stands out is that it easily captures contaminations as small as 25 microns, plus it holds up 28-grams of the contaminations.

This contamination holding capacity is way much better than even the most expensive oil filter.

This aspect really puts others to shame and provides you really an extended performance for an extended period of time.

It easily withstands massive oil pressure. Yes, this is another excelling point, it easily holds up increased oil pressure, as much as nine times compared to the others.

If you have to drive through under harsh conditions, and more than often face choking because the oil filters can’t filter the oil to the level you require, this would not let you down.

It withstands high oil pressure and maintains increased oil pressure rated to be filtered.

One more thing, if you have to suffer from the not-fitting experience of oil filters. These oil filters are surely going to be the right fit for any car you drive.

In other words, you can always count on Mobil 1, for an extended period of time.

What We Like!

  • Fits almost any car
  • Withstands increase oil pressure, 9 times higher than others
  • 97% efficiency
  • Holds up contaminations up to 28 Grams

Things to Consider!

  • Requires tool for installation

Oil Filter Buying Guide 

If you want to get the most out of your filter, and end up with the best oil filter, read through this guide.

In this section, we are going to pen down some of the top features one should look at when buying an oil filter.

Size and model number

Size is the most important thing because not all sizes fit all vehicles. Like every other aspect or part of your vehicle, the filter will also be of a specific size. So, you need to choose the right size that fits your car properly.

Yes, that’s true, in some cars, manufacturers leave the space, making them fit any filter. But still, you will have to look at the size, and in most cases, even with the left space, you would not be able to just any size oil filter.

So, how would you know the right size? Obviously, the car manual can tell you the right size as well as the model number. If you have misplaced that manual, you may check on the internet or contact the manufacturers as well.

Material Used in the Making

It is the construction and the material used in the making that makes the oil filter good or bad. Oil filters come with different filtration media as well as membranes. It is the membrane behind the actual filtration, so pick it carefully.

These are the three most common types:

  • Cellulose: These are the oil filters that can be disposed of, they come with cellulose filtration media such as ACDelco’s Filter we reviewed here. This type of filter can easily capture up to 8-10 microns of dirt particles and easily clean up to 40-percent of the oil.
  • They are affordable but share a short life span, that’s why they last mostly for around 3000 miles.
  • Synthetic Filters: These are premium or expensive constructed oil filters. The cane easily captures 20-40 microns of dust particles, the last relatively more than cellulose filters, for around 5000-7000 miles.
  • Micro Glass: If you don’t like changing oil filters again and again and can pay high, probably this is the right type of filter for you. These are the high-end ones and easily last up to 12000,15000 miles or 2-3 years. Their media is made of fiber that filters finer than cellulose and synthetic.


The capacity of an oil filter is the capability to hold contaminates. Larger the capacity, the longer the filter change intervals. It is the filtration media used and its build quality that determines the capacity of the contaminates an oil filter can hold.

Premium Oil filters, the one made of fiber can easily hold up to 28 grams. Whilst the average ones can hold up to 10-12 grams. If the capacity of holding the contaminates of an oil filter reaches, it will stop holding the contaminates, and unfiltered oil can pass through reach your engine.

Installation and removal

For sure you would not like to visit a service center for installation or removal of the oil filter.

So, you do it yourself, and if the oil filter can’t be taken off easily, you would not be able to replace it yourself. So, go with an oil filter which could easily be taken off or installed.

But some oil filters have to be installed and removed technicians, no matter how experienced you are, you require tools for that.

Build quality

For an oil filter to last longer, it is important that you check its build quality. Because the oil filter is not constructed using quality material, it would not be able to sustain itself in extreme weather conditions.

For that, you sure spend some extra, to buy a filter that shares sturdy construction.

Final Verdict

If you don’t like unwanted pauses, jerks, or choking, you better maintain your vehicle and the biggest part of maintenance is routine oil filter change.

It not only prolongs the lifespan of your vehicle but helps you enjoy a smooth, undisturbed riding experience.

In this long guide, we reviewed the top oil filters available on the market. We also pen down some important tips to get the best out of the best.

Read through this guide, and pick the one that suits your car needs and falls right on your budget restrictions.

FAQs About Oil Filter

What is an oil filter, and how does it work?

Oil filter is one of the most important parts of your car. It ensures that your engine gets cleaned oil.

Its job is to remove the contamination from the oil, particles such as metal, dust, or debris, if they make their way to the engine, they surely clog the parts of your engine and make it dysfunctional and wear out faster.

How to determine if the oil filter is best for my car?

There are many ways you can follow to pick the right oil filter for you. First thing is to go with the right size.

You can read the manual or contact the manufacturers to learn the right size. In the buying guide section, we mentioned many useful tips one can follow to get the best oil filter to reach its doorstep.

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