ONNAIS ALLOY SE Gun Safe Review – All You Need To Know

Onnais Alloy SE Gun Safe Review
I enjoy taking my gun everywhere, so I didn’t feel the need to purchase another gun safe at this time.

But, my travel buddy, who too loves carrying guns, and knows how hard it becomes to travel with a gun safe in a vehicle.

He recommended me to buy Onnais Gun Safe. And guess what the very next day I ordered it on Amazon.

Now I have this gun safe, why not review it in detail? So that we could pay attention to various aspects of it, and see if it is any useful, other than its looks. Let’s review it in detail, and pay attention to its usability in details.

Portable Gun Safe

Portable Onnais Gun Safe (1)

It is a portable designed small gun safe that shares a full metallic construction. The Onnais Gun safe can fit up to 2 guns (depending upon the size of the guns) and other small items. It also has an inside zipper and a zipper pocket on the top door. Well, I can’t see any use of that zipper pocket, still I think can put here some guns manual, or something you want to recall while pulling out the gun.

Another aspect that makes it portable and sleek and a nice fit anywhere is its retractable handle. The expandable handle can be pulled when you carry it, and retract when you don’t use it or want to put it inside the seat or anywhere you want.

And the most important thing that prevents my gun and other small things stored in slide way, is its removable blocks. You can remove the blocks, and put your foam pad to fit your gun in the section. This secures your gun and other stuff from sliding away.

And most importantly, it comes with a steel cable that makes attaching it to other objects without using any other lock. You can use the steel cable when you store the safe in your car, tie one end of the cable with your steel or any object near, and the other end to the inside of the safe, to make it unmovable.

Faster Accessibility

Fingerprint Gun Safe (1)

Luckily, faster accessibility is possible here with the Onnais Gun Safe. Me, I was fed up using dials and codes, and even if any gun safe had provided fingerprint accessibility, they didn’t work 50% of the time.

It allows you to scan your all fingers and set them as passwords (50 scans is little exaggeration though). Whenever you needed to pop open it, just put your finger on the scanner, and 99% of the time, the scanner works. If you are an old-school password guy, you too are being facilitated here.

The only thing I didn’t like about the password is it requires 5-15 digits. Well, 4 digits could have been enough, it’s because 4-digit passwords are easier to remember. Here, you can be repetitive, yes, unlike many other safes, they don’t allow you to choose repetitive numbers. Feel free to set any combination password, but for God’s sake don’t put 12345.

And you are also given two master keys. In case you forget your passwords, the person who had fingerprint scans registered is not nearby, and you lost the RFID card too, you can use the master keys.

The most amazing aspect of using this gun safe is its humanized voice setup. The Onnais Voice prompts make it way easier, not only to set it up for the first time, but it makes you feel that you are communicating with a human, not a machine.

In case you didn’t like the voice, you can press voice, to mute the person speaking inside the safe.


One of the main reasons why people invest in buying any gun safe is security and safety. For me, it is more important that my kids around could not open the gun safe in my absence.

But, if someone gets access to this gun safe, with a little or more effort, he/she can pry open the lock. I think to make this gun safe portable, the brand has to reduce the weight, that’s why the metal used in this is not the strongest.

Update: Onnais introduced double lock points in their latest Biometric portable Gun safes. That makes it harder than before to pry open this gun safe.

Lithium Ion Battery

It comes with a strong lithium Ion battery. The battery holds for a good long time, I didn’t especially note that feature, about how long the battery last. But, I think it holds for months. And most importantly, if the battery level is lower than a set level, the voice prompts recalls you to put the case on the charging.

And most importantly, it does not come with a tampering alarm. One of my safes comes with that feature, I was happy that if someone tried to pry open the alarm, it will go off, and I will catch him/her. But, it seems like the feature is designed to put you in constant pain.

For instance, if the safe is placed on the top of a table, or anything like that, and someone bumped into that object, the tampering alarm will go off, and wake your baby, which took hours of labor to sleep.

The battery is included in the package, so you won’t have to pay extra in buying the battery, no hidden gimmicks.

Button Designs and LED lights

The built-in LED lights are awesome, making it easier to pick up your weapon or other things stored in the bag. With the safe popped open, the built-in LED lights turn on and make things placed viewable. The buttons too are classy designed and almost require no power to press. And that can be the con of the button design.

The buttons get engaged with you putting your finger on them, you don’t press any button, and still, they get engaged. In your sleep, as the lights are turned off, if you try to pop open your case, without you pressing any button, the buttons would get engaged and make a noise.

Secondly, if you are a large-handed person like me, for you, the buttons are too close. You won’t be able to place your full hand, to engage the buttons.

How long does it take to charge?

if you are using a type-C cable, it should not take more than 30 minutes to fully charge. Yes, you can tell if the safe is being charged, the blue lights constantly go on/off when it’s charging.

Is there a way to tell when the battery charge is going down and needs recharging?

Yes, it comes with a preset alarm that sets off once the battery is lower than the set’s level. The humanized voiced alarms, keep recalling you about the battery recharging so that you could recharge it on time before it dies.

Can you mount it on the wall?

Yes, the Onnais Alloy gun safe comes with pre-drilled holes that help you to fix it on the wall or surface.

Can it hold berretta m9a4? Length is 8.7

Yes, it can hold Berretta m94a. Its interior length space is 8.98, and the berretta of length 8.7 can easily be fitted inside the Onnais alloy SE Gun safe.

Is there a way to get a replacement key for the safe?

The Onnais already provides you with two master keys. There are a total of four ways to access the lockbox. You can set the password, and fingerprint scanners, you also get a card, and two master keys. I don’t think, there would be a need for one more master key. So, I don’t think the customer team will provide you with a replacement key for the safe.

Is this Safe TSA Approved?

Well, there is no mention of TSA approval anywhere on the official website. Still, I imagine it’s TSA approved. But, in case it’s not, I don’t think I should take buying decision just because a quality product is not TSA-approved.

Most importantly, you can’t tell what TSA wants from you carrying a weapon in the safe. It depends on the Airport you are flying from, and the security team on duty at that time.

Can this be used to also store key fobs for relay theft?

Well, it’s designed to store two standard guns and various other small things. You can store anything you like, but keep in mind the box should be secured to the surface you are putting it on.

How do you add or change the number passcode?

Changing the number password is very easy. Pop open the lockbox using a master key, number password, or card. Once it’s opened, click on the set button three times continuously in three seconds. The humanized voice prompt will ask you to put in a new password.

Put your five-digit password, you can use any combination you like. Press the Ok button again, and it will ask for confirmation of the new Administration password. Provide the new set password, and click the OK button again. You will receive a confirmation message in humanized voice ‘Password set successful’

What is the difference between the new version and the standard?

The new version is smaller, more compact, and rugged than the old version. It is all metal constructed compared to the older version with an updated locking mechanism. The new version comes with a double lock hooks mechanism, which is harder to pry open.

Closing Thoughts

In a nutshell, I liked this robust designed, and premium textured, all-metal constructed gun safe. It looks robust, and it makes me feel like my guns are protected. It is easier to access, it gives you the freedom to use more than one accessibility method, and I prefer fingerprint scanning.

The removable blocks designed and pads were a unique idea, and I liked that too. It prevents my guns being slide away when I travel with the gun safe. The steel cable too is very useful, you can carry your weapon with you when traveling, or have to place it anywhere when you are going somewhere.

The battery too looks strong and runs for a good long time. But, whenever you get time, like when sleeping, if there is any power cord near your bed, put it on the charging. There are a few things I didn’t like about it, like a 5-digit password, or the safety, but for the price you are paying, I don’t think you can get a better deal than this.

Jonathan Perry

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