7 Best Pedestal Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Summer is around the corner; you don’t want to use a portable air conditioner this time because electricity prices empty your pockets and you are looking for energy-saving options to cater to the heat of this summer?

Why don’t you look at pedestal fans? They are affordable, energy-saving, and above all buying, one would not dent your bank account.

In terms of functionality, Pedestal fans are not like other fans who are supposed to be rooted in one spot. You can easily move them according to your needs and requirements.

In this post, I am going to review the best pedestal fans according to consumer reports and mention their advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which one to go with. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Pedestal Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports

These are the 7 best pedestal fans based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. PELONIS Silent Turbo Standing Adjustable Fan

Features at a glance
  • Height stretches up to 54-inches
  • 12-speed settings
  • 3-Modes of operations
  • Quietest pedestal fan

If you are looking for one of the most modern designed and silent Standing fans, the PELONIS Silent turbo standing adjustable fan is the right option to get hands-on.

There are reasons why we picked this model as our first contender. The first reason is its quiet operations. Yes, it comes with three modes including a sleeping mode to help you enjoy without buzzing sound.

It is one of the tallest fans which stretches up to 54-inches in height. The height is adjustable, you can get the desired settings as per your customized needs.

The most prominent aspect is the 12-speed settings. You can set any speed as per your liking, slow to the highest speed for your airflow needs.

As I mentioned it comes in three modes, the other two include a sleep mode and a natural mode. In sleep mode, it gradually slows the speed over several hours.

You can set it turning off as well. You can set it to turn off within 30-minutes or after 12-hours or in between.

Plus, this Pedestal fan knows your last speed and settings. In other words, you do not need to tweak through all 12-speeds to get the right speed for you.

It is an oscillating feature integrated with a pedestal fan. It supports 85-degree oscillation and is designed with a wide oscillation to distribute area to a wider space in the open to help you enjoy the summers the way you like.

I find this fan very easy to use as well. It comes with a remote-control feature that helps you to control the speed of the fan, modes changing, on/off, and timers as well. You would not have to get up to change the settings, just pick the remote, and there it is.

It is one of the most powerful Pedestal fans in our tests. With the highest 10.5 mph airflow, it is the highest speed you ever see in pedestal fans, and surely going to help you cater to the heat issues in your surroundings.

Well, there are a few downsides related to this item. Likes of, it takes time to settle in when you change its settings, mode, or speed.

Plus, even in the silent mode, its buzz sound when you change the mode is disturbing and disrupts the sleep of a silent bedroom.

What We Like!

  • The powerful Pedestal Fan we checked
  • It allows you set the timer from 30-minutes to 12-hours
  • Easy to use operations with a remote controller
  • Wide oscillation

Things to Consider!

  • Takes time to settle in when change speed or mode

2. Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan

Features at a glance
  • adjustable height up to 48-inches
  • 30-8 Hours Timer
  • Three-speed settings
  • Oscillation support

If you don’t like too much tweaking through different features, modes, and speeds, and want powerful Pedestal Fans with great airflow, Honeywell-designed Double blade 16 Pedestal fan is the right option to get hands-on.

It is a double-blade pedestal fan, to help you enjoy powerful cooling in hot summers. This double blade design without enhancing the noise around enhances the speed and provides optimal efficiency with maximum airflow.

Yes, this one also supports height adjustment up to 48-inches. You can customize the height as per your requirements.

It comes with an LED control panel. This panel is very intuitive and provides you easy to read panels for changing speeds or different modes.

It has three-speed settings to choose from and three types of airflow to help you customize your cooling experience.

The LED panel also provides you timer. The timer settings can help you pick the time of turning it off. You can set it from 30-minutes to 12-hours, and get it turned off when needed.

It is a powerful Pedestal fan. Its highest power airflow falls at 12.7 mph, which is surely above most of the models of this group and at this price. It can tilt both up and down, and the beeps which change the settings or airflow, are pretty quiet compared to the model we reviewed above.

The only downside is, the double blade design does not recall the last settings when turned off.

When you will turn it on, it will start from the lowest setting again. And I do not find it the quiet fan. You would not be able to watch TV with this little thing turned on.

Overall, it is a go-ahead for a pedestal Fan with the base covered. It is one of the sturdily designed fans that help you pick the right speed settings as well as mode, to make it cooler for you when you don’t want to turn on Air conditioning.

What We Like!

  • Three-speed settings
  • Three modes of airflow
  • Adjustable height up to 48-inches
  • Oscillation feature included

Things to Consider!

  • Goes back to the default setting once turned off

3. Lasko Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan

Features at a glance
  • Three speed settings
  • Adjustable height 38-54.5
  • Easy to assemble
  • Moving head

If you want to buy a compact designed, ultralightweight, and budget-priced pedestal Fan, get a hands-on Lasko designed Elegance and Performance Pedestal fan. This can come under $50 price, way cheaper than the above-reviewed models.

Likewise, in the above-mentioned models, this too comes with three-speed settings; Low, medium, and high.

It is pretty power-efficient, conserves energy, and helps you save up from your electricity bills.

Due to its compactness and lightweight, it can easily be glided around in the home from bedroom to living or near your desk.

It supports adjustable height and a tilt-head-back feature. In other words, it allows you to direct the air where you need it, height can be adjusted from 38-inches to 54.5 inches.

One more thing, I think that’s the most prominent aspect is it’s easy to assemble parts. Its assembly is super easy, you can by following the direction provided on the user manual pull it up within 30-minutes.

This Pedestal fan under budget price range supports pretty widespread oscillation. You can set the path for oscillation, and it follows that trajectory and provides immense airflow from side to side throughout that area.

I Liked its blue plug patented safety fuse feature as well. This built-in feature places a fuse directly to the power cord of the electric fan.

And if the fuse detects any hazardous fault to the power flowing towards the fan, it cuts off the electricity preventing any damage.

In a nutshell, at the cheapest price possible, this lightweight and compact pedestal fan provides you with every feature you require to cater summer heat without spending too much on electricity bills.

What We Like!

  • Pivoting head allows you direct air where you need
  • Three energy-efficient speed settings
  • Supports oscillation
  • Adjustable height

Things to Consider!

  • Not quiet at all

4. Rowenta VU5550 Turbo Silence Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Features at a glance
  • Adjustable height from 42-inches to 54 inches
  • Five blade design
  • 3-speed settings
  • Pivoting 16-inches head

If you are looking into buying a pedestal fan for your home as well as for the office, Rowenta designed Silence Oscillating pedestal fan is the right product to go with.

It is an ideal contender with its 16-inches Oscillating head, and remote control support.

It is an expensive ranged a pedestal fan. But if you look closely at its built and specs or features it comes integrated with, you find it worth the price.

It produces exceptional airflow, up to 2436 cubic feet, to turn a warm room into a cool cozy room in hot summers.

I find this oscillating headstand fan very quiet. It supports four different speed settings, and all of the speed settings are as quiet as you can use even in a library.

So, for a silent bedroom, you can’t find better standing fans than this, good for the light sleepers who wake up on the tiniest noise around.

Its height is adjustable. You can adjust it from 42-inches to 54 inches. The head is rotatable, you can set the head at what you need it in different directions.

It also supports spot cooling or airflow, you can control it using a remote control, get the right customized settings as per your use and need.

It Is a five-blade-designed propeller. The five blades blow immense airflow, indoors as well as outdoors.

It might come in a high-priced range, but if you check its construction, it is pretty sturdy constructed with a standing fan.

What We Like!

  • Five blade design produces immense airflow
  • Adjustable height
  • Pivoting head can be directed anywhere
  • Extremely silent operations

Things to Consider!

  • The grills rust quickly

5. Lasko 2535 52″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Features at a glance
  • 3 Quiet speed settings
  • 52-INCHES height
  • 7-Feet long power cord
  • Widespread oscillation

If you have a small apartment, and big giant-sized pedestal fans are not the right suit for you, you should consider buying this Lasko-designed Oscillating pedestal fan.

It is a quiet, yet powerful and compact designed fan which makes it great for your tight space.

It is a plastic constructed cooling pedestal Fan, which shares 3 quiet and energy-efficient customized speed settings.

You can switch through the given settings making it ideal for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office.

It is a pretty powerful standing fan, produces good airflow to provide evenly spread cooling air throughout the room.

It comes with an oscillating head. You can turn your head to your desired spot. Widespread oscillation is great for your work, you can get the head directed to the customized seating or posture.

It got adjustable height too, it is a 52-inches tall standing fan, that allows you to easily change the height and customize it as per your use.

Lasko designed a standing cooling fan that is easy to use as well. It comes with wireless remote control as well as an LED control panel display. You can use either of them for switching through the speed settings, timer, oscillation from a distance.

Yes, it also has a timer. You can set the timer from 30-minutes to 7.5 hours. It comes with a 7-feet long power cord, which makes it easier to use, and move from one position to the other without changing the power source.

In total, it is a trim, lightweight, and compact designed standing fan that can easily be fitted in small spaces. It looks better and shares an aesthetic appeal, which surely grabs eyeballs.

What We Like!

  • Trim designed fan fits in tight corners and small apartments
  • Blows cool air, good airflow
  • Remote control and LED control panel integrated
  • 52-Inches height fan with adjustable settings

Things to Consider!

  • Gets noisy at high-speed settings

6. Comfort Zone HBCZST161BTEBK Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Features at a glance
  • 16-inches Head
  • 3-Speed settings
  • The 4-Legs design which widens 24-inches
  • Airflow up to 10.9 MPH

If you are on a budget and can’t afford expensive-priced pedestal fans, Comfort Zone 3-speed is the right option for you.

It is not a sub-standard constructed or sub-par product, but it comes with basic functionality, simple and straightforward operations.

It comes in a four-leg base shape. The base widens to a whopping 24-inches, to make it a good option for uneven surfaces or grounds.

You can even place it on other objects in your home. Don’t worry, the legs are not a staple in movability, they got folded up pretty quickly, making already compact designed standing fans more compact and lightweight.

It comes with 3 basic speed settings, to allow you to adjust the right one as per your needs.

Plus, its LED control panel makes it easier to tweak through different settings including a timer. Yes, you can put it on a timer, if you want your standing fan to be turned off after set hours.

In terms of sturdiness or construction of this Pedestal fan, it is pretty good and secures good marks even at this lowest price possible.

It also supports a 90-degree oscillation head, the large blade smoothly moves air to the specified spot, keeping the environment cool and cozy.

In terms of airflow, it is as good as the expensive ones we reviewed. It goes up to 10.9 MPH at the highest speed, which is pretty reasonable looking at the price and functions.

But for most of us, it is too basic. Just three-speed settings with no extra frills, make this fan way too simple to handle for most of the consumers.

In total, the fan is great if you want a basic fan to fit your needs. It surely lacks extra frills and does not include modern features that most of the users crave in today’s designed Standing fans. But, as long as the good airflow I concerned, it sure falls right on it.

What We Like!

  • Supports 90-degree oscillation
  • Three-speed settings provide the option to change speed
  • Powerful Airflow goes up to 10.9 mph at highest speed settings
  • 16-Inches wide head

Things to Consider!

  • Lacks extra frills or modern features

7. Vornado 683 Medium Pedestal Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Features at a glance
  • 3-speed settings
  • Pivoted head
  • Blows air up to 75-feet
  • Five legs designed

If you want powerful airflow in small packaging, don’t let Vornado designed Pedestal Whole Room air circulator fan goes away.

It uses Vornado’s signature and patented Vortex Air circulation to bring more efficiency and air circulation throughout the room.

In our tests, it measured around 13.4 mph airflow. It supports pivoting head, in that way, you can set it right towards your face, and its performance is effective in wider space air circulation positioned towards a larger space.

Vornado-designed Air circulator got amazing air circulation pitch. Its deep pitched blades use walls and ceiling to produce constant spiral airflow throughout the space. As per the brand’s claims, this air circulator can circulate up to 75-feet.

It does not come with a solid base like the other models we reviewed. Rather it comes with five sturdy legs which provide a stable footprint.

These legs can be folded easily, in case you want them to be used in some other area in the home.

Its noise is the minimum when compared to other models we reviewed. It operates at the lowest pitch possible, its hum noise is minimal, and would not feel disrupting even when you sleep compare to the buzzing noise of running a fan.

Its height is adjustable as well. You can adjust the height from 32-inches to 38 inches as per your desired and customized setting.

Though it’s can’t be pointed down, if it is a wider space, you can angle the head upward towards the ceiling to blow the air off through the entire room.

It is simple to operate and pull up a pedestal fan. Those who love minimalistic designed air circulators would love its three-speed adjusting knob.

But like modern designed pedestal fans, it does not integrate modern features such as timer, extra modes, remote control, or oscillation.

In total if you want the simplest designed powerful airflow throwing a pedestal fan, this is the right option.

You install this one air-circulator even in a big room, it circulates air amazingly and makes a warm room turned a cooler one.

What We Like!

  • Powerful airflow 13.4 mph
  • Three-speed settings
  • Points almost vertically
  • The pitch is less annoying

Things to Consider!

  • Lacks modern features such as oscillation

Pedestal Fan Buying Guide

In this long guide, we have reviewed the top best pedestal Fans. These Fans are the best if you are letting go of the Air conditioner due to high electricity bills.

But every consumer has different needs and requirements, it is up to you who decides what suits you the most.

Size of the Room:

The first and most important aspect one should pay special attention to is the size of the room. It is the most overlook aspect, and most of the time, due to neglecting this feature, consumers end up with a too small or too large-sized fan for their room.

Like if you have a small-sized room with little space left for a pedestal fan, and you buy a giant-sized pedestal fan, it will have not that great use for you.

On the flip side, if you buy a small-sized fan for a large-sized room. The circulation of the air would not be enough for you.

Speed settings

The second most important thing is speed settings. It allows us to change the speed as per our needs.

Sometimes in not-so-heat weather, you don’t like immense airflow, but if the fan doesn’t support speed settings and only comes with one or two settings, it would not be the best use of that Pedestal fan.

A good fan at least comes with three settings, or in my opinion at least 5 settings.

Adjustable Height

With an adjustable height pedestal fan, you can target the area you want more airflow. With the stand moving up and down, you can hit the right spot.

Not just the adjustable height, the overall height of the pedestal fan is also important. If you buy a fan that comes with an adjustable height, but even with the stretched-up height it can’t reach up to the area you want it to reach, there will be no use of it.

Quiet Operations

Sound level or noise level is also essential to look into a feature and for me, it is a deciding factor.

I am a light sleeper; I don’t like gadgets with more than 60-decibel of noise. The same goes for the pedestal fan, its noise level must not be over 60-70 decibels.

Yes, silent operating fans are often high-priced or expensive. They are great for light sleepers, provide a greater cooling sleeping experience without disrupting their peace.


A timer is a very useful feature to help you customize the speed as well as hours of operations. Like you can set it to turn off after 6-7 hours running at medium or high-speed setting.

This is useful when you want your pedestal fan working for part of the night, but don’t want to get up to turn it off.


Oscillation is a great feature if you want your Pedestal fan to circulate the air throughout the room.

It is often great in hotter weather because, in that way, your entire room gets cold compared to just one spot or area.

Keep a check on the angle of oscillation, because in some Pedestal fans, oscillation is limited to 90-degree.

Final Verdict

In summers, Pedestal Fans is an ideal alternative to Air conditioning. They consume way less power and conserve energy, preventing you from paying high electricity bills. They make your house more enjoyable to live in, sleep even in the hottest weather.

In this long guide, we have gathered the best pedestal fans. These are the top-rated and most used products, some of them come at a budget price range and some at expensive to help a large variety of the users to pick as per their budget range.

In the last section, we mentioned some important points one should keep in mind when buying a good pedestal fan to make the purchase more useful.

FAQs About Pedestal Fan

Do Fans Dry Air?

Yes, Air circulators or Pedestal Fans dry the air. If that’s the concern for you, better go with a humidifier.

Because if hot air brings discomfort for you, it is better to go with a humidifier it brings humidity in the air around you.

Is it a bad idea to sleep with a fan on?

No, not at all. Rather most of the consumers like to sleep with a fan on. Because it brings cool air during the night.

And if you don’t have an air-conditioner, or can’t afford to pay electricity bills, a fan becomes imperative for you.

How to maintain a pedestal Fan?

You must maintain your pedestal fan even if it is being used, especially the ones with blades. It collects dirt and dust on the blade if used constantly.

So, the best way to maintain them is to remove the cage and use a damp cloth to clean away all the dust, grimes, or dirt from the blades.

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