Purple Mattress Review Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

All mattresses look the same, I mean there surely will be differences in construction or making but about all brands use the same materials; memory foam, innerspring, or flex. But Purple mattress shares a different build.

Yes, the brainchild of two brothers who wanted a differently constructed mattress than usual mattresses, not only the construction but the durability, comfort, and cushiness as well.

So, they started with the idea of making mattress layers with Jansport backpack straps, or sports shoe material. It is a Hyper-elastic Polymer that stretches up to 6 times its original size adopts our body and regulates the temperature as well.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is organized in a grid formation, these form walls and support any position, or get folds to the pressure applied. This flexibility of the material allows sleepers to enjoy a cooler, comfortable, and pressure relieved sleeping experience.

It is not just the Polymer material that crafts the whole mattress in a box, there are many other foams and springs layers to support the top Hyper-elastic Polymer layers.

So, for those not sure about the mattresses buying or got into decidophobia, buy Purple-designed mattresses, and you will never go wrong with it. These mattresses provide supreme comfort with breathability, their lifespan is also way better than a regular mattress.

In this post, I am going to review the purple mattress as per consumer ratings and reports. I am going to shed light on every aspect of the construction of the purple mattress to help learn about the mattress better and to zero down which one to go with.

Purple Mattress Review Consumer Ratings & Reports

Features at a glance
  • GelFlex Grids adapts body sleeping position
  • Improved breathability and airflow
  • Two foam layers to provide a base
  • Great for Back and Side sleepers

Did you ever wake up hot sweaty in the middle of the night? Well, those who love to sleep on memory foam mattresses face this all the time. But there is no option for them, except a Hybrid mattress which feels firm, and the cushy foam layers provide no comfort.

Purple GelFlex Grid Mattress is here to help you. It got a GelFlex Grid construction of 2 inches to help those who love to enjoy sleeping on the breathable and responsive mattress.

It is the best quality material constructed mattress which without wearing out last for several years straight.

From top to bottom, this mattress I made of high-quality material. Such as its top layer is a soft flex cover that is made of Viscose Polyester and Lycra which makes it soft and stretchy, it is breathable as well.

So, if you sleep hot, this is going to provide you with a cool sleeping experience. It prevents overheating, and hot particles emitted from your body are not going to sink back into the thick memory layers.

The second layer is its Purple Grid. It is 2 inches layer that is made of a box-like appearance, the grids are soft squishy, and stretchable which adopts your body and provides a pressure-relieving sleeping experience.

These grids unlike memory foam would not take time to adapt your body position, rather an instant switching and contouring.

These grids are very breathable as well, for those like cool sleeping, grids move lots of air, prevent hot air particles trapping your bed and dispense them through the air channels.

After the grid layers there comes dual layer foams. The top layer is softer and the bottom is a little denser. The end layer is also a foam, it is a supportive base foam, which is there to hold up all the layers above and provide you enhanced edge support.

The construction of this mattress is pretty good for side sleepers as well as hot sleepers. This mattress is considered an ideal option for light body sleepers than the heavy body.

Let’s discuss the firmness scale of the mattress. It is not as soft as all-foam mattresses, and not as firm as a Hybrid or innerspring traditional mattress. On the firmness scale, it falls at 6.5 out of 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

Obviously, for the back sleepers, it is the best mattress. Not only does it provide a pressure-relieving sleeping experience with spinal alignment, but it also helps those suffering back and lower back pain are going to get their issues fixed.

For the side sleepers, it is enough soft to help them sleep well without hurting their shoulders or neck. For combination sleepers too, it is good soft and firm for their sleeping positions, and more than that, it provides a bouncy feeling.

Combination sleepers would not find it hard to switch their positions, without lifting their body, they can change their sleeping positions.

About the pressure-relieving experience, it is good for back sleepers as well as side sleepers. It relieves the pressure points, and without putting pressure on the neck or hips area, makes them enjoy comfortable sleeping.

The only concern, I have about this mattress is its motion transfer and edge support. The edge support is still bearable, not good for heavy sleepers or couples though, but it passes with average marks. The motion transfer is the biggest drawback.

If you are a couple interested in buying the mattress, this going to disrupt your sleeping. Yes, when your partner moves you will feel like the top layers of the grids are slipping under you. And you feel shaky with every move of your partner.

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What We Like!
  • Impressive pressure relief for back and side sleepers
  • Flex Grid adapts body position instantly
  • Provides a contouring sleeping experience
  • Molds with your body position
Things to Consider!
  • Poor motion isolation

Purple Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

Sleeping position is the most important aspect you should consider before buying your purple Mattress.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers’ pressure areas are their hips and shoulders. The hips and shoulders sink into the mattress, and if the mattress is not soft or adapts body position, it hurts side sleepers on their shoulders and hips areas.

The Purple Mattress is great to go with an option for light-body side sleepers. It got mixed support of transitional layers and GelFlex Grids. The combo going to handle the pressure points and provide relief to the hips and shoulder areas.

The best thing about the GelFlex grids is, they adapt the body just instantly, not like memory foam. Plus, when you move your body, it molds or changes position with you. One more thing, you would not have to lift your body to change or switch the position.

Its firmness level is good, so for lightweight body side sleepers, it is a good mattress with the right support, firmness, and spinal alignment.

Back Sleepers

As I mentioned, Purple Mattresses are all about light body sleepers. For light body back sleeper, Purple Mattress is going to provide all. What is the best mattress for a back sleeper anyway? One which comes with the right firmness and cushiness at the same time, the one which adapts the body and molds around the curves, the one which aligns the spinal and prevents the lower part from sagging or sinking.

So, if that’s the criterion of a back sleeping mattress, Purple is going to pass by flying colors. It is the right firm mattress, on the scale of 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, it falls at 6.5, the right firm mattress to support and comfort your back sleeping.

For heavy sleepers though, the purple mattress is not the right option. Heavy sleepers might sink into it, and feel like stuck in quicksand.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleeping is the most unnatural sleeping position. Whatever mattress you may go with, at some scale, you are not going to get the fullest benefit of that mattress even the most expensive one. With this mattress too, you might not get the right fit for you.

Stomach sleeper prefers a firm mattress that prevents their lower body from sinking into the mattress. But too-firm mattress gives body sores, so the mattress should be of the kind which adopts the body position and contours it without sinking into it.

For combination sleepers though, the mattress is good. It is responsive, and combination sleepers like the responsiveness of the mattress, as it helps them switch their position through the night. But if you are a couple looking for a purple mattress with a combination sleeper, this Is not the right type for you because of its poor motion isolation.

Purple The Brand in a Glance

Purple as a brand came into existence in 1989, two brothers Terry and Tony lay the foundation of this brand. With their backgrounds in Project management, they started with Health Care products and Sporting Goods.

After Gel Flex technology’s invention in 1996, the true potential of the GelFlex was used and molded by the Purple, by making the grids or boxes of GelFlex. These stretchy repeating grids were long been used for making backpacks, shoes, medical products but it was not easy to make a mattress out of them, but Purple did it.

It was 2015 when Purple introduced their first GelFlex made mattresses, and within the shortest period, the mattress became a hit around the globe.

Within five years from 2015 to 2020, Purple has sold one million mattresses.

The brand has not so many products up to their sleeves. It has limited variations of its products such as Purple, Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3, and Purple Hybrid Premier 4.

The difference between them is, Purple GelFlex memory foam mattress comes with GelFlex Layers and thick memory foam layers on the top and bottom of it. While Purple Hybrid mattress is a little firmer with coils for added bounce and motion isolation.

Purple Premier 3 provides medium feel appeal with the almost same construction as Purple, and Purple Premier 4 is the softest bed out of a total of four mattresses.

Final Verdict

Purple Sleep as a brand with its innovative construction has revolutionized the bedding world. The idea that GelFlex can be used for making Mattress is unique in itself. They were long been used for making shoes, medical products, backpacks, and many other products.

Terry and Tony, the owners of the purple company took the decision and started making mattresses out of the GelFlex. But it was not the simple GelFlex they used in the making, they made grids or boxes out of them, to enhance the breathability and airflow within the layers of the mattress.

The idea got hit and that’s the reason as per the brand’s claims, within five years they have sold 1 million-plus counting mattresses.

We have reviewed Purple Mattress in detail, covered every angle to help users learn whether or not the mattress suits them. We can hope that this guide is going to help you learn the product better.

FAQs About Purple Mattress

Are Purple mattresses worth the money?

It depends on your sleeping position and preference. If you are a light body sleeper, prefer side and back sleeping as well as combination sleeping, the purple mattress can be the right option for you.

This mattress GelFlex Grids layer adapts the sleeper’s body position and moves with the body. The grids improve breathability and improve air circulation for those who love to sleep cool.

Their construction is unique, and right now, purple mattresses are hot things due to their unique GelFlex Grids layers. If you want to sleep cool, with your pressure point relieves, invest in buying a purple mattress.

How long does Purple Mattress Last?

Purple Mattresses Last longer than regular All Foam as well as Hybrid mattresses due to their GelFlex Grids integration. The GelFlex grids are stretchy, adaptable boxes that would not wear out that easily compare to memory foam.

But longevity is going to rely on many other factors too. Such as your body weight, how much care you take of your mattress, climate temperature, and many other factors included. As per Purple claims, the mattress can easily last for at least 8-years or so.

Is Purple Good for Back Pain?

Purple is the best option for those suffering back and lowers back pain. The mattress comes integrated with GelFlex Grids on the top which are adaptable to body position and sleeping preferences.

These grids provide comfort as well as support to your back and relieve pressure points for side sleepers as well as back sleepers.

Can you flip a purple mattress?

No, you can’t Flip Purple Mattress due to its unique construction. It shares a top breathable cover, and under it there comes a GelFlex Grid integrated.

This layer is designed as a base layer, which adapts your body and sleeping position and provides a pressure-relieving sleeping experience.

If you flip it over, the thick base layer would come on the top as a base for sleeping, which is not designed for the purpose.

The construction of this mattress is more like a Hybrid mattress, like the way you can’t flip a spring mattress with memory foam on the top, in the same way, you can’t flip this over too.

Does Purple offer a Trial Period for their mattresses?

Yes, Purple has full confidence in its products. It offers a 100-days free trial period. In case you do not like the mattress, within 100-days you can send that back and get your full money refunded.

But, if your sleeping position exactly matches what the brand mention as well as the bodyweight, there are minor changes that you would return the product after buying it.

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