Is it Safe To Sleep in a Recliner While Pregnant?

Is it Safe To Sleep in a Recliner While Pregnan

During pregnancy, every woman goes through a plethora of discomfort. From mode swings to getting up and sitting down. But the biggest them all is discomfort in sleeping.

Sleeping actually plays an important role in our overall health. If you are discomfort with sleeping, you can’t sleep on the side, can’t sleep on the stomach, and get up quickly.

During pregnancy, women’s bodies get so stiff that often a time they find it hard even to move and feel like having a crane t move their bodies.

Sleeping in a recliner though seems like an error-free experience.

As per the American Pregnancy Association, sleeping difficulties can be due to more than one reason. It could be an oversized belly, shortness of breath, insomnia, and many others.

So in such cases, if you get rested in a bed, this could elevate your situation, as you would be surrounded by pillows.

Resting in a recliner with proper backrest, hand rest, footrest, and lots of customization options. You can change your recliner in more than one position, to enjoy the right required personalized comfort.

Is it safe to sleep in a recliner during pregnancy?

Sleep is very important, and during pregnancy, it is precious to have a good night’s sleep.

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, or facing pregnancy insomnia, you may be feeling hard to sleep in your bed because of so many reasons.

In that case, a recliner can help you. It not only helps pregnant women with gastrointestinal issues but relieves their pressure points as well.

As per WebMD and many top health experts, it is completely too safe to sleep in a recliner during pregnancy. There are no side effects or negative effects on your health if you sleep in a recliner. But there is a limit to everything, and so is for sleeping in a recliner.

For pregnant women though, sleeping in a recliner comes with lots of care. If you are not careful, there can be a negative effect on your overall health.

How to properly sleep in a recliner while pregnant?

Well during the first trimester, any position is the safest for sleeping in a recliner or in a bed too.

During the first trimester, although you require care and cautiousness too in sleeping you can opt for any sleeping position you are addicted to including back or side sleeping.

It’s the second and third trimester that becomes double important and this is where it requires ultimate care and cautiousness in bed as well as in a recliner.

You know that for those who like to sleep on their back, and in the third trimester due to their swollen belly, they can’t rest in that position because it limits the blood circulation to the body as well as the baby.

In the recliner, you can still adapt this sleeping position because they are curvy in the center and helps get you to sleep with your back too without any negative health impact.

Those who sleep on their sides are the least to suffer during pregnancy. Because that’s the most recommended position for sleeping, with almost no negative health impact on the body as well as on the baby.

And in the third trimester, due to an oversized belly, it becomes hard to sleep on the side too even with the pillows.

With a recliner, they remain in a semi-seated position, and without putting any negative health impact on the body they can sleep without putting pressure on the inferior vena cava.

That means pregnant women in a recliner can sleep on the side with their side a little elevated, and on the back too can sleep safely.

This is how pregnant women can sleep in a recliner and take a good night’s sleep without any big issues or trouble.

Benefits of a recliner for pregnant women

If you are pregnant and looking for comfort during sleeping, go for a recliner I reckon you will enjoy the time.

It comes with cushioned for comfort and helps you customize your sleeping position with a pull lever.

You can sit in the recliner, without getting your blood circulation decreased.

Yes, you know that sitting for long hours decreases blood circulation and leads to poo blood circulation through the body.

But here in the recliner, you get improved blood circulation for sitting as well as getting rest.

It not only helps you overcome lots of health issues but make your body prepared to embrace the different types of pain.

These are some of the top benefits pregnant women can receive from a recliner.


Recliners are puffy, big, and thick cushioned furniture pieces. They make you feel good, and if you are a pregnant woman you get the double comfort of your problems.

It relieves tension from your body and decreases the pressure level on your joints.

You see regular chairs are only good for normal people. Pregnant women, who find it hard to sit and get up, feel comfortable with a recliner. They can get up and sit down easily without any effort.

Pregnant women face back pain issues because of their weight. With a recliner, they feel so relieved and comfortable with their back discomfort vanishing away.

They feel comfortable not only in sitting but getting rested and sleeping in a recliner.

Overall if I am allowed to say, for pregnant ladies, a recliner is a lifesaver, and it works wonderfully for them.

With a recliner, you can add comfort to your discomforts and your pain and exhaustion can be relieved for some time.

Easy to switch positions

You know that for pregnant women it is hard to not only change their sleeping position but even to move on their bed without assistance.

As you already have read during the last trimester, it becomes restless to sleep and change position even with assistance and with lots of pillows around.

With a recliner, you can easily change position and move by just pulling a lever. You simply pull the lever and get a comfortable sleeping position or resting position.

If you don’t like resting for too long with the footrest extended, simply pull the footrest down and get into an upright position.

The padding in the backrest and on the side helps you get up and out of the recliner quite seamlessly.

As per the experts and survey, if you sleep in a recliner during pregnancy, you can easily improve your body balance, enjoy a good night’s sleep, fight dementia, and effectively burps 150 calories in an hour.

Precautions while sleeping during pregnancy

There are a few precautions we would like to mention for pregnant women to take care of while sleeping. Well, these precautions are not related to recliners, but for overall sleeping.

As per the health experts, for pregnant women who sleep on their backs, there is good news. They can continue doing so for at least the first trimester of their pregnancy.

It is the second and third trimester they should be careful when lying on their back. Because at that time, the uterus becomes oversized and lay flat on the top of the blood vessels that circulate the blood flow to the heart.

So sleeping on the side is the most recommended and preferred sleeping position should be for pregnant women.

With cushions and pillows, they can easily sleep on their side, without putting no negative effect on their body as well as on the babies.

Those who sleep on their stomach should avoid sleeping in this position. Well for the first few weeks they may go for that sleeping position but after a few weeks, they should completely avoid sleeping in this position because it can put damage not only the baby inside but on the mother’s body itself.

It blocks the blood vessels and blood circulation through the body limiting what can lead to blocking the interior vena cava partially or fully.

Final Thoughts

For pregnant women, it is hard to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Arrays of issues come in a plethora of shapes and farms and they have to cater it all with smiling faces because they know the prize comes in the end.

The discomfort and pain can be healed if you go with the right tool just like a recliner.

A recliner is helpful because you can customize it just the way you want. You can customize its position, its elevation, its shape, and even form by just pulling a level.

You can sleep in different positions quite comfortably without any big issues.

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