Best Steam Iron Consumer Ratings & Reports

Are you tired of putting extra effort into getting those stubborn creases out?

Do you wish to have the perfect combination of the right weight and steam pressure?

If you are too conscious about clothes and getting a crisped look, then it’s about time you get rid of your ordinary iron. But does using a steam iron make a difference?

It definitely does!

A steam iron will give you wrinkle-free and crisp clothes.

But which one to choose?

Not to worry, don’t miss out on the best experience; check my reviews for the most reliable and best steam irons out there to get a hand on your most required piece.


Here are the top products we picked out that you thought you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

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1. Braun SI6285 Steam Iron | Editors’ Pick

There is no need to spend tons on garment steamers when a good steam iron like Braun SI can get the job done. This sleek-looking steam iron is claimed to be the world’s first 3D back glide soleplate.

This means that this iron will give you guaranteed 360-degree gliding capabilities. It will glide easily in all directions, including backward, and will not get stuck on zippers, buttons, and pockets.

Are you one of those people who are always getting ready at the last minute? The good thing is that if you opt for the Braun steam iron, you can iron faster but wouldn’t be late either.

How? The ironing process of this steam iron accelerates significantly due to its unique Eloxal coating. This provides incredibly smooth gliding allowing you to iron quicker.

Most people prefer to iron with nice and continuous steam pressure. That’s why this product is favored in this regard because it comes with a 50g/min continuous steam feature that is fairly good.

Moreover, people who prefer high-steam ironing can use the powerful triangle steam feature of this iron. Its precision tip shoots steam at the tip with approximately 225g/min.

Another feature that makes the Braun steam iron; one of the best is its automatic anti-drip system. Most of the time, water drips on to clothes in most steam irons from below.

However, even if you iron at low temperatures, leakage and water stains won’t occur.

  • 360-degree gliding capabilities
  • Auto-off function for automatically turning off the steam
  • Quicker ironing process
  • Auto anti-drip system
  • It is relatively expensive

2. Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc Steam Iron

No success in getting those tough creases out? Your regular steam iron not cutting it? No worries, you can always choose something better and that’s why you should go for the fast heat-up Tefal steam iron.

It’s a steam iron specially designed with a powerful steam boost to straighten the toughest wrinkles and give 3000W high performance.

It’s not just fast but easy as well with its all-new Durilium air glide soleplate that makes gliding smooth.

You will like this ultra-powerful steam iron more when you get to experience its no scale stains feature. The brand claims that it is the only steam iron that comes with the patentedMicroScale filter.

It is to give you the ultimate ironing experience by stopping scale stains.

If low steam pressure has been an issue for you, then good news – with Tefal, you would experience a continuous steam output of about 55g/min.

Need a little extra? This steam iron also comes with an additional steam boost of 250g/min for those stubborn creases. Moreover, the maximum and even distribution of steam is ensured with the help of active steam holes.

Do you always forget to turn your iron off when you are done? With Tefal steam iron, you wouldn’t need to sweat it because it comes with an auto-off.

If left resting on its soleplate or side, then it would turn off automatically in 30 seconds. It would take around eight minutes to turn itself off if left on its heels.

  • Microscale filter catches scale particles less than 0.2mm.
  • Comes with a 3m extra-long power cord
  • Reaches optimum temperature in no time
  • Automatic off when resting
  • Relatively heavy to hold

3. Tefal Ultimate Pure Steam Iron Black/Gold

This is another addition in the Tefal steam iron series that is said to be the most efficient when it comes to ironing.

The brand claims that this steam iron is their most powerful steam iron with a continuous steam output of about 55g/min. Its powerful steam boost can shoot up to 250g/min for those extra tough creases.

This steam iron will serve you best if you worry about ironing cotton and polycotton properly. Since it doesn’t take time to reach optimal temperature, you can get done with ironing piles in no time.

The best feature of this steam iron is its patented MicroScale filter technology. It is basically a filter for purifying steam. Since steam is polluted by limescale, the filter will capture the particles and produce pure filtered steam. It protects the clothes from scale staining.

It is truly a powerful steam iron that has an auto-clean durilium air glide soleplate. In simple words, it is comparatively easier and faster to use.

Moreover, its sleek design and advanced technology give it more features such as maximum steam distribution and auto-clean coating.

What makes this steam iron different from others is its exclusive calc management system for protecting the clothes from calc staining.

  • Great for ironing cotton and nylon
  • It has a micro-calc filter as well
  • Super fast and easy gliding
  • Attractive design
  • Small tank capacity
  • It is quite heavy

4. Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron

People used to believe that the key to good ironing is the weight but now it’s all about steam. The more powerful the steam the better the ironing. That is why the powerful Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron is next in the list.

The first thing you’ll notice is the matching water tank that can store up to 2 liters of water. It’s a perfect iron for households where there are heaps of ironing.

Having a water tank means fewer refills with longer high-pressured steam. Those who prefer steam-power in iron would be delighted to know that this one can throw 140g/min of continuous steam effortlessly.

Do you think there is an impossible piece of clothing that no steam iron in the world can tackle? Then wait until you test the 400g steam shot produced by this iron because it is pretty powerful for any clothing type.

Coming to other features, this steam iron comes with a ceramic soleplate that is both durable and easy to glide. It is also equipped with limescale protection with the help of its auto-clean feature.

What is better than a steam iron that cleans itself? That’s right; this product has an advanced built-in de-scale and auto-clean functions that automatically flush limescale from the boiler.

  • It comes with the variable steam setting
  • Durable non-stick soleplate
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Descale and auto-clean functions are included.
  • Has 2-litre large water tank
  • Inconsistent steam flow

5. Tefal High-Pressure Steam Generator Iron

If you thought steam irons were the best thing wait until you test the steam generator irons. This Pro Ultimate high-pressure steam generator iron from Tefal is one best in terms of efficient ironing.

Going into the specifications, we have an 8-bars high-pressure steam iron that gives 180g/min continuous steam and a steam shot of 600g/min. It is impressively powerful and removes creases faster.

This type of steam iron is best for stubborn creases on fabrics like cotton, nylon, and linen. It comes with a 1.9-liter detachable tank, so you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of steam anytime soon.

By looking at it, you might worry that a steam generator iron must be pretty heavy, but on the contrary, it is incredibly light-weight and glides very easily on all types of fabrics.

Coming to the design, the sleek model and direct control panel are very convenient and easy to use. There are adjustable settings for each type of fabric to get the ideal combination of temperature and steam.

Furthermore, it comes with the same standard stain protecting system and scale removing function. It is also equipped with an Airglide auto clean soleplate.

  • Detachable tank
  • Good safety features
  • Powerful continuous steam
  • Good for linen and other tough fabrics
  • light-weight
  • Tank is small
  • A bit bulky

6. Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron

With steam generator irons becoming the hot new thing, many brands are in the race to making them more powerful than the other. So, if your preference is power then this steam iron should be in your home.

Have a problem with low-pressure steam not removing stubborn creases? The Morphy Richards powerful steam generator produces 190g/min of continuous steam with pressure as high as 6.5 bar.

This is ideal for gliding easily on clothes, so you spend less time and effort in ironing. If you want to fight off stubborn creases on the toughest of fabrics, its 310g steam shot would definitely do the trick.

This steam iron is all about reducing the time you spent on ironing. With its 2.2 liters large tank and auto-clean function, you can continue ironing without any interruptions.

Concerned about safety and weight? You’ll be happy to know that this steam iron comes with auto shut-off and iron to base lock feature. It has a fail-safe mechanism that would automatically shut it off when not used.

The iron can be locked to the generator so that you can store it easily. This allows the iron to cool down quicker.

  • Large capacity tank
  • Variable safety features
  • Easy descaling system
  • Variable stream setting
  • Good crease removal
  • The steam button must be held down for continuous steam

7. H.Koenig V85 Steam Generator Iron

The final steam iron in my list is another powerful steam iron that comes with a removable tank and 2400W power.

There are many models in the market with an increase in demand for powerful yet fast steam irons. However, if you want to settle for something exceptional, this iron will be more than enough.

It generates a moderate steam pressure of 3.5 bar (still powerful compared to other conventional steam irons) and continuous steam of up to 90g/min.

It comes along with a detachable water tank that has a capacity of approximately 1.7L. It is enough to let you iron for a longer period without needing to refill it.

Another great feature of this product is the vertical steam. You can’t iron coats and dresses the same way, and thus this feature lets you iron clothes on a hanger!

People who absolutely hate being interrupted during ironing would be happy to know that you can refill this iron tank even while in use.

You don’t even need to worry about using tap water because it is equipped with an impressive anti-calc system that prevents limescale from staining.

  • Refillable tank even when in use
  • Detachable water tank
  • Vertical steam
  • Anti-calc system
  • The water tank is comparatively small

Steam Iron Buying Guide

First things first, nobody likes to iron huge piles of clothes every day for hours. Even though every iron basically does the same job but some do it better.

The key is to know which features and functions these irons do better. Should you go for a steam iron or a steam generator iron? Do I need an expensive, powerful one or the regular one does the job?

Here are a few key features that can help you determine which iron suits you and your needs best.

Steam irons or steam generators?

That’s a million-dollar question with a simple answer – it depends on your workload and, most of all, preference. Steam irons are great when it comes to smooth gliding and efficient ironing.

Steam generators give you more power and interrupted ironing for hours since they are equipped with a water tank.

However, they are bulky and hard to store. When it comes to regular steam irons, the only downside is that they produce less steam than steam generators.

Verdict? If you have a small workload, then the steam generator would be a bit too much and expensive.


Gone are the days when we didn’t even care what material the iron’s soleplate was made of. Now, steam irons come with soleplates made up of high-quality material like ceramic and completely non-stick.

That’s why whenever choosing an iron, make sure you opt for a product that has a non-stick soleplate and good gliding capabilities.

Steam Pressure

Most people might ignore this feature. They want a steam iron. However, those who have to iron in bulk are very conscious of this feature.

Different steam irons have various continuous and steam shot pressures that are measured in grams. Higher pressure means that even the toughest creases would straighten out easily.

Therefore, it is safe to say that anything above 50g/min is considered a good steam pressure for efficient ironing.

The steam shot feature is for the most stubborn of creases. Any steam ironing offering a pressure ranging between 110 and 340g/min is considered good enough.

Water Tank Capacity

Most steam generator iron has an average tank capacity from 1 to 2.5 liters in my list of the best steam irons. Again, this totally depends on your daily use.

Other features that might affect a steam iron choice are whether the tank is detachable or filled while in use.

Cord length

Your socket might be close to where you iron, and a lengthy cord would definitely come in handy. Therefore, when selecting a steam iron, make sure the cord’s length is long enough for you to iron easily.

Final Verdict

Every steam iron is not just the right match for all types of clothes.

Your one good match is just lying with me as I selected the most reliable and top-performing steam irons that really don’t burn your favorite dresses anymore.

Enjoy being tidy and ready to socialize more confidently.

FAQ’s for Best Steam Iron

What should I do if my iron suddenly stops producing steam?

First of all, check whether there is enough water in the tank for the steam. Secondly, check the steam control setting that needs to be set in a particular position for the iron to work properly.

You can also check whether the temperature has been set properly for the steam.

What do anti-drip and anti-scale functions in my steam iron do?

The difference in the water hardness or usually tap water causes limescale to occur during steaming. Therefore, most steam irons are fitted with an anti-scale filter system.

This filter will capture limescale particles that can cause staining and other problems.

In some irons, the water for steam may drip through the soleplate and cause staining on clothes. Therefore, an anti-drip system in your iron will automatically cut off the water supply when no steam is being made.

What does it mean by variable and vertical steam?

Variable steam settings in your steam iron mean that you can adjust the steam rate according to the temperature. It can be adjusted with the help of a steam regulator.

Clothes like formal dresses and suits are hard to iron traditionally. The vertical steam option in your iron lets you iron clothes while hanging in a vertical position.

It is almost like ironing your curtains while they are hanging.

Is there any difference between eloxale and Saphir soleplates?

Both types of soleplates are used to increase the glide ability of the iron.

Both are extremely scratch-resistant; however, brands claim that Saphir soleplates give the highest scratch resistance compared to other materials.

How can I clean my iron?

The best way is to clean the exterior of your iron by using solvents or chemical cleaners. Avoid using harsh abrasives and opt for a soft cotton cloth for wiping.

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