Types of Recliner Handles – All You Need To Know

Recliners are one of the most durable pieces of furniture, they last long. But sometimes, like any other furniture item or appliance, they are prone to damage.

They can get damaged, and if any area of it is not functioning the way it should function, you can’t get the same scale of performance, comfort, and soothing sitting experience.

Take the example of its handle. If due to wear and tear, or due to not taking good care of them, its handle is broken, what will you do? Will you call professional technicians and get it fixed?

Or will you try to fix it yourself, as it does not seem to be that hectic or hard to go through a task?

If you are a good handy person, you can get it fixed. But, if you don’t want to get it fixed by yourself, as you don’t have enough expertise or experience, you will have to call for a professional.

Even if you call for a professional, it is vital you know certain things to make your cost minimal.

Let’s help you learn different types of recliner handles, and how one can fix them if want to give them a try.

Different types of recliner handle

You might find multiple different types of recliners over there, but generally, there are three types of recliners available.

The chances are the type of recliner you got falls into any of the basic three types of recliner handles; D-ring, Lever, and Flapper.

The end result is the same, but the mechanism to help the recliner reach the result is different. As the type of recliners is different, their use and fixation too would be different in the same way.

Lever Handle Recliners

One of the most used types of recliner handles is lever handles. These handles are used to open the recliner when you pull them back physically.

The material used in the making of this type of recliner is usually wood, metal, or in some cheap construction plastic.

They are one of the most last longing handles, but if somehow they are damaged this is how you can fix them.

How to fix lever handle recliner

To get lever handle recliner fixing, you are not required to have next-level expertise.

You don’t need any advanced levels tools or other things. To get it fixed, first, push the recliner chair forward to get its under sides exposed.

When the undersides are exposed, you will see the mechanism of how these recliners work.

From there, you can also see the lever handle, the handle will be screwed in place to your recliner chair.

Unscrew the recliner lever handle, and keep the small screws in the safe spot so that you could get it fixed when you need it.

Now take out your old recliner handle. At the same place, you will also see a metal protective piece. Remove that piece from the recliner too.

Now place the new protective metal piece over the recliner, place the new handle over it and hold it in place.

Get the small screws back, and screw them in the same place using a screwdriver, do it carefully so that they don’t come off easily.

D-ring recliner handles

The D-ring recliner handles are in the shape of the letter D. It’s only the same as the handle, the inner mechanism of this type of handle is like a parachute style.

They work the same as you see lawnmowers working, you pull the string to make the inner mechanism recline the recliner whenever you needed them.

How Fixing the D-ring Recliner Handle

Compare to Lever handle recliners, the D-ring handle recliners are hard to fix.

Still, if you are focused and interested in learning new things you can explore how to get them fixed without hiring any professional.

To fix the D-ring recliner handles you will require a plier, and a screwdriver both. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws keeping the D-ring handle in its place.

In the same way, don’t throw the screws anywhere, store them in a safe place because you will need them later.

Here it is not just the D-ring handle you will have to keep in mind for fixing, but the cable connected to the D-ring.

You might have opened the D-ring handle, but to get the cable connected accessed, you will have to push the recliner forward to access the internal mechanism of the recliner.

Carefully examine the cable. Every cable in the D-ring recliner handles connects to the release trigger mechanism at two places.

The S-tip takes care of the tension of the recliner and once you remove the tip, your cable will lose its tension, do it and remove the S-tip.

Remove the mechanism release clip too, the second place where the cable is connected. Once you remove both places, you will be able to get the cable out from the chair.

The installation of the new cable is almost the same as you remove it. To install a new one, in the same way, you have to connect the cable to the two places, put the new mechanism release clip at the same spot, and the S-tip in the same place of the recliner back.

When the cable is clipped back to both places. Now the D-ring handles too can be put back in their place using the same screws you had stored.

Flapper handles

The flapper type of handles in the recliners are one of the most stylish ones. They are almost not noticeable as their counterparts because they come fitted inside the chair.

To get your reclining function achieved, you will have to pull out the flaps from the insides using your fingers.

How Fix the Flapper Handle

Fixing the flapper handles is almost the same as the D-ring handles. Here too, the cable mechanism is involved under the flappers to help you extend the recliner.

First, push the recliner ahead to expose its undersides. Now unscrew the flapper handle screws so that you could clearly see the underneath cable mechanism.

Put the screws in the safe place so that you don’t lose them. Keep in mind, here too the cable has to be removed to get the handle fixed.

Pull out the cable, insert the new one and tighten the screws again to get the handle functioning again.

Which recliner do I need for my recliner?

First thing first, you need to see the type of handle your recliner had installed. The one you buy should be compatible with the already installed handle mechanism in your recliner.

If you buy a D-shape handle for a lever-type handle recliner, it obviously would not be compatible.

Can I repair my recliner handle?

If you are handy and have been changing different parts or components of different furniture items and other household items, I think you will face no issue at all in repairing the handle of the recliner.

At least you can give it a try, if you don’t get it fixed, you will have the other option of hiring a professional that can be taken anytime by the way.

What is the most common reason for breaking a recliner handle?

You see the handles of the recliners are the most used parts. When we try to settle in a recliner and push the handle in haste, we most of the time get harsh on them, that’s the most common reason for breaking a recliner handle.

You can prevent it by pulling it gently, if you don’t want to see such damage you may invest in a power recliner if you don’t want to deal with manual reclining.


Recliner handles are one of the most used parts of recliners. We sometimes get harsh on them, and in the haste of getting settled in, we apply way too much force on the handles to get the recliner extended.

This can lead to the breaking of the handles, or the mechanism working behind to recline the chair.

If there is damage to the recliner handles, it is not that hard to fix it. The only thing required to get it fixed is your aspiration and your curiosity in exploring different areas of the recliner mechanism.

In this guide, we tried to help you learn different types of recliner handles as well as their fixing.

In case your handle is damaged, by following these steps, you can easily fix it without hiring any professional.

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