What to do with an old CPAP machine? Sell OR Donate?

What to do with an old CPAP machine

You are upgrading your CPAP machine or got a CPAP machine that you no longer use.

You want to get rid of it.

Sell it, I don’t think anyone would be interested in buying an old CPAP machine.

Then, simply throw it away.

But throwing it away does not look sane, as the machine is still functioning and it is quite expensive too.

What is the other option? Should I donate it, the machine is still working fine, and you were using it until you needed to upgrade the machine for reasons.

So, don’t you like donating?

It is a costly machine and it surely can help someone who seriously needs it.

There can be more than one option, we are going to help you explore those options to get rid of the old CPAP machines, and have a closer look at what you can do with a CPAP machine.

Why do you want to get rid of it?

Even when the machine is old and functioning right for you, why do you like to get rid of it?

Is the machine makes you uncomfortable? Do you not like to further use a CPAP mask, or maybe it’s not working for you?

Keep in mind that getting rid of the CPAP mask when you are a sleep apnea patient can put your health on the damage.

It not only damages your heart, and can build heart conditions, but put your harmony in disarray.

CPAP is the most effective solution to treat sleep apnea, and it makes you feel rested throughout the day, and wake less at the night.

Maybe you want to get rid of it because you don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask throughout the night.

Keep in mind that it takes several days or sometimes weeks to get used to the mask and CPAP machine. It’s normal for everyone faces the initial intimidating experience of getting used to the mask.

Maybe you want to get rid of the machine because you are buying a new one and upgrading your sleeping arsenal. You are buying a modern machine, a BiPAP, or a CPAP machine with more modern features or control.

Options for old CPAP machine

First thing first, if your CPAP machine is still functioning and you want to get rid of it, just because you don’t have storage, I recommend you otherwise.

Don’t get rid of it, use it as a CPAP spare machine so that when your incumbent CPAP machine does not function, you don’t have a night without a CPAP machine.

Still, if you are not inclined towards having it in your home, you can sell it.

Keep in mind that selling a CPAP machine to someone with no prescription is illegal. Yes, it is a medical device and can only be purchased if you have a prescription.

And you can’t just make a deal with your neighbor and sell it away, you too are not an authorized dealer or don’t have FDA approval to sell your medical device.

For selling old and new CPAP machines you should have FDA approval or license. And when it is an old machine, it thoroughly needed inspection, and should rightly be determined by whom it can be used.

People on a budget though look into buying an old CPAP machine but they too should buy from an authorized dealer. Unlike the way, people look on craigslist.

One may find an OLD CPAP machine there, but the performance or quality can’t be determined or checked, and maybe the information listed is incorrect.

So for selling, I highly advise selling it to someone who has authorization from FDA so that the company or mall could sell it off to someone with a prescription.

If you are selling just because it is broken, don’t give up that fast. Broken CPAP machines too can be fixed, consider all your option before selling them away.

The best option and the one I highly recommend is donating. Donating the machine will get it out of your home, give you a tax benefit, and help someone in need, who can’t afford an expensive CPAP machine.

Why donate an old CPAP machine?

Around 60% of people who suffer from sleep apnea and Obstructive Sleep disorder don’t use CPAP machines.

It can be because they look intimidating to sleep with. But, in my view, the biggest reason can be, that they can’t afford to have one.

You have already seen and experienced how expensive these medical devices can be. And for someone less resourceful, buying a CPAP machine is not possible.

So, my top recommendation for you, if you have an old CPAP machine and it is still running fine, you should donate it to the people who can’t afford to have it.

Where to donate CPAP machines?

When donating don’t just donate to any charitable organization. There are organizations that donate these medical devices, they would not do anything just to make little pieces and sell them off in plastic.

There is nothing wrong with that charity, they just don’t know what to do with them.

So, the best idea to donate these medical devices can be to those charitable organization that deals with a sleep disorder, breathing disorder, lung conditions, and other likes.

So, try to find them online, research them, and discuss with them the medical device you got and how these can help the patients suffering from a particular kind of disorder or disease.

After learning about they really work for the people and that the medical devices you got can be benefitted from, donate them.

Can you recycle a CPAP machine?

If you are sure about your CPAP machine can’t be sold, donated, or reused, the only way left to deal with this old junk is to recycle, other than simply throw it away.

The machines can be recycled easily, the only thing you should do is to search for the nearest recycling center. If you find one, get in touch with them, and ask if they can accept an old CPAP machine recycling.

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