5 Best Whole House Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Windows AC and Split ACs are great ways to cool down inside temperature in hot summers.

You Are mistaken if you think these are the only way to lower the inside temperature down.

If you want to pay a little less in terms of electricity bills, a whole house fan is a great way.

It is as good as Windows AC, ejects warm, stale air out, and draws in fresh air to make you breathe fresh air.

They not only cool down inside temperature down but enhance air circulation. The constant air circulation puts a positive impact on your health.

In this guide, I am going to review the best whole house fans available on the market.

These models are picked after thorough research, are the best under the price mentioned.

So without further ado, here are the 5 best whole house fans according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Whole House Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 5 best whole house fans based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. QuietCool CL-3100 Classic Series Whole House Fan

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Features at a glance
  • Covers 1572 square feet
  • 3126 CFM
  • RF control kit 100-feet coverage
  • Gravity dampers integrated

If you are looking into buying a whole House Fan that performs without making any noise or disrupting the peace of your home, invests in QuietCool designed Classic series Cool Whole House Fans.

This is our top pick and for a reason, the fans hung on the attic rafter and produce immense air circulation with staying super quiet.

The Whole House fans designed by QuietCool are very efficient and can save up to 50-80% AC costs.

This is a Ducted Unit that places the Direct Drive Fan in the attic space, that draws cool fresh air into the home, and exits staled hot air jammed inside the home.

This system comes in different sizes ranging from 1472CFM to 6924CFM, and can easily be installed and suits the needs of an as small as 750 square feet home and as big as 3000 square feet home.

The finished end of this product is more than just elegant. It features a duct with an attractive vent with built-in gravity dampers, keeping the heat away from inside, and drawing cool air inside

This whole house unit includes an RF Control Kit that allows you to turn on the system from any distance in your home.

You can control the system from 100-feet away, to turn on the system you would not have to leave your bedroom.

In short, if you are into buying advanced-designed whole house Fans, this is the product you should consider buying.

This particular unit offers 3126CFM and can cover an area of 1570 square feet. Give special consideration to this unit, I am sure you would not regret it.

What We Like!
  • Silent performance
  • Saves up electricity bills
  • Good range of CFM to circulate big space
  • RF Control kit includes
Things to Consider!
  • Not that quiet

2. QA-Deluxe 5500(W) Energy Efficient Whole House Fan

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Features at a glance
  • 5500 CFM
  • Covers 3400 square feet
  • Requires only 4.5 square feet attic
  • 10-Years warranty

If you have a double-story home or big-sized single-story space that requires proper Air circulation, Invest in buying QA-Deluxe 5500(W) energy-efficient Whole House fan system.

This Whole House Fan system cools the interior of your home and even eliminate the needs and requirement for Air-conditions if you are living in a relatively cool region.

It draws plenty of fresh air inside the home whenever there is cool outside and makes you preserve your budget that would have been spent on air conditioning.

It provides a cool fresh living and sleeping environment, at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

This whole house Fan system delivers 5500CFM and requires only 4.5 square feet of attic ventilation.

This system is good for a two-story home of 3400 square feet, and 2400 square feet single-story home.

This whole House fan integrates a heavy-duty Fan that is secured and housed by a heavy Fan Guard to protect the Fan from accidents or damages.

The top reason why this system is this quiet and silent is the mounting brackets with a rubber bushing that reduces the noise and vibration.

Another amazing benefit of this system is seamless installation. If you buy any other system you will have to install Fan motor, the fan, screen inside the house are all mounted on the ceiling joints.

This system takes only 50-percent of the installation work that is because of the motor and Fan and allows you to hang it from the roof rafter.

The most amazing benefit of this system is it offers a 10-years long motor warranty, and a 3-years long parts warranty.

Do not worry, the brand is known for providing excellent customer care, if anything happens to the system and it is not running as per the instruction or promises, you are free to claim a warranty.

What We Like!
  • Easy to install
  • Good for large space or double story
  • Produces 5500CFM
  • 10-Years long warranty on Motor
Things to Consider!
  • Very Expensive

3. Tamarack R38 Ductless Whole House Fan with Insulated Doors

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Features at a glance
  • 1000CFM
  • Quick installation
  • Insulated self-closing door
  • 3-Years warranty

If you are the one that prefers fresh air on Air conditioning, you need to give this Tamarack-designed Ductless Whole House Fan.

This system is on our list of top whole house Fans not just because of its performance, but its installation is a breeze.

You can simply get this installed without facing any hiccup, DIYers can do it themselves.

You know that in hot regions, in less humid environments it is hard to get inside cool without Air conditioning.

So, this is the easiest way to cool inside of a home, it pushes hot stale air out and draws in fresh cool Fresh from the outside of the windows.

This Whole House system takes around 10-percent of the total electricity cost of AC.

It draws in 1000-cubic feet of Air at one time, cools inside of the home more like an Air condition. The stand-out aspect of this system is its sealed door.

It integrates an Insulated door, a self-closing door. This self-closing door opens automatically when the Fan is running, and by the time you turn the fan off, it gets closed automatically.

Preventing cool air goes out,  or hot air comes inside the home. This aspect is useful for summers as well as Winters, the hot air would not be able to leave the home in winters with this insulated door.

This system not only cools down the insides of the homes but improves the breathability or air quality inside.

You know that stalled air is more harmful than pollutant air, this system emits the stalled air of the room and draws in the fresh air.

In short, if you have a small-sized home and looking into buying one of the top whole-house systems, this is something you can rely on.

This system integrates advanced features that improve the air quality inside of the home and improves the quality of life.

What We Like!
  • Integrated Insulated door
  • Preserves around 90-percent of the Electricity bills
  • Provides 1000 CFM
  • Budget price range
Things to Consider!
  • Good for small-sized home

4. QuietCool ES-3100 Energy Saver Advanced Whole House Fan

Features at a glance
  • 3068 CFM
  • Covers 1500 square feet
  • Gravity dampers integrated
  • High power brushless motor

If you have an average size home of 1500 square feet, and looking into buying a whole house fan that helps in neutralizing the air as well as noise, this is the option to get hands-on.

This whole house fan system integrates a cutting-edge designed damper system that ensures that no heat or cooling loss is in between the attic and home.

This particular unit produces 3068CFM enough for even a big-sized home.

The system installed is good to cover 1500 square feet of space, draws in cool air, and ejects stalled hot air inside of the home.

As per the brand’s claims, this whole house fan system preserves around 60-percent of the electricity bills that would have been easily consumed in running air conditioning.

This quiet Cool Energy save includes a high-efficiency electronically commuted Brushless motor that helps the system runs smoothly, with no errors, and renders a seamless performance.

Yes, the system also includes a remote control. It shares an RF Control kit that allows users to turn on the system from a 100-feet distance.

You can turn on and turn off from any distance you like, no need to leave a room or space to turn on the system to draw in the fresh air.

It produces a constant breeze and can easily lower the inside temperature to 80-degree, it makes the indoor temperatures not only tolerable but comfortable.

Yes, in a low humidity area, the performance might not be the same as normal.

The downside of this system some users mentioned that at high speed, it is louder than expected, but works fine for average and low speeds.

What We Like!
  • Moves tons of Air in minutes
  • Good for an average-sized home
  • Preserve 60-percent of the electricity bills
  • 3068 CFM is more than enough for an average-sized home
Things to Consider!
  • At high speeds, it seems a little louder

5. Air King 9166F 20″ Whole House Window Fan

Features at a glance
  • Three-speed settings
  • 1/6 HP Motor
  • Front-mounted switch
  • Impact-resistant powerful Housing

You do not have proper ventilation or space to install a regular whole house Fan, and looking into alternative options, this Air King-designed Whole House Window Fan should be your top consideration.

This Window Whole House Fan allows you to install the air circulation system in a home without cutting into the ceiling or Walls to install a WHOLE house Fan.

It looks attractive, an elegant designed Whole House Window Fan. It comes in hands under a budget price range, would not be that hard on your pockets.

It can easily be installed at the upper-level window of the home, the Fan pushes the warm stalled air collected in a room or a space out of the home and draws in a cool breeze on the lower level.

This amazing designed Home or residential air circulation system works like a charm. It easily fits windows opening that is 27-feet and 38-feet wide and 26-feet tall.

You are aware of the fact that our traditional classic Windows Fan work only closing windows down onto the Fan.

If you have to close the window, you will have to take off the Fan first.

But this amazing Windows Whole House Fan allows you to close the windows behind the Fan during rainy weather.

This Window Fan shares Impact-resistant Plastic housing, which is powder-coated with a steel front grill and blade to make it good for all weathers.

This system integrates three-speed settings. You can switch to any speed settings as per current weather conditions.

It has One phase motor and sleeve bearing. Its 120-volts motor, with 1/6 horsepower and three-speed settings can easily fit the needs of an average-sized home

What We Like!
  • No need to cut into ceiling or walls
  • Three-speed settings
  • Window door close behind the Fan
  • Easy to install
Things to Consider!
  • Noisy

Things To Consider Before Buying Whole House Fan

You are not an expert in buying Whole House Fans. And you know that there is a lot to know about buying a Whole House Fan, do not fret, we are going to help you.

This coming section helps you narrow down your research, and educate you about Fans.

In this buying guide section, we narrate the most important consideration one should focus on to buy a fan to cool down the entire home.

Type of Fan

First thing first, before you dive deep into the features and functions, let’s narrow our research down to the type of fan that suits us the most. There are three main types of Whole House fans, these are

  1. Standard
  2. Ducted
  3. Insulated Door Fans

We will review every type and try to learn their use for a regular household.

1. Standard Whole House Fan System

Standards fans look like box fans. But they can be installed on the walls, doors of the attics, or other upper levels of the home. They got a damper that remains closed when the fans are not working, and open when the fan is working to push the stalled air outside of the home.

2. Ducted Fan System

Ducted Fans are the quietest among the three. They come with large ducts; one finished vent on one side and a large fan on the other side, the Fan gets installed in an attic. The duct goes into the finished space to cool the inside by a fan.

3. Insulated Door Fans

The insulated door whole House Fan system comes with an insulated door that remains open when the fan is running and closed when the fan is off. They are usually installed on an attic floor, but you can get them installed on the walls too.

Direct Drive or Belt Drive Fans

Now, I am sure you must have decided the type of fan you need. The next comes whether you want to buy a direct drive or belt drive fan.

Direct drive fans are the ones with the motor mounted directly on the Fan blade.

On the other hand, belt-driven fans come with multiple motors that connect with belts. Direct drive ones are energy efficient and help to cut down electricity costs.

CFM and size of the Fan

There comes the next important consideration; CFM. It is important to learn the Airflow rating and the size of the fan that works fine for your home.

Installing a big fan in a small home will make you feel like flying, on the other hand, a small fan in a big house would not cool down the space.

So, how would you know the particular unit is for you or not?

Simple, brands mention their products CFM rating and coverage space.

Yes, sometimes they exaggerate and elevate the CFM rating, so read through the buyers’ feedback. But the CFM rating makes you learn the near possible airflow.

  • Small Homes: 2000 CFM rating fans are good for around 1000 square feet of homes, apartments, and garages.
  • Average sized home: 3000CFM rating Airflow is god for an average-sized home of 1500s square feet.
  • Large size home: 4000CFM is good for 2000 square feet space.
  • Large size home: 5000CFM is good for 2500 square feet home.
  • Extra Large Size Home: For 3000 square feet space, it is good to buy a fan that produces 6000-7000CFM airflow.


A fresh cool breeze is amazing but not at the cost of disrupting the peace. So, it is good for you to choose the right type of Fan, as here type matters the most.

If you are sensitive to noise, some fans can be better than others. For you, Ducted type fans are great to go an option, because in these fans the fan is installed at the end of a big long duct. Inside the home, there will be minimal to no noise at all.

Belt-driven Whole House fans are also great when it is about the noise level.

The belt dampens the noise and chatter and makes you enjoy cool fresh air without getting your sleep disturbed.

RCF (Remote Control Feature)

It is good to buy a system that adheres to the remote controlling feature. It is easier to use the type of Fans that can be turned on or off from any place in the home.

You would not have to leave your bedroom to turn the temperature switch or enable the built-in timer. Just use the remote control, and this will automatically get it done.

One step ahead, fans with Wi-Fi connectivity can be controlled using mobile phone apps.

Users without searching for the remote control, by comfort at their space, can turn the fans on and off, or turn the temperature switch on or off.


Installation is also an important consideration. But it usually depends on the type of fan you are going to buy.

A ducted model requires an expert or a professional to get it installed, on the other hand, a direct drive model can be installed by a DIY enthusiast.

Final Verdict

This long guide recommends you the top whole house fans system. In this post, we tried to help homeowners to pick the right type of fan system to get a comforting experience through summers.

These Fan systems are great in their category, some are good for small homes while others are great for large or extra large-sized homes.

You must pick the right type of fan system. Do not rush, take a deep breath and do proper research before you pick a model for you.

Read through the buyer’s comments and feedback, do not overlook the price, and once you are fully satisfied with the product, go with it, give that one a shot.

We can hope that you liked this guide, and this will help you pick the right product that ideally suits your needs and requirements.

FAQs About Whole House Fans

Is it Ok to run Whole House Fan through all night?

Yes, you can run the whole house fans through all night without any problem.

The hotter months or summers are the best time to run them all night. It saves your electricity bills and makes you have fresh air circulating.

If you have an advanced model installed, you can turn on the timer for a preferred schedule when the fans should be turned on and off.

Could Whole House Fans be controlled through Smartphone Apps?

It depends, if you have a system installed without Wi-Fi connectivity, you simply can’t control it via Smartphones.

Check if it has a remote control feature, if it has, it would be better to use remote control and get it running.

The latest models come with Wi-Fi connectivity and house members can install the app to get control of the system.

By using the smartphone, not only you can turn the fans on/off but turn the temperature switch or access other features.

Do Whole House Fans require proper maintenance?

Yes, some types require proper maintenance such as ducted whole house Fans.

On the other hand, the direct-drive motor fans do not require any proper maintenance, just clean the blades with a dry cloth.

Belt drive models also require new belts after 2 to 3 years, or they will start producing noise and disrupt your peace.

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