Why Do You Feel Sick After Massage?

You have had a marvelous one-hour massage from an expensive spa, it was a deep tissue massage, a little tender on spots, and you are already feeling light lighter, your body seems relaxed.

You are preparing yourself for the next battles of your life, but what happens the next day is, that you are feeling sick…

Yes, many users after having a deep tissue massage pass through a massage nausea phase that make them sick for the next 48-hours.

Actually, your body recovers from deep tissue therapy, in other words, your body is rejuvenating the cells, fueling them up to make you stronger, tougher, and ready for the next battles.

Well, the post-massage day might not be feeling the way you had expected, your entire body is aching, and you are not getting those relaxed, and rest vibes you had in mind, but it is nothing you have to worry about.

But, if you want to go deeper, and want to why do you feel sick after massage we are here to walk you there.

In this post, we will be discussing everything about post-massage nausea, how could you shrink the duration of nausea, and in what ways this nausea can be harmful to you.

Feeling Sickness After Massage

As I mentioned nausea can catch you if you take deep tissue massage and that’s very common.

But it should be the next day when you feel the shockwaves of that deep tissue massage, what if you start feeling sickness right after the massage like the next hour.

Feeling Sickness after One-Hour of Massage

I don’t think there can be a serious issue other than postural Hypertension or orthostatic hypertension if you feel sick right after you get up after a long-hours deep therapy session.

This has happened to me actually, I got up after an hours-long deep tissue massage, and I felt like dizziness or like I will collapse right away.

The therapist actually was experienced, and they handled it well. It does not happen to all, but it can happen to you. Maybe you don’t feel nausea right after getting up, maybe you feel it after half an hour or after 2-hours.

Not only deep tissue massage therapy, but this short nausea can also happen if you start taking heavy gym sessions, after a long break, or just starting it out.

Your blood pressure will fall, and you may feel like the last day of your life. It’s nothing, just have some fruit-juice drinks, and it will go away within half an hour or 15-minutes.

But, if it does not go away, you should consult your doctor or Physician.

Days After

If you are feeling sick after days or hours of a deep tissue massage session or massaging using a massage, it is uncommon.

I hardly read that anywhere or met with those who had the issue of feeling nausea or feeling sick after hours or days of massage section.

Again, there can be flu-like symptoms or nausea right after the therapy or the next day, but it should not last more than one day or 48-hours.

I read somewhere where a client mentioned vomiting hours after a massage session. Well, I am not a doctor, and when I had asked the same from one of my doctor friends, he had a great explanation.

He mentioned if someone vomits hours after a massage session that means, the message had a great impact on his/her body.

It means the metabolic waste that had been collected in the Lymph nodes is not been outpoured by the body just because massage force the lymph nodes to do that.

Actually, these Lymph nodes carry waste and toxins (things like allergens, viruses, and bacteria) taken from the soft tissues of the body.

When someone takes a thorough deep tissue massage, it accelerates the metabolic waste removal, and it removes the waste that has been stored in the tissues for a long time.

This waste gets removal from the body, but the process is slow, with a deep tissue massage your body forced it to be removed immediately through vomiting.

We have seen that nausea or vomiting can make their way toward you after a long-hour massage session. But, as we promised, we are going to enlighten you on what makes you feel sick, the in-depth elaboration of this phenomenon.

Why Do You Feel Sickness After Massage, Reason?

One thing you already know is massaging increases blood circulation. You massage your scalp with natural oils to increase the blood circulation through your hair follicles. In the same way, when you massage your body, that too increases blood circulation.

With increased blood circulation, your body process nutrients and oxygen faster. In other words, the nutrients that were reaching your system within an hour would now be reached in minutes.

That means it will also increase the requirement for water. Your system would not have that much water, it will take water from your blood, which decreases the blood volume.

The water that was needed in your bloodstream to flush the toxins has been provided to the nutrients to make them reach your different parts of the body.

The waste or toxins that were meant to be removed or flushed from the blood with the water it was holding is now in your blood.

Don’t worry, it would not harm your body or take to your system, there are other parts to contribute towards in making them removed from the body.

The immune system of the body, the army that fights against the things that try to harm your body, will take it onto them. It will try to process that waste and remove the waste from the body, by any means.

In other words, your body is now being flooded with metabolic waste, and now the body is working its way out to flush that waste. That flushing can lead to vomiting and sometime down the toilet.

Basically, whatever massage you are taking, whether it is a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage, your masseuse is working with your muscles, indirectly the muscle tissues which encourage lymphatic drainage.

Feeling like vomiting or nausea is more common with deep tissue massage or when you use a massage gun. Nausea is the most common side effect you can feel after a deep tissue massage.

But Nausea is not the only side effect, I have met many people who felt different symptoms and sickness after a massage. Let’s discuss the most common side effects of Massage.

8 Most Common Side Effects of Massage Therapy

We are not saying that massage is not helpful or massaging leads to chronic issues.

But, if you are not careful or don’t take massage therapy from a trusted or experienced provider, you may face more than just one side effect.

There are a few side effects that everyone faces like I mentioned Nausea and vomiting, there can be more than this, let’s discuss them here.,

1. Medical Condition or Physical Issue

If you are facing a medical issue or physical condition or chronic issue, and someone told you that, this medical condition can be fixed with massaging, don’t fall for them.

Always have a consultation from an expert and if your consultant recommends you take massages or therapies that can heal the problem or can be helpful in fixing it, go for a massage.

Most important, don’t over-rely on the massage. Like if you are suffering from stiff muscle issues, this most of the time gets fixed with massaging, but just one session would not bring all the benefits.

You will have to be patient, and within a few therapies, you may start to witness the benefits.

If you are suffering from a condition that could be elevated with a massage, don’t’ take a massage. Like if any part of your body is damaged internally, don’t take the massage, or the damage can go further.

If you are not sure whether or not the massaging is helpful for your medical condition, discuss it with your masseuse. He/she can tell you for sure, whether or not you should take the massage.

2. Bruises

If you are interested in a deep tissue massage there is bad news for you, if your masseuse goes very hard on you, it may bring bruises or injuries to your tissues. Yes, I am serious, sometimes, they put more than enough pressure to a point, and bruises occur.

Sometimes, they don’t use enough oil and go very hard on your soft skin tissues, which too leads to friction or bruising to the skin.

Well, I am not saying that you will get bruises every time you get a massage, but you will get it if you go for a cheap massage or an incompetent person has been allowed to roll his/her hands onto you.

If you feel that the person is a novice, you can instruct him or help him if you had been taking massage regularly, and instruct him about the amount of oil or pressure that should be applied.

But, if you too are taking it for the first time, or you don’t like educating someone, you should stop the masseuse right away, and ask for an experienced missus.

3. Weak or fractured bones

If you know that you suffer from rare bone conditions such as Osteoporosis or any other, or fractured bones, and you get a massage you are going to worsen your situation.

Yes, with fractured or weak bones, there will be an applied pressure of the masseuse’s hands on your body, which can lead to further damage. Their bones can further be fractured or broken if they go with a deep tissue massage.

Keep in mind, that you might not notice any change or any pain right away, but within a few hours, or the time you put some hard pressure on your bones, you will feel the pain that on diagnosis can be led to massage.

So, if you suffer from a bone condition, it is better you tell your masseur about that condition. Or if a part of your body got injured or suffer from fractured bone, you can tell him/her to go little light on that particular part.

One more thing, if you had no issue before the massage and now you are suffering bone pains or post-massage soreness, it should heal within 36 to 48 hours.

If you don’t get relief from the pain, or the pain is worsening, you should consult your doctor, because sometimes you are not diagnosed with any condition until some severe pressure is applied.

4. Allergies

Yes, that too can be a side effect of post-massage. Actually, we don’t get allergies from massages, we are allergic to something already, and when exposed to those content, we start getting allergic reactions. But the question is, massages are done in a clean, hygienic environment, how could someone get allergies with just massage?

Actually, this is the oil, the essential oil used in the massage, that can trigger your allergy. Sometimes, masseurs mix some essential oils to reduce the friction that accelerates the healing process and accelerates the blood circulation in the body.

But sometimes users are allergic to some flavors or oils themselves which can lead to allergic triggers.

If you knew the allergies or flavors, you can ask the masseuse about the content used in the essential oils, or even if you get your triggers pressed, you can use the medicines you had been using before.

If it is the first time, you administer can recommend some antihistamines to reduce the effects of those allergies.

5. Dizziness

Yes, dizziness is also another side effect or post-massage sickness you may face. This condition is directly attached to postural Hypertension.

When you suddenly stand up, the blood goes to your lower part of the body, and less blood in the upper body area, leaving your heart left with less blood for pumping.

Your body cells in the upper body area will notice that blood shortage and tell your brain about the condition.

That leads to the brain commanding your heart to work harder to increase the blood pressure in the upper body area. It takes longer to stabilize the blood pressure in the body, which leads to dizziness.

Well, there can be many other reasons for dizziness including dehydration, anemia, heart problems, eating disorders, or emotional stress.

6. Dehydration

No one can deny the importance of water, we all agree we should drink plenty of water. But when it is to post-massage drinking water, you should drink more than what you drink on regular basis. You should drink before and after your massage.

When you get to massage your body gets an increased blood flow, which leads to the quicker reach of the minerals to your body, which requires more blood. If you don’t drink water, it will decrease the blood volume, which can lead to dizziness and nausea.

So, it is always recommended to drink water before and after the massage to keep your system moving and minimize the chances of sickness or dehydration.

7. Redness of the skin

If you see redness or feel the heat after a deep tissue massage, this could be because of a rigorous massage session.

The intent of the massage is to apply pressure on your body so that the muscles can feel relieved or loosen up. But if there is less use of oil or your masseuse goes a little hard on your skin, it can lead to skin redness.

8. Other Health Conditions

Well, there are some health conditions which can worsen if you take a massage. Like if you have open wounds, blood clots, tumors, bone conditions, diabetes, or heart conditions, you should probably tell the masseuse about your conditions before he/she goes hard on you.

I am not saying that you should not get a massage if you have a health condition unless it is not recommended by your physicians or doctor.

If you have any health condition, or for a pregnant woman, the masseuse should be expert enough with the experience of massaging pregnant women. Like, if too much pressure is applied on them, it can lead to induce labor.

One more thing, maybe you are not aware of whether the massage can elevate your health conditions or not, you can ask an experienced masseuse or your physician.

I have witnessed many cases in which the customer had no physical sign of any health condition, but with the massage, they started getting that condition worsens.

Actually, during the massage your energy level spikes, due to the release of the fascia, which is harmful to a patient with diabetes.

In some rare cases, you may get internal bleeding. With too much pressure applied to the organs, the sensitive capillaries can get fractured which leads to internal bleeding or clotting.

As per my experience, most of such conditions can appear if the masseuse offering you service is incompetent. Massaging is a serious skill, and it should be left to the experience, skilled person.

Always go with an experience massaging service provider, don’t fall for the cheap masseuse, or you can bear the consequences.


Massage is an enjoyable experience, but with important precautions. This enjoyable experience, the journey that leads to relieving your muscle’s stress or pain can lead to chronic situations. It can be uncomfortable or in some cases dangerous if you fall under any of the categories mentioned not to take massage.

So, it is always recommended that you should be open with your massage therapist, and if he/she does not ask about or know your medical condition, you should talk about it so that the massage sessions could be done without harming your body.

If you don’t like going to a massage center or Spa, you may use a massage gun. With a massage gun too, you have to be careful, and should not take a message if you are facing any of the health conditions we mentioned above.

In my view, massage is a wonderful experience, it loosens up everything, but I see many people on regular basis falling sick after massage.

We have put in details because people fall sick after massage. It is not the massage actually that makes them sick.

It is either their already medical condition such as heart condition, bruises, injuries, broken bones, and many others, or they fall pretty of inexperienced and incompetent massage experts.

Lily Roberts

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