10 Best Baby Travel System Consumer Rating & Reports 2023

Do you like to jog and walk alongside your newborn?

Invest money on a fully functional travel system that offers a smooth transition from car to stroller without disturbing a sleepy baby.

Many options are there to adhere to your budget and style requirements, from rear-facing car seats to modular systems.

Some systems are designed with infant-only seats, while others have convertible mode so that system grows with your baby, and you get the best value for the money.

Look out for a system that blends child comfort with safety without compromising on style.

Features like an extendable canopy, sun visor, and breathable fabrics are essential for a baby’s comfort.

Height-adjustable handles, swivel wheels-technology, and a dedicated parents console let parents use the system with ultimate convenience.

Always settle for a baby travel system that appears in the market after passing rigorous crash, impact, and other safety control tests.

Let’s dig into the top 10 best travel system by consumer rating and reports from the parents who care about style, safety and comfort a lot.


Here are the top-rated travel system we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Baby Travel System Consumer Rating & Reports

We have compiled a list of the 10 best travel system according to consumer rating and reports in 2023.

1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Travel System

Features at a glance
  • Full-coverage UV 50 Quiet canopy
  • One-hand Convenient Stroller Fold
  • Adjustable calf support and handlebar
  • Stroller designed with hand-break
  • Travel-Friendly Car Seat

Are you planning a trip with your sweet kid? Don’t wander too much about the best baby travel system as a perfect one from Baby Jogger Store.

Ensure you order the latest version as the manufacturer has made significant improvements and adjustments to make the user experience more valuable than before.

After unpacking, you will meet with a City Mini Gt2 stroller and City GO 2 Infant Car seat. This travel system is suitable for babies and toddlers up to 50lb.

This Mini stroller brings Forever air rubber tires alongside all-wheel suspension. You will be thankful for this combo later when it lets you wander around comfortably on all kinds of terrain.

The stroller is lightweight, so it becomes an excellent travel companion. One-hand fold is a convenient feature, especially for single parents.

Its 3-compact wheel design doesn’t take much space during storage. This stroller is neither too large nor too small.

During strolling with your munchkin, accessible hand brakes offer improved control.

Adjustable handlebars provide better grip and smooth navigation across bumpy roads. The stroller brings adjustable calf support and seat recline to ensure baby safety.

When it comes to seat installation, no need to struggle with the car base at all, when you don’t have access to your car during travel, this universally-compatible infant car seat will be installed safely on any car or taxi.

What We Like!

  • SecureStop Anti-Rebound Bar
  • 5-point safety harness for an infant seat
  • Magnetic peekaboo windows
  • Excellent maneuverability with Air rubber tires
  • Compact Design for Easy Storage

Things to Consider!

  • The storage basket is difficult to access

2. Evenflo Smart Modular Travel System

Features at a glance
  • Rollover-,impact- tested car seat
  • Suitable for an infant and toddler
  • Large tires for a bump-free ride
  • Sensor Safe Technology
  • Deep Storage basket

Do you need the ultimate safe travel system for your baby?

No other company can offer a better choice than what is being provided by Evenflo. This clever modular system brings a gift of new tech for parents in the form of SensorSafe Technology.

This tech is integrated into a harness clip that has a sensor. Now the question is, what that sensor do? Well, a lot more things than you imagine.

You get instant safety alerts on the Smart sensor app if you leave the baby unattended, the belt is unbuckled, the baby is seated too long, or the seat temperature isn’t baby-friendly.

Indeed, all those alerts are what keep your baby safe and offer you peace of mind on the move.

You can stroll with one or two children without needing any additional carriage as Pivot Xpand of this modular travel system provides sufficient room.

This impact and rollover-tested car seat can sit at the proper position to ensure quality sleep for your toddler.

The Deep Extra storage basket has ample space to carry a lot of baby things with ease.

The carriage is lightweight, and navigating it from the road to garden areas won’t hurt your wrists at all. Its large cruise tires are well-designed to cover all kinds of terrain.

Infant car seats are made of premium fabric and finish to offer your baby a comfortable ride experience.

Canopy is extended as per your requirement. A recliner handle lets you set seat position in a toddler-friendly manner.

The stroller’s height adjustable handle allows every family member to spend some quality time with your sweetheart.

What We Like!

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Click in and Out Seat
  • Premium Quality and Finish

Things to Consider!

  • Plastic wheels are awful.

3. Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-In-1 Modular Travel System

Features at a glance
  • 5-in-1 modes travel system
  • Modern and Sleek Look
  • Self-standing fold
  • Reversible seat/carriage mode
  • Fully recline and cushioned seat

Parents who need a stylish blend of comfort with safety should consider buying Maxi Cosi Modular Travel System.

It unpacks an easy-to-maneuver lightweight stroller, stay-in-the-car base, and fully-recline car seat.

You can use a car seat for babies up to 30 pounds, while strollers provide weight support for up to 50 pounds.

This innovative model brings five modes: world-facing carriage, parent-facing carriage, world-facing stroller, parents-facing stroller, and Car seat carrier with Mico 30 infant car seat. You can switch between any mode as and when you like.

Style-conscious parents will admire how the manufacturer designed strollers with premium fabric, which is easy to clean.

Temperature changes make baby sweat in the car seat but not anymore. The infant car seat is self-wicking, so it will keep your baby dry.

The stroller brings a sun protection canopy (adjustable) with a flip-out visor and a peek-a-boo window. So, keeping an eye on your baby while protecting him from sunlight is entirely possible.

When it comes to tucking the stroller in the trunk, this 21-pounds buggy is a self-standing fold. So, you won’t have to struggle with its wheels setting in a compact compound.

A safety expert designed a car seat and tested it against side impact to ensure that your baby enjoys a safe ride on-the-go.

What We Like!

  • Adjustable canopy
  • Stay-in-the-car base
  • Moisture-wicking seat
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Adjustable strollers, smooth ride

Things to Consider!

  • Difficult to Assemble

4. Evenflo Travel System with Infant Car Seat

Features at a glance
  • 3-position reclining toddler seat
  • 5-position adjustable footrest
  • Front Swivel wheel
  • Large canopy shields
  • 4-modes of Strollers Setting

Do you want to invest in an expandable travel system? This modular system from Evenflo is available to meet your growing family needs.

With its unique slide and lock mechanism, you can extend its extendable frame to add room for another baby.

Instead of buying another stroller for your newborn, you need an infant car seat/toddler seat to accommodate both kids in the same buggy.

When it comes to the reclining position of either infant car seat or toddler seats, you will get 22 different configurations to choose from.

As far as the stroller is concerned, you can set it either forward-facing or rear-facing.

Thanks to its modular design, converting a toddler seat into an infant one is a breeze. With its self-standing fold mechanism, conveniently fold the stroller with the toddler seat attached.

The best part is ample storage space in the basket. You won’t complain about reaching the space as the basket is accessible conveniently from front and back.

Expect superior maneuverability from the stroller as it has well-designed front swivel wheels and rear-wheel suspension.

When you move the kid out and in the stroller, the flip-flop friendly brake lets you lock the rear wheels.

Installation is made super simple through a recliner indicator that makes it clear whether you have installed the car seat securely or not.

Evenflo integrated this baby travel system with a belt lock-off system, multi-position base for a safe and smooth ride experience.

The Safemax Infant car seat’s major selling point is rigorously tested against front, side, and rollover impact tests.

What We Like!

  • Peek-a-boo window
  • 3-position adjustable handle
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Fex-hold cup holdert
  • Self-standing fold

Things to Consider!

  • The toddler seat is not very big

5. Graco Travel System with 35 Infant Car Seat

Features at a glance
  • 3 strollers in 1 with 10 riding options
  • Graco ProtectPlus Engineered
  • Suitable for infant from 4-35 lbs
  • Removable child’s tray and armrests
  • Convertible 3 or 5 point harness

When you have a tight budget and still need a fully functional travel system, no other brand can offer an economical option than Graco Travel System.

It’s a stroller that will grow with your baby, which means you can use it from birth until your toddler weighs fifty pounds.

With a modular stroller, you can set infant seats either in world-facing or parent-facing mode. There are ten different riding configurations to choose from.

Generally, this kind of feature is available only for luxury baby travel systems, but Graco offers it all at a price you can afford.

A fully reclined seat brings comfortable naps for your munchkins on the move. You will surely praise its well-designed storage basket with ample space.

There is a snack tray under the handle, and two cup holders; serving your toddler with his favorite snack and juice will be a delightful experience.

In case you are searching for an easy-to-install and fold travel system, this Stroller has a one-hand standing fold.

When your baby grows, you can make the most from a toddler stroller. For meeting your growing baby’s needs, you can easily set a forward-facing toddler seat with three various leg positions.

Parents concerned about safety should keep in mind that this travel system is GRACO Protect Engineered.

It means this system passed several impacts, crashes, and other quality tests before making its way to market.

What We Like!

  • Automatic storage latch
  • 2 deep cup holders
  • Lockable single front swivel wheels
  • Reversible Infant seat

Things to Consider!

  • Adjusting footrest is a difficult task.

6. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System

Features at a glance
  • Vented Canopy/Fabrics
  • Lightweight, Travel-Friendly System
  • Easy to Assemble, Fold
  • Top Quality, Rated Car Seat
  • Self-Standing fold

Do you need a lightweight travel system for your next adventure trip with your munchkin?

This Bravo plus mini system is designed to cater to the needs of travel-lover parents. This system unlocks KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and Mini Bravo Plus Stroller.

Both units are lightweight so that you can tuck them easily in the luggage. A removable child tray is foldable for compact storage.

Newborn adjusts comfortably in this well-designed car seat, brings a five-point harness. You can remove head and body support to bring extra comfort for your newborn on the move.

Securing your growing baby up to 30 lbs is pretty easy with a one-pull tightening mechanism.

This seat unlocks some fantastic features for an older baby, such as a detachable child tray, vented canopy, and multi-position backrest.

The self-standing stroller has an accessible handle that lets you enjoy a compact fold without requiring another hand. Toe-Tap brakes offer complete control, while swivel wheels bring a smooth ride experience.

This perfect travel solution has user-friendly touchpoints and also an easy-to-access parent tray.

During summer, you can maintain excellent airflow for your sleepy baby as its extendable vented canopy has a zip-open mesh panel.

Stroller brings click-in attachments to accommodate all Kinds of KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats.

What We Like!

  • Innovative Carry handle
  • 3-position reclining backrest
  • Detachable Child Tray
  • Accessible Parent tray

Things to Consider!

  • Belts are not comfortable

7. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Features at a glance
  • Lightweight, muscular Steel frame
  • Lockable front swivel wheel
  • Bicycle Tires for All Terrain
  • Convenient parent tray

When parents require a travel system that works effectively for all types of terrain, they should grab one from Baby Trend.

It brings a 3-Wheel Jogger and EZ Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat while an adjustable-height base remains lock in the car.

The car seat brings safety with a 5-point safety harness and latch-equipped base.

Its delta multi-grip handles are ergonomically designed and have padded form to guarantee comfortable fold. With a 4-point push button, you can set the height at a right angle.

In case you have concerns about side impact head protection, you should know that the seat is designed with EPS energy-absorbing foam. Thereby, you can expect safety on the move.

Lightweight Stroller is designed with lockable front swivel wheels to ensure superb maneuverability.

Both parent and child trays have two cup holders. Covered compartment storage allows parents to keep keys and smartphones.

You can go out with your baby and don’t have to worry about sun protection as an adjustable canopy is designed with a covered sunroom. No wind and sun rays can find their way to your child.

Press the trigger to activate the easy fold of your Stroller that turns quickly into a compact unit.

There are reflectors on the footrest that ensure low-light visibility.  The stroller brings a 5-point safety harness with an easy-to-use tether strap.

Installation and assembly of this baby travel system don’t require more than 10 minutes. You can use the Stroller for a baby up to 50lbs.

What We Like!

  • Quick trigger fold
  • Multi-position recliner seat
  • Fully adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Reflectors on footrest

Things to Consider!

  • Infant baby seat installation is .time-consuming

8. Safety 1stSmooth Ride Travel System

Features at a glance
  • Modern Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • lift-to-fold Stroller
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Four harness heights spaced

If you are interested in the peaceful transfer of baby from car to Stroller, this Safety 1st travel system will meet or exceed your expectations.

Setting sit in and out of Stroller doesn’t produce any noise, thanks to Latch equipped car seat locks quickly.

This lightweight Stroller offers strong side impact protection and brings a comfortable ride experience by enhancing the neck and back support for new babies.

Its oversized canopy brings a peek-a-boo window so that you can play with your kids. There is a flip-out visor to maintain airflow and to get ultimate UV protection.

The stroller folds on its own, and you don’t have to struggle with it while tucking it in your trunk.

This travel system is good to go for a baby up to 50 pounds on stroller mode and up to 35 pounds on car seat mode.

Its 5-point harness has adjusted the height so your baby can enjoy a comfortable fit as per his height and body.

Safety 1st all in 1 travel system allows for a seamless transition from car to Stroller; QuickClick technology secures the Latch-equipped car seat to the Stroller without disturbing your baby.

The Rear-facing infant car seat and Stroller has a parent tray, child tray, and extra-large basket.

What We Like!

  • Extra head and body  Support
  • Flip-flop friendly brakes
  • Adjustable car base
  • Easy to Carry lightweight system

Things to Consider!

  • The car seat is narrower than its predecessors

9. Britax Travel System with Infant Car Seat

Features at a glance
  • 3-wheel configuration
  • SafeCenter LATCH
  • One hand quick fold
  • Adjustable handlebar

This system is an enticing combination of optimal maneuverability, safety, and comfort.

This system is made of 100 percent fabric, so your baby doesn’t feel uneasy on the go. Its Ultra-safe car seat has two extra layers for guaranteeing side impact protection.

The steel frame adds strength, while an impact-absorbing base ensures a safe side. In the event of a crash, staged release stitches will reduce forward movement.

Parents seeking exceptional maneuverability will be glad to know that strollers are designed with all-terrain rubber tires. The three-wheel stroller design is fully functional.

The adjustable handlebar allows both parents to adjust the height as per their preference. The one-hand quick-fold mechanism makes storage smooth.

This infant car seat has a latch system for secure installation on the car base.  SafeCenter LATCH lets you install the seat with and without a base.

Through an adapter, locking the seat in and out of the Stroller is never a challenge. The infant car seat is suitable for kids up to 12 months with weight up to 35 pounds and height up to 32 inches.

What We Like!

  • Patented safe cell impact protection system
  • Expandable canopy with SPF
  • FAA approved Ultra car seat
  • Energy-absorbing base

Things to Consider!

  • The front-wheel wobbles a lot

10. Baby Trend Skyview Plus Travel System

Features at a glance
  • Quick seat installation
  • 4 recline positions base
  • Built-in connector storage
  • Simple seat installation

Do you need a travel system that brings a smooth and safe ride for your cute baby?

Baby Trend has introduced a fully functional and innovative travel system. It ensures superior head protection.

Snapping the car seat in and out of the Stroller will never bring any struggle, all because of its one-hand easy release mechanism.

You can make your baby safe in the Stroller through a 5-point harness system. Do you need some adjustment in the harness?

This system brings a custom comfortable fit. Carrying the stroller or car seat won’t hurt your hand or shoulders, thanks to its height-adjustable multi-grip handle.

Its 3-panel canopy offers shade against sunlight. Adjusting the canopy as per weather conditions is quite possible.

There is a big peek-a-boo window that lets parents constantly monitor their sweetheart without disturbing her.

Under the Stroller, an extra-large storage basket offers ample storage space. Its deluxe parent tray has two cup holders and a storage compartment.

Parents don’t need an extra bag to carry their things while strolling or jogging with their baby.

The multi-position recliner seat brings a four-position recline base to offer a comfortable fit.

Flexible latch connectors make installation super quick and straightforward. For storage and safe travel, you can fold strollers with only one hand.

The Stroller is suitable for babies up to 50 pounds or 42 inches.

What We Like!

  • Multiple positions reclining seat
  • Dishwasher safe, removable child tray
  • Deluxe parent console
  • Height adjustable handle

Things to Consider!

  • The car seat is Small

How to Choose The Best Travel System

A thought that always crosses your mind while you are out in a baby shop is what kind of travel system will work for your baby.

It’s common for a person to feel overwhelmed while exploring countless options. So, here is a complete buying guide that lets you make the right choice right away.

Package Deal or Separate Units

When picking the best travel system, you will explore two main options – buying each item separately or as a complete package.

When you are on a tight budget, try to purchase a complete package where special adapters, buggy, and car seats will be packed inside a box.

Some travel systems don’t bring an adapter and car seats. You need to search for compatible units later. Buying a complete package saves you money and lets you skip the search hassle.

Buying systems in separate units brings freedom as you handpick every item based on your requirements.

Pick the Car Seat

Before you look into the buggy, try to make up your mind about a car seat you need. Always buy the one with a five-point harness to ensure baby safety.

The weight of the car seat is a significant point to check. You don’t need a heavyweight car seat as you have to carry it around often. A bulky seat will cause wrist twists or strain.

Some car seats are designed with latch systems, while others require you to use a compatible base. Do you need comfort? The correct option is to go without base installation for enjoying ultimate convenience on-the-go.

Check the handle of the car. It must offer a strong grip. Always buy a seat with an ergonomic handle, so it provides a firm grip quickly.

Many seats today are designed with a canopy to provide shade from sunlight. But if your selected seat doesn’t have one, consider buying a rain cover or canopy.

Another essential factor to check carefully is the system’s sound while transitioning from buggy to the car, vice versa. If a seat is noisy, it will most probably wake up your sleepy kid, and that’s the last thing you want.

Decide About the Stroller

The second most important part of a travel system is to grab a stroller. Tons of options are there, for picking the one that matches your everyday expectation is a real challenge. However, some questions make this selection super comfy.

The most viable feature in a stroller is whether it can fold effortlessly or not. The most suitable option is to fold the buggy with one hand while holding the baby in another. When your hands are busy, this one-hand choice is super practical.

  • The best stroller is the one that is easy to maneuver and well-built. The problem with a lightweight stroller is that it doesn’t last long. A sturdy and durable one is usually bulky. Try to settle for a buggy whose wheels and handles offer you optimal steering power.
  • Height adjustment is an excellent feature to spend money only when the whole family travels alongside the baby. In case you aren’t the only one wandering with your kid, you can skip this stroller feature right away.
  • A stroller must fit well in your car. If you have a small car, try not to buy a bulkier or heavy one as it will capture all the room in your trunk.
  • You can find a travel system with either small and wide wheels. Wide wheels ensure smooth maneuverability. Besides, they are suitable for all-terrain use. Small wheels, on the other hand, let you steer strollers in tight places. Thereby, they are ideal for city life.
  • A stroller should lock in its place once you fold it. In case it doesn’t, you will have to struggle with a lot while putting it back in your car trunk.
  • Do you want to get a stroller that grows with your baby? In that case, you need to buy a buggy that comes with a reclining option. Once your baby gets old, you can pack a car seat and use the stroller only. Your toddler will fall asleep easily in a recliner. So, it could be another consideration while searching for the best travel system for your baby.

Color Scheme and Design

You don’t need sparkle and bright colors as they don’t look great in sunlight. Try to buy something modern and decent that you can steer around everywhere while keeping your head high.

It would be best if you bought something that you like the most or blends beautifully in any environment.

Some travel systems are super compact, and they are suitable for people living in tight spaces or apartments.

Other travel systems are designed to be used with comfortable indoor and outdoor, and you can easily maneuver them thanks to their wide tires.

Other Features

You have a clear idea about the most important factors to think about while picking the best travel system.

Now I will talk about some features that enhance the value of a system you buy. Here are some things you better grab to make your life easier with a baby.

Snack tray: You need a bottle holder and snack tray in your travel system, so feeding the baby on the go remains super organized. You can also ask for a cell phone pocket to keep your phone secure while holding the baby.

Peek-a-boo Window: Do you like to play with your kid on the go? Of course, you do. So, grab a system with this window for having a fun-filled experience with your sweetheart.

Shopping basket: Whether you need a shopping basket or not, it depends on your living style with kids. If you are going to shop quite often, then this basket is a must. In case you don’t have any shopping plan, try not to increase the size by asking for a basket.

Washable Covers: Always buy seats that are easy to clean and maintain. You have a plan to use it for more than six months. If a chair doesn’t offer a simple to clean mechanism, you will face some hygienic issues for sure.

User-Friendly Design

Another main point to consider while shopping for a travel system is how easy its setting is for a user.

You need to snap in and out of the car seat a lot like you would do it every other day or multiple times in a single day.

If a system puts your muscles and hands-on constant pressure and trouble, it’s not worth investing in. Transiting from car to buggy should be smooth.


Never buy a heavy-duty travel system as it will bring the real challenge of transition in your life. A lightweight system is easy to carry around.

People think that buying a heavy-duty item means using their money to get something sturdy. A bulky system can’t be durable always, it’s a misconception.

A lightweight system can offer strong build and construction. All you have to do is to make the right choice.


People always ask a common question, “How much should they pay for a travel system?” Price range of these systems ranges from $100 to $1000. Remember the expensive one doesn’t mean the best one always.

A basic system with good functionality will cost you less than $500. The more features you need in your baby’s travel system, the higher price you will have to pay. Try to select a car seat and stroller combo that can offer you the best value for the money.


Usually, you can attach a car seat to a car through a seat belt. This option is safe only when you follow the instruction correctly. Today, moms are quite concerned, and they don’t like to rely exclusively on seat belts. The best alternative to this standard installation is the latch system.

When shopping for a system, you should check whether the seat is designed with metal belt clips or suitable to work with a latch system. If they are not, try to find the compatible one.

The installation should be quick, easy and simple. Read customer reviews to find out how much time and effort is required to complete the setting.

Final Verdict

Parenting is a full-time job, and you have a lot to manage and handle on your plate already. In that case, a travel system is a life-saver.

You can make a smooth transfer of your sleepy baby from car to buggy without waking him up. A travel system is your one-stop shop to get a package that uncovers a car seat base, an infant car seat, and a stroller.

Investment in top quality, the sturdy system will let you reap benefits for years. You may stop using a car seat when your baby turns into a toddler, but its stroller will remain useful.

Tons of options are out there to meet the needs of both budget-conscious and style-conscious parents; use my complete buying guide to base your choice on vital points.

Try to buy a lightweight yet all-terrain system so carrying your baby indoor or outdoor won’t hurt your shoulder. A baby seat should be easy to install, so snapping it in and out doesn’t feel like a struggle.

Buying a travel system is more like adding a comfortable life cushion that lets you face parenthood’s challenge with a smile on your face.

People Also Asked About Travel System

What are the best travel systems on the market?

Here are the best travel system according to consumer ratings and reports 2023:

  1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Travel System
  2. Evenflo Smart Modular Travel System
  3. Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-In-1 Modular Travel System
  4. Evenflo Travel System with Infant Car Seat
  5. Graco Travel System with 35 Infant Car Seat
  6. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System
  7. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System
  8. Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System
  9. Britax Travel System with Infant Car Seat
  10. Baby Trend Sky View Plus Travel System

What is a Travel System?

It is a subtle combination of a buggy with a removable car seat. The car seat is connected to the stroller through special adapters or other mechanisms. This system lets you move your baby quickly from car to stroller and vice versa.

Why do you need a travel system?

You can shift your sleepy baby undisturbed from car to buggy through this system. Another plus is that your baby can sleep safely in an infant car seat.

Even when your baby transforms into a toddler, this travel system’s functional stroller will remain applicable in those grown up times of your baby.

What is the Latch System?

The latch system is an alternative to a seat belt connection. Instead of securing a seat with a belt, you need to use car anchors that are two metal points on either side of your car seat.

Find them and hook the car seat in them to keep your baby’s car seat super secure on the move.

Can all buggies turn into travel systems?

The answer is no. Some top-rated brands only offer buggy that isn’t convertible into any other system. While other brands try to provide you with a feel of money well spent, their buddies are compatible with travel systems.

Can I Buy a used car seat for my baby?

A used car seat is never safe to use for your baby. You have little or no idea about the history of the seat.

There is a possibility that the seat has been through a car accident, and using it for your own baby is putting his life at stake.

Always buy a new car seat. Tight on budget? Many cheap car seats are out there to make your life easier.

Do you need Swivel wheels?

Swivel wheels move in all directions, allow you to push the buggy effortlessly. If you are a mom who takes your baby everywhere she goes, like for shopping and exercise, it’s the best thing you can get.

On the flip side, if you plan to take your baby out only on the street and long road walks, you can save some money by purchasing a stroller with uni-directional wheels.

What’s the difference between fast-fold and one-hand?

A fast-fold buggy is designed with a button release for quick folding a stroller. A one-hand stroller states clearly that you don’t need to use two hands to fold or unfold a stroller.

Should I buy a stroller with pneumatic (air-filled) tires?

Well, you should invest money in these tires as they offer you bump-free smooth rides, unlike traditional tires.

Do I need to look out for Calf/Leg Support in my stroller?

In case you plan to use a stroller only for a newborn baby, you can skip this feature as your baby’s leg, and the calf doesn’t need any support in the first nine months.

However, when you purchase a buggy so that it can grow with your baby, this support is a must for your toddler.

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