10 Best Hair Removal System Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Do you hate your strawberry legs after waxing?

Or is it the hassle that leads to an annoying experience every time?

I have a solution for your hair removal concerns.

An efficient hair removal system can help you perform hair removal at the ease of your home.

You need not hassle for long session appointments.

Please take out your most desired Hair Removal System to do it all.

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best hair removal systems according to consumer ratings and reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Best Overall: BioSidin Painless Permanent Gair Removal is our go choice because of its durability and extraordinary performance. It has 5 exclusive attachments and suitable for both women and men.

Best Hair Removal System Consumer Ratings & Reports

  • BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal
  • Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men
  • Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women
  • Silk’n Infinity – At Home Permanent Hair Removal
  • Remington iLight Pro Plus IPL Hair Removal System
  • IMENE Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men
  • SeiShio IPL Hair Removal for Women
  • MiSMON IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal
  • DESS Permanent Hair Removal System
  • IPL Hair Removal for Women | Permanent Hair Removal

Best Hair Removal System Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 10 best hair removal systems based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal

Best Overall
BoSidin Hair removal system consumer reports - Best Overall
  • Painless and Safe
  • Two in One Beauty Tool
  • Five Exclusive Attachments
  • Suitable for Both Women and Men

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Women with sensitive skin often experience pain during the hair removal process but not anymore.

Bio said combined hands with medical experts to introduce a revolutionary product. This device can remove hair permanently without causing any pain.

No matter how sensitive your hair or skin is, you won’t experience any rashes or skin problems after hair removal.

You turn on the button, and light strikes deep at the root of follicles.

It emits rapid soft pulses of light that build heat at the root and suppress hair regrowth.

The whole light mechanism is based on medical-grade continuous pulse technology- only available in top-class medical devices.

After hair removal, women experience skin elasticity issues. Thanks to BioSidin that offers a solution to this problem as well.

It brings a photo rejuvenation light source that emits triple-layer infrared lights, which activates skin collagen and prevents wrinkle formation.

Its ergonomic designs make the device easy to hold. Turn on its auto-flash mode for quick and efficient hair removal of the entire body in less than fifteen minutes.

The precision heads rotate at 180 degrees, so it easily covers hard-to-reach areas. It is designed with high-quality quartz lamps so that it will last longer than 25 years.

Due to its high quality and stunning design, it won German Red Dot Award.

What We Like!
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Restore skin elasticity
  • Durable and painless
  • Medical-Grade Pulse Tech
Things to Consider!
  • No reduction in hair growth.

2. Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women

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If you want to remove hair from light to medium skin tone, this IPL hair removal device from Braun is super effective.

It combines all the features you need to have the best at-home hair removal experience.

You can use the device in both large and small areas. Turn on stamp mode, and it will let you deal with bikini, face, and armpit areas.

This fastest IPL device would let you make both your legs hair-free in less than five minutes.

The new design is compact and light for comfortable handling. You don’t have to worry about this IPL tech because it’s safe to use and dermatology tested.

You can get rid of unwanted hair from every area of your body with this device.

You find everything you need for hair removal inside the pack, from venus razor to precision head.

Braul IP hair removal system is engineered with SensoAdaptTM skin sensor. So, it senses your skin tone and hair color and then sets light accordingly.

If you want to experience permanent hair reduction, then you need to continue using this device for at least one to two months.

What We Like!
  • Compact Design
  • SensoAdaptTM skin sensor
  • Faster and Efficient
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
Things to Consider!
  • It is a time-consuming device.

3. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men

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If you need a professional quality at-home laser system, Tria Beauty brings you the best option.

Whether you have dark black hair on your body or face, it can remove it all without causing any pain.

It is the only FDA-cleared laser device that you can use to remove your hair at home safely.

These laser lights efficiently target small areas of hair, light brown to black. For getting better results, use it every two weeks.

Customers using these hair removal systems are pretty satisfied and noticed that their hair density decreases after constant use.

Women worried about very thick and dark hair can consider it a good solution.

You can use it for your bikini and underarm area. There is a learning curve involved in this laser device. It will take time to work.

Unlike an IPL device, the Tria beauty laser system is quite comfortable to use. As the device is cordless, it increases the range where you apply it.

With its precision control technology, this device targets every follicle area at a deep-concentrated level. Thereby,  you can deliver permanent results.

What We Like!
  • Easy on Eyes
  • ADA-approved device
  • Cordless, Comfortable to use
  • Delivers more energy than IPL
Things to Consider!
  • Small target Area
  • Limited battery capacity

4. Silk’n Infinity – At Home Permanent Hair Removal

If you want to reduce your hair growth through at-home lasers, certainly an effective device comes from Silk n Infinity.

This device is engineered with eHPL light pulsing and galvanic energy technology to disable regrowth from the root level.

There are five different settings to have a custom treatment as per your skin tone and hair color.

It is indeed a convenient at-home hair removal system that lets you get rid of unwanted hair from your face, bikini area, armpit, and other body parts.

This hair removal device is painless. No matter where and how you use it, you will never have to experience skin rashes and irritations.

One device will offer a lifetime of pulse, no need for any fill cartridges.

You can expect a 92 percent reduction in your hair growth after constant use. The ideal interval between treatments is two weeks.

The best part of this hair removal system is that you don’t experience raw or rough skin.

The galvanic energy of the device stimulates your skin. So, you will have soft and supple skin after every session.

The eHPL technology is meant to reduce long-term hair growth and promote hair reduction over time.

What We Like!
  • Reduce Hair growth over time
  • 5 Different Energy Settings
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Promotes Skin Rejuvenation
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for darker skin tones

5. Remington iLight Pro Plus IPL Hair Removal System

When you require a safe at-home hair removal system, Remington offers you the best-in-class device.

This FDA-approved system is clinically tested. That means you can use it without worrying about your skin safety.

After the first three treatments, you will start noticing its remarkable results – a noticeable reduction in hair growth.

High intense pulse technology features Remington iLight Pro Plus IPL Hair Removal System to provide greater coverage and quick hair removal.

Both men and women can get rid of unwanted body hair via this Remington iLight Pro Plus device.

When it comes to using the device, you won’t have to a technician. The ergonomic design of the device makes it easy for you to hold the device for hours.

It offers 30000 flashes per minute, and you can remove hair at high speed.

This iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz system is suitable for light to medium skin tone.

iLIGHT Proprietary ProPulse Technology works by identifying hair follicles and reducing their growth from the very root. You can’t use it on tattoos and dark skin.

If you want to determine whether the device is safe to use at home or not, then you can use its safe skin tone tester.

At first, you should start at a low setting, and if it works, you can switch to a high-energy setting for efficient and faster results.

What We Like!
  • FDA approved, clinically tested
  • Notice hair reduction after three treatments
  • Fast and Efficient hair removal
  • 90-day Money-back Guarantee
Things to Consider!
  • Uncomfortable to use in sensitive areas

6. IMENE Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men

Intense Pulse Light or IPL hair removal system from IMENE is safe to use at home by both men and women.

If you have light skin and dark hair, this device will surely help you enjoy effective hair removal results.

IPL technology is becoming quite famous as its constant use will help you reduce your skin hair growth to a great extent.

Women with PCOS hair on the chin can feel great after eight weeks of treatment.

It would be best if you were patient with this device as it will take time but work for sure.

This body hair removal system has built-in ice compress plates. So, it keeps your skin calm and cool while you have a treatment.

The device can offer 500,000 flashes that are good enough for hair removal treatment for eleven people.

You can remove full body hair within thirty minutes.

There are two modes. Manual one lets you remove hair from your sensitive areas like the bikini, chin, face, and armpit.

An auto mode will do efficient hair removal jobs on your legs, stomach and arms.

You should know that IPL technology is 100 percent safe to use at home, especially when combined with ICE tech.

IMENE has a 90-day money-back guarantee to win the trust of customers on its high-quality product.

What We Like!
  • Manual and auto flash modes
  • The built-in Ice compress function
  • Protective sunglasses included in the pack
  • Reduce hair growth in two months
Things to Consider!
  • Become ineffective after a few months of use.

7. SeiShio IPL Hair Removal for Women

People looking to buy a painless hair removal device should get one from Beamia.

Interestingly, it is good enough for both men and women. It is enriched with 99,999 flashes, sufficient to get hair removal for a lifetime.

Inside the pack, you will find a device, user manual, charger, razor and protective sunglasses.

You need to charge the device and shave the hair before starting laser application. At first, start from level one and then proceed to high-energy settings.

No matter you remove hair at a low or high level, you won’t feel any pain as the whole experience is pretty comfortable. There are two modes: one is auto, and another is glide.

Auto mode is suitable for hair removal from extensive areas, while glide mode lets you deal with sensitive skin areas like bikini and armpits.

This IPL At-home laser device will work when you have dark hair and a light skin tone. In the course of one to two months, you will notice hair reduction.

What We Like!
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Auto mode for fast hair removal
  • Includes lots of flashes
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t reduce hair growth

8. MiSMON IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal

When you are out in the market to find a permanent hair removal solution, consider getting MiSMON IPL laser treatment.

It is an effective hair removal system that is clinically tested.

You can reduce hair growth up to 97 percent after six to seven treatments. That means you can reduce hair growth of different body parts only in a few months.

The handheld design lets you use this device easily. You can check the flash number on display.

Almost 500,00 flashes included for long-term use. There is an auto and manual mode. Choose one that suits your requirement.

If you have fair skin, you can switch from low to high (1-5 ) energy levels. People with medium fair skin should stick to only one to three levels.

This is a safe and certified at-home hair removal system. With its built-in automatic skin sensor, it checks skin tone and then removes hair accordingly.

Customers who feel unsatisfied with the product can return it after three months.

There is a one-year warranty from the manufacturer to make people trust this device’s functionality.

What We Like!
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safe to use for ingrown hair
  • Save time
  • Hair reduction only after nine treatments
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t last longer than a few months.

9. DESS Permanent Hair Removal System

If you have sensitive skin and don’t want to burn it during an IPL hair removal session, you better opt for Icy cool IPL.

The traditional IPL produces heat during treatment, and this could burn the skin or cause irritations.

You can get rid of this problem by buying the Dess Hair removal system. It offers a unique combination of Ice Compression and IPL.

Light and heat will remove your hair, while ice compression keeps your treated area cool. Thereby, you won’t face any irritation or burning problems.

You won’t have to buy replacement cartridges.  Dess has added unlimited flashes to make this system super effective for long-term use.

No matter where you remove the hair, it won’t hurt even at the highest settings.

The reason is that the IPL and ICE combo is good enough to offer a comfortable hair removal experience to the user.

The whole system is super fast and efficient. You can remove Bikini hair in one minute, while full leg hair can be removed in less than five minutes.

What We Like!
  • Unlimited flashes
  • Fast and efficient hair removal
  • ICE and IPL combo
  • Painless
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

10. IPL Hair Removal for Women | Permanent Hair Removal

Even though we are born with our body hair, a hairy body has always been a cause of embarrassment.

We are sure none of us wants to face this embarrassment and uneasiness anytime in their life. Women are specifically more conscious about getting rid of their unwanted body hair.

Simultaneously, their instinct to save and invest haunts them at the expense of opting for professional hair removal services.

Here is good news for all the conscious men and women out there. Gone are the days when hair removal was a time taking and expensive procedure.

The introduction of Intense Pulsed Light technology has brought salons and laser stations to your house.

This technology intensely inhibits hair growth and is commendable in terms of its effectiveness and performance.

Are you still wondering? Well, you are probably missing out on an amazing option.

Wait! Do you think about its harms? This is not even a thing to worry about. This device is clinically tested and will cause you absolutely no harm at all.

What We Like!
  • Relieves you from the hassle of waxing, tweezing, or threading
  • Lets you stay hair-free for several weeks or months
  • Offers two distinct modes of operation; manual and auto
  • Operates in 5 different energy levels
Things to Consider!
  • May not yield desired results in case you miss out using it at the scheduled time

A Complete Guide For Hair Removal System

Do you know how to invest in the best permanent hair removal device?

Permanent hair removal devices are a lifetime investment and are now an essential part of your life to look perfect all the time.

Therefore, you must carefully choose a device that fits your criteria regarding the following aspects.

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The affordability of the device is what matters the most. This factor specifies and directs your search and makes it easier for you to choose the right product.

Therefore, a good idea is to define your price bracket before casting an eye on the features and comfort of a particular device.


These hair removal devices are purchased for their effectiveness and comfort. The absence of any of these essentials can destroy the purpose of this investment.

It means that before paying for a particular device, you must thoroughly search for its effectiveness first. In this way, you will be able to choose the best available option.

Harm free Technology

Whether you opt for a laser-based device or have planned to invest in an IPL product, you must never compromise your safety.

The device that you choose must conform to all the standards of skin care and safety.
Otherwise, a painless hair removal product that puts your health at risk is of no use at all.

Ease of Use

Professional services generally require technical knowledge and assistance. However, since these devices are designed to be used at home by a layman, they must be easy to use. When buying any such device, you must first search about how to use it. It will help you have a better decision.

Minimal Maintenance Cost

If you are tempted to opt for these devices to save yourself from the cost of other expensive services, you must first know about its maintenance cost.

Several options available in the market require refill cartridges after a certain time period. Please make sure that you are willing to bear this cost too. Otherwise, select an option that does not require any such cost.

Compatibility with your skin tone, skin type, and hair color

All devices are not designed for all skin tones, skin types, and hair color. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention to this aspect when buying this device.

Final Words

These devices are highly competitive and have been chosen, given their effectiveness. Most of them are backed with a lifetime warranty and are known for the customer satisfaction that they bring.

Despite that, the selection entirely depends upon your choice and preference. Define appropriate criteria and choose the one that best fits into it for long-lasting and effective results.

FAQ’s for best Hair Removal Device

Why shall we prefer using hair removal devices at home?

  • These devices are designed for those who desire to avail of professional hair removing services at home.
  • The wondrous benefits of these devices are as follows.
  • Permanent hair removal in a hygienic way
  • Minimal Expenditure on hair removal services
  • An instant and effective mechanism
  • Quick and long-lasting results
  • Pain-free technology with comfort and ease

Is this permanent hair removal device safe to use at home?

These devices are clinically tested and are absolutely safe to use at home. Dermatologists have even declared these safe to be used on sensitive areas such as your underarms and upper lips.

Are there any side effects/harms of using IPL hair removing devices at home?

IPL is a clinically tested technology that has no side effects or harms of any sort. The only harm it does is that it temporarily disables your hair follicle and lets you stay hair-free for several weeks.

Are there any harms/side effects of using a Laser Hair Removal Device at home?

Laser technology has been in use for more than a decade now. It is one of the most effective and trusted technologies for several purposes, including hair removal.

Laser-based hair removal devices are dermatologically tested and approved. Therefore, these do not have any harm or side effects.

Will this permanent hair removal product darken the color of my skin?

Unlike other usually used hair removal products such as creams, razors, and epilators, these devices do not change or alter your skin in any way. These are not just pain-free; these will also save you from bruises, redness, itching, bumps, cuts, and the menace of ingrown hair.

Is this hair removing device suitable for me?

Most of the best permanent hair removal devices are equipped with integrated sensors that automatically detect if they can effectively function on your skin type, skin tone, or hair color.

Others come along with an instruction manual that clearly states all the limitations and precautions associated with these.

How often should I use this device to get the best results?

The duration and frequency of usage vary from device to device. However, most of them must be used once or twice a month, initially, for effective and long-lasting results.

Others may be used once or twice every week to obtain optimal results. Precisely, you must first properly search about the device that you are investing in. It will help you find a suitable answer to this question.

How long do these devices take to eradicate my hair?

These devices are exclusively designed to provide noticeable results after just three treatments. However, the extent of its effectiveness may vary depending upon your hair’s thickness and growth rate.

Also, hormonal issues must be considered here. People with hormonal issues might have to wait for a longer time period to see their results.

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