5 Best Chop Saw Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

When you are working with metals and need to make various cuts, then a chop saw is perfectly suitable to do this job nicely.

Chop saw is a wonderful electric-powered tool. It can break through the pole, cast iron, metal pipe, or stumpy angle stock.

Chop saws are the desired machine for serious dabblers and professional contractors looking to slab through ferric and non-ferric metals.


Here’s top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Chop Saws Reviews

I have compiled a list of the best available chop saws and see the buying guide at the end for a better investment of your hard-earned money.

1. PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw | Best Buy

It comes with a saw, a 14-inch cutting wheel, and a wrench. Its length is about 18-1/2 inches and has a speed of 3800 rpm.

It contains a motor of 15 amps, which works properly without any disturbance.

You can easily change the blades and brushes of a motor at the work site whenever you want to. Its max cut capacity is 4.75 in x 5.33.

It has a length of 18.5 inches, and its weight is around 32Ibs. Spark deflector gives protection and a clear line of view for cutting.

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What We Like!
  • It contains a heavy-duty steel base that provides stability while cutting.
  • Its quick-release material clip permits easy material cutting and removal.
  • The cutting fence has a miter that can be balanced to cut at a 45 ° angle.
Things to Consider!
  • You can only cut steel or metal. It does not work on wood, and it takes time to cut thick metals.
  • You will face a struggle in cutting an axle with it.
  • It produces more sparks as compared to the other machines and is not suitable to work with materials.

2. DeWalt D28715 Quick-Change Chop Saw

The DeWalt D28715 chop saw is with swift change. It is a potent and efficient tool. This tool will help you to do your work quickly. This product is manufactured in China.

It is powered by a 15 Amp motor with 5.5 horsepower so that it can work properly without the problem of overheating.

You will be able to work properly at the speed of 4000 rpm. Its D-shaped handle will give you the advantage of comfort and is also designed to minimize fatigue.

What We Like!
  • It can cut almost everything that you will put in it. If you want to cut a heavy-duty material, it is the best choice for you.
  • Its unique QUICK-BARRIERâ„¢ is a 45-degree, adaptable fence that is designed for quick and precise angle cuts without the use of a wrench.
  • It contains a Spindle lock, which helps the user make wheel changes more swiftly and easily and save time and money.
Things to Consider!
  • It comes with the low-quality blade that DEWALT offers.
  • You cannot easily cut a 1/8″ flat bar with it because of the blade it comes with.
  • This saw is heavier in weight, which might bother you.

3. HPT CC14SFS Portable Chop Saw with Trigger

It is one of the finest chop saws. It has a powerful motor of 15 Amp and 2000 watts, a 14-inches cut-off wheel, an 8mm hex bar wrench, and a large cut capacity with 20.2 inches tool length.

The trigger switch with a lock-off button and adjustable spark chute is added to it for personal safety.

It rotates about 4000 times per minute. There is a spindle lock to make the removal of the cut-off wheel easy.

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What We Like!
  • Being the most satisfying straight-handled saw, it is straightforward to work with.
  • Because of its lightweight, it can be easily carried to any place.
Things to Consider!
  • It has the same lock appliance as the Porter-Cable which is not good.
  • This saw is made up of thin steel and is very unstable and is overall cheap.

4. RAGE4 Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

Using this chop saw, you can cut aluminum, steel, plastic, and wood using just one blade.

It is a potent tool through which you can do your work quickly. You will always be able to make accurate cuts using this chop saw.

It is effortless to transport this machine from one place to the other. The weight of RAGE4 7-1/4 is about 19 pounds.

One of the great benefits of this tool is that you can operate it without any coolant.

What We Like!
  • You can cut everything using just one blade as you don’t need to change the blade for a different material.
  • No need to set the shape or deburr after cutting the metal, wood, or anything. Angles need to be positioned with a protractor or square for perfection, but it stays good once you set.
  • It can easily cut materials i.e. steel up to 25 mm.
Things to Consider!
  • It does not cut the dense materials and you can only work on small to medium-sized steel by using it.
  • The saw is very chintzy made, and when you fixed something heavy on it for cutting, the base flexes.
  • Its motor is under-powered, and if you apply more than the required pressure on it, it might smoke up your place.

5. Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw

The Makita LC1230 is a metal cutting saw. You can adjust the angle of your cut from 0 to 45° because of the miter settings it comes with. You can easily do this without any problem.

Using this chop saw, you can do your work safely as it comes with a comfortable D-shaped handle. It can produce virtually burr-free cuts.

It includes a carbide-tipped blade, socket wrench, switch button, and safety goggles.

It has a motor of 15 Amp, and its speed is about 1700 rpm. Its length is 20-1/4,” and its weight is almost 50.1Ibs.

What We Like!
  • It works 4xs faster than comparable abrasive chop saws, and it exceeds in delivering fast, precise cuts.
  • Due to its carbide-tipped blade, it’s able to tackle almost any project.
  • It contains a Lock-off button for the user’s comfort and has a shaft lock for quick blade changes by using only one wrench.
Things to Consider!
  • Its motor runs slower than the other regular chop saws and is also expensive.
  • It is not suitable for stainless steel substances, and the cuts are not perfectly square.

Chop Saw Buying Guide

A chop saw is a machine with a blade designed for cutting different metals, steel, wood, etc. Not every company is making standard chop saws anymore, but you can find the used ones.

They are larger and potent and are usually used in industrialized department stores for cutting large-sized intense substances.

When you slit a steel rod, the enormous ringing of metal striking the ground of your warehouse might also be a carnival-game winner’s bell.

The steel is hard. You could use a metal saw, grinding machine, or even a flame torch to cut it, but a coarse chop saw is a finer option.

Chop saw uses an abrasive disk rather than a round blade. A chop saw has no gear to get jammed.

Some chop saws are usually available through which we can design tilt or angled cuts.

When these characteristics are accessible, this kind of saw is usually called a miter saw.

The chop saw is in resemblance to the circular saw and works quicker than a circular saw.

A chop saw has many advantages, one of them being its ability to provide accurate cuttings. Always keep these tips in mind while buying a chop saw:


It is the most important thing to consider while buying a tool. Whenever you have to buy a chow saw, make sure to buy one with a lighter weight. A lighter chop saw can be easily carried anywhere.

Types of Chop Saws

There are four different chop saws, i.e., standard chop saw, compound chop saw, dual-compound chop saw, and sliding compound chop saw.

If you need a chop saw for everyday usage, then standard and compound chop saws will work perfectly.

If you need a chop saw for professional usage and need to cut materials in all directions, then you should buy either a dual-compound chop saw or a sliding compound chop saw.


If you want to do basic home modernization, then a low budget starting chop saw is best for you. Don’t invest in too many expensive tools if you need to use them occasionally.

If you want to use a chop saw regularly, then it’s better to self-replace the carbon brushes in the motor as it will save your time of visiting a service center again and again.

Depth & Width

Its recommended to always pay attention to the cutting depth and width while buying a chop saw.

If you need to buy a chop saw for professional use, then you must go for one with greater depth and width. Chop saw with a small depth and width can work only on smaller materials.

Belt Drive

Whenever you buy a chop, see, make sure to buy one with a belt drive. A belt drive is for protection and lessens the probability of injuries.

Types of Chop Saws

There are four major types of chop saws available to buy.

Standard Chop Saw

Standard chop saw only work straight downwards, so they are finite to angles cut. We cannot tilt the blade even though the support table does rotate.

Compound Chop Saw

By using a Compound chop saw, we can make all the common chop saw cuts. The blade can tilt to only one side in compound chop saws, which allow the angles to cut in more than one plane.

Dual-Compound Chop Saw

In Dual-Compound Chop Saw, a blade can tilt to both left and right sides. These are the same as the compound chop saws.

Sliding-Compound Chop Saw

We can work better rather than a standard chop saw in this type of chop saw. The blade and motor both can slight back and forth during a cut.

Final Verdict

Chop saws can be used to make cuts between metal or other materials.

If you work in an industry where you need to cut different materials like metal, wood, plastic, etc., you need to have this tool for perfect cuttings.

However, you should know which chop saw is better for you according to your desired work.

According to the chop saw consumer ratings and reports, the PORTER-CABLE PCE700 chop saw is one of the best chop saws because of its heavy-duty steel base, which provides stability while working.

FAQ’s about Chop Saw

What is the best chop saw in 2023?

Here are a few according to our analysis;

  1. PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw | Best Buy
  2. DeWalt D28715 Quick-Change Chop Saw
  3. HPT CC14SFS Portable Chop Saw with Trigger
  4. RAGE4 7-1/4 Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw
  5. Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw

In a group of ten chop saws, DeWalt D28715 is rated as the best chop saw, is it true?

Yes, it is true. It is powerful and has a battery of 15 amp and is about $40.00 cheaper than any other chop saws. That is why it is considered the best.

Can you put a saw blade on HPT CC14SFS to cut wood?

You can try putting a saw blade on it; it might work or not if the blade doesn’t work. You can always return it.

Can a 4/4 wooden plank be cut by RAGE4 7-1/4″?

Yes, you can easily cut a 4/4 plank by using a RAGE4 7-1/4 without any problem.

Which type of blade does RAGE4 7-1/4 come with? Can we cut other things than metal?

It comes with a 14″ cut off saw and can only be used to cut metals, not other things, i.e., wood, plastic, etc.

Does the speed of Makita LC1230 is faster than the abrasive cut-off saws?

Yes, Makita LC123 is 4x faster than the abrasive cut-off saws in light pipe, angle iron, tubing, etc.

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