Best Electric Knife Sharpener Consumer Ratings & Reports

Are you still using a Dull knife?

I request you to maintain it as soon as possible as it is far dangerous than that of a sharp knife!

Do you still grind a knife at a stone to make it sharp?

When it comes to maintaining it, a traditional way of sharpening is not feasible now as advanced metallurgy is being used.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviews

I will walk you through the best available in the market based on consumer ratings and reports.

1. Chef’sChoice EdgeSelect 15 Trizor XV

Features at a glance
  • The unit is perfect for converting traditional 20-degree factory edges into Trizor XV 15-degree edges.
  • The noise level of the system is between 65 dB and 75 dB.
  • It comes with flexible spring guides for automatic adjustment of the sharpening angle.
  • It includes a 3-Stage sharpening system and offers a perfect edge for each cutting task.
  • Stages 1 and 2 of this unit are plated with diamond abrasives, whereas stage 3 polishes and extends knives’ lives.
  • It only takes about 1 minute to sharpen the knife for the first time, and re-sharpening takes approximately 10 seconds.
  • The unit features Trizor XV Edge for optimum sharpness and simple cutting.
  • A 3-year limited warranty backs the device.
  • It weighs about 4.42 pounds
  • The system measures 10 L x 4.25 W x 4.25 H inches

Since all knives lose sharpness with use, it’s essential to protect them with the proper maintenance and tools. Moreover, the performance of the knife majorly depends on how it is being used and sharpened.

This Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener 15 Trizor XV is included in this list for numerous reasons.

First, the unit includes superior EdgeSelect technology and a Trizor edge, so you can use it to sharpen all kinds of knives such as American, European, and Asian-style and serrated edge blades to a remarkable 15-degree angle.

The Chef’s Choice Electric Sharpener comes with adjustable spring guides specially manufactured to adjust for the perfect angle automatically.

What’s more, it features a 3-stage sharpening system. It re-shapes your knives at the first stage, and on the second and third, it refines the edge of the knife. Due to these stages and processes, minimal metal is removed and keeps your knives in better condition for a long time.

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What We Like!
  • It’s the best sharpening system for knives.
  • The unit is suitable to use with a variety of blades.
  • The removal of the metal is less as compared to others.
  • Overall, the unit is simple to use, even if you are using it for the first time.
  • The unit includes easy to follow manual that shows how you can take maximum benefit of the device.
Things to Consider!
  • Only a few users complained about the noise problem.

2. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Features at a glance
  • Professional electric knife sharpener.
  • The unit is simple to use.
  • This sharpener features durable plastic construction.
  • It offers an edge angle of 15 degrees.
  • It takes about 3 minutes to sharpen the knife for the first time.
  • It takes 3 minutes to re-sharpen the knife.
  • It features a three-stage system for the best results.

If you want a professional knife sharpener at an affordable price, the Presto 08810 is what you need. With this sharpening system, you will get a quality three-stage sharpening unit that offers excellent efficiency. You can use this sharpener for straight and serrated edges. It works flawlessly for all types of knives, including household knives, chef knives, and even hunting knives.

It comes with an adjustable blade selector and offers excellent working when it comes to sharpening angles. Also, the unit is faster than others within the same price range, and it is simple to use. Its elegant design makes it suitable and the perfect addition to your kitchen.

What We Like!
  • This electric sharpener is simple to use
  • It sharpens all types of knives very well, including hunting knives.
  • The device is faster than others.
  • The blades of this device will not lose their shape and sharpness for a long time.
  • Overall, the device is robust and built to last.
Things to Consider!
  • The control of the unit could have been better.

3. KitchenIQ 50353 Angle Adjust

Features at a glance
  • It offers a perfect sharpening angle that matches the original one as created by the manufacturer
  • It can sharp both sides of the knife without damaging the knife
  • It features diamond interlocking wheels that remove less amount of metal.
  • This electric knife sharpener can sharp every knife to the original quality edge.

In every kitchen, there are many types of knives, some knives have straight edges, and some have serrated edges. The angles of these knives and blades are different; in simple words, they have different sharpening needs.

To fulfill all these needs, this KitchenIQ knife sharpener can handle all the tasks efficiently. This versatile knife sharpening system restores the blades and edges to their original shape.

Another notable feature of this sharpener system is that it can effectively sharp both sides of the knife simultaneously, thus guaranteeing the final results will be perfect. The diamond interlocking wheels makes the whole process effective and quick. Furthermore, the interlocking wheels ensure that minimum metal will be lost during the entire process.

Lastly, it also comes with the adjustment knob used to set the best angle for sharpening. The handgrip is made of rubber and provides optimum comfort.

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What We Like!
  • It comes with a simple automatic knob adjustment function.
  • It features a 10 to 30-degree angle that allows you to use it on all types of knives.
  • It can sharpen both sides of the knife at the same time.
Things to Consider!
  • As per the electric knife, sharpener consumer ratings, the design of the unit is not the safest.

4. Chef’s Choice 270 | A heavy Duty

Features at a glance
  • It features 3 stage hybrid technology, includes electric and manual sharpening.
  • It can sharp serrated and straight knives, household knives, pocket knives, and sporting knives.
  • The unit includes crisscross technology that works simultaneously into and out for a superior burr-free edge.
  • At first and second, it features electric sharpening and manual honing. The last and third stage is used for a razor-sharp, arched shaped edge.
  • The product is assembled in the USA.
  • One year household warranty
  • The unit operates on 110 Volts

As we all know that not all knife sharpeners are the same in quality and performance. Some knife sharpeners are more affordable than others, and not only this, but they offer excellent and reliable performance. This Chef’s Choice 270 Diamond knife sharpener is among those models. You can find many electric knife sharpeners for under $100, but this Chef Choice 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid is different and superior to others in terms of performance.

What makes it superior yet diverse from other knife sharpener systems is its 3-stage sharpening system. Among the three stages, the first and second stages are completely electrical, the last stage of this knife sharpener is manual.

The three different stages comprise sharpening, re-sharpening, and polishing processes. Apart from these three stages, it also includes the unique Crisscross technology you will not find in most devices. This unique and exclusive technology can form a long-lasting bevel edge when you use it. Lastly, the best knife sharpener consumer ratings & reports also state that it is a reliable device for home uses.

What We Like!
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • The sharpener is safe and straightforward to use.
  • To provide a razor-sharp edge, it includes electric and manual sharpening.
  • It comes with exclusive Crisscross technology for long-lasting edges.
Things to Consider!
  • The device is not suitable to use with ceramic knives.

5. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Features at a glance
  • It includes 1/2 x 12″ Abrasive Grit Belts.
  • It features an edge angle of 20 ° and 25 °.
  • The unit takes only 1 minute to sharpen knives for the first time, and to re-sharp, it takes only 10 seconds.
  • You can buy this device with confidence as it comes with a one year warranty.
  • The sharpener is perfect for Serrations, Gut Hooks, knives, and scissors.

The Work Sharp Knife Sharpener is a reliable device that you can use to sharpen knives and other household tools. It comes with flexible abrasive belts, so you can use it to improve the sharpness of almost all types of blades, including straight, curved, filet, serrated, and more. This Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener provides a perfect angle every time it works by combining two precision angle sharpening guides. It uses a 40 ° guide for thinner blades, and for hunting and outdoor knives, it uses a 50 ° guide.

As compared with other knife sharpeners, this Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener allows you to sharpen other household tools as well, such as scissors, shovels, and other tools with blades. The unit only weighs 2.05lbs and measures around 13.1 x 5.4 x 8.3 inches.

This unit is also more affordable than other knife sharpeners, which is a significant plus point, especially for those looking for a top-rated electric knife sharpener with a limited budget.

What We Like!
  • The unit can sharp almost all types of blades.
  • It won’t affect the blade steel.
  • The sharpener comes with replaceable abrasive grit belts.
  • It includes precision sharpening guides for better results.
  • The device is simple to operate.
Things to Consider!
  • During testing, we found out that it is not an appropriate option for short blades.

6. Work Sharp Culinary E5 | Elegant Look

Features at a glance
  • This electric kitchen knife sharpener includes flexible sharpening belts.
  • The Work Sharp E5 sharpens the knives in only 90 seconds. And it also features an auto turn-off function.
  • It comes with three different settings. These let you sharpen, shape, or polish your knives.
  • The unit is expertly designed to accommodate all styles, from steel knives to the basic household knives cutlery.
  • You can also use it to sharpen kitchen scissors, poultry shears, and serrated knives.
  • It comes with an exclusive built-in vacuum to keep your kitchen counters clean from sharpening dirt.
  • This Work Shop E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener was entitled as Innovation award-winning knife sharpener in 2018.
  • With the pack, you will get a ceramic honing rod as a bonus.

Based on the best electric knife sharpener customer reports, our last pick is an exclusive sharpener from Work Sharp. Some of you might argue about its price, but plenty of remarkable features and overall device performance justifies it.

One of the remarkable features of this electric knife sharpener is a built-in vacuum system. Most users might not want it is a handy feature that can collect all the dirt and debris that occurred during the sharpening process. It keeps the entire area clean of debris. However, we will advise you never to use this near the food items!

The Work Sharp E5 knife sharpener also includes a shape setting apart from the knife sharpener. This unique shape feature is intelligently designed to shape the blades’ edges that have lost their original shape. This is a feature that makes it different from the others. It also saves your precious time with worn out knives.

Our experts are also classified as the best electric knife sharpener for dull knives. Another notable benefit of this device is that it only weighs 2.5 pounds and measures around 7.2 X 4.5 X 5.2 inches, which is quite extraordinary.

What We Like!
  • The unit allows you to shape, sharpen, and polish all types of knives.
  • The sharpener is perfect for both commercial and residential uses.
  • The device is quite light-weight and compact.
  • It includes a built-in vacuum system that is exclusive.
Things to Consider!
  • Not the best option for small blades.

7. Edge Keeper, Electric knife sharpener

Features at a glance
  • Efficient sharpening
  •  Fastly sharpens the knife
  • Flexible with every angle

Want a quick solution for sharpening knives? Want a shortcut? An electric knife sharpener is the best thing for you then.

This electric knife sharpener from EdgeKeeper seems like a sleek, vintage home appliance, thus making it a perfect selection for most kitchens.

Similarly, because it comes in a range of colors, you are sure to find one that works finest for your sense of decor and style.

As with other units we have mostly seen, this is a two-stage system. It uses coarse diamond-abrasive stones on one side to redesign the blade and make it sharper. Then, you move to the other side and polish and hone it until it’s in the best condition.

This machine will work best on most knives, comprising both European and Asian-style blades. It will not reshape thicker edges to be thinner, so don’t make any effort to upgrade your Western knives with this system.

One of this model’s best features is that it has a magnetic cleanup system on the bottom.

The magnet gathers all of the shavings so that you can retain your sharpener neat and tidy. Directly pull it out, wipe it off, and you are all set to go again.

What We Like!
  •  Easy to use
  •  Not so expensive
  •  Easily available
Things to Consider!
  • It requires some knowledge to use.

8. Grocery Art Electric Knife Sharpener Tool 3-in-1

Features at a glance
  • Very simple to practice.
  • Very easy to carry around and store
  • Adjustable angles to give you an accurate cutlery experience.
  • Moderately less time consuming than other models.

Are you tired of maintaining a correct sharpening angle? Does your wrist hurt after sharpening your knives? Then this is the best thing for you.

Grocery Art is the most common kitchen appliances brand that has not ever left a single chance in impressing us with its products. We have just used their novel electric sharpener, and it has certainly reduced our cutlery-related issues considerably.

We are exclusively happy that we did not have to empty our wallets to get one of these.

This model’s advanced 2-stage design is very comparable to the standard three-stage settings, and well yet, it’s suggestively less complex.

Stage 1 lets you reshape dull blades while giving you a sustaining razor-sharp edge. Stage 2 polishes the knife very nicely, thus making your dullest of knives as sharp as a factory-edge.

Grocery art electric knife sharpener is a reliable go-to option for quick knife sharpening jobs. Not only can you sharpen your kitchen knives appropriately, but it also takes care of your dull scissors and screwdrivers.

This compact, lightweight structure is, in fact, a perfect go-to device if you are observing to sharpen and polish multiple blades instantaneously.

The adjustable angle feature was an element of surprise for us, particularly at such a low price range. It could unarguably be our preferable pick, keeping in mind the best features, compact size, and versatility.

What We Like!
  • Minimum effort, fast results
  • 2-stage multi-angle knife sharpener.
Things to Consider!
  • Does not sharpen serrated knives
  • For straight blades only

9. Electric diamond knife sharpener tool

Features at a glance
  • Colors: white and green
  • Easy for use
  • Cheap
  • Daily usage in kitchens

Worried about how to sharpen your ceramic and stainless-steel knives?

An electric diamond sharpener will solve your problem.

A knife sharpener tool from Shenzhen Knives is an excellent illustration of efficiency and reliability in a commercial package.

So, if you’re considering something that does not need a lot of effort but you also need to sharpen and the rest of them, this is the best option.

What makes this knife sharpener unique from other models is that it has an abrasive diamond system. The other thing that makes this model ideal is that you can substitute the cartridge when required.

Typically, once the abrasive is worn out, you will have to get a fresh machine.

Luckily, you can pop out the cartridge, change it with a new one, and you are ready to go in merely a few minutes. Also, this proficiency makes it stress-free to empty the container of metal and ceramic shavings to not build up over time.

As it is a dual-stage system. It has abrasive and a fine setting so that you can both reshape and hone the blade in only one pass.

The machine has automatic blade settings to confirm that you get the right angle, and it needs little effort to run the knives through to get them as sharp as you want them.

What We Like!
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
Things to Consider!
  • Cannot sharpen blades
  •  Cannot carry everywhere

10. THRITOP 3 in 1 electric knife sharpener tool

Features at a glance
  • New design and unique
  • It can multi-function
  • Stronger enough to handle blades.

Tired of buying separate machines for every tool to sharpen?

THRITOP 3 in 1 device can solve your problem because it is high powered and can sharpen your knife, scissor and screwdriver as well.

The knife sharpener is like a smart-machine that can do 3 tasks and multi-task and help you do your work.

The sharpener tool has 2 grit types, fine and coarse. It saves you time, and it uses 40W electric power for faster and better results. You can easily sharpen your knives in a perfect manner and beautiful shape.

A 3 1 multi-function tool is efficient and versatile. One-touch on/off device and retractable cord, plug, and play. It is of new design and easily affordable and stronger enough to sharp the blades.

Two ways for sharpening allows a fine operation with two wheels to handle any type of surfaces.

What We Like!
  •  Efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Uses electricity
Things to Consider!
  • Not quite flexible
  • Require some knowledge to use it.

Advantages of Electric Knife Sharpener

Apart from providing you with ease of use, here are some other benefits of an electric knife sharpener:

  • You can use an electric knife sharpener to sharpen up other household tools, but the manual knife sharpeners don’t provide this convenience.
  • Many electric knife sharpeners include a unique feature that holds the knives at the perfect angle and maximizes sharpening efficiency. This is another feature you cannot find in manual knife sharpeners.
  • Buying an electric knife sharpener is the best and erstwhile investment.
  • You can sharp your other tools by using an electric knife sharpener. These tools can be blades, screwdrivers, gardening tools, hunting knives, and many more.

The Ultimate Buying Guide

An electric knife sharpener is a handy piece of equipment that you can use to sharpen the knives when you feel that the blade has lost its original shape and sharpness. The electric knife sharpeners can do this job for you in a few seconds. But you must purchase an electric knife sharpener after analyzing these crucial factors:

Good Performance

There are many different types and brands of electric knife sharpeners available in the market. We will advise you always to opt for the one that has positive reviews and a high-performance motor. Both these factors are necessary for a smooth edge without abrasions or nicks.

Always Buy a Hard and Abrasive Surface

The type and quality of the materials used in the knife sharpener’s manufacturing is always a crucial factor that you must consider when buying the best electric knife sharpener. Carbide, polished ceramic or tungsten all are durable materials to be used in the electric knife sharpeners. As for the abrasiveness, the number of grits is the best indicator of the same.

Adjustable angle Guide

The guiding angle makes the handling and controlling of the knife sharpener simple and easy for you. If the knife sharpener’s guiding angle is flexible, you can easily use it to sharpen up multiple blade angles like the angles of 15 or 20 degrees.


You can easily store the manual sharpener in the kitchen corner because it is small. But on the other hand, the electric sharpeners are big as compared to the manual knife sharpeners. Buy the knife sharpener that requires less space in your kitchen.


Every electric knife sharpener makes some noise. So when finalizing the electric knife sharpener, you must check the noise level of the sharpener.

Safety Features

Knives sharpeners can be risky sometimes, especially when we are talking about an electric knife sharpener. So it becomes vital for you to opt for the sharpeners with rails and slots. You can use these rails to place the knife into the belt, and in this way, you can be safe.


Electric knife sharpeners are expensive tools, especially as compared to manual sharpeners. So in our opinion, it is good to purchase a knife sharpener backed by a decent warranty.

Getting the best electric knife sharpener can be a confusing task, especially when buying it for the first time. It’s quite apparent that you will get confused and amazed by the abundance of knife sharpeners available on the market. And to make things more complicated, the price range of these knife sharpeners is huge and extends to spending hundreds.

More to Know…

This post’s task was to review the best electric knife sharpener consumer ratings & reports and find the top electric knife sharpener. I have compiled accurate electric knife sharpener ratings that you can trust, and these ratings and products are within the context of price so that you can buy the one that suits your budget.

The products that we have selected feature multiple stages. These knife sharpeners are effective, feature an adjustable angle, include reliable safety features, backed by a warranty, and excellent customer service. Lastly, these are the products that we can safely classify as the best electric knife sharpeners, according to customer reports.

Final Verdict

So, here we are! Our experts have worked hard to compile this post about the best electric knife sharpeners per customer reports. A top quality knife sharpener is the one you don’t want to stop using once you get it.

One of the most annoying things in the kitchen is the presence of a dull and worn-out knife. But by purchasing the best electric knife sharpener, you can re-sharpen the dull knife within a few minutes or even less, and it will make the dull knife just like a brand new knife.

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FAQ’s about Electric Knife Sharpener

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener?

With these electric sharpeners, anyone can sharpen the knives easily. In present times the knife sharpeners have become simple and straightforward to use. Though, below we have mentioned some essential things that you must know before using the electric knife sharpeners:

  • First, always place the blade carefully and adequately in the knife sharpener.
  • Place the blade against the grinding stone and try to press as much as possible.
  • Now, adjust the angle to 20 degrees and slide.
  • After setting up the angle, pass both sides of the blades through the slot. Use finer stones and then repeat them.
  • After finishing the process, properly wash the knife and dry it.

Overall, the knife sharpening process is not complicated, but you should go through the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when using the device.

What are the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2023?

Here is a list of top-rated as per our recommendations;

  • Chef’sChoice EdgeSelect 15 Trizor XV
  • Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener
  • KitchenIQ 50353 Angle Adjust
  • Chef’s Choice 270 | A Heavy Duty
  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener
  • Work Sharp Culinary E5 | Elegant Look

Are knife Sharpener Systems safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. Electric knife sharpeners are safe than manual knife sharpeners. In electric knife sharpeners, the risk of cutting and slipping is less as compared to manual sharpeners. However, you must use the sharpeners with proper precautions. And for this purpose, we have compiled these safety tips for you to follow when using the electric knife sharpeners:

Read and follow the complete product manual at least once. By reading the manual, you can avoid some common accidents.

  • Never use electric sharpeners with water or lubricants.
  • Not all sharpeners are suitable to use with all types of blades and knives. So always stick to the intended uses.
  • The electric knife sharpeners are made for indoor use only. Never uses these sharpeners around places like near the BBQ grills and stoves. These hot surfaces can affect the cord of the sharpener.

Will Electric Sharpeners affect the knife?

As we know that all sharpeners are not equal in terms of quality. Only the best electric knife sharpener will not affect the shape and quality of the knife. But cheap electric knife sharpeners can severely damage the shape of your knife. So, always opt for the product that is tested and reliable.

Do electric knife sharpeners wear out?

All major types of knife sharpeners can wear out. There’s no exception. This is a common thing for these tools, so treat it as a normal household in this scenario. And don’t hesitate to purchase if your existing knife sharpener is worn out.

How often should we use a knife sharpener?

It depends on the usage of your knife and also on how dull your knife is. If your knife is completely dull, the electric knife sharpener will only take a couple of minutes to re-sharpen the knife. If you use your knife regularly, we will recommend using a sharpener at least once a week.

How to clean a knife sharpener?

The latest electric knife sharpeners are simple to clean. The parts of these sharpeners are also removable, so you can easily wash them with mild soap and soft fabric.

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