7 Best Hot Plates Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Hot plates are very common in college dorm rooms, and students can cook pasta, warm leftovers, or anything they like without leaving their rooms.

Hot plates are an efficient, versatile, and space-saving way for your kitchen cooking needs.

It is a great way to expand your kitchen cooking capability, and without taking up a huge space helps you cook anything just like the way you cook with a traditional cooktop.

I have noticed that some hot plates are better than others, and come integrated with some modern specialized features that make them more useful than others for specific cooking tasks.

In this post, I am going to help you introduce you to the top hot plates, and going to pen down the top features that help you get the most out of your hot plate.

So without further ado, here are the best hot plates according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Hot Plates Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best hot plates based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Duxtop Portable Induction Hot Plate

Features at a glance
  • 120V power outlet, 15 amp
  • 20-preset power and temperature control
  • Touch controls
  • Keep warm for 1-30 sec

If you are looking for a portable induction burner for your small kitchen, dorm rooms, and RVs, the Duxtop portable induction cooktop burner is the right option.

It takes the tiniest space out of your kitchen and helps you enjoy a seamless and smooth cooking process.

This cookware requires a magnetic bottom and is only compatible with the induction cookware.

So keep that thing in mind. If you have an electric or gas cookware, this burner would not work with them.

It runs on a 120V power outlet, a standard power outlet in the USA, with 20 pre-set power levels between 100w-1800W.

It allows you to cook at different power levels, just like the way mentioned in the recipe.

It also has 20-preset temperature controls, to help you easily tap on any temperature control to get things started without tweaking around much.

To help you control this burner, the Duxtop hot plate comes with a beautifully designed touch control panel.

This panel helps you control the power level, temperature, on/off, and child safety lock with just one touch of the buttons.

If you are a student enjoying your college life in between dorm room and college, this burner is the best option for you.

It comes with a fast boil button, to help you easily boil water with just one touch.

Moreover, you can keep your tea in the pot warm, your food warm, and water warm for at least 1-30 minutes.

It got impressive safety control features. Like, it has an automatic shut off feature, and the feature turns off the overall system if thy system detects cookware on the top for at least s60-secs.

The same goes with the child lock. If you lock your system with child safety, no changes could be made in the temperature settings, or power settings unless you turn off the child lock feature.

The only precaution the manufacturers recommend is to clean the cookware after it cools down.

Because there is a big spread of coils, and once they get hot take time to cool down.

What We Like!

  • 20-Preset power controls and temperature controls
  • Intuitive touch control helps easily control settings
  • Fast boil buttons let you boil water instantly
  • Automatic shut off if there is no cookware detected on the top

Things to Consider!

  • Don’t clean unless the cookware is cool down

2. Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner

Features at a glance
  • Cast iron hot plate burner
  • 7 preset heating
  • Turn on/off knob
  • Rubberized feet

Hot plate burners are considered the best option for confined spaces. They let you easily cook anywhere, anytime without occupying much space.

CUSIMAX hot plate burner falls right on this criterion and provides cooking space for students, boats, RVs, traveling, and parties.

Not just the exceptional features and controls, this little thing look cool on your counter space.

It is sleek, black, and curvy and helps your space have an improved Décor. It is made of cast iron, with spiral grooves inside.

It does not have a digital controller; you can still control the hot plate using a knob.

It got an on/off knob on the one end, and the same matching dial on the other end to control the heat.

In between the knobs, it got a light that sits and lets you know if the cooking range is on.

Because it is an electric hot plate, cast iron constructed, they don’t glow usually, and may accidently burn you.

It comes with 7 preset heat temperature controls; to help you easily control the heat.

It also got non-skid feet, rubberized feet prevent the burner gets slipping and falling on the ground.

With a weight of just 6 pounds, it allows you to take literally anywhere without any big trouble or issue.

It is a flat cooktop with a spiral on its top, the heating area is differently textured.

That means, the pans have been in contact with the coils, and if you have a round bottom pan, the heat might not reach through the entire pan uniformly.

This Cooktop can achieve 392-degree F to 1162-degree F, but it takes around 20-minutes to cool down.

The LED light shows when the cooker is off, so have an eye on the LED light, and let it completely turn off before you clean it.

What We Like!

  • Amazingly portable 6-pound weight
  • Good for confined spaced kitchens
  • 7-preset heating settings
  • Easy to control temperature and turn on/off knob

Things to Consider!

  • Takes time to cool down even after 20-minutes of turning off

3. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner

Features at a glance
  • 1300watts power
  • 7-Pounds weight
  • 1-5 numbered dials for temperature
  • Preheating and max temp LEDs

If you buy a cast iron hot plate, do you know the single most important problems consumers have to face?

They require preheating, and you never know when the desired temperature is reached so that you could cook your food?

Cuisinart cooktop hot burner comes to rescue you and fixes the problem with its two LED lights.

The green lights turned on means, the electricity is on, and the hot plate is on but did not reach the desired temperature.

The red one notifies you, that the desired temperature has been met, and you are well for cooking.

This is not the only positive aspect of this hot burner; it got a great range of additional features.

It comes with a temperature control dial, numbered from 1-to 5 to help you switch the desired temperature using the dial.

This dial allows you easily get the 6 settings adjustable temperature control.

It is stainless steel constructed a burner; no fingerprint marks will be there to make a mess. You with a damp cloth can easily clean it up.

It is a coil-less burner, with non-slip rubber feet, so that no slipping could make it fall on the grounds.

It is relatively bulky in size and shares a 7-pounds of weight. Still, it makes a good option for college dorm rooms and a portable solution for on-the-go users.

When you open the package, the first thing you do is turn it on, reach the max temp, wait for 10 minutes and then turn it off.

It will release harsh chemical smells, that you could get some other time while cooking.

Read the user manual in -detail, so that you could understand how to tackle this harsh chemical smell.

It got a shorter power cord on the other hand; I didn’t like that feature too.

What We Like!

  • Numbered temperature control dial
  • Smooth cooking top stainless steel constructed
  • Nonslip rubber feet
  • Two led lights for preheating and max temp

Things to Consider!

  • Shorter power cord

4. SUNAVO Portable Electric Double Burner

Features at a glance
  • 2 hot plates
  • 1000W, 700W temperature
  • 2-Years warranty
  • LED light indicators

If you are a family of 4,5 members and looking for a cooking solution, despite having a small-sized kitchen, I recommend buying SUNAVO portable electric double burner.

These are two stainless steel burners with threader surfaces to spread the heat uniformly through the pan.

This burner comes with two iron hot plates of 7.1 inches, and 6 inches with different powers1000W and 700 watts respectively.

Each plate has a different temperature control dial on the opposite of each plate so that you could easily spot them right, and control the heat.

The best thing about these hot plates is their compatibility with all types of cookware.

They are compatible with copper panes, aluminum, cast iron, frying pans, and non-magnetic pans, as long as they got a flat surface.

Because without a flat surface, the heat distribution would not be even, and it can have an impact on your cooking.

Its overheat protection prevents you from injuries. If the temperature goes high, it automatically turns off, and when the temperature lowers down, it turns on automatically with no human interaction.

Its control knobs are insulated, and they prevent you from accidents and injuries.

So, you can turn on the knob even if the temperature goes beyond the maximum level.

I like the way it functions, it is a quieter plate, with no buzzing or humming sound to disrupt your peace.

It comes with a 2-years warranty, to provide you peace of mind, because it is a heavy investment, and if anything goes wrong, you get the option to return it back and get your full money refunded.

What We Like!

  • Two plates, allow you to cook dishes at one time
  • It got a thermostat to regulate the temperature
  • Brushed stainless steel house
  • 2-years warranty

Things to Consider!

  • Wider surface, be cautious while cooking

5. GTKZW Electric Double Induction Cooktop

Features at a glance
  • Two individual burners s
  • Digital sensor screen ‘
  • Max temp 1200Watts
  • 9 power and heat settings

If you love beautifully designed products, and looking for an electric plate with an induction cooktop.

I highly recommend buying GTKZE designed electric double induction cooktop.

It looks beautiful and shares a black crystal construction, to elevate your kitchen décor.

Keep in mind, that it is an induction hot plate, so only works with the pans with magnetic bottom or magnetic induction cookware.

You know that induction plates are more efficient in power, and performance, their heat distribution is even, and cool on touch.

This system comes with 2-independent heating areas with independent LEDs. You can control each area differently, using the digital temperature control screen.

The maximum power output it can switch at is 1200Watts and provides you 9 different temperatures as well as power settings.

With this cooktop, I am sure you can cook any recipe, setting the right required temperature and power.

I loved its digital sensor screen. It is a crystal constructed material, not only helps you control temperature, turn on/off, and power with the touch of your fingers.

This digital screen is scratch-resistant, temperature resistant, and wear-resistant too.

Cleaning it would not be a problem, just a damp cloth wipe, and all fingerprints or spills are gone.

I liked its smooth surface design, with an anti-rust bottom shell. There are fans installed on the bottom, to dissipate heat, to prevent it from overheating.

Even if there is overheating, it prevents you from overheating with its overheating protection.

What We Like!

  • Two burners with separate controls s
  • Digital sensor screen
  • 9 temperature controls
  • Overheat protection, and child safety features

Things to Consider!

  • Requires induction cookware

6. Ovente Electric Double Infrared Burner

Features at a glance
  • Max temp range 1700-watts
  • Temperature control knob
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Crystallite cooktop

For those looking for a small, portable yet efficient hot plate, this is the right option to go with.

One of the most popular hot plates on one of the biggest shopping portals Amazon.

This hot plate can be used with any material constructed cookware, no need to buy magnetic bottom cookware.

Just put your cookware, set the temperature between 105-212 degrees, and there you are with perfect cooking.

It is a stainless-steel housing and crystallite top glass constructed as a cooking plate.

The amalgam of both brings forth an impressive-looking cooktop.

Cleaning it would be a hassle-free task, the crystallite ceramic glass and stainless-steel housing require just one wipe and there it is a clean sparkling cooktop.

It got temperature and power control knobs, to help you get the temperature right, but no digital controller.

The maximum temperature this burner can reach is 1700-watts, great to help you cook long hours of meals.

More than the functioning and power of the burner, I liked the way it looks. It looks stunning in your kitchen and elevates your kitchen décor.

What We Like!

  • The maximum temperature range is up to 1700-watts
  • Temperature control knob
  • 6 different temperature settings
  • Lightweight designed model, portable

Things to Consider!

  • It does not have an auto shut off feature

7. IMUSA USA Electric Single Burner

Features at a glance
  • 1100-Watts [power
  • 4-inches high, 9 inches lengthy
  • Turn on/off LEDs
  • Knobs to control temperatures

If you are a student and looking for a simple, hassle-free solution for your everyday cooking needs, go with IMUSA designed electric single burner.

It got no extra bells and whistles a simple affordable solution, which helps you enjoy cooking in your dorm room without spending big money.

It is the USA made a product, from the name even, it speaks aloud that, I am designed and made in the USA.

It is a power-efficient solution for cooking needs, it runs at 1100-Watt power, an energy-efficient solution to help you reheat your food, warm your leftovers, boil water, and make pasta.

IMUSA designed hot plate is the tiniest plate on the list. It is 4-inches high, and 9-inches in length a cooking solution.

You can easily take it around, cooking on your trips, if electricity is available because it runs on electricity.

Keep in mind, this is recommended for bachelors and students who live alone, and often don’t cook long-hours food.

Because it turns off automatically if gets hot. If you run it at maximum temperature for 60-minutes, it will turn off, and to use it again, you will have to wait for the next 60-minutes.

It is a low-cost, low-fuss, with no extra bells and whistles a cooking solution, that helps you do small dorm room kitchen cooking tasks like boiling water and others.

What We Like!

  • Smallest sized hot plate
  • Power-efficient cuts on your electricity bills
  • Integrated LEDs
  • Integrated temperature regulating knob to control the temperature

Things to Consider!

  • Not for regular long hours cooking

Hot Plate Buying Guide

Before you get into buying a hot plate, you must learn what makes these hot plate burners stand out. It will help you get the most out of your purchase.

Things like the type of heat, number of burners, versatility, durability, and portability, are some of the core features that everyone before giving a final shot to consider.

The Type of Heat

Hot plates are divided into three categories when it comes to the type of heating; induction, electric, and gas.

Every specific type has its own benefits and disadvantages, it is important you keep every area in mind to get the most out of your purchase.


Electric hot plates usually come with one or two burners, they are good to use for small and average 3-4 persons uses. They come with exposed coils or integrated coils. 

Exposed coils provide quicker heating performance, but can be a hazard if you got kids around, how tweaks things around here and there. 

They also have integrated coils which are better and spread heat evenly throughout, but they perform slowly and are often used with smart-looking burners. 

If you got a heavy bottom burner, it is better to buy an exposed coil hot plate with glass on top for cleaning and other safety purposes.


Induction hot plate burners use the electromagnetic field for heating. For that, they require cookware and induction-ready stainless steel.

Induction hot plates are known for their quicker performance and are often considered a go-to option for a home with toddlers. They are cold on touch and got no fire hazard issues.


Gas hot plates are great if you move a lot, or going on a trip, or on camping.

These types of hot plates are considered better than electric, and their ability to spread heat evenly is unmatchable.

They run on propane fuel and are a good option if you need a cooking system outdoor.

Overall size, weight, and other dimensions

Keep in mind, that hot plates are designed for space-saving.

They help your kitchen look smart, and without taking up too much space, help you set up your cooking range. 

But it is the construction of the cooktop, the number of burners, and size that determines the total space they will take.

So, note down the space you have in your kitchen for the cooking range, and then determine the number of burners, their size, and many other things.


The power of the hot plate depends on the number of burners and heating element type. Usually, hot plates require around 700-1800 watts of power.

If you are going with electric hot plates rather than gas hot plates, be sure to have 120-volts electric outlet access.

Number of burners

You are designing a cooking range for individuals or couples or for a family? Can you maintain proper cleaning around as the way families maintain?

If you live alone, enjoying a bachelor’s life, it is better to go with a single burner, they are small and lightweight, easy to transport too.

For families though, the better would be to go with 2-burners or check the space left for the cooking range.


First thing first, check if the surface type of your hot plates is compatible with the cookware you got? Because not all surface types go right with all cookware.

There are three different types of hot plates designed; glass, coils, and cast iron. Tradition coils are lightweight but hard to clean.

On the other hand, glass and cast-iron look modern, easy to clean but dent in your pockets. It is your shot, go get the type you suit the most for your space.

Heating control

Hot plates come with a variety of control options to help you get the temperature right for your cooking.

They come with mechanical knobs as well as digital knobs. Digital knobs are betters, they provide you with accurate and precise temperatures for your cooking.

Safety Features

Safety comes first, especially when you have little fingers smashing things around.

Hot plates come with a variety of safety features, the most prominent and must look into areas mentioned.

Automatic shut-off safety features turn off the heating system when no pan is detected.

It is helpful because sometimes, you accidently turn them on, or kids try to mess around with them.

In the same way, overheat protection also prevent your food to be overcooked.

If you set the maximum temperature for your cookware, it would not exceed that number, and if it goes for too long like you forget that you were cooking, it turns off the system.

Non-slip pads and child safety locks are some other important safety features.

Final Verdict

Hot plates are amazing, they are efficient, and got more uses than you think.

Most people think they are only for hungry college students to make pasta in their dorm rooms.

No, they are more than that, they are for small apartments, with confined spaces for kitchens.

If you have a small apartment, with no big space for a kitchen, you can simply install them, and get things rolled smoothly.

FAQs About Hot Plates

Which One Is Better: Gas Hot Plate, Induction Hot Plate, or Electric Hot Plate?

Induction hot plates are better than electric and gas hot plates. Induction hot plates are safer on the touch and spread the heat uniformly through the cookware.

On the other hand, electric hot plates are also great, because they don’t require magnetic bottom cookware for cooking.

If you move a lot, the gas plate is better for you, they run on propane gas, and you can use them anywhere you like on trips, camping, etc.

Are Hot Plates Dangerous?

Yes, they can be dangerous if not constructed well. Before you buy any hot plate, make sure they come from a trusted brand, and if there is an underwater laboratory mark on it, you can use it, it is safe to use.

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