7 Best Food Dehydrator Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Love dehydrating meat and vegetables for healthy snacking?

Air-drying and dehydrating conventionally eat up too much effort.

All you need is a good food dehydrator to save your money on snacks.

The right food dehydrator will make the process easier, quicker, and more convenient for you.

So, let’s preserve your favorite food with all its nutrients this season. Preserve your food and vitamin.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best food dehydrators according to consumer ratings & reports in 2023 to ease your job more than before. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Food Dehydrator Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best food dehydrators for 2023:

  • Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator
  • Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine
  • Colzer Food Dehydrator 12 Stainless Steel Trays
  • Magic Mill Food Dehydrator With Digital Adjustable Timer
  • COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator Machine
  • Chefman Food Dehydrator Machine
  • Nesco Food and Jerky dehydrator

Best Food Dehydrator Reviews 2023

I have compiled a list of the 7 best food dehydrators based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

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Air-drying and dehydrating your food truly makes it easier for you to preserve it. This process conventionally eats up too much of your effort. However, Excalibur Electric Food Dehydrator is nowhere to make it a hassle-free activity.

It features a built-in 26-hours timer and allows you to select the desired temperature ranging from 105-165°F.

The capacity of this sleek and user-friendly appliance is also commendable. It comes with 9 spacious trays measuring 15×15 inches. This multiplies the overall efficiency and lets you dehydrate several different food items simultaneously.

The most admired quality of this wonder appliance is its ability to sustain the food’s health quotient. It makes it possible by allowing you to cook slowly at a relatively low temperature.

A unique patented hyper wave technology supports it. The presence of a horizontal parallax airflow further enables it to perform its task quickly and effectively.

All in all, it is an ideal buy for large families who are fond of munching on dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Please give it a buy and get ready to devour a handful of healthy snacks.

Note: Poly screen tray insert prevents food from sticking

What We Like!
  • 9 spacious poly screen lined trays
  • Consumes 600 Watts
  • 26 hours timer
  • Works over a wide range of temperatures
  • Works quickly and effectively
Things to Consider!
  • Operates on 110 or 120 V only

2. COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator Machine

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The ongoing trend of munching on dehydrated food items must have tempted the foodie in you. Are you also planning to prepare these snacks at home? Grab this Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator to infuse flavor and taste into your favorite food items.

This appliance has all that you are looking for. From its noise-free operation to its stylish front glass door, everything about this product is unparalleled.

It is equipped with 6 stainless steel trays lined with a 100% BPA free material. The presence of a touch-control LED display rightly complements its versatility.

An adjustable timer and temperature gauge are also there. These are thoughtfully incorporated to facilitate a higher level of user control.

The presence of a heat-protective mechanism and auto shut-off feature further gives it a competitive edge.

Plug it in, stuff it up, adjust its timer, customize its temperature, and let it work in peace. You do not even need to worry about the cleaning process. All trays and liners provided are dishwashers safe.

No, do not rotate its trays when it is working. A rear-mounted motor and an internal fan distribute the heat evenly.

Isn’t it a deal to steal? Invest in this product to unveil its potential.

Note: The package includes a dehydrator, 6 trays, a mesh screen, a fruit roll sheet, a user manual, and a 50 recipe booklet.

What We Like!
  • Adjustable timer (30 min – 48 hours)
  • Wide Temperature range (95-165 °F)
  • Accessories are included
  • 6 easy-to-clean trays
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quiet operation
Things to Consider!
  • The fan does not have any air filters

3. Colzer Food Dehydrator 12 Stainless Steel Trays

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Hunters always search for a commercial-style food dehydrator. They can explore the fantastic features of the Colzer Food dehydrator.

It is one of the top-rated machines that is engineered with horizontal drying technology.

Machines remove moisture from the food on an even heat level and make a food dry with a continuous circulation of constant temperature-controlled warm air.

The result comes in the form of dried food that remains healthy for a long time.

Unlike conventional dehydrators that are too noisy to keep in the home, this one is entirely different.

You can keep it anywhere in the house, and it will handle food drying jobs quietly as it produces less than 50-decibel noise.

The manufacturer has redesigned its tray. A small grid of trays is ideal for drying small food placement.

All the edges remain covered, so make it safe to use and easy to clean. Colzer packed this machine with 26 free recipe books.

Now you know all about different vegetables, fruits, meats, etc., that you can transform into healthy cuisines and snacks at home.

There is a double heating fan that circulates 800 watts of warm air throughout the interior. It ensures rapid and even heats distribution for fast drying processes.

The stainless steel racks are BPA-Free, so you can dry home food without thinking twice about health concerns.

From its simple use of the digital timer, you can set temperature degrees ranging from 68ºF to 194ºF, while the timer can be set up to 24 hours.

As far as safety is concerned, Colzer integrated this machine with two functions as Automatic shut-down and overheat protection.

What We Like!
  • Stainless Steel Racks with Redesigned small grid tray
  • 360-degree Double fan, even heat distribution
  • 26 free recipe book included in the pack
  • Dry large capacity of food with 12 Trays
  • Silent Operation, , noise < 50dB
Things to Consider!
  • Temperature Display is Confusing

4. Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine

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Do you like to make healthy snacks at home? It would be best if you indeed bought a dehydrator Magic Mill Pro.

The difference between its Pro and regular version is capacity. There are ten stainless steel racks in the original version, while Pro brings an additional tray of 30 inches extra space.

Whether you are in a mood to make leathery pork jerky or planning to make dried fruits or vegetables, this food dehydrator lets you preserve food most economically.

The food drying process is quite simple, load the tray, set temperature and timer, and let the content dry rapidly and evenly.

Its rear-mounted drying fan with airflow circulation technology lets food dry rapidly without causing overheating. The best part is you won’t have to rotate the shelves.

From its glass window, you can monitor the food progress. There are digital set timers and temperatures. You can change temperature with 9 number increments from 95°F to 167°F.

If you have a party the next day, set the timer at night and wake up with the aroma of freshly dried meat and crunchy vegetables.

Inside the pack, you can find 2 oven mitts, five nonstick fruit leather sheets, 11 fine mesh sheets, and 11 stainless steel height-adjustable racks.

Once the timer is done, the machine shuts off automatically. So, you can safely keep it in your home.

Its stainless steel housing adds a modern touch to any space you keep it. With horizontal airflow from back to front, this machine dried food fast and evenly.

What We Like!
  • 11-Spacious Stainless Steel Height Adjustable racks
  • Easy to set and intuitive Digital Temperature Control
  • Easy to clean racks and interior, quiet
  • Overheat Protection, Auto timer off
  • Even heat distribution with airflow circulation tech
Things to Consider!
  • Temperature preset settings are a bit odd.

5. Magic Mill Food Dehydrator With Digital Adjustable Timer

Do you need a dehydrator that lets you taste a healthy version of dried food?

In that scenario, look no further as Magic Mill Food Dehydrator is well-designed to suit your food and taste requirements.

This machine is equipped with seven stainless steel racks that you can use to dry meat, jerky, chicken, and other food items.

Mesh trays are suitable for keeping small fruits and vegetable.No matter what you put on them, and this industrial-grade dehydrator will dry it fast while preserving its taste and crispiness intact.

Whether you want a leathery texture or something crisp, everything can be made right from this machine.

With its Preset adjustable thermostat and timing, you can set the temperature from 95°F to 165°F.

It lets you set a timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Automatic timers shut down to save your energy and protect you from overheat incidents.

You can monitor food progress from its transparent cover. There is no need to rotate the shelves as the dehydrator is designed with airflow circulating technology, which, when combined with a rear-mounted drying fan, provides even heat distribution.

When it comes to cleaning, no need to soak the tray and scrub them all. Please put them in your dishwasher and let the machine do the tough job for your comfort.

Even its housing doesn’t require a detailed cleaning job. Use a cotton towel to give it a quick cleaning wipe.

Inside the package, you can find seven stainless steel racks, 2 fruit leather trays, two mesh sheets, and 1 set oven mitt.

What We Like!
  • Racks, sheets, and trays are Dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel racks are removable and height adjustable
  • Airflow circulation technology for super-fast heat distribution
  • Even heat distribution, consistent drying food pattern
Things to Consider!
  • Incomplete Manual and Instructions

6. Chefman Food Dehydrator Machine

The phenomenon of dehydrating food dates back to the stone age. However, this Chefman Food Dehydrator Machine has given it an entirely new dimension.

It comes with 6 BPA free plastic trays and features digital temperature and time controls. You can easily adjust its temperature from 95-158°F, and you may leave it on for 19.5 hours.

It is absolutely ideal for drying a huge batch of your favorite snack. The trays provided measure 13×12 inches and can cater to a huge household.

The auto shut-off feature is another noteworthy additive. It relieves you from the stress of turning it off timely.

You can even monitor the progress by seeing through the front glass door. This also serves as a valuable addition to its minimalistic style and design.

In other words, this product is exclusively crafted to introduce you to the true essence of convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Stop revisiting a billion thoughts and confidently invest in this product. You will continue to reap its advantages for years.

Note: Do not rotate its trays when it is working. It can distribute the heat uniformly in all directions.

What We Like!
  • Consumes 480 Watts only
  • Adjustable temperature and time
  • Digital controls
  • 6 BPA free plastic trays
  • Stylish design
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Lightweight and portable
Things to Consider!
  • It is compatible with 110 V only

7. Nesco Food and Jerky dehydrator

Oily and healthy snacks are an absolute threat to your health and well-being. Introduce yourself to the taste of homemade healthy snacks with this Nesco Food and Jerky Dehydrator.

This appliance is undisputedly a wonderful invention. It comes with 4 squared trays having 1.2 sq. ft. of drying space each. It means that it can easily suffice all medium to large households.

This appliance’s best quality is its converge flow system that plays a massive role in distributing the heat evenly. This further saves you from the hassle of rotating trays every then and now.

You can even regulate its thermostat from 96-106°F. It offers a higher user-control level and lets you choose the right temperature for a specific food item.

It is crafted out of high-quality BPA-free plastic that stands the test of time. A 700-watt powerful fan is mounted at its top, and it comes with 2 Jerky Spice and Cure Packets and 1 Clean-A-Screen.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring this snack expert to your home, follow the guidelines given on its motor housing, and avail of its numerous advantages.

Note: All of its parts are dishwasher safe, and you may extend its capacity by using additional trays.

What We Like!
  • Expandable capacity
  • Powerful flow system
  • Accessories included
  • Adjustable thermostat
Things to Consider!
  • Additional trays are sold separately

How to select the best food dehydrator?

The crisp of banana chips, the spice of beef Jerky, and the aromatic appeal of thyme and oregano tempt you the most. If you are missing out on these delicacies, you need to invest in a food dehydrator.

However, the selection process will definitely give you a hard time.

Do not let it stress your mind, and go through this article once. It will help you make a wise choice.


As a sensible individual, you must adhere to the limitations of your pocket. This becomes even more essential when you are making a lifelong investment.

However, if you are buying this product for commercial purposes, you must never hesitate to step out of your budget constraints. It will never let you face any loss.


A spacious food dehydrator easily makes it to everyone’s wish list. It saves your time and effort and lets you prepare a huge batch in a single go. If you also desire this convenience opt for a product with at least 5.5sq.ft. Capacity. It will ideally serve various domestic and commercial purposes.


Not all food dehydrators are expandable. This is something that you must keep in mind while making this choice. For professionals, a good idea is to invest in an expandable product. It will make it easier to supply the increasing demand once the business establishes itself.


Temperature and timer controls are certainly the most needed features in a food dehydrator. Any product without these two functionalities will never let you have a hassle-free experience.

Choose rightly to save yourself from the consequences that you may face otherwise.


Power consumption and the amount of food dehydrated per batch makes up for the cost-effectiveness of this product. Ideally, a unit that consumes 480 to 500 watts for preparing 5 to 7 lbs of food is the best one.

Side Effects

Critics have confidently claimed that the presence of BPA irritants and chemicals put a question mark on this appliance’s safety.

Be mindful of this factor and try to opt for a BPA free product.


A food dehydrator occupies space irrespective of your purpose of purchasing it. Five, nine, and twelve tray appliances are available to offer ample space to work efficiently for you. Round shaped dehydrators allow less food to fit in properly as compared to others.

Therefore, never turn a blind eye to its sizes or dimensions. Please pay attention to this factor; it will also ease the installation process later on.

Style and Design

Ergonomic designs and attractive styles carve a special place in the buyer’s heart. These also play a great role in defining your user experience with the device. This gives reason to why you must lookup for these when buying this appliance.


Lightweight products are evidently more portable as compared to others. A wise decision would be to opt for a lightweight product with all the features you are looking for.

Final Verdict

These food dehydrators have made it to our list after a thorough examination of several worthy aspects. Each one of these products conforms to the standard safety and health standards.

These are also tried, tested, and proven to aid the purpose of their creation. Invest in either of these products and enjoy the perks of having such a useful appliance at home.

FAQ’s about Food DeHydrator

How long will this dehydrator take to make crispy apple chips?

This, in turn, depends on several other factors, including the thickness of the product’s slice, temperature, and heat distribution. Pay attention to these factors, and get ready to munch on crispy apple chips in minutes.

Can I use this appliance for dehydrating liquids?

Most of these products are suitable for dehydrating solid food items only. However, you may try testing it with liquids, too, by taking all the advised precautionary measures.

What needs to be the minimum and maximum thickness of each food slice?

The slices can be as thick and as thin as you may want. There are no such limitations. However, the thickness will directly affect the time taken by the process to complete.

What needs to be the minimum distance between 2 slices?

Two slices must be placed at least 1 inch apart. It will prevent overlapping, allowing them to have the desired level of crispiness.

Will the dehydrators yield professional results?

Most of these products are exclusively crafted to cater to the professional needs of the buyer.

Can I use these dehydrators for drying nuts, herbs, and spices?

All food dehydrators are crafted to dehydrate fruits, meat, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and spices effectively and quickly.

Do I need to buy the accessories separately?

This depends on the product you choose. Most products are provided with a complete set of trays, meshes, and other essentials.

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