10 Best Hedge Trimmer Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Bearing bad Shaped yard or sweating to cut the extra grown edges?

You are in dire need of a hedge trimmer with an efficient cutting blade. Because uneven and scattered hedges shatter the entire outlook of your space.

Let’s get all in shape without much hassle and wasting your precious time.

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best hedge trimmers according to consumer ratings & reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Hedge Trimmer Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best hedge trimmers based on consumer ratings & reports 2023.

1. GO Power+ 20-inch Hedge Trimmer

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Do you want to make the most of your Ego Hedge Trimmer? In that case, consider investing money in this 20-inch hedge trimmer attachment features with a one-inch cutting capacity.

This battery power device offers better performance than a gas-powered tool. No matter how long you run the machine, it won’t create mess, fuss, and fumes.

Its dual-action blade cut offers industrial trimming performance. You can trim large bushes at exceptional speed and convenience.

This fully functional attachment is designed with 12-position articulation so that you can cut the bushes at any angle you desire.

These dual-action blades are made of powerful steel so that you can expect longevity and durability.

For powering up this tool, you need to rely on a 56V ARC Lithium battery, which offers great run time. Its multi-head attachments are designed to stay compatible with a powerhead.

As this hedge trimmer has got weather-resistant construction, so you can use it in rugged condition without worrying about getting it rusted or damaged.

What We Like!
  • 12-position Cut and Trim with different angles
  • Rigid Water-resistant construction (ipx4)
  • Durable Steel dual-action Blades
  • Easy to Store, Save time and space
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t offer balanced weight distribution

2. BLACK & DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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The hassles of trimming them on your own can give you chills. Escape out of this trauma with Black+Decker 40V Hedge Trimmer. This product has it all that you are looking for.

It works on cordless technology and comes with a 40V Lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than others. It possesses an overall length of 24 inches and is equipped with dual-action blades.

These blades enormously intensify their working efficiency to save your time and effort. To be more precise, it cuts 2x more branches at once and features a 3/4inch cutting capacity.

You do not even need to worry about the battery level. The state of charge indicator is there to show how much charging is left. It further brings comfort and convenience with its ergonomic handle.

The full-length trigger has a soft grip covering that rightly complements its fully wrapped front side handle.

All in all, this product neatly cuts and cleans in all possible cutting orientations without making you feel exhausted. In fact, it can cut up to 6000 square feet per charge with its rust-resistant, shear, sharp, and long blades. It weighs light, bears a compact size, and is very easy-to-use.

What We Like!
  • ¾ inch cutting capacity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Shear, long, sharp, rust-resistant blades
Things to Consider!
  • A grinding tool is needed to sharpen the blades

3. EGO Power+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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If you don’t like to work with gas-powered hedge trimmers due to their heavyweight, it’s time to invest money in an EGO Hedge Trimmer kit.

It unlocks the world’s first cordless hedge trimmer, charger, and 2.5Ah battery.

This trimmer is powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor that keeps the machine lightweight and brings longer run time.

As it produces less vibration, you won’t experience fatigue regardless of how long you have been trimming bushes and vegetable gardens with it.

The EGO Power Hedge Trimmer is designed with a dual-action 24-inch blade that offers deep and precise cuts.

With one inch of cut capacity, you can obtain 3200 strokes per minute. No matter how challenging a job is, it can be done at a fast rate.

All its blades are fully serviceable so that you can share them quickly and easily.

The best thing about this EGO power hedge trimmer is that it is designed with  EGO’s industry-leading ARC Lithium Battery Technology. So, you can use this tool with all sorts of EGO ARC Lithium batteries.

If during trimming, you want to stop the task, then electric brakes come in handy. You can have better and improved control via this tool.

What We Like!
  • Hi-Efficiency Brushless motor
  • 24” dual-action, hardened steel reciprocating blades
  • Electric Brake for improved control
  • Cut Thick Branches at 3200 strokes/m
Things to Consider!
  • It is powerful yet heavy

4. Husqvarna Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

Need a powerful alternative to a battery trimmer? It’s time to consider getting this gas-powered trimmer from Husqvarna 122HD60. You can trim hedges and green bushes at a fast speed.

This machine doesn’t produce much noise. No matter how long you have been using it, your neighbors and sleeping baby won’t get disturbed.

With a battery-powered device, you can’t handle a full garden bushes trimming job in a day as battery run time isn’t more than 40 minutes. You won’t experience the same issue with this gasoline trimmer.

This robust build trimmer weighs only 10.8 pounds, while its knife length is 24 inches.

With its exceptional cutting speed of 4,050 cut/min, you would be able to do a complete trimming job in one or two days max.

Unlike traditional hedge trimmer that takes hours to start, this one is different. It has earned its name in the market as an easy start trimmer. The machine is engineered with a Smart Start Engine and Carburetor air purge system.

Once you turn it off, its button reset to start mode so that you can quickly start it for subsequent use—no more waiting, no more stuck.

The LowVib feature of Husqvarna 122HD60 absorbs vibrations during work; thereby, you won’t experience stress on your arms, hands, and shoulder.

As this trimmer is heavier than the battery version, you better complete an entire garden trimming job after frequent breaks.

What We Like!
  • Smart Start engine offers a quick start
  • Cut nicely and at high speed
  • Adjustable rear handle
  • Anti-vibration dampeners reduce fatigue
Things to Consider!
  • Need carburetor adjusting tool for its fine-tuning

5. DEWALT DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer

Who does not want a powerful laser-cut Hedge Trimmer? If you are also in search of one, invest in this Dewalt Hedge Trimmer. It is powered by a high output motor that gives its hardened blades the required power and strength.

It runs on a cordless technology that makes the entire experience effortless. Besides that, its 22 inches long blades can handle tall branches and without compromising its efficiency.

It works with a 20V battery and can strike 2800 strokes per minute. It has a compact design and weighs 8.8 pounds only.

To your surprise, It can easily work for an hour when fully charged. Critics have undisputedly declared it as an ideal tool for tough bushes and thick grass.

Moreover, the ergonomic worth of this product makes it stand out from the rest. It is provided with an easy-grip handle that gives it its ability to trim in all directions. This further contributes to providing the user with a pleasant experience overall.

Invest in this product and say bye to the fatigue of trimming and shaping hedges.

What We Like!
  • Hardened Blades
  • Laser Cut
  • 2800 Strokes per minute
  • Lightweight
  • Portable product
Things to Consider!
  • The battery is not included in the package

6. BLACK & DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Spring cleaning surely calls up for a need to cut and trim the overgrown hedges. Is this task already making you feel exhausted? Black+Decker Hedge Trimmer has now come to your rescue.

It effectively and quickly trims and cuts without making you feel tired. The ergonomic Microsoft grips are also there to provide maximum comfort. Besides, it has a compact size and lightweight that aids portability.

It operates on a 20V Lithium-ion 2.5AH battery and can last for more than an hour when fully charged.

This tool further features 22 inches of dual-action blades that can cut up to ¾ inches thick branches. These blades also play their part in minimizing the vibrations and, thus, provide you with a splendid experience.

The best part about this tool is surely the ease that it brings to your life. It starts by pushing the button and does its work as quickly as a magic wand.

The absence of a cord is another noteworthy additive here. It further relieves you from the hassle of carrying several feet long cord along.

So, grab this tool, and quickly give your space a neat and tidy look.

What We Like!
  • 22 inches Dual Action blades
  • Power Cut feature
  • Fast and effective
  • Cuts up to 3000 sq. ft in one charge
Things to Consider!
  • The blades need to be sharpened or replaced after a while

7. Greenworks 22-Inch 4-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks corded hedge trimmer is   a solution to all your yard maintenance needs. It works wonders with its 22-inch dual-action steel blades and gives your space a neat and tidy look.

It does not even consume too much of your time in making it happen. It rather works quickly and effectively without even making you feel tired.

Its sleek and compact design combines comfort and convenience. On the other hand, its lightweight and impressive ergonomics make it a buy worthy product for all.

The best feature of this tool is the presence of a cord lock system. It prevents accidental unplugging and lets you work without any interruption or hassle.

Believe it, or give it a try. You will be amazed to unveil its exceptional cutting capacity of 9/16 inches. Yes, you have heard it right.

Invest in this tool to cut and trim all the bushes and shrubs that ruin the entire look of your yard. It will get the job done in absolutely no time without draining every single ounce of energy from your body.

What We Like!
  • Quick and Effective
  • Cutting capacity of 9/16 inches
  • Cord lock system
  • Easy to handle
  • Combines style and comfort
Things to Consider!
  • It can work on 110v only

8. Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer

A neat and tidy lawn highlights your space and lets your heart skip a beat. Are you missing out on such visuals? Well, a simple solution to this trouble is to invest in Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer.

This Hedge trimmer is the only one of its kind. It operates on an 18V battery and shapes your yard like never before. The presence of 5 cushions within the motor housing minimizes vibration and lets you work without any added hassle.

This product’s most admired feature is that it operates 25% quieter than other cordless trimming tools.

Besides that, this tool has its own distinct mechanism of indicating its battery status. Its motor automatically stops when the tool is running low on battery. A warning light also turns up to call for a recharge.

It weighs 7.4 lbs only, and its top handles are equipped with rubberized soft grips. This further makes it a desirable product in the market.

The tool is also facilitated with a 2-handed operation. It makes sure that the motor works only when the switch and top handle are engaged simultaneously.

Finally, the blades are 38inches long and are thus better able to deal well with long bushes and thick grass.

Stop resisting your urge to spend on this amazing product and give it a buy right now.

What We Like!
  • Operates quieter than others
  • Features a 2-handed operation switch
  • Soft rubberized grips provide comfort.
  • A warning light indicates low battery
  • 38 inches long blades
Things to Consider!
  • Batteries are sold separately

9. Ryobi 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Ryobi cordless hedge trimmer is absolutely ideal for serving all sorts of trimming needs. It features an exceptional blade length of 55 cm and possesses a 22 mm cutting capacity.

The user control and comfort provided by this unique device are unparalleled in all terms. It comes with a rotating rear handle and a hedge sweep—these aid cutting in all directions and easy removal of clippings, respectively.

It is powered by a high-torque motor that gives it its powerful cutting performance. The laser-cut, diamond ground blades also make this tool equally suitable for hedges of all shapes and sizes.

The looped front triggers are also there to make it easier to handle while getting the job done.

Moreover, it has an anti-jamming function to let you work without any interruption. The best part about this tool is that it consumes only 18 watts and helps you maintain your yard like a pro.

Stop wasting your hard-earned money on hiring professionals. Invest in this tool once and enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning the mess on your own.

Are you still trying to look up other such products? Put an end to your search right here. You will never be able to find such a buy-worthy tool again.

What We Like!
  • Hedge sweep is provided
  • Rotating rear handles
  • Looped front triggers aid easy handling.
  • Consumes 18 watts only
  • Suitable for hedges of all shapes
  • Anti-jamming system
Things to Consider!
  • Battery and charger are sold separately

10. TACKLIFE Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 2-in-1

Instead of buying two different yard tools, you should invest in this 2-in-1 version TACKLIFE.

Without using any sort of tools, you can transform this powerful hedge trimmer into grass shears. It perfectly meets your shearing needs.

Its high-performing cooper motor runs at a max of 1250RPM, so you can expect efficient trimming and mowing.

Whether you want to shear trees, shrubs, or grass, this one tool will handle all tasks without causing any hassle.

As far user safety is concerned, there is a safety lock while the battery brings overheating protection. Set a security key to avoid its unauthorized use.

This 7.2V cordless trimmer has an ergonomic handle, which is featured with rubber. There won’t be any vibration during shearing so that you won’t experience fatigue.

Once you fully charge a 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, it offers a run time of a max of 77 min over trimming mode and 55 min over shearing mode. Charging will take 2 hours.

The best feature of this wireless trimmer is its height-adjustable handle. Depending on the height of the shrub or lawn, you can set three different heights.

The shrubby trimmer is lightweight (1.35lb), so it offers outstanding maneuverability. It’s so easy to work with this device.

The user-friendly design lets you switch between blades within three seconds—no need to use any tool.

What We Like!
  • Excellent Run time
  • Grass shear plus hedge trimmer
  • Dual security protection
  • Adjustable 3-stage height-handle
Things to Consider!
  • Cutting performance isn’t up to mark

How To Choose The Best Hedge Trimmer

Overgrown hedges may serve as a breeding ground for dangerous insect and animal species. These also shatter the entire look of your space and makes it look like a mess.

If you want to free yourself from these worries and that too without hitting professionals, you must invest in a hedge trimmer.

To ease this decision, we have thoughtfully compiled a list of factors that you must consider when making this choice. Please have a look at them, and keep them in your mind.

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This factor entirely governs your decision if you do not want to step out of your budget constraints. Therefore, when choosing a product with certain specifications, do not forget to keep an eye on its price. It will let you make a better choice.

Corded or cordless

The worldwide market is full of numerous corded and cordless hedge trimmers. Each one of them has its own specialties. Generally, cordless trimmers are preferred over corded ones.

This is because they bring a greater level of comfort and convenience to your life. However, these must be equipped with reliable battery time for efficient working. For corded ones, the presence of a cord lock system is preferred.

Bundled or Bare Tool

These hedge trimmers are extensively available with or without batteries and chargers. Therefore, when buying these online, please do not forget to check on this important factor. Otherwise, you will have to bear the additional expense along with the hassle of finding the compatible battery and charger.

Cutting Capacity

Cutting capacity defines whether your tool can cut long bushes and thick grass or not. This gives reason to why we must opt for the tool with a better cutting capacity. It will offer a greater level of convenience and control.

Blade Length

The blade length of a hedge trimmer has a lot to do with its efficiency. It defines the area covered by your tool in a minute. Therefore, if you want to invest in a tool that works quickly and effectively, you must not compromise on this factor. Rust-proof and easy-to-clean blades also reflect a tool’s durability.

Ergonomics and Portability

The presence of rubberized grips, hedge Sweeps, and looped front handles multiply the tool’s ergonomic worth. On the other hand, its portability depends upon its weight and compact size. The good idea is to keep these factors in mind when making this decision.

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SQM is the measure of your tool’s ability to work on a certain sq. ft area in a minute. Trimmers with a higher SQM are better able to cut and trim without consuming too much of your time.

Final Verdict

These products promise the desired level of comfort, convenience, effectiveness, and durability. Their features, design, and usage are in line with their purpose of creation. That is why they have been chosen among the best hedge trimmers that you will find anywhere in the world.

Invest in either of these without any doubts and confusion. These will outshine your expectations and will trim your hedges easily, quickly, and effectively. Get it now and ease yourself from the hassle of trimming the overgrown hedges manually.

FAQ’s about Hedge Trimmer

Is it ideal for cutting rose hedges?

That depends on the cutting capacity and blade length of your tool. Lookup for the specifications on the packaging or the user manual. It will help you find a better answer to this question.

Will a hedge trimmer work well with any 40V battery?

All Hedge trimmers are not designed to work well with 40V batteries. Some of them are compatible with 20V or 18V batteries only.

Is it safe to be used by a beginner?

These tools are exclusively designed for a layman. You can easily use them even if you are not a professional. These would not harm you in any way.

Is it suitable for hedges of all shapes?

Most of them are equally suitable for cutting and trimming hedges of all shapes. However, the extent of convenience may differ depending upon several other factors.

How long will it take to trim my yard measuring 4000sq.ft?

The SQM of your specific tool will help you have a better answer to this question. Most hedge trimmers can cut 3000 sq. ft in a minute.

Do I need to sharpen its blades after a while?

Steel or metal blades lose their sharpness and shine after a while. That is why you will have to sharpen or replace them after using this tool for a while.

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