7 Best Lawn Edger Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Who doesn’t desire an eye-pleasing lawn that catches the look of every visitor?

Lawn edgers serve as an essential tool to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn.

For an ideal manicure of your yard, it’s best to get your hands on the lawn edger, which creates a crispy clean finishing.

Lawn edgers offer you a mesmerizing touch of curved textures, flowerbeds, and twisted pathways making your lawn look symmetrical and awe-inspiring with a single use.

The lawn edgers are available in four different types having their pros and cons, which means you can select the best lawn edger that meets your needs.

In this post, I am going to review the best lawn edgers according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Lawn Edger Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

We have compiled a list of the 7 best lawn edgers according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

1. EGO Power+ 8-Inch Lawn Edger

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Features at a glance
  • Battery-powered
  • Cordless lawn edger
  • Brushless motor
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 3” edging depth
  • Multi-head attachments

MEO800 is a battery-powered, stick-style lawn edger that can instantly transform your lawn into vibrantly green.

For small edging jobs, this cordless lawn edger is one of the best options to go for.

It’s a cordless edger that requires no extensive cords and allows you more freedom to do your edging jobs.

Since it’s a battery-powered unit, you are required to buy a separate battery and charger to run the edger, so if you are looking for something on a budget, this may be an expensive lawn edger.

But when it comes to its efficiency, this lawn edger is versatile. You can attach different heads to different types of cutting.

The stick-style makes it the most convenient-to-use. Allowing you to cut with a depth of 3-inches, this lawn edger is superior to its contenders in the market.

If you are looking for a battery-powered lawn edger that will deliver the power of a gas edger, then this is a decent choice to consider.

Without creating a gas smell, this powerful cordless lawn edger is great for your domestic and light-duty edging needs to make your lawn neat and well-kept.

With a variable speed trigger, a lock-off switch, and a guide wheel, this edger is stable as well as easy-to-maneuver.

What We Like!
  • A well-made edger since it uses durable material for construction
  • The innovative technology allows you to edge precisely
  • Reliable as it is backed up with a 5-year warranty
  • Mowing small lawns is a breeze with its 3-inches depth edging capacity
Things to Consider!
  • An expensive option

2. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

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Features at a glance
  • 12Amp motor
  • electric-powered lawn edger
  • 3 adjustment depth level
  • D-grip, pivoting handle
  • Adjustable shaft
  • 3-years warranty

This edger/trencher by WORX is popular since it is sleek and slender in design and is durable and reliable regarding its matchless performance.

The users have tested the efficiency of this lawn edger that stands against the test of time.

This lawn edger will grab your attention since it can do heavy-duty edging jobs with a breeze. Although great for difficult edging and mowing jobs, yet it only weighs 14 lbs, therefore, easy-to-maneuver.

You are allowed to set the cutting depth to 3 different positions for different types of edging just by turning the knob located on the right of the tool.

talking about its performance, this one is a powerhouse of performance since it features a 12 amp motor that spins at 4700RPM.

The 7.5 inches serrated blade cuts the edges deeply and is great for detailed edging jobs since it can reach every nook and corner where a standard mower can’t get in.

with this, you can also change the blades whenever needed because there are clear wear indicators on the blades to keep you informed about blade replacement time.

The adjustable shaft position is the most standout feature of this lawn edger. No matter if you are short, medium, or big man, you will find the comfortable position to perform edging jobs accurately.

The D-shaped handle just fits into your hand and imparts you a strong grip over the unit.

Since it’s an electrical edger, so you need to be cautious while using it. Don’t use it over the wet ground as it will clog the blade chamber.

What We Like!
  • Ideal for landscaping and sidewalks edging projects
  • Great for deeper edging since its blades can cut at three different depth
  • The adjustable shaft is suitable for every height type of user
Things to Consider!
  • Since it’s a corded edger so, you need to buy a separate 2 or 3 pronged extension cord

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Landscape Edger and Trencher

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Features at a glance
  • High-torque 12 Amp motor
  • 3 adjustable blade depth
  • Edger+trencher lawn tool
  • 7-½ in. blade
  • D-shaped handle

For the curved flowerbed and tough overgrowth, this Black+Decker corded electrical edger and trencher is an unbeatable option.

In a fraction of time, this tool converts from edger to trencher and vice versa.

The three adjustable depth position of the blade allows you to do all types of edging tasks in a few minutes.

You will visibly notice how seamlessly it has done the job for you. The 7-½ inches blade is sharp and reaches the curved pathways and sidelines with convenience.

Since it’s a edger-cum-trencher has the capacity of digging trenches around the trees and garden beds of your lawn. So this is another bonus you’ll get by buying this 2-in-1 machine.

With a pull-up edge guide, you can clean the edged of patios and driveways in a very less time frame.

The D-shaped handle gives you much flexibility to operate the unit by allowing complete command over the machine.

The construction is great and can hold for longer. The plastic material of the machine never degenerates or softens although the machine delivers sufficient sustained heat while doing the alignment jobs.

What We Like!
  • Easy maneuverability since it has an auxiliary handle for doing edging jobs
  • Three different cutting depth position for detailed and precise edging
  • Lightweight as weighs just around 12 lbs.
  • A 2-in-1 edger+trencher machine
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic may sag due to overheating of the unit

4. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edge

Features at a glance
  • Electrical corded edger
  • 12Amp motor
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Integrated cord-lock
  • 5” double-edged blade

Being a lawn warrior, you must know how important it is to have a high-quality lawn edger.

and this machine by the GreenWorks has every useful feature to make it worth considering.

Without breaking the bank, it has enough power and efficiency to do basic edging jobs. So it’s also great if you are looking for a machine that remains on a budget side.

At first, this machine is backed up by a four-year warranty, that’s why reliability is secured. Replacing its parts is also cost-effective; you can replace its worn-out components while remaining within the limits of your pockets.

Let have a word about its performance and construction. This one has a 12 amp motor with a 7 ½” blade that gives you 3 different depth sizes to cut various edging jobs.

The machine is well-constructed and is mostly uses plastic-material. If you know the art of using an edger, this one will not disappoint you with its optimal performance and excellent design.

While comparing this tool with its competitors, you will find it a low-rated model. Its handle is not user-friendly and may slip due to your sweaty hand.

So you may have to use rubber gloves to get more maneuverability. Yet one can’t ignore the fact that the handle with a pivoting grip still is an impressive feature that makes this edger an excellent choice.

What We Like!
  • Easy storage
  • Great value for your money
  • Great for edging small yards
Things to Consider!
  • Low maneuverability due to unfriendly user handle
  • Not good for cutting large and overgrowth flowerbeds 

5. Scotts OutdoorCorded Electric Lawn Edger

Features at a glance
  • 11AMP motor
  • corded lawn edger
  • 1 2-in-1 edger+trencher device
  • 3 depth settings
  • Adjustable shaft
  • A built-in cord retention hook

Scotts edger/trencher is for those who go for buying a tool from a reputed company.

Scotts’ outdoor tools are worldwide acknowledged for being reliable and this one is not an exemption.

Promising to be enough for your edging and trenching needs, you will notice that this product lives up to its incentives.

Opposite to our all above-mentioned lawn edgers, this one never has a 12Amp motor. With an 11 amp motor, this electrical-powered edger is almost similar to its gas counterpart.

But unlike a gas-powered edger that creates fumes and noise during running, this one remains quiet and leaves no fumes behind.

So the model is eco-friendly, too as put by the company that it’s a planet-conscious design.

Offering you 1, 1.25, and 1.5 inches blade depth settings, you can transform your wild sidelines, patios, and yards without going overboard.

Getting a crispy and well-kept yard is a sure bet if you have got a chance to use this life-saver machine.

Setting the blade depth is also easy-peasy, just by using a lever you can set the blade to your required position.

No assembly is required; the tool is ready-to-use as soon as you draw it out from the package and connect it to a power source.

The design also wins the heart of the users because there is a hook for the retention of the cord.

What We Like!
  • Easy and quick edging and trenching for small yards
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Easy-to-assemble
Things to Consider!
  • Blade breaks off when doing tougher edging jobs

6. Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger

Features at a glance
  • Manual lawn edger
  • 48-inch long ash handle
  • Dual wheel blade
  • 10-year free replacement warranty
  • Gray-steel heads

The Truper Rotary lawn edger is the best when it comes to a manual edging tool that will help you keep and maintain the sidewalks of your lawn and yards.

A typical standard handy edger comes in a shovel-style design but this one is different.

A 48-inch American ash handle with a lacquered finish is aesthetically pleasing and requires maintenance.

You can keep the machine clean by spraying it with a garden hose. For added stability, you can use a silicone spray to coat the shaft.

This edger is good when it comes to cutting the sidelines of your lawn but if you are looking to maintain weeds and flowerbeds, you may have to go for using an electric lawn mower. For mowing bigger yards, this one doesn’t have the capacity.

The dual wheel system is decent and tractable on hard surfaces. For cleaner cut and overgrowth grounds, this one remains a low-rated choice.

But once you have mowed your lawn, this one will keep the wild growth away if you run this handy edger over your lawn or yard.

This manual lawn edger is a favorite with users since it requires low maintenance. Performance-wise, this one is great since you can operate it the way you like.

It may not give you precise results, but as far as the cleaning of edges is concerned, this one is a decent choice as it allows you more maneuverability.

What We Like!
  • Sleek and smart design for easy storage
  • Low maintenance
  • Wheeled trimmer to trim edges easily
Things to Consider!
  • Not give you precise results
  • Not good for thicker grass

7. Ryobi P2300A Cordless Lawn Edger

Features at a glance
  • Battery-powered
  • 9-inch blade
  • 4 different depth settings
  • 3-years limited warranty

The last product on our list is well-known for being a cordless edger that is nonetheless inferior to any gas or corded edger models in the market.

The Ryobi P2300A lawn edger is operated by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. You don’t need gas or cords to run the unit and that’s the reason that it is quite easy-to-storage.

Again, unlike gas and corded counterparts, this one never creates fumes and makes very low noise when you are doing edging jobs.

If your lawn and yard grow quickly into the wilderness, then this one comes in handy and will keep your yard in a new-like form within less time.

The 9-inches blade is powerful and never breaks off when run over thicker grass or overpopulated bed flower areas. Y

ou are allowed to adjust the blade depth to 4 different positions to perform the edging job. So getting a nicer and cleaner lawn is in your hands.

The front and rear wheels allow you to trim and cut the sidelines and overgrowth flowerbeds with more precision. Be experimental and get a nice transformation to make neighbours envy your lawn or patio.

The handle is user-friendly and gives you more power over the use. You may have to go back and forth for mowing or edging yet it does the job neatly.

Being lightweight, you don’t feel intimidated when using it. During edging deep and pesky weeds, this one creates a lot of dust.

With 3-years limited warranty, this one is reliable.

What We Like!
  • Efficient
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Worth the price
Things to Consider!
  • Short battery life that dies within 15-20 minutes of use

How To Choose The Best Lawn Edger

When buying the best lawn edger, review the following aspects to get your hands on the best lawn edger:


Electric lawn edgers are of less weight than gas lawn edgers. The cordless ones come with a heavy battery.

The light models come with a power cord. Electric edgers are usually constructed with rigid plastic.

Consider looking at such edgers’ blade guards, which are reliable, offering enough protection against stones.

For electric models, look at the power needs. Make sure there is a cord-lock available on the corded electric lawn edger, which prevents accidental unplugging.

Battery-powered lawn edgers run on batteries. When you buy such lawn edgers, make sure you have replacement batteries.

Gas lawn edgers are heavier compared to electric edgers. Residential gas lawn edgers feature small gas tanks, which make them lightweight.

Moreover, they have 4-cycle motors. There are also models with 2-cycle motors which run on both oil and gas both. If you want a more straightforward option, choose a 4-cycle lawn edger.

Manual lawn edgers are available in two types: handheld ones with bladed curved ends that allow you to cut the grass.

Handheld manual edgers are easy to use. Rotary lawn edgers, on the other hand, feature single or multiple wheels.

They come with an attached toothed blade which is replaceable. These models require less strength than the handheld ones.


There are two styles of lawn edgers:

Multiwheel lawn edgers are similar to traditional self propelled lawn mowers. They feature dual or four wheels with powerful engines which can perform faster. These lawn edgers come with a wide handle which allows comfortable usage.

Single pole lawn edgers are similar to weed eaters. They feature two to three wheels for supporting the weight. It is best for pruning and trimming small areas.

Engine power

For maintaining the lawn sharp and clean, you want a powerful tool like a lawn edger.

The strong motor minimum of 10amps ensures immediate cutting. The more amps, the better motor it is. For battery-powered models, choose the ones with 18V power.

Blade with cutting depth

Next, pay attention to the blade material, diameter, and cutting depth. Most blades are manufactured using steel which cuts nicely through the thick grass.

When checking the cutting depth, choose the one which comes with an adjustable blade cutting depth. Corded lawn edgers come with adjustment of blade depth, while cordless ones come with a maximum of around 1.5 inches.

Size and weight

Choose a lawn edger that is lightweight as it allows easy maneuverability and comfortable control on it. Gas-powered lawn edgers are heavy, while the electrical ones are lightweight and compact. Battery-powered lawn edgers are incredibly lightweight.

Control labels

When you invest in a lawn edger, choose the one that comes with easy-to-read control labels.

Familiarize yourself before they start fading. Check whether it comes with clearly marked features like depths, angles, power options, and others.


Lawn edgers are not used every day, so invest in a lawn edger that is easy and simple to store. Look for the lawn edgers which are removable or come with a foldable shaft.

Avoid leaving the edgers with liquids in the chamber as they can damage the internal parts over some time.

Electric lawn edgers are simple to store because they come with simple, safely coiled cords or retracted within the shaft.

Blade types

The lawn edgers come with rectangular, flat blades, which are perfect for necessary trimming. However, for complex tasks, you need to consider different blades.

Flat rectangular blades having scoop edges work well for the delicate trimming of flower beds. They do not harm the nearby plants.

Star-shaped blades are designed for retaining walls and maintaining fences. You can dig the ground using a star blade which removes plants next to the stable objects.

Wrapping It up

Regardless of which lawn edger you choose, get your hands on the best one that meets all your needs. Save your money by buying cost-effective electric lawn edgers which need less maintenance.

Electric lawn edgers are available in cordless or hand-wired models based on the manufacturer’s design.

Rechargeable lawn edgers run out of power once you are half done with the hob. When you look at different lawn edgers, make sure to look at the features and power source.

Hope this entire guide helps you buy the best lawn edger, which seems ideal for finishing and trimming the grass.

There are three types of lawn edgers to choose from, ranging from battery-powered, electric, and gas-powered, so select the one accordingly.

Have fun trimming and finishing the grass while investing in the best lawn edger.

People also Asked About Lawn Edger

What is the best lawn edger on the market?

Here are the best lawn edgers according to consumer ratings & reports 2023:

  1. EGO Power+ 8-Inch Lawn Edger
  2. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
  3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Landscape Edger and Trencher
  4. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edge
  5. Scotts OutdoorCorded Electric Lawn Edger
  6. Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger
  7. Ryobi P2300A Cordless Lawn Edger

Are lawn edgers the best alternative for lawn mowers?

Both these tools help cut the grass, but the lawn edgers take time and extra effort to get rid of cutting the large area.

Lawnmowers are great for cutting huge areas, while lawn edgers are best used for the last finishing.

Are there any differences between two and four-cycle motors in lawn edgers?

Gas-powered lawn edgers are available in two-cycle and four-cycle motors. Two-cycle motors run on a combination of oil and gasoline, while a four-cycle motor runs only on gasoline.

The four-cycle lawn edges are heavier and more extensive and use more power. The emissions from a two-cycle motor are quite harmful than the four-cycle engine.

What is the cost of lawn edgers?

Single-pole lawn edgers are less costly compared to multi-wheel lawn edgers. Gas-powered lawn edgers are more expensive than electric lawn edgers.

Pay $50-$100 for a single-pole lawn edger that runs over corded electric power.

The battery-powered lawn edger, on the other hand, costs around $100-$250.

For powerful lawn edgers like multi-wheel lawn edgers, which are gas-powered, come in the range of $150-$600.

Is the battery of the lawn edger similar to other household outdoor appliances?

In most cases, the battery is the same for most outdoor tools.

For instance, you can use the same battery for a lawnmower and lawn edgers, but they should have the same battery wattage and be by the same manufacturer.

Are lawn edgers safe around flowers?

The lawn edgers come with a guard around the blade, which protects the flowers when you plan on getting rid of unwanted plants or trimming the grass.

Is there any accessory with a lawn edger for retaining walls and home foundation?

Rotating the head with lawn edgers allows you to use them efficiently. It will enable you to rotate the lawn edger for 90 degrees leading to clean cuts.

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