10 Best Wood Chippers Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Do you know where a wood chipper shines?

The moment you need to drag heavy branches to throw them away for clearing your property, Or when you want to cut some wood to utilize them.

The wood chipper will be a great addition if both situations happen, mostly at your end.

Or turn your gardening passion into making a homemade mulch with the chipper.

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best wood chippers according to consumer ratings and reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Wood Chipper Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best wood chippers based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Heavy Duty

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A heavy-duty chipper that caters to all your chipping and shredding needs is an insane blessing. If you are in search of such a splendid option, confidently opt for GreatCircleUSA Gas-powered Chipper.

Powered by a 7HP 212cc motor, this tool can easily handle branches up to 3 inches thick.

Its 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV gas-powered engine gives it its reduction ratio of 15:1. It consumes 4.2KW to make 3600 revolutions per min and produces only 104dB of noise.

It is equipped with a quick shut to help you stay safe while it’s working.

The 3-in-1 functionality reflects its versatile nature. The top-loading hopper shreds wood up to 0.5″ thick while the side chute chips branches up to 3″ in diameter.

A discharge bag also comes along, and you can hook it up to your electric lawn mower , zero turn mower or tractor for easy transportation.

It is super easy-to-clean and runs on a minimum of 87+ octane gasoline.

In other words, it is a buy worthy combination of features to let you do your job effortlessly. Opt for it to explore the fun side of this nerve-wracking task.

What We Like!
  • Gas Powered 212cc engine
  • 104dB of noise
  • Discharge bag comes along.
  • Runs on 87+ octane gasoline
  • Chips 3 inch thick branches
  • Shreds 0.5 inch thick twigs
Things to Consider!
  • tow bar and vacuum kit are sold separately

2. SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder – Gas powered

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A 3-in-1 tool truly values your hard-earned money with its versatility. If you also want to invest in such a tool, SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder must be your first choice.

It not only shreds 0.5 inches thick wood but is also equally good at chipping 3 inches thick branches and limbs. You may even be used for mulching when attached to a vacuum kit.

It is powered by a 7HP 212cc motor that can rotate 3600 times in a minute.

Unlike other gas-powered chippers, it does not produce an unbearably loud sound. It runs on 87+ ethanol-free gasoline fuel and has a maximum capacity of 0. 7 gallons.

It features an automatic feeding mechanism that saves your time and effort. You do not even need to worry about refilling the fuel. The built-in low oil sensor shuts the engine when the fuel level is too low to function.

Buy it and introduce yourself to the best wood chipper available anywhere in the world.

What We Like!
  • Low oil sensor
  • 3600 RPM
  • 0.7 gallons of oil capacity
  • 3-in-1 tool
  • Saves time and effort
Things to Consider!
  • Emits fumes and vacuum and tow bar kits need to be purchased separately.

3. Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Super Heavy Duty

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A heavy-duty chipper/Shredder that outshines your expectations is right here. Yes, you have heard it right. This land works wood chipper/Shredder tool is an ideal buy for all sorts of commercial purposes.

It relieves you from the stress of sorting the mess of your garden waste. Powered by a 7HP 212cc motor, this tool can make wonders happen. Its 4 strokes single-cylinder engine rightly complements its function and gives it a magnificent RPM of 3600.

The fuel tank capacity of 0.7 gallons is another noteworthy feature of this product. It renders it its ability to perform 3 distinct functions.

You can easily shred wood up to 0.5 inches thick and chip branches maximum of 3 inches in diameter. On attaching the vacuum kit and tow bar kit, you may even use it for mulching.

It does not even put your safety at risk. Follow the instructions provided in the manual, and you will never hurt yourself in any case.

87+ octane gasoline fuel works the best for this amazing tool. It is ethanol-free and makes it able to work by producing a sound of 104dB only.

A low fuel sensor automatically shuts the engine off when the fuel level is too low. Besides that, this tool offers a reduction ratio of 15:1, which itself speaks of its competitive performance.

Opt for this convenient solution and make use of your garden waste like a pro.

What We Like!
  • Reduction Ratio 15:1
  • Low fuel sensor
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Ethanol-free fuel
  • Makes much less noise
Things to Consider!
  • Fumes are emitted, unlike electric wood chippers.

4. EFCUT C30 Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder

Do you need a powerful wood chipper and shredder for your big gardening project?

Get the best value of your money from this EPA Certified EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder. With its twin blades and 15.6-inch cutting rotor, you can expect exceptional speed and performance.

Six hammers offer a high waste-reduction ratio of up to 20:1. You can transform shreds and leaves into nutrient-rich mulches.

Inside this EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder, you can easily feed max 3-inch diameter branches and limbs of maximum length 10 inches and see how quickly it can chip, shred, and mulch.

The highly efficientEFCUT C30 Wood Chipper gets power from a 7HP 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine. This gasoline engine has 0.7 gallons maximum capacity.

There are two creative check windows designed on the chipper shredder. The front window is designed to make blade replacement quick, while the rear one makes the cleaning process super simple.

No matter you are into yard waste cleaning or beautiful landscaping, this chipper and shredder let you do the job quickly.

Pull the cord, and it will start working. You won’t experience downtime just because limbs stuck as blades and hammers are well-designed and sturdy. They do their job quite effectively.

What We Like!
  • 7 gallons maximum capacity
  • 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine
  • Max 3-inch diameter feed
  • High waste reduction ratio up to 20:1
  • 6-inch cutting rotor, two blades, six hammers
Things to Consider!
  • The blade-changing process is a challenge.

5. EARTHQUAKE Chipper Shredder K32

When you want to use unwanted branches and leaves productively, then a wood chipper comes into your mind.

Gone are the days when you had to deal with traditional chippers. EarthQuake Wood chipper has a design of a new era. Its compact body has robust wheels that make it easy to transport.

Other wood chippers have inflatable tires that go flat on the road and hinder your clean-up operation.

You won’t experience the same problem with this version as its 11 inches tires are sturdy enough to handle ruts and grooves of the worksite.

The handlebar is angled on a 51 inches tall unit, no need to lift anything over your head. You can enjoy maneuverability and stability with its handles.

This wood chipper is made of rugged steel, which will last longer than you expect it to be.

It gets power from a solid featuring a powerful 212cc 4 Cycle Viper Engine, which makes the device strong enough to chip 3 inches of diameter branches at once.

Its compact design takes less room. So, it’s a space saver option, no matter you keep it in your garage or shed.

Anything you feed to the machine is placed in the top hopper, and then the rotor shreds it by passing them through a series of Tri-Hammers and J-hammers. You get powerful shredding without causing much waste.

A noteworthy feature of this wood chipper is its Debris bag designed with a rugged fabric handle and zipper on the bottom.

You can empty it quickly as and when you need it. There is a Dock-and-Lock bag connector to create its connection securely to your unit.

In case you need more, buy its optional vacuum kit that lets you clean up grass clipping and leaves quickly.

What We Like!
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • A212cc 4 Cycle Viper Engine
  • Compact design, easy to store
  • 11 inches Sturdy wheel, portable
  • Reduce waste during shredding
  • Highly Functional Debris Bag
Things to Consider!
  • Manual instructions don’t help much during assembly.

6. SPEED FORCE Self-Feed Wood Chipper Shredder

Are you going to start a yard or garden cleaning project? Nothing can be as usual as this powerful wood chipper from Speed Force.

This heavy-duty machine requires Use unleaded gasoline with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher.

Inside this portable machine, you can find Twin Reversible Large Size Hi-Grade Alloy Steel Blades.

They are designed to offer optimal chipping power. Their muscular build and design make them highly functional.

This wood chipper shredder gets power from an EASY recoil starting Max.6.5HP 208cc 4 Stroke OHV LCT Maxx Series Engine. You can shred any kind of garden foliage with this machine.

Although the manufacturer claims that you can chip wood of 3 inches diameter with it, you better feed it with 2-inches diameter or branches for great work speed and efficiency.

There is an engine oil alert sensor that will cut the ignition when oil is insufficient. This kind of alert is a must for a smooth cleaning operation.

When it comes to cleaning, its hinged feed hopper and discharge chute make the whole task super straightforward. You can fold these parts for space-saving storage.

What We Like!
  • Easy to Clean and Store
  • Lightweight, self-feeding chipper
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Affordable
  • Durable, high-Grade Alloy Steel blades
  • Engine starts Quickly
Things to Consider!
  • It is deafening.

7. Snow Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

Reducing your garden waste is no more of an issue with Snow Joe Electric Wood Chipper. This tool perfectly aids its purpose of creation by turning the useless garden waste into useful garden mulch.

Powered by a 14-amp motor, this product offers a great deal of convenience and portability. It easily chips and shreds branches and limbs up to 1.5 inches thick. The presence of 6-inch wheels further gives this tool its matchless portability.

It weighs 25.4 lbs only and exhibits an exemplary speed of 4300 revolutions per minute. This gives reason to why buyers consider it when looking for a quick and effective tool.

Honestly, it is straightforward to assemble and is absolutely maintenance-free. The best part about this tool is its fume-free nature and quieter operation.

The safety stop feature plays its part in making this chipper safe to use. It automatically starts working when the hopper opens.

In other words, it is a wondrous creation that must get into your life as soon as possible. Grab it now and relieve yourself from the stress of chipping and shredding your garden waste.

What We Like!
  • 14-amp motor
  • High speed for quick operation
  • Quieter and convenient
  • Lightweight
  • The safety switch is present.
  • Suitable for branches up to 1.5″ thick
Things to Consider!
  • It is crafted out of a plastic material that may not be able to last a lifetime

8. Sun Joe CJ602E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

Just like you, your yard and garden are also worthy of a manicure sometimes. But what about the waste that this manicure produces? Well, invest In Sun Joe’s Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder and never let this waste ruin your time and effort.

It works quickly and effectively with its 15-amp motor that is ideal for chopping and shredding branches up to 1.5″ thick.

An instant startup button is also present just behind the safety hopper. Together, these two contribute to giving this chipper its efficiency and safety, respectively.

It is even fantabulous in terms of making 4300 revolutions per minute. A reset button is also present to offer a higher level of user control.

It operates quietly and relieves you from the constant stress of maintaining it properly. It comes with two 6-inch wheels and weighs 25.4lbs only. These two features make up for its portability.

The reduction ratio of this tool is 16:1. Its compact size and sizzling green color capture the buyer’s eye at first glance. Simultaneously, its features astound him up to the extent that he instantly gives it a buy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours and avail of its splendid benefits.

What We Like!
  • No maintenance
  • No smoke or fumes
  • Quieter operation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Safety hopper
  • Instantly starts
Things to Consider!
  • The power cord provided is only 16 inches long.

9. Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper

Nobody likes the idea of clearing the mess of garden waste. In order to help you get through this tedious activity, Earthwise Corded Electric Chipper is here.

Insert in your twigs, limbs, and branches that are 1.75″ thick, plug it in, and it will handle the rest.

It effectively transforms your garden waste into useful and nutrient-rich garden compost. The entire process never consumes too much of your time or effort.

It does not even let you bear the burden of dragging a heavy tool around your lawn. It weighs 31 lbs and comes with durable rear wheels.

A 4liter collection bin also comes along with this tool. It further promises ease and convenience. It collects chippings and makes it easier for you to spread them around your trees and plants.

This corded chipper makes use of a powerful 15 Amp motor to make 4500 revolutions per minute.

It is crafted out of aluminum, metal, and plastic material. The chute and tamper tools are also there to ensure safety and well-being.

This chipper is, thus, an ideal buy for domestic purposes. Purchase it and be proud of your choice later on.

What We Like!
  • 15 Amp motor
  • Aluminum, metal, and plastic construction
  • Durable rear wheels
  • Suitable for 1.75″ thick branches
  • Chute and tamper tools ensure safety.
  • Comes with a collection bag
Things to Consider!
  • It can chip and shred hard and dry material only.

10. Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder

Sun Joe Silent Chipper/Shredder is trending the charts in terms of its durability and versatility. This product conforms to the international standards of safety and is known for its exceptional performance.

It operates on a 15-amp electrically operated motor and works well on branches up to 1.7″ thick.

Its silent operation makes it stand out from the rest. While the presence of a safety holder with a locking knob surely serves as a worthy additive.

The portability offered by this tool is a result of its 7-inch wheels and lightweight. It works best on 120V and 60Hz and is relatively easy to assemble.

It does not even need to be maintained and has absolutely no emission. People also admire it for its desirable reduction ratio of 21:1.

Are you still finding it difficult to say yes to this product? Please have a look at its finish highlighted by its refreshing green color. You will not be able to resist buying it.

What We Like!
  • A reduction ratio of 21:1
  • 7-inch wheels and lightweight
  • Safety hopper with locking knob
  • 15-Amp powerful motor
  • Tackles 1.73 inches thick branches
Things to Consider!
  • Operates on 120V only

What to look for in the best wood chipper?

Pruning, cutting, and clipping your garden often leaves you with trouble handling heaps of garden waste. This waste, when treated with the right wood chipper, can be transformed into organic compost.

Using this tool does not require any skills or technical knowledge at all. It is, in fact, the easiest tool when used with the right precautions.

The only trick lies in choosing the best wood chipper out of the numerous products available in the market.

We are here to get you out of this trouble. Go through this article and answer the questions to make a wise decision.

What is the price of this wood chipper?

Budget constraints are sometimes a blessing in disguise. Especially when it is about choosing a competitive tool. The right tactic to avail of its advantage is to specify a reasonable price bracket first. The next step is certainly to look for a wood chipper that falls into that price range.

It will provide directional your search, making it easier for you to pick and choose.

Is it an electric or gas-powered wood chipper?

Gas chippers are known for their tremendous ability to break down thick branches. At the same time, electric chippers are unparalleled in terms of the convenience that these bring. These are quieter and do not require maintenance of any sort. Unlike gas-powered wood chippers, these do not even emit fumes at all.

Keep these characteristics in mind and choose the one that tempts you the most.

What is the chipping capacity of this wood chipper?

This tool’s cutting capacity has a lot to do with the size of the branches that you need to cut. Keep that size in mind; it will help you choose the most useful tool.

Generally, electric wood chippers can cut branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter. On the other hand, gas-powered models can handle branches of up to 4 inches.

What type of wood chipper is this?

Wood chippers are of 4 distinct types.

High-torque rollers

These electric chippers are designed for domestic purposes only. These are quiet and save you from the hassle of excessive dust.


Disc chippers are commercial wood chippers operated by hydraulics. You can easily use these to cut branches up to 16 to 18 inches in diameter.


These are energy-efficient, but their noisy operation and potential safety hazards make them suitable for commercial use.


Multipurpose chippers promise the level of convenience and utility that you desire. These are compact in size and can effectively cater to multiple lawn maintenance needs.

How is the quality of its blades?

Always try to opt for a tool with high-quality blades and never get tempted by the overall number of blades. It is because even a single blade can work better than multiple blades if its quality is good.

Pay exclusive attention to this factor for selecting the right tool.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Electric multipurpose wood chippers equipped with high-quality blades are the best.

These are convenient to use and exhibit a quiet operation. These are also unparalleled in terms of their maneuverability and price and are less likely to emit fumes. Their energy efficiency is also matchless, and their reduction ratio is commendable in all terms.

So choose wisely and say hi to the convenience and comfort that lets you have fun while maintaining your lawn or backyard.

FAQ’s about Wood Chippers

Is there any difference between a wood chipper and a shredder?

A wood chipper is designed to break down the branches of a tree into smaller pieces. On the other hand, a wood shredder shreds smaller pieces of wood into fine particles. Both of them are highly specific in nature and are unable to serve as each other’s substitute.

How to multiply the longevity of the wood chipper?

Paying attention to the maintenance of your tool can incredibly add to its life. It is suggested to clean it after every use. Another good practice is to keep its blades sharp and replace them timely.

Never forget to oil its bearings and put in some extra effort to keep its air filter clean. In cold weather conditions, you are advised to keep a check on its radiator’s coolant mixture. It will prevent frost from keeping your tool in a working condition for a longer time.

Is it dangerous to use wood chippers?

Commercial wood chippers are sometimes difficult to handle. There is a high risk of getting caught in the machine while inserting the limbs and branches into it. The only solution to avoid it is to stay focused on what you are doing and handle it wisely. Domestic wood chippers are relatively safe to use.

Can a wood chipper work equally well for wet wood?

Never use this tool on wet limbs or branches. It will never work on them. In fact, doing this can put this tool at a high risk of going out of function. This action directly affects its belt, and it breaks.

How to determine if your wood chipper’s blades need to be sharpened or replaced?

Rough or shredded chips clearly indicate an issue with the blades of this tool. Always pay attention to its blades before using them. Worn out blades with cracks are an indication that the blades need to be sharpened or replaced urgently. Always opt for the ones compatible with the model, size, and brand you are using.

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