5 Best Water Filter Pitcher Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about clean and nutritious food; it’s about clean water intake as well.

When you can’t trust bottled and tap water, water filters pitcher are the best option around.

We all know for a fact that drinking water from the tap comes with a lot of risks. From the bad smell to a bitter taste, you can experience anything.

Water filter pitchers have become the need of today. They are portable and easy to use the option available in the market.

In this post, I am going to review the best water filter pitcher according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Water Filter Pitcher Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 5 best water filter pitchers based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Brita 36396 Monterey | Say Bye to Lead

Brita is a well-known name in the Filter Pitcher Industry. Brita Monterey can hold 10 cups of water and easily get placed in a fridge with small shelves.

The pitcher comes in blue color and carries a simple and elegant design. The best part about this product is the long-lasting filter.

As far as we’ve tested, we know for a fact that the water filtered in Brita tastes amazing.

Most of the filters improve the taste, but Brita Monterey is efficient with removing chemicals and improving the water quality.

One of the chemicals that is bad for health is lead, which can be removed by Brita.

Features and Specifications

We’re first going to throw some info at you (We’re so good at it). Tap water consists of heavy metals and lead, which travels into your body and cause major health issues.

Cadmium, mercury, and benzene are some of the heavy metals that are a major cause of illnesses.

With Brita Monterey, heavy metals go through filtration. The product removes 99% of lead. It is efficient with removing chlorine that tastes bad.

One of the best things about the Brita Monterey is the filter’s lifetime. It lasts up to 6 months, which is more than half of the market’s pitchers.

Most of the filters usually last for two months and sometimes 3. The filter purifies 120 gallons, which is quite a lot, you see!

One of the best features the pitcher carries is the Filter change reminder. The feature indicates a filter change. This feature makes the filter replacement task easy.

What We Like!
  • The pitcher holds a good amount of water.
  • The filter change indicator eases the overall process of filter replacement.
  • The filter lasts for 6 months, which is 3 times more than others available in the market.
Things to Consider!
  • The pitcher can fit easily on the shelves; it still takes a lot of space because of the rounded design.

2. ZeroWater ZP-010 | The filtration KING

ZeroWater ZP 010 is one of the beasts available in the market. The thing that makes it efficient is the 5 stage filtration process.

ZeroWater ZP-010 removes impurities from dust to chlorine, pesticides, and other heavy metals.

ZeroWater ZP-010 can hold onto a good amount of water. It is quite affordable and comparatively easier to use than the ones available in the market.

It carries a smooth design and is overall one of the best ones available in the market.

Features and Specifications

ZeroWater ZP-010 has the capability of reducing lead. It is NFS certified in removing lead and chlorine, which states its abilities.

The main purpose of using a filter is to get rid of the impurities and contaminants, and ZeroWater-010 does a fantastic job when it comes to this.

It can hold onto 10 cups of water, which is a fairly good amount. One drawback of the pitcher is that it also removes the containments that make the water sweet. It results in making the water taste a bit bitter.

The filter is capable of reducing 99.6% of the TDS (total dissolved solids). The filter is easy to use and replaceable. It has a TDS meter attached to it, which is battery powered.

The TDS Meter tells when it’s time to change the filter. Measuring your water will tell you if the pitcher is working fine or not.

One drawback is that it takes a lot of rounds to fill the pitcher finally. It is because of the dispenser that is placed at the bottom.

One good thing is that it is made with BPA free materials and carries a simple and easy to use outlook and design.

What We Like!
  • It is NSF certified for reducing lead and chromium.
  • It comes with a TDS meter.
  • It is quite affordable.
Things to Consider!
  • Water tastes a bit bitter.

3. Brita 42629 Slim Water | Ideal for two!

You can easily find pitchers that work great when you’re a family of 5, but when it comes to finding a pitcher for two, you might have a problem.

So, if you’re a couple or someone who is living alone, Brita 42629 slim water pitcher will be an ideal option for you. It comes with a handful of amazing features that makes it one of the best ones available in the market.

It is also NSF Certified, which shows its capability of being the boss in the game. It takes less space, which means you don’t have to worry about it not getting fit in the fridge.

It’s easy to use, gets the job done, and carries an elegant and straightforward design. Let’s talk about its features!

Features and Specifications

It can hold 5 cups of water, which works great for an individual or a couple. The pitcher is slim, as the name suggests.

It doesn’t need much space, so that’s a perfect point. It can easily get fit into the fridge shelves or the fridge doors. It is NTS certified, removing chlorine, copper, chromium, and other heavy metals.

The filter offers cleaning 40 gallons of water, which is quite less. The good thing is that you can get the long last filter, which will last or up to 120 gallons of water.

It makes sure that you don’t have to go through filter replacement more.

The jug is lightweight, so it is pretty easy on your hands as well. The pitcher carries a sticker filter indicator, which indicates a filter change.

The filter has to be changed approximately every 2 months, which is a little more work. One great thing is you can register for their subscription plan and get the filter delivered when it’s time.

One more benefit of Brita 42692 is that it’s easy to travel with. With it being lightweight and less space-taking, taking it along won’t be a problem.

What We Like!
  • It is best for a family of at least 5 people.
  • It is durable and can go for many years.
  • Portable and you can take while travelling
Things to Consider!
  • This is not for a family of two

4. AquaGear Water Filter Pitcher | The Aqua Beast

AquaGear is an affordable and efficient filter pitcher. If you’re passionate about using eco-friendly products, AquaGear is the best option available in the market.

It is BPA-Free and made with food materials. It is 100% FDA approved, is vegan, and can be recycled as well.

It carries a 5 stage filtration system, ensuring that the water is free of contaminants and is sweet. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Let’s talk about more features.

Features and Specifications

AquaGear can remove contaminants 2000% more than the other ones available in the market, including Brita.

It has the ability to remove mercury, lead, chromium, and other heavy metals that can trigger certain illnesses.

Unlike the ZeroWater pitcher, AquaGear doesn’t remove minerals that sweeten the water; this, way; you get clean and sweet water.

The pitcher holds 8 cups of water. The pitcher can provide 150 gallons of filtered water.

This means the filter would be needed to change every six months, which is ideal if we compare the filter’s lifespan with other filter pitchers.

The filter cartridges are NSF approved. The filter can remove contaminants larger than 2 microns. One great thing is the recycling process.

When you change the filter, you can contact the manufacturer, and they will get it recycled.

One promising thing about this product is its capability of removing fluoride. It can easily remove 90% of Flouride.

It is indeed very durable, and of the best filter pitchers, you’d find in the market. One drawback is that the pitcher doesn’t indicate a filter change.

What We Like!
  • The maintenance wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • It carries a 5 stage filtration process.
  • It can remove 2000% more contaminants than most of the filters.
  • The filter is recyclable.
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t remind for a filter change.
  • A little expensive than others available.

5. Nakki Water Filter Pitcher | Certified Tiger!

If you’re looking for a filter to do the job quickly, Nakki filter pitcher is the answer to your queries.

According to their website, their filter removes more chlorine and mercury more than the ones in the game.

The free design of the pitcher makes sure that the water fills quickly. You can easily place the filter in the fridge as it is not space taking.

The product is FBA certified, and the materials used in the development are BPA-free as well.

Features and Specifications

The pitcher’s most prominent feature is that the filter activates carbon fiber, which works 12 times better than the other carbon filters used in the pitchers.

It can remove 98% percent of Mercury and Chlorine. It can remove odor and bad taste as well. It also works great for removing rust and lead from the water.

The filter can filter 150 gallons of water and hold on to 7.5 cups of water. Its fast flow rate is 1.3 liter per minute.

You won’t have to wait for the pitcher to get full. It is certified by the Water Quality Association for its quality performance.

So if you have a family of more than 4 people, this pitcher isn’t the best option for you. It might trigger more filter replacements than expected.

People have also complained that it leaks, which is also a major problem. A few found the filter difficult to be removed and changed.

What We Like!
  • Quick Filtration
  • WQA certified
  • It removes 98% Mercury and Chlorine.
Things to Consider!
  • There are certain leaks experienced by users.
  • The filter is comparatively difficult to be removed and changed

Why Investing in a Water Filter Pitcher is a Great Idea?

Filtered water is a necessity. Some regions have the highest quality of tap water available.

But, that doesn’t mean that they can be utilized without filtration. Tap water has a tremendous amount of contaminants, like lead, mercury, and chlorine.

These contaminants and impurities trigger a lot of health issues. Water filters make sure that these contaminants are reduced, and the water tastes good.

So, before buying a pitcher, you need to know are the advantages it comes with.

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No Installation Required

With whole house water filtration systems, you’d need to go through the installation process.

They are space taking and also have to be connected to the water source. This sounds hectic to a lot of people, indeed.

When it comes to filtering pitchers, they are easy to work with. You won’t have to get them installed and do the work.

They can be placed on the table and can rest in your refrigerator.

Better Taste

Pitchers eliminate the bitter taste of water and keep the minerals responsible for making the water sweet.

When the contaminants are removed, their taste also gets eliminated from the water. This way, the water tastes better.


We have mentioned the affordability of the pitchers a million times. Whole house filtration systems come with a lot of benefits but with a price too.

So if you’re not looking to invest so much and want the job done, pitchers will work the best for you.

They literally are jugs with filters, so you know that they won’t carry a high price.

Maintenance doesn’t cost a leg!

The pitchers require filter replacement, which isn’t expensive. You can wash them easily the way you wash your dishes.

Some pitchers can’t be washed with dishwashing soap, so read the instructions beforehand.

The maintenance and cleaning will cost minimal (if we compare it whole house filtration systems).

Water Softening

Some pitchers work to soften the water. Magnesium and calcium are the minerals that give the hardness factor.

Some pitchers remove these minerals, and some don’t. The type of filter will tell you if it can soften the water.

Can do Wonders

We know for a fact that filter pitchers are effective. They are affordable options to look at.

Some pitchers can remove 98% of contaminants as well, which is GREAT! From lead to rust, mercury to chlorine, pitchers can reduce all the heavy metals, contaminants, and impurities.

Buying Guide for Water Filter Pitcher

A filtering pitcher is the fastest way of filtering the water. They are affordable and also convenient to use, and portable.

They can travel with you, which an actual filter cant. They work great for someone living alone or with a family and don’t want to spend much on filtration.

Maybe you’re looking for a filter pitcher but can’t decide the features to look for. This guide will help you with that.

Here are a few things you need to know before investing money in a filter pitcher:


Every pitcher comes with a certain capacity to hold water.

If you’re living alone or with your partner, a pitcher that holds 4 cups of water will be enough for you.

If you have a family, you need a pitcher that holds 8 to 10 cups, respectively.

Filter Life

You want to make sure that you wouldn’t have to get a filter change every two months. This can be very hectic.

Some pitchers need filter replacement every 4 to 6 months. It’s better to go for a pitcher whose filter lasts for 6 months, at least. One tip here is to go for a company that has subscription plans.

This way, you’d get the filter at home at the time of replacement with no worry of ordering it religiously.

Replacement Indicator

It is convenient for you to go for a pitcher that has a replacement indicator. This way, you would know when to get it replaced.

Not having one will make you keep track of yourself, and that could be very stressful.

Filtration Time

Pitchers filter the water within a few seconds to a few minutes. If you’re someone who wants to get the job asap, go for something that quickly filters the water.

Availability of Replacement Filters

You need a filter that offers a replacement filter because you don’t want to buy a pitcher every 6 months.

Ensure that the pitcher you’re going for has the availability of replacement filters that could be found easily.

Pitcher Material

Going for pitchers that are made with glass is healthier and environmentally family than going for Plastic ones. Go for the ones that are BPA-free.

Additional Features

Additional features can make one’s life easy. Go for a lightweight pitcher, so it gets easier on your wrist.

Also, do check the product’s dimensions because you’d want to fit in your fridge.


So pitcher can cost anywhere between $20 to $80. Pitchers are way more affordable than actual water filters.

Make sure you’re not going for anything cheap or paying more than required.

Final Verdict

You might be settled at a place that offers the highest quality tap water. However, this doesn’t save you from the contaminants that come along.

Filtration will always be needed. If you don” t want to go for a whole house filter, pitchers will work the best for you. Filter pitchers are convenient to use and offer great performance.

According to what we’ve tested, the AquaGear water filter pitcher is one of the best ones found in the market.

We call it the Aqua beast! It offers excellent performance, is little on the higher price point but deserves every penny.

It doesn’t require frequent filter replacement and is NSF approved as well.

These pitchers can clean water within 30 seconds to a few minutes. The maintenance doesn’t cost much, and they are overall very affordable.

Also, they are super convenient. Most of the pitchers are available in the range of $20 to $75. So basically, an investment within $100 is offering you a gateway to a healthy life.

FAQ’s about Water Pitcher

What is the best water pitcher in 2023?

Here is a list of the best water pitchers according to our analysis;

  • Brita 36396 Monterey | Say Bye to Lead
  • ZeroWater ZP-010 | The filtration KING
  • Brita 42629 Slim Water | Ideal for two!
  • AquaGear Water Filter Pitcher| The Aqua Beast
  • Nakki Water Filter Pitcher | Certified Tiger!

How to know that your filter needs to be changed?

To make one’s life easy, it is better to go for a pitcher that indicates a filter change; this way, you wouldn’t have to keep track.

The other way is to note the date of the filter change. Most of the filters need to be changed every 3 months.

This way, you can mark the dates and replacement the filter on time.

How Long Brita Pitchers take to filter the water?

Brita filters take around 10 to 15 minutes to filter the water. If your water carries more contaminants, filtration will take more time than usual.

How to clean/wash the filter pitchers?

Most of the pitchers can be washed with mild dishwashing soap and warm water.

It would help if you didn’t wash the filters because that can harm them. Washing the metal and the glass parts has to be done.

Some pitchers don’t recommend using dishwashing soap, so it’s better to read the user manual beforehand.

Is ZeroWater better than Brita pitchers?

If we talk about overall performance, ZeroWater pitchers work better than Brita Pitchers.

They can remove more contaminants from water, including heavy metals. They can reduce 99.6% of the TDS.

The filtration system that ZeroWater possesses gives it a lot of margins.

How often should filter replacement be done?

Filter replacement varies from pitcher to pitcher. Most pitchers demand a filter change every 2 to 3 months, while a few pitchers require a filter change after 6 months.

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