Vinyl Flooring Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Flooring is one of the most used interior finishing.

That is why beautiful and durable flooring is the need of the hour nowadays.

When It comes to home renovation, no task is as frustrating as changing or upgrading the old floors!


Wall paints, repairing, or replacing furniture is much simpler than replacing your house’s entire flooring. It is not only a frustrating task but also an expensive one.

I am going to discuss the most popular and reliable flooring, the Vinyl – The resilient one!


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

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Best Vinyl Floorings Reviews

Here are some top-rated product reviews as per consumer ratings and reports with pros & cons.

1. Achim Home Furnishings FTVMA44620

Features at a glance
  • Spanish rose by Achim home furnishings, 12×12-inch vinyl tile.
  • The vinyl tiles are durable and eye-catchy.
  • The tiles are easy to install; all you have to do is Peel ‘N’ Stick.
  • You will be stunned with its high gloss and shine.
  • It comes with a five-year limited warranty
  • The thickness of this vinyl tile is 1.2mm
The look of this classic vinyl tile is evergreen. If installed correctly, it will give a whole new and unique style to your floor. According to various reviews and consumers, rating users prefer to use this vinyl tile to create beautiful and modern patterns. This vinyl tileset will add class and look to your kitchen or bedroom without screaming old-fashioned.

It resembles the look of Spanish tiles with excellent durability and moisture resistance features of Vinyl. You can install these vinyl floor tiles with a peel-and-stick method. At the back of the tile, there is a self-adhesive that binds to the flooring.

The tile’s top part features a high gloss and Spanish rose design that offers classy and traditional styles. Lastly, it measures around 12 x 12 inches, and in each pack, you will get 20 vinyl tiles.

What We Like!
  • The beauty and design are evergreens.
  • The durability and strength of the tiles are excellent.
  • It comes ready to install Peel ‘N’ Stick.
Things to Consider!
  • Some users stated that the design is outdated.

2. Achim Home Furnishings FTVGM32620

Features at a glance
  • Geo Rustic slate Achim home furnishings FTVGM32620 12-inch vinyl tile.
  • It features Peel N Stick simple and easy installation.
  • No wax finishing
  • Five-year warranty
  • 1.2mm Thickness

Everyone loves Classic stone tiling. Usually, users like to place these vinyl floor tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. But you can use it in other places as well. These tiles are the best alternative for real stone. Real stone tiles are beautiful but costly and fragile if not handled with care. Especially the moisture can affect real stone severely.

On the other hand, these Vinyl tiles by Achim Home Furnishings resemble real stone tiles, and you can easily install them without any complicated preparations.
When laid down, you will definitely admire the rustic look of these FTVGM32620 vinyl tiles. These vinyl floor tiles are available in a wide range of colors.

The tile’s front side is seamless that allows you to place the tile in various positions as per your needs. The installation process doesn’t require any special tools or expertise. It features a peel-and-stick approach with self-adhesive on the backside of each tile.

What We Like!
  • Geo Rustic slate classic look and design.
  • The material used in the manufacturing of tiles is of premium quality.
  • Overall strength and durability are reliable.
  • Simple peel and stick installation.
Things to Consider!
  • The thickness of the tiles could have been better.

3. Home Dynamix 1009

Features at a glance
  • In the pack, there are 20 Vinyl Floor Tiles.
  • The tiles are perfect for all types of decoration, from formal to traditional.
  • The tiles are highly durable and easy to clean.
  • The tiles measure approx. 12″ x 12″ and are 1.2mm thick.
  • You can place them in rooms, kitchens, and other places.

Our pick for vinyl flooring tiles is from Home Dynamix that combines premium quality with excellent designs at affordable prices. You can use these vinyl tiles in any room of your home, and these will add class and style to it. The tiles are simple to install and can survive normal wear and tear.

These tiles by Home Dynamix is among the best vinyl flooring designs. The Model 1009 is popular among the uses who want their flooring to be the house’s main attraction. It has a unique and eye-catchy design, and it is available in dark colors.

Many consumer ratings and reports stated that these tiles maintain their look even after years of installation. So you can rest assured that this vinyl floor tileset is the one that you will not be replacing any soon.

What We Like!
  • Trendy, stylish, and highly durable vinyl tiles.
  • Versatile, you can place them anywhere you want.
  • These are ideal tiles for all types of decorations.
  • Easy to clean.
Things to Consider!
  • These are expensive, but the quality justifies the price.

4. MAX KD0309 5Th Avenue Black & White Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor Tile

Features at a glance
  • High Gloss on tiles without any Wax Finishing
  • The tiles come ready to use
  • Simple to install without special tools peel n stick
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Pieces of Black & White vinyl tiles

On this spot, we have the MAX KD0309 5Th Avenue, a well-known and popular vinyl floor tiles that are suitable for multiple home areas and decors. Consumer ratings and reports regarding vinyl flooring state that if you are looking for a top-class finish in vinyl floors, this the most suitable option.

The excellent finishing can turn a normal vinyl floor into a top one. With these tiles, you will get high gloss without any wax finishing. This Vinyl floor tile set will serve for years, even if you have heavy traffic in your home.

The tiles come with a Peel and stick adhesive that firmly attach them to the floor. The overall installation process is simple. In the box, there are thirty tiles. The price to quality ratio is also high, with the best vinyl floor tiles at a reasonable price.

What We Like!
  • Peel N Stick installation. Simple and DYI.
  • The design of the tiles is attractive and trendy.
  • Overall durability is matchless. You will not need a replacement for years.
Things to Consider!
  • According to consumer ratings and reports, the installation is time-consuming.

5. Achim Home Furnishings FTVMA44420 Nexus 12-Inch Vinyl Tile

Features at a glance
  • Product features:
  • Light slate marble design.
  • The overall strength of the tiles is excellent.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It has a simple installation, just Peel ‘N’ Stick.
  • Five-year warranty
  • The thickness of the tiles is 1.2mm.

If you want a new and trendy look for your room at a low cost, then look no further than this Achim home furnishing’s Nexus Tiles. These vinyl tiles are available in 20 different styles, and we are sure that you will find the one that suits you the best and fits your needs.

With these vinyl tiles, there are no hassles in installation and no messy glue needed. The tiles can be fixed by using the peel and stick method. Just lay them flat on a dry surface and be ready for some show off to all your neighbors and friends.

These nexus vinyl floor tiles feature an attractive pattern suitable for many areas in your house, including bathroom and kitchen areas.

This is one of the best vinyl floor tiles and is available at quite an affordable price tag, much cheaper than the others.

These are popular among the users that prefer light-colored vinyl tile. If you have a limited budget, then this tileset is the best option for you.

What We Like!
  • Trendy and eye-catchy design.
  • The tiles are suitable for many areas, including kitchen floors and bathrooms.
  • No mess, no fuss, Simple and peel N stick installation.
Things to Consider!
  • According to some users, these tiles are perfect for small areas but not suitable for living rooms and other large areas.

Types of Vinyl

There are several types of vinyl flooring. A vinyl sheet is a huge sheet that you can unfold, trim according to your measurement and size, and glue to the floor.

Click-style vinyl planks are also popular these days. These are more like engineered wood or vinyl tiles that you can glue one at a time at your desired place.

There are also vinyl tiles with a peel-and-stick backing; these are easier to install. All you have to do is add any adhesive before placing the tiles.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a sturdy material that can survive moisture and traffic. Vinyl is much more comfortable to walk on. You can comfortably walk with bare feet on vinyl floorings.

After analyzing the various consumer ratings and reports about vinyl flooring, we figured out that Vinyl is quite affordable and highly durable; according to HGTV, the vinyl floor of high-quality will last for around 20 years.

Like tiles, vinyl flooring comes in various colors and patterns. It can simulate the look of any material. Most customer reports and reviews about vinyl flooring stated that most people prefer the luxury vinyl planks that look like real wood.

Vinyl flooring is simple to install, especially Vinyl peel-and-stick tiles. You can easily install the new Vinyl over your current vinyl floor if it has only one layer.

Vinyl flooring is also easy to repair and maintain as compared to other flooring options. Lastly, the cleaning of vinyl flooring is effortless as well.

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

No matter what type of flooring you prefer, you have to perform some simple tasks to keep it in shape, and the same applies to the vinyl flooring.
Vinyl flooring maintenance is not a full-time job. By following these simple things, you can keep your vinyl flooring as good as the day it was installed.
Here are some vinyl flooring care and maintenance advice:

Clean the spills up as soon as possible

We all know that vinyl flooring is resistant to moisture and dampness, but if you leave the spills for a long time, it may lead to permanent stains. So if anything spills on the floor, immediately clean it with a soft fabric.

Use vacuum and mop daily.

Proper cleaning is vital to maintain any flooring, including vinyl flooring. After all, no one likes the gunk and grime on their floor! Luckily, you don’t require any special cleaner to clean the vinyl floor.

Vinyl flooring reviews and consumer ratings state that frequent vacuuming and mopping are a must to maintain the vinyl floor’s beauty. Regular cleaning will keep your vinyl floor in excellent condition for many years!

Though, don’t start the cleaning and mopping immediately after installation. The vinyl adhesive requires 2 to 3 days to set fully. If you begin scrubbing and cleaning, it might get loose.

Be careful when moving heavy items.

Use a piece of wood or pad over your flooring when moving o shifting heavy items such as furniture or appliances. And, never drag heavy items over your vinyl flooring. By doing this, you can keep the floor safe from scuffing.

Similarly, never use rolling casters on vinyl flooring. Instead, go for the double wheel type.

Use doormats

Sand and grit are like sandpaper; never allow them to get ground on your vinyl floor. If these items trek into your house, your vinyl flooring will lose its color, shine, and luster.

Buying Guide for Vinyl flooring

Before buying your new vinyl flooring, there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s check them out:

Sampling is Smart

Before you make any purchase, get your shortlisted top flooring sample. Compare and analyze them side-by-side. Place them on the actual spot and check them out from different angles and in a different light. This method will allow you to get the best vinyl flooring for your home.

Style and Size

There are numerous styles and designs in vinyl flooring. The choices are endless. Whether you’re looking for rich earthy mahogany or natural stone, you will definitely find the one according to your preferences.

Next comes the size. You can pick between large vinyl tiles, standard 2-3-inch boards. Or you can mix the styles for a whole new look.

Vinyl flooring has a variety of textures, such as knotted and hand-scraped. We will advise you to run your fingers on them to check whether they will be comfortable under your foot or not.

At times it can be tricky to see the difference even for experts. Remember that decoration and other items are easy to replace or change, but flooring isn’t that easy or nearly impossible. So opt for timeless, not fashionable.


Usually, vinyl flooring is soft and comfortable under the foot. It absorbs pressure as you walk the same as a sponge. You might feel a little bouncy.

Due to this, many people opt for vinyl flooring for their kitchens. If you’re on your feet in the kitchen for long, you’ll admire the softness of vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for those who are suffering from back pain and leg pain.

For the best support and comfort, go for the ones that feature additional foam or padding layers.

It might take a little more time, but it is worthy. Try to experiment with different styles, looks, and sizes before you make the final purchase.


You don’t require the services of experts to fix vinyl floors. If you have basic home improvement projects’ basic skills, the installation will be an easy task for you.

Usually, vinyl flooring tiles are glued down, and many planks are pre-fitted with lock and click.

There is never-ending debate regarding the best and reliable method. Before purchasing, should consider the usage. Glue-down tiles are preferred for areas like bedrooms because they can withstand heavy foot traffic, whereas floating floors are suitable for secondary spaces.

During the installation, make sure that you follow the manufacturer guidelines.


This is a vital consideration that you must carefully analyze. Usually, vinyl flooring and tiles are strong and can sustain heavy traffic. Similarly, it will not scratch that easily.

It is safe to use in a house that has kids or pets. But the durability and strength differ from brand to brand. That’s where you have to be vigilant.

For this purpose, we would recommend reading vinyl flooring reviews, consumer ratings thoroughly before making a final decision.

More about Vinyl Flooring

Not saying that doesn’t go for it; with proper planning and management, you can easily do the job. And don’t have to bear ratty old carpeting anymore.

The good news is that there are many flooring options available in the market at present times. And some of them are quite affordable, so the new flooring of your home will not cost you a fortune.

Before you start your flooring task, it is better to perform some research work on various types of flooring available, their advantages, and cost. Only then can you find the flooring that will suit your home and, importantly, your budget.

It is resilient flooring and flexible, which is more comfortable than hardwood or tile. Vinyl is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic with a layer of felt. Most vinyl flooring reviews and consumer ratings state that it is the most comfortable and affordable flooring type. Some vinyl flooring has a textured surface and resembles wood or stone.

Wrapping it Up

Vinyl flooring reviews and consumer ratings confirm that it is an affordable option that includes some great capabilities. The vinyl flooring is stylish, durable, versatile, simple to install, and quite comfortable to walk. If you’re thinking about installing the vinyl floor, don’t hesitate and do it.

FAQ’s about Vinyl Flooring

How to install vinyl flooring over Vinyl?

First, you will have to look out for the clearance between your floor and baseboard. Keep in mind that placing vinyl flooring on prevailing Vinyl might raise the floor’s height a bit. So ensure that everything fits perfectly. If there are some issues, then you might have to remove the baseboards and shift them up.
Now, carefully look at the prevailing Vinyl. If it is attached firmly and looks good, you can leave it there.
When placing the new vinyl flooring, ensure that the existing Vinyl is completely dry. Otherwise, your new vinyl flooring will attract mold and mildew.

Can we set up vinyl flooring on particle board?

Yes, you can. However, this might be a little complicated.
First, hammer down all the nail heads. Now, properly clean and dry the board.
Now, it’s the time to lay down a sealer. This will prevent the adhesive from gripping into the board.
For particle boards, vinyl sheets are much better than vinyl tiles.

How much time will it take to dry?

As per Vinyl flooring reviews consumer ratings, new flooring will take at least 24 hours to settle down. Using the floor before 24 hours can make it slide out of place, or the tiles will get loose.
If you want to use the area before the tiles are dried, cover the area with plywood or cardboard. And never walk directly on top of it.

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