10 Best Rice Cooker Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023


A food that is equally loved around the globe or at least cooked everywhere.

You must be aware of a Biryani that is the best from the subcontinent is a rice dominant food.

But I have seen most of the countries use just boiled rice as it is.

Either you need simple Pilao, Biryani, or any native rice dish, you need a good rice cooker in any case.

In this post, I am going to review the 10 best rice cookers according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.


Here are the top-rated rice cookers we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Rice Cooker Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best rice cookers based on consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

1. Zojirushi Fuzzy Rice Cooker | Our Top Pick

This rice cooker has 10 cups of rice cooker capacity at once. It has the Fuzzy warmer technology, which gives you the temperature controlling system and heating to make your cooking perfect as always.

The design is unique and portable. You can easily carry this anywhere. The rice cooker’s inner side is nonsticky, making your cooking easier and allowing you easy cleaning.

It comes with unique microcomputer technology, which allows you the timing, temperature, and different type of food making options.

You don’t need to check it again and again once. Just set the time and take care of it. When rice is cooked, it will stop and keep the rice warmer for a long time until you want to serve it.

In this cooker, you will get a black thick spherical can with two side handles that stay cool and useful for better cooking, and you can easily grab it while taking it out.

There is a built-in beep indicator system that indicates when rice is cooked. You can cook brown rice, mixed rice, porridge,rinse-free, and semi brown rice with this rice cooker.

It comes with a detachable inner lid that you can easily remove after every cook and wash it easily. There are an LCD control panel and other multi-function options that you can use for a different type of cooking on the cooker.

This one comes with a retractable cord. With this rice maker, you can cook your rice within 30 minutes.

This rice cooker comes with these accessories measuring cups, a nonstick rice scooper, and a rice spoon holder. You can buy this if you are a diet maintainer. It will help you a lot to stay healthy and maintain your daily routine diet.

What We Like!
  • Automatic warm-up technology and nonsticky pan.
  • It comes with 1year of warranty.
  • Retractable cord.
  • Beep indicator.
Things to Consider!
  • The electronic board can be damaged at any time.

2. Cuisinart CRC 8-Cup Rice Cooker

Want to make your cooking more efficient and easy?  Buy this one. You will love this. It will work more smartly for your rice cooking experience. However, it doesn’t have an LCD panel, but it can work better than the other cookers.

Let me clear you one thing before we talk more about it if you have a big family and you are much used to cooking rice than this can not be your choice.

It has only 8 cups of capacity that you can not cook much rice for everyone. If you have a small family, then I’ll defiantly recommend you to buy this one.

It has a unique square shape with a stainless steel body. This one also has an automatic switch-off system. When your rice is cooked, it will automatically switch off and keep warm until you serve them.

This is a very compact small design with one push button, but the automatic switch-off system makes this amazing that people have to buy it. It has a glass lid, paddle, and measuring cup.

The stainless steaming basket makes your rice tasty and well-cooked. A coated anodized aluminum cooking bowl is nonsticky, so your food will not stick on the surface of the bowl.

Handles never get warm-up and stay cool always so you can easily pick it up. It also has the cook light indicator, which tells you that your rice is cooked or not.

What We Like!
  • Unique square design.
  • One push start.
  • Removeable parts that can easily clean.
Things to Consider!
  • It comes without warranty.
  • For small families only.

3. Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked

Looking for a perfect rice cooker? Aroma digital rice cooker can be your choice. It has the 2p cups of large rice capacity that you can cook much rice at once.

Not only for the rice, but you can also cook other different meals in it like meats, fish, and vegetables. If you really want something that can cook your rice quickly, then you gonna love this.

This is fully made of stainless steel from the inner and outer sides. The inner pot is non-sticky, which makes your cooking easier and tasty. You can easily wash all the equipment of the pot; even it’s inner or outer.

It is effortless to touch it while cooking because it will not heat up from the outer side. The lid will lock fully securely. Your steam and water can not splash out from the pot.

Once your rice is cooked, it will automatically switch off the cooking and keep warming the rice until you want to serve it. The steam tray gives you a healthy steaming to cook your rice and different meals.

It has a built-in streaming function that makes your meal full of nutrition, so you don’t need to worry about your health.

This multi-cooker comes with all your favorite cooking options and comes with Slow Cook and Suit’s unique options, then Summer STS, making the meal a full, tasty, and guaranteed family favorite. It has multi-function buttons that you can switch the different modes while cooking different types of meals.

If you have a fully loaded kitchen or a big family, you must need this rice cooker. Because it has a larger capacity, you can cook much rice in one batch.

It also provides you with rich nutrients food with its healthy steaming function. This is also affordable and performing best compared to other rice cookers in this price range.

What We Like!
  • 20 cups cooked rice capacity.
  • Multi-function rice cooker.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fully made of stainless steel.
  • Switch multi modes for different meals.
Things to Consider!
  • Spews outside liquid while cooking.
  • No warranty.

4. Oyama CFS-F12W 7 Cup Rice Cooker

Are you looking for an ideal rice cooker? Let me help you find the best one for your fully-loaded kitchen. This is a fully stainless steel rice cooker.

Outer and inner sides are made of stainless steel to stay for longer life. It has a stainless steel steamer tray to make different food types like team roast, steam fish, or steam rice.

This one has a 3 dimension heating system, ensuring that your rice is cooked well from all sides like the bottom, side, and above. I personally love this feature because no side will remain raw with rice, and you will get well-cooked rice with better taste.

This feature is called a uniform heating system, which circulates the rice cooker’s heat to ensure that rice is cooked from all sides.

Most rice cookers can not keep rice warmer for a longer time, but the Oyama SS rice cooker keeps them warm for 24 hours. The lid’s outer side is made of plastic, but the inner side is made of stainless steel, which keeps your cooking safer from the chemicals.

You can make 7 cups of rice in it at once, which will be enough for your family. I love the build quality of the cooker. You can easily start it by pressing one button.

You can remove the steam vent easily and wash it after every cook. You will get a moisture collector with this rice cooker that you don’t need to buy for extra.

This can be your choice if you have loaded the kitchen, and you cook much rice to eat this will help you do it quickly and nicely. People love this cooker because it is non-stick, so you don’t need to scratch your cooker after every cook. You will get a rice scooper ladle with it. You don’t need to get it separately.

With this Oyama rice maker, you can cook your brown fried rice or white rice within 15 to 20 minutes, which is very quick compared to the other rice cooker in this price range.

What We Like!
  • Fully made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has inform 3 dimension heating system.
Things to Consider!
  • Short cord.
  • No switch off button.

5. Rival 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer Basket

This model does not look so fancy, but it will make your rice cooking better. This is an ordinary rice cooker, but you will love this because of its performance. You can add 6 cups of rice to it at once. It will stop you from overcooking, which is a plus point of this model.

It’s not expensive to easily afford to upgrade your kitchen with some cheap rice maker. The build quality is nice. You will get two hocks; both seem to grab easily.

It mostly happens that because of Iron used when the cooker is on flame, it will warm up from the handles. Also, that can burn your hands if you grab it with bare hands. But in this rice cooker maker, handles don’t get hot, and you will stay safer while grabbing handles.

If you are cooking rice or something else like fish, steak, or something broccoli type, this cooker’s inner side is none sticky, so your meal will not stick on it. If you buy a sticky one, it will always keep troubling you because the meal will stick on it, and you have to scratch it to clean the cooker.

It has a steaming bucket of shrimp fried rice or vegetables. This is very easy to start it just put rice and water in it and press the start button.

Rival 6 is very portable and lightweight. You don’t need much force to pick it up. With a small size, you can put it anywhere in your kitchen. It will consume less space compared to the other rice cooker.

With this cooker, you will get a measuring cup that you can wash easily after every use, and also, you will get a plastic rice paddle, so you don’t need to buy separately for it. It has the tempered glass lid that most people like.

Overall this is the best rice cooker for your small kitchen. If your kitchen is not loaded has a small family, this can be your choice because you can make only 3 to 4peoples serving the meal at once.

What We Like!
  • Portable and Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • 6 cups of rice capacity.
  • It doesn’t allow you to overcook.
Things to Consider!
  • Steam and water spatter from the side of the lid.

6. Cook Takumi rice cooker RR-055MST2 (DB) 13A

Rinnai is one of the leading brands in the market. It competes well due to its exceptional models in terms of designs and performance. The large rice cooker series of this brand is best suited for the hotel, while the small-sized pressure cookers are perfect for personal use.

Let’s explore one of the small-sized rice cookers named Cook Takumi rice cooker RR-055MST2 (DB) 13A.

Cook Takumi is a heavyweight rice cooker that can easily cook for a large family of 3 to 5 members.  The dimensions of these items are 16.29 X 10.91 X 11.28 inches.

The overall design is sleek and compact; therefore, it is a perfect kitchen appliance to enhance your kitchen counter. Above all, the brown color makes it stand out in the market.

The size of this rice cooker is 5.5 cups, along with 120 volts of electric rating. You can clean it easily with a damp towel. Besides, the power cord is retractable and can be easily folded once you are done with your work. The overall body is constructed from stainless steel.

According to customer feedback reports, it’s worth buying a rice cooker to enjoy delicious recipes in no time.

What We Like!
  •   Digital menu and timer settings.
  •   Easy to read display
  •   Quick clean up
  •  Automatic keep warm
  • Reheat function
Things to Consider!
  •  Color may get flared off.

7. Morpilot-1 Electric Pressure and Rice Cooker

Do you want to cook in less than half the time? If yes then put your hands on the Electric Pressure Cooker right now. This allows us to cook food just in minutes.

Morpilot-1 Electric Pressure and Rice Cooker is a multi-purpose cooker that can work as an electric cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and rice cooker. This electric pressure cooker is designed with premium quality 18/8 stainless steel, while the inner surface is coated with food-grade layering.

Furthermore, this rice cooker is equipped with the latest 3rd generation technology. Besides, it has some advanced microprocessors that monitor temperature, pressure, and cooking timings.

An added feature of this rice cooker is that you can cook 2 dishes at a time because of a high-quality stainless steel steamer basket. The steamer basket is also tested for its safety for cooking and human health.

Above all, this fast rice cooker lets you make your recipe in less than 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry if sudden guests arrive as it will prepare your recipe in minimum time.

This electric pressure rice cooker comes with some pre-installed recipes that you can use in an emergency. The set includes a rice paddle, steamer basket, soup spoon, condensation collector, and a measuring cup.

What We Like!
  • Premium quality stainless steel construction.
  • Can cook 2 dishes at a time.
  • Prepare recipes in 30 minutes.
  • Preinstalled recipes.
  • Advanced microprocessors.
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

8. Zojirushi IH Pressure Rice Cooker

The one who seeks high quality, performance, and reliability in small kitchen appliances should go for “Zojirushi” – made in Japan rice cookers, water boilers, coffee makers, and others.

Zojirushi IH Pressure Rice Cooker is also known as the “Cook flame dance” cooker. It is equipped with advanced 3 independent HI buttons. All 3 buttons control the thermal power along with heat concentration.

Moreover, it produces a temperature difference inside the pot; therefore, each rice grain gets equal heat. It provides a quick and evenly distributed heat to food. The frames shake as you touch the bottom of the pot. This will raise the temperature difference inside the pot.

According to the customer reviews, it is the first product in which the iron is compatible with stainless steel and aluminum. This new layering structure delivers a high heat generation with good heat conduction.

The pot’s inner surface has a special coating of umami pus platinum that helps extract the sweetness component like amino acid from the rice.

There are approximately 100 ways to cook in this rice pressure cooker and an essential kitchen appliance. It is also easy to clean with a simple damp towel because it has a flat frame and flat top panel.

Enjoy and cook delicious recipes with this perfect home kitchen appliance.

What We Like!
  • 0.09 to 0.1L cooking capacity.
  • Flame dumpling.
  • Better heat conduction.
  • Special measuring cup.
  • Instructional manual.
Things to Consider!
  • Moderate quality.

9. SL&DFB Programmable Pressure Cooker

SL&DFB has attained the market due to its fully-featured technical aspect in kitchen appliances. Let’s explore a Programmable Pressure Cooker in this regard.

It is a 7-in-1 multifunctional cooker. Therefore, you can utilize it as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, sauté, Yogurt Maker, steamer, warmer, and rice cooker.

According to the chef’s reviews, this pressure cooker has enough space to cook for a large family. This rice cooker comes with an easy to use control panel.

The 14 built-in smart programs, including an automatic keep-warm function, dual pressure, and 3 temperature settings for slow to saute cooking, make it worth buying.

You can also set a delay cooking time up to 24 hours. Also, you can set the manual cooking time up to 120 minutes. This pressure cooker is ULC and UL certified with 10 safety mechanisms.

According to customer reviews, it is a kitchen-friendly and highly energy-efficient product. The pack includes a steel cooking pot and stainless steel steamer rack. A complete instructional manual is also included in the set.

In other words, a perfect all in one fast cooker that is ready to serve you.

What We Like!
  • Larger cooking capacity.
  • Delay timer for 24 hours.
  • Set a cooking timer for 120 minutes.
  • Highly energy-efficient product.
  • 14 built-in smart programs.
Things to Consider!
  • Fragile handle.

10. Mitsubishi IH Cooker (NJ-AW107-T)

Mitsubishi is a top-rated and trusted brand for the manufacturing of durable and highly energy efficient IH rice cookers. It is the most-selling model due to its lightweight (5.7kg). However, some other models are above 7 kg. The dimension of this pressure cooker is 285*320*240 inches.

When the lid is open, then the height increases to 478 inches. This model is powered with 100 volts while the maximum power consumption is 1300 watts. The pack includes a standing rice scoop, measuring cup, and a manual written in English and Japanese.

You can adjust the optimal thermal control. Mitsubishi’s rice cooker allows you to cook professional recipes with the help of its thermal Okoge Mode. It comes with a voice navigation mode.

There is also an accurate measuring cup in the set to put the right quantity aside. It is one of Amazon’s best-selling products due to its performance, durability, and unique design.

What We Like!
  • Keep warm function.
  • The outer surface remains cool.
  • Optimal thermal control.
  • Quick heat conduction.
  • Voice navigation.
Things to Consider!
  • Smell like ozone.

How To Choose The Best Rice Cooker

When you wanted to buy a rice cooker, try always to buy a branded product. Maybe it will cost you Lil bit expensive but believe me, it will stay longer instead of cheaper ones.

If you are a diet planner or always try to stay hygienic, then look for a rice cooker that allows you to cook different types of meals in it.

If you can not rely on only brown rice or white rice, you definitely need to buy different meal maker rice cookers. There are different rice cookers available to cook vegetables, fish, marshmallows, and other food types.

Before you buy, just to read the features of every rice cooker. In our list, we have mentioned that you can buy one of them to fulfill your requirements.

If you are going to buy rice Cooke, please consider these things must be in that cooker.

Display or Indicator

If you want to buy a rice cooker, then consider these factors. It should have a time or temperature display. Because if a cooker has a display, you can know how much time is remaining or at what temperature you are cooking your rice.

In some rice cookers, maybe you don’t need to consider it because some rice cookers have the automatic switch-off technology that will automatically switch off while your rice is cooked.

If you buy a cooker that doesn’t have the LCD panel and doesn’t have an automatic switch-off system, it will create a problem you will not know your rice or cooked or not.

Some of the rice cookers have a beep indicator system that will beep after your rice is cooked. If the cooker doesn’t have an LCD panel, you can rely on the beep indicator.

Size Of Cooker

Now this factor you need must consider while buying a rice cooker. If you have a big family and bought an 8 cups capacity rice cooker, it will not provide you with much rice in one batch.

For this reason, consider this factor before you buy a cooker. If you have a small family, you can buy an 8 to 10 cups capacity rice cooker. If you have a big family, you need to buy 12 or more cups of the rice cooker’s capacity.

Heating Capacity

If you want to cook your rice with a nice taste and well cooked, you need to consider this factor. Because if steam does not circulate every corner of the cooker, then your rice will not cook from all sides.

Some cookers have a 3 dimension heating system that circulates the steam from all sides, and you will have well-cooked rice.


Some of the rice is done very well for its cleaning. Detachable steaming baskets and lids can be easily clean after every cook. Most of the rice cooker has the stainless steel nonsticky inside bowl that can be easily washable.

If you buy a cooker that bowl is sticky, then you might face trouble. Your rice will stick on the surface area, and you have scratched them to clean it. So always buy a nonsticky and removable parts rice cooker to easily clean it without facing any problem.


If you have a small kitchen, you need a portable device to fit anywhere in your kitchen’s small area. Lightweight and compact design can easily move from one place to another. So consider this factor as well before buying it.


Now, this is an important factor for any product. These are the medicinal things you can not trust in any company. It might be you order a rice cooker, and when it comes in your hands, you start it, and it burns out or maybe not work because of technical problems; then what you will do if it doesn’t have a warranty.

If you are buying a rice cooker, you must consider that the warranty of that product must have 1 year of warranty to claim if anything happens within one year.

Final Verdict

All the rice cooker that we have mentioned they have their own specific qualities. We have mentioned cheaper and costly as well.

However, maybe the costly one has some extra features on it. But it doesn’t mean that a cheaper one can not fulfill your requirements.

You can check every product feature may be cheaper, one will meet your requirements, and you never need to buy the expensive one.

FAQ’s about Rice Cooker

What is the best small rice cooker in 2023?

If you are looking at our list, then we have these small rice cookers.

  • Cuisinart CRC-800P1
  • Zojirushi NS-ZCC18
  • Oyama CFS-F12W
  • Rival 6-Cup Rice Cooker

Are the rice cookers healthy?

In some sense, you can say it can be healthy. If you buy a good quality cooker, then it can be healthy. If you have a nonstick coating rice cooker, it can because cancer, so avoid buying the cheaper ones.

What kind of rice do you use in a rice cooker?

  • Long grain white rice
  • Medium grain white rice
  • Short grain white rice
  • Long grain brown rice
  • Basmati rice
  • Quinoa

Do you really need a rice cooker?

If you are a rice lover and Cook rice regular base, then it can be your need to give you a better taste of your rice.

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