7 Best 36-Inch Gas Range Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

You love cooking and are blessed with some serious cooking capabilities.

Unfortunately, you got a small kitchen that can’t fit the appliances you want to use.

If you want to use more than just four burners, but do not want to go overboard, a 36-inch range is an answer for you.

A 36-inch gas range is more than just a kitchen appliance for you.

It is a compact kitchen appliance that fits a variety of styled and configured burners that offers flexible cooking options, and an oven to safely warm up leftovers.

In total, this one kitchen range can help you preparing up and reheating any type of food or food item you like.

In this guide, I am going to help you pick the best 36-inch gas range.

I have picked some advanced kitchen ranges to assist you in cooking and to lower down the kitchen labor. These models have been picked after hours-long research.

So without further ado, here are the 7 best 36-inch gas ranges according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best 36-inch Gas Range Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best 36-inch gas ranges based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Cosmo F965 36 in. Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners

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Features at a glance
  • Five burners at different BTU
  • Stainless steel body
  • 8 cubic feet oven
  • Cast iron grates

Cosmo is a big name in the world of home and kitchen appliances.

From amazing designed refrigerators to microwave ovens, you see Cosmo helping homes enjoy a seamless comfortable life.

This 36-inch gas range got no exception, offers five burners in the gas range to help you cook every type of food just like the way needed.

Its high-quality burners help you cook from high heat cooking items or types of food to low simmer cooking items.

It got one 10200BTU burner,  one 18400BUT burner, two 7500BTU burners, and one 5000BTU burner to optimize your cooking.

This gas range allows you to cook at a lower temperature in less time than a standard oven.

Its oven offers 3.8 cubic feet capacity and 8 functions to help you do traditional bake, convection bake, convection broil, high broil, low broil, pizza, defrost, and light.

It is made of high-quality material, 430-grade stainless steel is impressively suitable for your kitchen.

It has heavy-duty cast-iron grates for seamless heat retention and heat distribution.

Its body is smudge and fingerprint resistant, with a dry cloth you wipe clean the surface.

The construction of this heavy-duty gas range is amazing. It surely lasts longer than any of the models we are going to add to the list.

Most importantly, the brand itself backs the product for at least two years, a limited-time warranty gives you a money-back guarantee if something goes wrong.

Homeowners love this gas range of its exceptionally amazing features and advanced functionality.

Most importantly, this product costs little to compare to the features it comes integrated with.

What We Like!
  • Five smart burners at different heat capacity
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Easy to operate
  • Modern design
Things to Consider!
  • Try not to pour liquids for wiping

2. NXR SC3611 36″ 5.5 cu.ft. Gas Range with Oven

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Features at a glance
  • Six burners integrated
  • 5 Cubic feet oven
  • 18000BTU burner
  • Prostyle designed

If you are on a hunt to buy a 36-inch gas range to cook food for a large family, NXR designed SC3611 Gas range with an oven is there to help you.

The gas range boasts a professional look and shares a rugged sturdy body to last longer than others.

It has six burners for cooking, you can cook multiple dishes at one time using six gas ranges.

You are allowed cooking food that is meant to be cooked at a high-temperature range, as its one burner got a 18000BTU heating capacity.

It also offers a low-power burner that offers a 6000BTU heat capacity.

On the other hand, boiler burner offers 10,000BTU heat power and oven burner got more than just amazing 22000BTU to help you reheat leftovers.

This 36-inch gas range has a convection oven that keeps the temperature normal at the time of cooking.

It has an extra-large capacity of 5.5 cubic feet that surely going to fits the needs of a large family.

It also integrates an easy-to-clean black porcelain drip pan to help you in reheating.

The durability of the gas range is more than just splendid. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material that is a perfect choice for your kitchen.

In a nutshell, this gas range is amazing to cook multiple foods at one time. If you take proper care and use proper care, it is surely going to last longer.

This range has a pro-style, adds anesthetics to your decor. More importantly, a money-back guarantee is something that gives you a sigh of relief, as it is a bit spent.

What We Like!
  • Large size oven
  • Integrates a big size porcelain drip pan
  • Stainless steel constructed body
  • Six burners integrated
Things to Consider!
  • Consumes lots of power

3. Cosmo EPGR366 36 in. Slide-In Freestanding Gas Range

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Features at a glance
  • Black Porcelain top
  • Six sealed burner
  • Convection oven
  • LED light indicator

There comes another Cosmo-designed gas burner. This burner in features and functionalities is almost the same as we reviewed above, but a minor difference.

It integrates six sealed burner that allows you to cook different food items in one time at required heat capacity.

This gas range shares a porcelain cooktop that comes with six sealed burners from high-temperature cooking to low-temperature cooking.

It has two burners of 18000BTU heat capacity, 2 burners of 12000BTU heat capacity, two burners of 9000 heat capacity to help you cook food just like the way you want.

It is a professionally constructed gas range that shares a corrosion-resistant stainless steel exterior.

Besides the stainless steel construction, there are bright mirror-finished knobs and a stainless steel door handle that surely adds to the aesthetic graph.

It also integrates bright LED indicator lights above the knob to help you accurately control the functions and program every component of this range just like the way you want.

It also integrates a cooling ventilation system that dissipates heat and protects the interiors from overheating.

Do not worry, the construction of this gas range is cool to touch, even the oven shares a thick oven glass that is cool to touch and also handles overheating issues to prevent burning.

The best thing I like the most about Cosmo is its warranty.

The brand offers two years long limited warranty, which assures that if the gas range did not work fine the way mentioned and promised, it can be sent back with a full money refund.

Overall, as you can view this gas range got everything a regular user would want.

It has a sturdy beautiful-looking construction, and the top advanced gas burners and oven to help you cook multiple dishes at one time.

What We Like!
  • Black Porcelain Cooktop
  • Six sealed high burners
  • Large capacity convection oven
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
Things to Consider!
  • Poor customer care

4. ZLINE 36-inch Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven

Features at a glance
  • Heavy-duty porcelain cooktop
  • Stainless steel racks
  • 5 Cubic feet oven capacity
  • Three-layer glass electric oven

If you are looking into buying an elegant-looking professional stainless steel constructed Gas range, ZLINE has designed something one must try at least once.

It is an elegant-looking, advanced featured, and professional stainless steel range that fits the needs of average households in flying colors.

This brand shares a handcrafted high-quality Italian burner that is imported from Italy.

The hand-crafted burner also comes with premium alloy to ensure an efficient burning process.

It shares a heavy-duty Italian-made porcelain top. This porcelain top is easy to clean and holds no residue.

Just one swipe of the dry cloth and all smudges or fingerprints go away.

This range shares a three-layered glass-constructed electric oven with lighting controlled by the switches.

Its knobs are also made of stainless steel, let you control the flames to help you cook just like the way you want.

The oven shares 4.6 cubic feet of interior space with dual oven lights.

The aluminum mesh seal makes the oven door stay cool to touch and prevent overheating or burning.

This stainless steel back constructed range takes dual fuels. In case there s no electricity, you can continue cooking on butane gas.

In total, the range is a great to-go option for an average household.

It is a sturdy rugged constructed item that has to share stainless steel racks, and a porcelain cooktop to get things rolled evenly.

What We Like!
  • Dual fuel system
  • Stainless steel back constructed
  • Porcelain cooktop with stainless steel racks
  • Large convection oven
Things to Consider!
  • Some buyers mentioned uneven heat distribution

5. Thor Kitchen 36 inch Freestanding Pro-Style Gas Range

Features at a glance
  • Multiple range burners
  • 6 cubic feet convection oven
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Two years warranty

If you are into buying a gas range that offers you the capability to cook 6 dishes at one time, Thor designed 36-inches Kitchen range is there to help you.

This kitchen range comes with a huge oven capacity to help you cooking amazing foods just like the way you want.

It integrates a black porcelain Drip Pan for a smooth surface, the grates are constructed of cast iron to retain the heat and help you produce maximum results in less power and gas consumption.

As I mentioned, it comes with 6 burners, the front burners are of 18000 BTU capacity, on the left and right.

For high-temperature food cooking, you can use any of the burners and get things rolled smoothly.

The middle burner is of 12000 BTU heat capacity, on the rear side burner got 1000BTU heat capacity.

There is one broil burner with 1000BTU heat capacity, and the oven got a U Shape burner with an amazing 18,500BTU heat capacity.

As long as the variety of food processing and cooking is concerned, I am pretty sure you would not need anything more than just this gas range.

As it got a burner in every heat and temperature range, so ideally can fit the needs of a regular household.

One more thing, the warranty of this 36-inch gas range lasts for 2-years.

If under this specific time, this product is damaged, or something is not operating as it should be, you can call for a refund.

Get the product to send back and get full money in a refund, or claim the damages.

If we conclude this product in one line, this range offers an incredible value for the price.

It offers great gas output and comes with a pretty spacious oven to help you cook and reheat leftovers.

Above all, it is a sharp and elegant-looking model that fits the needs of an average household.

What We Like!
  • 6 sharp burners
  • Spacious oven integrated
  • Black Porcelain drip pan
  • Commercial convection fan
Things to Consider!
  • Some buyers mentioned convection oven stops working

6. Empava Stainless Steel 36″ Slide-In Single Oven Gas Range

Features at a glance
  • Six burners included
  • Allows manual temperature control
  • 2 cubic feet oven
  • LED lights over Large window

If you are interested in investing in a proficiently designed 36-inch gas range, Empava is a brand to go with.

This brand has been ruling the USA kitchen appliance world for years now, its products are entirely manufactured in the USA and meet all safety and quality guidelines set by the relevant departments.

This heavy-duty constructed gas range integrates a cast iron grill that layouts and offers spacious space to let you use all burners at one time.

It is a cast-iron constructed grill that retains the heat and makes you have the impressive use of the gas or electricity power in cooking up the foods.

This gas range integrates a myriad of gas burners to help you cook food at the desired temperature.

It got one 6000BTU burner for simmers, two 9000 BTU burners, and one 12000BTU semi-rapid burner.

One 15000 BTU rapid burner and one 20,000 BTU  Triple crown burner distribute heat for lower temperature range as low as 1000BTU.

This gas range comes with stainless steel construction and integrates a blue interior.

This allows you to set up the temperature range from 150-degree F to 500-Degree F, as per your cooking needs and requirements.

This aspect is amazing especially if you are broiling bake, defrost or dehydrate.

Another amazing aspect is automatic reigniting to ensure that your food receives a continuous flame in case heat or flame is accidentally extinguished.

Commercial-scale manufactured gas range comes with a spacious interior. It comes with an extra-large 5.2 cubic feet interior space to help you cook over the adjustable racks.

It comes with five adjustable rack positions to accommodate a large variety of food.

It comes with a commercial scale constructed convection fan that circulates hot air inside, and around the gas range.

In this way, you get the ideal evenly distributed temperature to cook anything you like.

It got a large oven window and two halogen oven lights that allow you to see the cooking process.

You do not have to open the door to check the current status of your food preparation or cooking.

The large window due to the help of oven lights helps you get to see anything inside.

What We Like!
  • Commercial-scale designed gas range
  • Spacious 5.2 cubic feet interior
  • Adjustable racks
  • Large Oven Window
Things to Consider!
  • No LPG Conversion kit

7. Verona Prestige 36 inch Dual Fuel Range 5 Sealed Burners

Features at a glance
  • 52,000BTU heating power
  • Digital timer
  • Fiver smart burners
  • Two ovens

If your oven use is more than burners, and you want a gas range that integrates dual ovens, this is the option you should consider buying.

Verona-designed Prestige 36 inches dual fuel range comes with five burners to help you cook the type of food you like.

You can handle cooking more than one dish at one time and accomplish cooking in way less time than it uses to be.

It is a 304 stainless steel construction, made in Italy a beautiful looking oven that offers dual fuel range to help you run Butane gas as well as Electric power to cook your food.

Due to its gas power, you can take it on camping or on outdoor locations, to help fix the desired food problems you face.

In total, this Gas range offers 52,000BTU power. This much of heating power is distributed among five burners and two turbos electric Convection ovens.

The oven shares EZ Clean porcelain oven surface that is easy to clean and supports digital clocking.

As I mentioned it comes with two ovens, the main bigger oven offers a 2.4 cubic feet capacity and comes in an 18-inches width and 17-inches height.

The second oven shares an 11-inches oven width and 14-inches height, it is a 1.5 cubic feet oven.

The grates are constructed of cast iron that retains heat for a longer time and provides power for cooking.

You would not be consuming too much power in heating, get more done in less. It also integrates an LP kit, the doors support beveled.

Last but not the least, the brand offers 2-years long warranty. For the period if any of the components of this gas range stops working, or just do not perform as per the promises, you have all right to send this product back and get a full money refund.

What We Like!
  • Two ovens
  • Amazing heating power
  • Chrome knobs
  • Digital timer
Things to Consider!
  • No power cord in the package

Things To Consider Before Buying 36-inch Gas Range

Before you move on and buy a gas range for yourself, it is important to learn a few basic things.

It requires meticulous planning to avoid ending up with something that you regret later.

Well, does not require days to plan buying a 36-inch gas range, you just need to learn what your requirements are, and the features you would like to see in your next purchase, and more importantly the budget range you have set for yourself.

Measure the Kitchen

Measure the kitchen and learn the space you have for the gas range. Or you know that you will have to face the annoyance of landing with misfits.

We all have been making this mistake, we buy a product for a hefty price and then learn the gas range is not cut out for the kitchen space we got.

Measure your kitchen first and decide the measurements of the gas range that could fit easily to the available space.


Yes, style and the type of range is also an important attribute to pay special attention to.

What you want a cooktop or an entire range. A cooktop range is a full range, eliminating the oven.


A cooktop is more often used for small cutouts and saves lots of counter space.

It allows you to buy the oven separately so that you could pick a single or double wall-mounted unit.


The range is great for a limited-spaced kitchen. It is a cooktop plus oven and integrates lots of burners to customize your needs.

Ranges come in different sizes, and cooking styles, you can adhere to any type of cooking just the way you like.

Total Number of Burners

Gas ranges come with arrays of burners type. Most of the gas range you see comes with five burner units and is enough for an average household.

But if you have a large family that likes to eat a variety of foods, especially home-cooked meals, it is good to buy six burners.

Burners come with different capacities of heat range. For regular cooking, you require a high heating range burner as well as low heating range burners. But you must buy the one that you could use to the full extent.

Buying a feature or aspect in a product that you rarely use is a sure waste of hard-earned money.

Look out for the most used and important features that add to your kitchen life.


Weight range is a good aspect to look into a gas range. When you are living in an apartment, it is not required to carry heavy necessary kitchen items. Pay attention to the lightweight gas ranges that could easily be replaced and taken if you change your apartment.

The weight range available in the market is 200 lbs to 400 lbs, pick a range in between the mentioned ranges the one ideal to suit different types of cooking.


What functions do you want to see in the gas range you are buying? Different function ranges are available in the market these days.

You can take on multiple tasks at one time, and the gas range can help you get done.

You can do baking broiling, reheating, and many other different types of cooking at one time.

So, write down the functions you want to see in the gas range. And measure the gas range on the yardstick of those functions, along with many other aspects.

Final Verdict

In this guide, we have reviewed the top best 36-inch gas range. A gas range is a helping hand in the kitchen, it helps you carry out multiple cooking tasks in one go.

You have seen the top-of-the-line models available on the market come integrated with different features to satisfy the needs and requirements of a large variety of users.

It is good to check more than one product. Compare different features, construction, safety features, advanced functions, and budget range. Buy the one that falls right on your needs and comes under your budget radar.

FAQs About 36-inch Gas Range

How many BTUs do I need for a gas range?

You need a different BTU range for the type of cooking you are intended to do. For example, for simmering and low heat cooking, you require a low BUT range, around 3000-5000BTUs.

For high-temperature cooking, you may require up to 12000BTU range. On average we see around 7000BTU per burner, but there is no rule of thumb for that, in some burners we have reviewed above we see around 20,000 BTU range.

So, it is different in different gas ranges and depends on your needs or the type of cooking you are carrying out.

Is a wall oven better than a range?

If you have a tiny space, that is even not spacious to fit a gas range, a wall oven may be a better option.

They take zero floor space and comes integrated with a large variety of configurations. You get different types of ovens, that fit your culinary demands.

With a wall oven, you can have in-line ovens working for you. But wall ovens are pricier and costs a big money, they are hard to install and their maintenance is time taking.

What Is BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal  Unit. It measures the amount of heat a stove can generate, the more heating power, the more BTU that particular burner will have.

It is the standard for measuring the heat generated so that you could compare the power of different units.

Are slide-in ranges worth it?

Yes, the slides in the ranges are worth it. They look aesthetically pleasing, as they do not come with an odd-looking back guard, and offer a compact integrated feel.

Plus they offer controls placed right up in front for easy access. With a slide integrated, you would not require to reach the hoot cooktop, prevent burning on touch.

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