7 Best Electric Knife Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If you are the one who regularly cooks meals you know how hard it is to slice through turkeys, chicken, and roasts.

Not only does it require a good knife set, but sometimes you have to go through lots of hard work.

That’s why for those who cook regularly, it seems like an electric knife is an indispensable kitchen item.

With an electric knife laying on your side, you become more imaginative.

It allows you to cut the hard-to-cut-through cuts, cut the way you desire, and let you follow the less trodden path.

An Electric Knife also saves your time in the kitchen and allows you to get the job done with less power work, energy, and time.

Buying an electric knife can be tricky. You have to know the right features it should come integrated with, the blade, handle, motor, and many more other things.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best electric knives according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Electric Knife Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best electric knives based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Cuisinart Electric Knife

Features at a glance
  • 2 stainless steel blades
  • Storage board with a safety lock
  • For left and right-handed
  • One-touch Pressure activated the Power button

If you pay attention to the tiniest detail of your food presentation and require an additional tool to enhance your capability of cooked foo carving and cutting, Cuisinart designed Electric knife is the right option to get hands-on.

It allows you to cut through hard materials, especially when you are working with different types of meats, veggies, and others.

What makes this cutting knife stands out on the list is its powerful motor and two stainless steel knives.

These blades let you tackle any kind of task without any big issue or trouble. It has one bread blade that makes it seamless to pass through short work of crusty baguettes.

The other one is the carving blade; this blade helps you gain restaurant scale cutting quality and presentation of the food.

This blade helps cut through meats, loaves, vegetables, and many other food materials.

These sharp blades maintain their sharpness over time, like many other Cuisinart kitchen tools, this product too is designed for home use.

While checking its performance for comparison with the other products, we found this one performs exceptionally well on all fronts.

We checked its slicing performance on tough skins, it easily slices through cooked and uncooked food materials.

If you use this product, you will appreciate its ergonomic designed handle. It got a solid tray with a solid safety lock system for storage of the knife on the top of the counter. Its one-touch pressure-activated power button helps you seamlessly make this knife work.

The knife comes with an easy trigger and a sliding lock. The sliding lock makes it easier to toggle by turning it on and off.

With two-blade deactivation buttons on each side of the handle, it becomes easier to turn it off and, at any time, you like without any ambiguity and confusion.

What We Like!

  • Two stainless steel blades that maintain sharpness over time
  • Provides laser precision cuts even for the tough skin materials.
  • Comes with a storage board with safety handles
  • The ergonomic handle helps you have a solid, anti-slip grip

Things to Consider!

  • The handle is cheap constructed, prone to breaking over time

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats

Features at a glance
  • Two knives
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 100-Watt motor
  • Sturdy, compact storage box

Hamilton Beach is one of the top brands in kitchen products and power tools manufacturing.

Its designed Electric Knife has received top positive reviews on one of the biggest shopping portals Amazon.

This particular model has an ergonomic handle with two stainless steel blades, each of 5-inches thickness.

It got a small good looking storage box, one carving fork, and one electric Knife.

The electric Knife stands out in the crowd when it is about cutting meats and proteins. You would not believe its power-packed performance, at such an affordable price range.

It is a stainless-steel construction Electric Knife that helps you cut through crusty breads, and remove cooked Kernels from the cobs.

It got an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip for precision cutting with little or no effort.

The stainless steel-made blade never needs sharpening and removes easily with a quick, one-go cleaning.

I liked its compactness and lightweight. It is a good option for those who can’t use big cutting knives for their cooking.

It is very comfortable, and great if you don’t like traditional knives. Users can lift it without any problem.

It comes powered by a 100-watts motor, that helps a 10-inches double blade to help you precisely slice through tough skin cooking materials and meat.

So, if you want to spice up and add a boost to your cooking and carving, you are lucky to have this product as an option.

Its stronger, compact, and good-looking container makes it easier to store this anywhere you like without making space on your kitchen counter.

What We Like!

  • The knife never requires sharpening
  • Two 5 inches thick knives with one Electric Knife
  • Comes with a sturdy storage box
  • Good if you don’t like using traditional products

Things to Consider!

  • Motor runs hot

3. Oster Accentuate Electric Knife

Features at a glance
  • Cord-free operation
  • Detachable handle
  • Compact storage box
  • Special cutting tip for hard areas

With the advancement in electric motor technology, we are at a stage where electric knives are not considered a luxury or an expensive kitchen item.

You can buy a quality electric knife such as Oster Accentuate below the price of non-powered knives.

Without spending arms and legs, you get a pretty powerful electric knife that helps you carve meat and slice bread without any big issue or trouble.

Oster Accentuate Electric Knife is one of the best tools for those who have to cut through large chicken pieces, meatloaves, or other large food items.

You can easily dice vegetables, chop herbs, and add swiftness plus efficiency to your food carving.

You can take it at your disposal for trimming steaks, and chicken pieces into smaller pieces.

That’s one more use of it over a traditional knife, spice up your kitchen carving.

It is not a battery-operated kitchen knife, so you would not have to worry about the internal battery running dry, there is one more thing that you would not have to keep track of.

The negative side of that is, that you can’t romp around the house with it, it got limited mobility.

The Knife comes with a carving fork and a basic storage case at well. With that knife onboard, you would not have to worry about storing it on your kitchen countertop.

It got its storage space, store it at the place you like without any big issue or trouble.

What We Like!

  • Special cutting tip for hard to carve areas
  • The blade is removable from the handle
  • Includes fork
  • Comes with a sturdy storage case

Things to Consider!

  • The blades do not hold together on the tip

4. Black+Decker Electric Carving Knife

Features at a glance
  • Stainless steel serrated blade
  • Comfort grip and handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Integrated safety lock button

If you don’t use an electric knife daily, and looking for an option for occasional use, Black+Decker designed electric Carving knife is the best option to get hands-on.

Its affordable price range is what makes it one of the best options, especially for school kids working on school projects, and cutting through foam without any hassle or issue.

For electric kitchen knives, the biggest issue is their automatic starting.

If you are buying a kitchen knife for your kid, and don’t want him/her to get injured due to a one-click start of them, this is the right option.

As it comes with a safety lock, which prevents inadvertent activation while the device is plugged in.

It also comes with a foot on its handle which makes it easy to put the knife down when you are working on a big project, and don’t like the knife to be turned off.

The package comes with two blades, a blade cover, and a trigger that switches the knife on and off.

As per many customer reviews, it is safe to use for bread and other delicate items cutting, because it renders a precise cut without making unintentional wounds.

Despite its affordable price range, it is pretty impressive and gets the job done.

It is stainless steel constructed as an electric knife, with 9-inches in length. Its blade supports serration that makes it good to cut through a variety of food items.

You can wash it in a dishwasher, and as per the brand’s claims, not required regular sharpening.

It comes integrated with a blade release button. The button removes the blade to help you use like the way you want it.

It is a very lightweight electric kitchen knife, and due to its lightweight, many users complained. Overall, it is one of the best affordable kitchen electric knives for occasional use.

What We Like!

  • Affordable price range
  • Cuts with precision especially delicate eatery items
  • Two blades
  • Does not require regular sharpening

Things to Consider!

  • No carrying case included

5. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Features at a glance
  • Stainless steel serrated blade
  • Comfort gripping handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safety lock button

If you and your family like eating fish and you are looking for an affordable electric knife for fish cutting without damaging it, Rapala designed Heavy-duty Electric Fillet Knife is the best option to get hands-on.

It is one of the most gorgeous knives. As per many customers’ reviews, the kitchen knife is great for cutting into ribs and seafood.

It comes with an 8-foot-long power cord, which makes it a great option to romp around without getting tethered to the limited few inches of the power cord.

It is a dishwasher-safe blade; you can put it in a dishwasher and clean it without getting your hands messy.

Not just the fish and other seafood items, the kitchen knife is great to cut through bread.

It slices through the bread like butter, without tearing and scattering them.

It is a compact and ergonomic designed handle a knife, with the knife you would not feel the tiredness in your hands, even for long hours of handling.

It is a 7.5 inches size, which makes it good to remove scales and fins easily and go down to the backbone.

The kitchen knife shares a 110V power motor. Its motor runs at double the speed of other electric knife and helps you cleans up the fishing excursion.

It also got a safety lock, that prevents the motor from starting when the power cord is attached.

What We Like!

  • A long stainless steel blade knife easily removes kitchen excursion
  • 8-Foot-long power cord
  • Grips easily, prevent hand-tiredness even for hours-long work
  • Equipped with a safety lock

Things to Consider!

  • The cord is hard to maneuver

6. Waring Commercial Rechargeable Electric Knife

Features at a glance
  • Two switchable blades
  • An illuminated light on the top
  • Lithium-ion battery operated
  • Adjustable slicing

If you are into buying an electric knife that gives you more options, flexibility, and modern features, I highly recommend buying Waring designed cordless rechargeable electric knife.

It shares all the modern nuts and bolts a pro user would ask for.

It is a battery-powered electric knife, that comes integrated with a lithium-ion battery and a charger to help you recharge it, and romp it around in your home and kitchen.

Don’t worry you would not misplace the charger, as the package comes with a box that helps you store your charger as well as an electric knife.

It is a modern designed electric knife that comes with two blades; one for meats, cheese, and tomatoes and the other for bread.

You can switch the blade, and remove the one to use the other one, blade switching mechanism is simple and hassle-free. You can remove the blade for cleaning purposes too.

I use this electric knife for a barbecue a lot, the reason is, it comes with illuminated LED light on its front.

The illuminated LED light although can’t illuminate your surrounding, helps you slice through meat and barbecue in dim light especially outdoors.

I find this electric knife very powerful. Its serrated blade provides you the right power even to cut through tough skin food items.

If you think you use your electric knife almost every day, I think you should seriously think of buying this model, I reckon you would not regret the decision.

The only point of concern you might have with this model is its high price range.

Yes, if you are on a budget, and can’t afford to buy an expensive model, maybe this is not the kitchen knife for you. If you take a shot, go ahead, the investment is going to be worth a lot.

What We Like!

  • Illuminated LED light on the top
  • Stainless steel made sturdy knife that takes the rigorous work
  • The knife comes with two blades one for bread and the other for meat
  • Cordless battery-operated knife

Things to Consider!

  • High price tag

7. NutriChef Electric Knife

Features at a glance
  • Stainless steel curved handle
  • Stain-resistant housing
  • Extra sharp blade
  • 3-4 Foot power cord

If you are a professional chef or a pro user who has to handle lots of cooking and kitchen stuff, maybe you would like to buy an electric knife that comes with an ergonomic body that does not exhaust you.

With this NutriChef designed electric knife, you get a curved, ergonomic designed handle that makes it very comfortable to hold for long hours.

With the model, rather than holding on to the main body, you get to hold the ergonomic body above the main casing of the electric knife.

It is a lightweight model, great for elderly and senior citizens. It is particularly comfortable for those suffering from arthritis.

It is pretty clean and its construction is stained resistant. In other words, the entire housing does not get stained by rigorous use. So, keeping everything clean and hygienic would be a breeze.

The blade switching is seamless, it got a serrated blade that makes it easy to prepare and carve food without any big issues.

The blades are extra sharp too and stay sharp for a long time. So, use it with ease and satisfy your most impatient guests with the delicious food you are making.

It is not a battery-operated kitchen knife; it comes with a 3–4-foot power cord.

The cord is not that big, as big as some of the products we added had, but enough to help you easily get done things in the kitchen without any hassle.

The biggest downside of this electric knife is its annoying power button. The power button control does not feel natural and go-with.

It becomes easy sometimes when you are cutting using the knife and have to turn off the electric knife.

The button is under the handle, to press it, you will have to firmly press it with your thumb.

Overall, I find this electric knife a go-with option for those with delicate hands, or who can’t use a traditional knife for a long time, due to their illness or fatigue.

It is comfortable to use a knife and provides the required performance.

What We Like!

  • Ergonomic curved comfortable handle
  • Good for seniors and elderly or those suffering from arthritis
  • Powerful Stainless steel detachable Knife
  • It is a serrated blade knife

Things to Consider!

  • Poorly placed power button

Buying Guide For Electric Knife

Electric Knives are in trend these days. There is more than one benefit of using them. F

or instance, they add a boost and swiftness to your kitchen handlings, allowing you to do more in less time.

Secondly, they are good to cut through hard or tough skin kitchen or eatery materials. You would not have to apply lots of pressure to cut through large fish, meat breasts, and much more others.

Third, they help you make your foods as presentable as you want. You can carve your cooked foods, and make them look delicious and appealing.

But what features one should look for when buying an electric Knife? This guide will help you by mentioning those important attributes of an electric kitchen knife.


This is the most important aspect that helps you cut hard food. For an electric Kitchen knife, the minimum power required is 100W, but you can choose one with 200W.

But that much power would not have an added benefit for you, the extra power can be taken at disposal by most professional chefs or experts who have to handle lots of cooking.

So, go for a kitchen knife that has a minimum of 100W of power.


Blades make all difference. In kitchen knives, you will see two types of blades; fixed and detachable.

Detachable blades come in different types, to slice through different materials.

Mostly detachable knives come with two blades, one for cutting hard materials such as meat, and the other for cutting bread.

Detachable knives are easier to clean, detach them and get them cleaned without any issue.

For materials, the blades should be made of serrated stainless steel.

About the size, they should be between 18-22 cm, depending on your needs and the type of items you have to cut through.

Cordless or Corded

We don’t like tangled cords, on the other hand, we also don’t like dead batteries. So, it is more of your personal choice.

If you have to handle rigorous cutting on regular basis, a battery-operated kitchen knife might not be the right suit for you.

For an average household, a rechargeable battery cordless kitchen knife should be the most preferred one.


I always prefer ergonomic handles. Because you are buying a kitchen electric knife for cutting hard kitchen items.

And if the handle is not ergonomic, it will be hard for you to cut, and apply pressure.

Ergonomic handles come in curved shapes, they adapt the shape of the hand and provide you seamless cutting through items experience.


Speed is another important attribute that helps you add furthermore swiftness and efficiency to your cutting.

More than often, you have to cut through an item whose different parts require different speeds and pressure.

With variable speed, you can switch between different speeds and get things done without any big issues.

Final Verdict

For a professional or those who like home-cooked foods, it is imperative to have an electric knife, especially if you are a working person.

You would not have enough time to slice through different items using a traditional knife.

A traditional knife not only slows your cooking process, but requires more pressure and force, and even though you apply lots of pressure, sometimes, it would not cut.

This is where electric knives step in and helps you slice and portion food with precise cuts.

They are particularly useful if you have to cut through turkey, roast, and other tough skin items.

The motorized handles of the electric knives help you seamlessly cut through without messing.

In this long guide, we have reviewed beset electric Knives. We picked the most followed and top-rated product to help you easily decide the one that matches your needs.

FAQs About Electric Knife

How do you sharpen an electric knife?

Yes, you can sharpen electric knives too. But experts suggest, you should sharpen them not as often as you do traditional knives. Sharpening the serrate blade is different than traditional blades.

The easiest way to sharpen a serrated blade is using a sharpening rod. With a rod, you can hon each section, and sharpen the blade easily.

Can electric knives go in the dishwasher?

Electric Knives are made of stainless steel. That’s why they can go in the dishwasher. But experts suggest otherwise because the dishwasher can lead to duller knives.

If you want to sharpen to the minimum, it is better to go hand-wash than a dishwasher.

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