7 Best Rebounder Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Everyone knows exercise is good for our health, but most of us don’t like doing exercise. So, they are always on a hunt to find some easy exercise ways.

I am sure you have heart about Rebounder or mini-Trampoline, you can take them to get all the great benefits of intense hardcore workouts.

Rebounders are not only creating fun in your life but help you rejuvenate your muscle power by activating them.

They bring out the inner child within you, not only that, you can take your kids with you for quality time spent.

A compact, comfortable, and easy to jump on Rebounder provides a bouncy, safer, and reliable area in your home without eating up your floor area.

All rebounders may look the same but believe me, they are not the same, they are not built on the same standards, safety features, and other aspects.

That’s why I stepped in, comb through the market, and brought the top rebounder available on the market.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best rebounders according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Rebounders Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best rebounders based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. JumpSport Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

What is the most prominent feature everyone ensures before buying a Rebounder?

Obviously, its safety feature, if a rebounder is not as secure and safe as it should be, you or your loved one can get hurt.

The incumbent rebounder we are reviewing comes from a brand that has introduced mind-blowing safety features in the rebounder.

This Rebounder comes from one of the most reputed brands. The brand is a family-owned business, and the owner invented safety enclosures.

JumpStart rebounder is the top and most selling rebounder in the market for the reasons mentioned above.

It shares around 484 square inches of the area which is enough for a small family’s bouncing, and fun needs.

With 39-inches of diameter and 225-pounds of weight, it makes a good option not only for the kids but adults too.

The most prominent thing is it would not break your bank. It is one of the affordable rebounders you can get hands-on without lowering the quality or performance.

With patented no-tip arched legs, it renders extra stability and enhances safety.

Its sleek design makes it takes less space. Plus, it comes pre-assembled, you will have to work on around 10-percent to install the rebounder.

Without any expertise, you can install the rebounder yourself. It allows you to install the handlebar on it if you like an extra safety layer for your kids.

It is a solidly constructed rebounder and shares solid steel frame construction, so going to last longer than you expect.

With its tough jumping mat, scratch-resistant finish, and enhanced safety protection, in my view, this is the top rebounder for your family.

So, with JumpStart designed Rebounder I am sure you will be able to kickstart your body fat loss journey.

There are thousands of exercises you can follow, and without buying a membership in a gym, makes engage yourself in fat-removing activities.

What We Like!

  • Sturdy steel constructed frames
  • No tip arches legs for enhanced safety
  • Affordable price range
  • One of the most reputed brands in the rebounder and trampoline world

Things to Consider!

  • Smaller jumping area for adults

2. Fit Bounce Pro Bungee Rebounder

Fit Bounce Pro designed rebounder is another great indoor rebounder with a 40-inches jumping area.

The best is its weight range, it withstands around 300 pounds the weight range, with thick steel construction it withstands two adults jumping at one time.

The most interesting aspect is its legs are removable. That means you can take it around you, well the weight is little more than just to be transported easily, still, it can be transported occasionally.

It folds in halfway, good if you want to store it for some time, you can fold and unfold it every day, though you are not required to do that every day.

The bounce on the rebounder looks smooth, resilient, and silent at the same time.

With two extra bungees provided, you can use the other one if the installed one is snapped or worn out.

It comes integrated with some modern features that help in making you monitor your everyday exercise.

Such as it comes with a Pedometer that let you track your exercise progress. You can also attach a handlebar, that is sold separately.

It also comes with an exercise DVD and online free music download that lets you do 60-minutes of workout with music.

Although it does not come with most of the parts pre-assembled, still the user manual guide makes the assembly process hassle-free.

Its spare parts are easily available, you can easily find them in a nearby hardware store or order online.

The Only concern I had with this rebounder is its bungee cords which are in plain sight.

These could be detrimental to overall safety, as limbs can get tangled in the cords, so you have to be careful while taking the jump.

What We Like!

  • Great 300-pounds weight limit
  • The jump looks smooth, resilient, and silent
  • Its legs are removable
  • It closes in halfway to help you store or for transport
  • Looks stylish and modern

Things to Consider!

  • The bungee cords are plain in plain sight that can make the limbs tangled

3. Maximus PRO Folding Rebounder

If you are looking into buying a premium designed Rebounder that aims to provide top-notch quality without spending your arms and legs, go with Maximus designed PRO folding rebounder.

It is one of the top-selling products in the British market, and now taking the USA market on storm too. It shares a silver frame outlook and six legs that perk up the looks a bit.

Its steel constructed frame can take up to 310 pounds of weight. The mat shares anti-slip features, with 40-inches of total area, and it makes a good rebounder for a small family.

There are no bungee cords on the sides, but springs that add to the bounce with increased durability.

Its bounce is that great, sometimes you might carry away with that, so be careful.

The rebounder can be closed in half ways. You can close it in the half, for storage and transport purposes.

It also comes with a carry bag, but folding and carrying it in a backpack is a chore, with 25-pounds of weight, it makes it hard for seamless transportability.

With a 36-inches integrated handlebar, it makes good use of many exercises.

You see even the top rebounder and trampoline charge for the handlebar, this one comes integrated, but the handlebar is not height adjustable.

It comes preassembled mostly but requires a minimal setup and touch-up. Opening and closing it can be hard in starting, with 2-3 tries, you will get used to it.

In total, this rebounder is not the cheapest option for them all. But it offers phenomenal value and comes integrated with many amazing features to boost your everyday exercise.

What We Like!

  • Premium quality designed Rebounder
  • Anti-slip mat with double cross-stitching
  • Endures around 310 pounds of weight
  • 36-inches integrated handlebar

Things to Consider!

  • The springs will start squeaking over time

4. David Hall’s Cellerciser Rebounder

If you look at David Hall’s Designed rebounder marketing babble, they claim that the Cellerciser is even good for curing the ailment.

Well, that might be an exaggeration even if that’s true, that’s the case for all rebounders, not a particular one from a particular brand.

If you look at the features, construction, price, and many other things this rebounder has to offer, I am sure you will become a great fan as I am.

It is a 40-inches wide rebounder with 28-inches of surface area, that endures around 350 pounds of weight.

Its legs are 8.5 inches in height, you can use it in your living room. Its mat is 10.5 inches above the ground, which makes it a great rebounder for core exercises.

It shares a sturdy frame, so it would not be an issue if you are overweight or using 2 people at one time.

You would not have any issues due to its solid construction, no plastic parts are used in the making, so weak points are nonexistent.

I liked the way springs are connected to the frame. The springs are not connected directly to the frame, but steel pins are placed into the holes drilled in the frame. That makes this product foldable but not by one person.

You can also attach a handlebar, but the handlebar does not come with the package.

Its spring design and construction pull the real magic. It got a total of 36 springs; triple-tiered hi-carbon springs with three tension levels.

With the triple tension layers, people of all ages and weight groups can easily use it for exercise and jumping.

For plus-size people, the springs get to stretch in a smooth and controlled way, without any risk of breaking.

Even if the springs break down, there are two extra of them in the package.

Replacement of the springs on the other hand is a hassle-free job, you can o that by yourself, or just call them, and they will happily do that, without charging any fee.

What We Like!

  • Three-level spring tension
  • 36 Triple tiered hi-carbon springs
  • All steel was constructed; no plastic material was used in the making
  • Good for different weight range people

Things to Consider!

  • The poor constructed outer covering

5. Upper Bounce Mini Rebounder

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable Rebounder that without costing arms and legs helps you do core strength exercises at home, go with the Upper lift designed Mini foldable rebounder.

Despite coming in the low-price range, the product does not compromise on the quality and performance.

It shares a steel frame construction with springs on the sides for enhanced support.

With 220 pounds of the weight limit and 44-inches of surface area, this provides a great bouncing effect on a lot of bouncing areas.

Due to its good surface area, and portable construction, this rebounder can be used for kids as well as adults. You can use it for regular exercises as well as for fun purposes.

You can take it outdoor too, it gets folded easily, and weight range too would not be cumbersome to carry it around. You can fold it easily, store it in smaller spaces, and take it around.

It shares a vinyl-covered galvanized steel frame with springs. The high-density foam on the springs covers makes it easier and safer for the kids as well as adults to involve in the jumping experience.

The steel frame is built with rust and corrosion-resistant material, that ensures all weather conditions.

What We Like!

  • The foldable design makes it easier to take it around
  • Lightweight model
  • Skid-resistant feet
  • It is made of ASTM Standardized solid steel frames which are corrosion and rust-resistant

Things to Consider!

  • 220 Pounds weight range

6. ANCHEER Rebounder for Adults and Kids

If you live in a small home and got a limited space for a rebounder, you can afford to have a big rebounder or trampoline.

For you, it is imperative to buy a short small, and compact-sized Rebounder such as ANCHER designed rebounder.

You can go with ANCHER designed rebounder, a small and compact sized model, that without compromising the quality and construction, renders the right benefits of a rebounder.

It is an affordable model, so it blends portability and budget and makes a go-to option for budget users.

ANCHER rebounder comes in two sizes; 38 inches and 40-inches. You can choose the right size accordingly to your needs, you can also choose between rigid and twice foldable frames.

In any design and size, it shares a circular steel frame, anti-skid rubber feet, and steel constructed legs.

If you go with a foldable version, it comes with extra two legs for better support for adults. If it is for the kids, you have no need to install the extra two legs.

ANCHER compact designed rebounder shares a total of 6 legs and 32 springs.

The frame, legs, and springs are all made of anti-corrosion or rust-free steel, so whether the rebounder is placed inside or outside, you would not have to worry about the weather effects.

The mate is made of non-slip, breathable synthetic fabric. It provides a smooth, consistent, and silent jumping experience.

Its weight endurance is slightly lower than what it should be, with 220 pounds in the weight range, it might not be a great suit for overweight guys.

It got four color options, if it is for your kids, then choose their favorite color, you know for kids color is more important than the quality of construction of the product.

In my view, if you have limited space in your home, and looking for an excellent solution for small homes, without any issue, go with the ANCHER designed Trampoline.

What We Like!

  • Requires limited space
  • Four color options to choose from
  • Easy to fold, easy to take around
  • All steel construction, anti-corrosion, and rust-free

Things to Consider!

  • Could be bouncier

7. Marcy Rebounder Cardio Trainer with Handle

Marcy-designed Trampoline is the right package for your every core strength exercise. I

t is a portable, durable, compact, and less expensive model. It is a compact model, easier to use indoors, and easier to assemble too.

You can disassemble it too very seamlessly, take it around, and transport it to install it at some other places.

With fully assembled, it shares 40.5 inches of surface area. So, a good surface area, for adults as well as kids’ fun.

When folded up, it is 30inches long and 16 inches wide, easier to store in a bag that comes in the packages.

It got a total of six legs with anti-skid feet. The continuous rebound bands are all well constructed, which can ensure the tough jumping and rebounding exercises.

The Rebounder comes with a built-in stability bar. The handle or stability bar makes it easier for you to stay on the mat, with no accidental falls. It is 43-inches tall with a handlebar, lined with padding to provide you a comfortable position while jumping.

You can remove the handlebar too, when folding, you can easily remove the handlebar to make it easier for transportation.

What We Like!

  • Withstands 250 pounds of weight
  • 43-Inches tall handlebar that provides support
  • Sturdy construction handles rigorous exercises
  • Easy to pull up and open

Things to Consider!

  • The handlebar is not adjustable

Buying Guide For Rebounders

A rebounder can be used for regular core strengthening exercises as well as for entertainment for kids as well as adults.

So, it is important that you go with a quality rebounder. But what are the top features of a good rebounder?

This section is going to help you pick the best rebounder as per your requirements and needs.


Construction defines the durability of a rebounder. If a product is good and durable, it surely going to last long, in other words, you will have the best replica of your hard-earned money.

So, before you buy a rebounder check its construction if the quality material is used in the making such as Steel, then get assured, that your rebounder will last longer and you will have no issue with it.

The frame of the rebounder is made of steel or some other material, and the top surface is made of soft materials such as Fiber, Nylon, or Polyethylene material.

So, also check if the surface of the rebounder is made of heavy woven material.


Yes, springs lead your rebounder as bouncy as you want it to be. If there are no springs, you would not get the bounce when jumping.

So, in rebounders and trampolines, the surface is connected with the frame through the springs.

These springs lend to the signature bounce of the rebounder. If the springs are not made of quality material, maybe you get some bounce but with time they may wear out and become squeaky.

So, check the making of the springs, and also read the user’s feedback about the springs, they must not be noisy.

Due to the squeaky noise of the metal springs, most users prefer bungee cords that are used in place of springs.

They prevent the rebounder from becoming too tight on the surface, the bungee cords are gentle but your limbs get tangled in them making you fall off the rebounder.


Rebounders also come with an integrated handlebar. Well, the handlebar or supportive bar might not have any role in the performance or quality of the rebounder but they provide support to the users while jumping or carrying out exercises.

These handlebars are arch-shaped and, in some cases, adjustable and removable.

If you are using the rebounder for the first time, you should check for a rebounder with a handlebar because they provide you with the right balance and prevent you from falling off while jumping.

But, with time, if you are using the rebounder for exercise, you should get rid of the habit of using a handlebar.

Because it can build bad posture, and you would not be getting the right benefits from using a rebounder for your core strength exercise.

Weight Range

Weight limit is the core feature looking at buying a rebounder. Because the weight range does not match your weight, within a few days you will see the tramp base will start to split off.

All rebounders come with a weight limit range, so check if the weight range matches your needs or not.

The weight range should at least be around 300, if you are an overweight person, then match the weight limit accordingly.


Well, you don’t use a rebounder to get comfort, the comfort here in a rebounder is whether you can use the rebounder without shoes or not.

As many rebounders are very thick that makes it uncomfortable to jump without wearing shoes.

If the rebounder is installed outside of the room or drawing room, you can jump with wearing shoes.

But if it is inside, it becomes hard for you to jump without wearing shoes.

Bounce Level

Different rebounders come with different bounce levels. It is the purpose of the use that makes you decide the right bounce for you.

For instance, if you are using the rebounder for cardio exercise, muscle core strength, and other such exercises, you would go with a rebounder that has a high bounce.

For kid’s fun and entertainment, or light exercise, go with less bounce.

Safety Features

Safety features are one of the most important features to look into a rebounder. Most of the rebounder comes with a ring-shaped safety pad that covers the top of the springs.

These safety pads cover the springs and make the jumping and working out experience safer and more comfortable.

In bungee cords, if there are no safety pads covering the cords, the limbs get tangled with the cord.

Final Verdict

Rebounders are great fun; they not only help you lose weight and do cardio at home but make you have a fun experience.

Here you are not required to use any tools or leave your home or buy a gym membership to get fit and do exercise on schedule.

In this long guide, we added top rebounders. You can check on them, read through their reviews, and pick the one that falls right on budget and requirement.

FAQs About Rebounders

Should I wear shoes on Rebounder?

If it is an indoor rebounder, ideally you should not wear shoes. But if the rebounder surface is thick and it feels uncomfortable on jumping you may wear shoes.

For an outdoor rebounder too, it depends on the surface, but in an outdoor installed case, it is no issue if you wear shoes.

But there is no specific advantage or disadvantage of wearing shoes while jumping on Rebounder.

Does rebounding build muscle?

If you are into bodybuilding or building big muscles, maybe the rebounding exercise is not enough for you.

They do build muscle but to a limited degree. To get the muscles to build you will have to do weight lifting and weight exercise.

The rebounding exercise is for cardiovascular, as they get your heart pumping, boosting the heart rate which leads to burning calories and losing body fat.

The main muscle that gets hit by the rebounding is the lower leg muscles, so you would not be getting any muscle build up there.

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