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Log-splitting manually was activated by automatic log splitters on the brake. With a strong one in hand, no one can arrange the firewood without getting to crack the sweat. There is a great deal of variation in the items used for wood cutting, from the outdated system of axes and metal lighting splitters to new gas and electrical types.

Luckily, we’ve done some analysis to get you some guidance about finding the right log splitter. However, not every log splitters are equal; some may be greater than many others.

7 Best Log Splitter Reviews

Here are the top brands to support you make a good purchasing decision.

1. WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

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The first log splitter analysis is for WEN 56207 Electronic Log Splitter. This is the best electrical log splitter for all those searching for regular efficiency. WEN Log Splitter is also a helpful tool for having adequate materials.

Its unique 15A engine is capable of producing 13,000 lbs. of power. So, you could use it to break logs. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. For usability, it has dual 5.6-inch tires that are never flat during the time of use. It weighs just 98 lbs. and is too fast to move with one hand.

The log splitter is ideal for small or medium-sized logs of all sizes. It’s nice to cut 10 diameter logs, as per the supplier; however, we find it a little unbelievable. Although we’re trying a 10 + “circumference log, it’s struggling to break. In comparison, strength decreased during the splitting of wood.

But if you need to break ten or more logs with a splitter, you need to do it smartly. When breaking the logs in half, turn it over and over to complete the entire break. Alternatively, the 3â„4-inch thickness of the trees was fairly good. It’s 4/4″ pressing the plate through the 5” wedge to hack hard through soft some forest like a sweet, even break.

What We Like!
  • It’s compact, ensuring you only need one computer for several tasks.
  • The angled stand enables you to lift it to the level of the hip for working ease.
  • For low key construction, the wheels may be mounted directly to the chassis.
  • The 15 amps engine gives you 13,000 pounds of log-cracking capacity.
  • It is not using petrol, so this helps in avoiding  the inhalation of carbon monoxide.
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t fit well for big logs.
  • It would help if you did it equally, using both hands to handle it.
  • It has limited wheels that do not match its size and standing position.

2. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

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The next method is the Boss Industrial ES7T20 log splitter. It’s built to demonstrate absolute strength. It provides both comfort and portability. Also, the capacity of the ram is outstanding for working with some big tasks. Its strong electric engine provides a splitting force of 7 tons. It does not have any harmful emissions from such gas-powered systems.

The electrical log splitter is around 106 pounds and 40—13.5—20.5 es. It uses a small amount of physical space. You may still use it indoors and outdoors in an optimal way. It’s quick to go everywhere and everywhere with no problems.

The splitter has an integral side rail that holds the log stable when separating. And the front handle makes for more maneuvering. However, the architecture of the Boss Industrial is special and healthy. The licensed hydraulic mechanism for this electrical splitter is useful for long-term use.

Another advantage is a 2Hp electric motor operating on 115VAC and pulling more than 13.5 amps or 1500 watts. The log splitter requires a 15-amp circuit to operate, but if you’re using 20A citric. It comes equipped with string length, but if some stretch of the gauge electric cord is required, it will do well.

It will split some 14 to 17″ logs easily and for several times. Often you will need to flip over its log and break it again since it leaves any section unfinished for high-dimensional logs. But really, it’s great for some woods.

What We Like!
  • It works with 7 tons of hydraulic pressure that allows the customer to do log splitting for a full month, likely in a seating configuration.
  • The unit has super solid tube log containers, including strong wheels to ensure stabilization and longevity.
  • Operating with this computer saves time thanks to its fast ram returns feature.
  • The rubber wheels or firmly affixed one handle make it easy to hurl about.
Things to Consider!
  • The Boss Industrial ES7T20 appears to have difficulty managing large and tightly knotted logs.
  • There is a propensity for the turbine to encounter a bottleneck during hard operation.
  • It can’t be rolled quickly on rough terrain or grass.

3. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

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If you’re selling fire logs by trade, however, this huge guy is going to have a cleaver option. The NorthStar Log Splitter is a 37-ton log splitter that can break up nearly all you bring it. You could use it either vertically or horizontally; it is also adjustable.

NorthStar’s best log splitter is built with a potent engine from the popular Honda company. It’s got a Honda GX270 turbine with a special idle up functionality. It soaks up fuel, so it eliminates clattering when preparing the next piece of wood.

Such a log splitter arrives with a circular hydraulic pump as well. Adapt pressure as well as flow by supplying lower or higher pressure. Generally, when there is also no highly pressurized resistance as well as low flow. The whole feature, however, reduces production slicing time.

The machine consists of four wedge wingtips to quarter logs for one piece rather than three. The splitter has fully automated retunes in the cylinder. It will save you from pressing the lever back and forth to come back the blade to the former stance.

The good thing about the device is that it can cut well all seasoned or soggy logs and the knotty woods. Even the strong one, almost all of the log splitter, proves trouble cutting woods using a crouch. It’s like operating a  slicer across the butter.

What We Like!
  • The wedge is created of patented alloy steel that is created of quality material.
  • There is another 2-inch ball coil throughout the machine.
  • It is accompanied by a flexible jack as well as an extra-large tires system.
  • A bumper makes it easy to deliver the North Star from the woodpile quickly and without problems.
  • The petrol is saved due to the autothrottle position, which reduces the noise and raises the engine’s life.
  • It’s one of the best hydraulics and has been shielded by a square filter system.
Things to Consider!
  • The engine needs a lot of time to warm it up.
  • The engine is also heated for prolonged use.
  • Oil filters that use the proprietary layer to close the gasket may cause leaks.
  • It’s large in size, as you can’t assemble it on your own.

4. Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Goplus Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter is yet another popular log splitter in our catalog. It’s limited in size but perfect for home use. The Goplus Latest 1500W is a 6-ton log splitter operating on electricity. You will use it indoors because keep the firewood stock up and going.

It’s a durable log splitter and isn’t going to get rust that fast. Some aspects lack a lot of company log splitter. But the Goplus Latest 1500W has an IP level of water-resistant. The unit has 1500W of operating capacity to work on various forms of timber. For the provision of firewood at the house, you can require a large diameter and length of wood at any time.

You can divide between 10 and 16″ logs only with a log splitter. For longer logs, the log breaking would be unhygienic. We attempted 20″ logs with this unit, and the last 5/6″ fracture began. But, if you ever need to cut big, dark, dry trees, you have to turn the broken section and cut it once again.

It’s a hand-oriented, secure wood splitter. Some citizens will not be able to use both hands at work. And on the other, it’s better not to hurt. Once you’ve used it for a bit, you’ll get used to it.

What We Like!
  • A very inexpensive alternative for homeowners.
  • Suitable for cutting small or medium length dried or wet logs.
  • It can run on energy at home.
  • Regular maintenance brings hisses to the service, tidy, etc.
Things to Consider!
  • The wheels look flimsy.
  • Not stable for dealing with large logs.

5. YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

For wood break up what you’re chasing for the most? Strong power generator, exceptional features, and giant functional endurance, right? Well, the YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter has everything. This is a 25-ton gasoline log splitter with a basic build with impeccable results.

The durable computer is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. You’re going to have multiple perks. It’s simple to install, so first. Secondly, it’s small in size and very fast and easy to drive about. Finally, you could do it both vertically and horizontally, and that you can take something out of it.

With all its built-in dual-way wedges, the system can divide the wood into two parts. But if it’s a smaller size of the log, then it split into four bits. YARDMAX Gas Log Splitter also has a patent – protected four-way cylinder wedge.

It’s got a further awesome option for the two-log sheaths. It captures the splitting of woods with a set of log cradles. If you’re using the mounted log table, the job will become more secure and less dirty.

The cradles are also included in the unit, but you need to purchase the installed table as a separate unit. The plate spins logs for breaking, making additional beam energy. It is an effective, clean, but reliable log splitter for any skilled or domestic use. However, if you aim at Yard Max’s full-beam gas splitter, you could see the following unit as well.

What We Like!
  • Vertically and horizontally, separation may be achieved.
  • Its big, robust hydraulic components have the shortest cycle time possible.
  • It also has an oil filter that stops logs from slipping far beyond the limits of the process.
  • It can be mounted and reassembled easily.
  • A log stripper enables the hydraulic system to extract heavy logjams.
  • Solid, easy to shift logs to decrease beam pressure.
Things to Consider!
  • There is a defect in the gas tank and accessories.
  • There appears to be a significant problem with the gas leak as it occurs.
  • Indefinite warranty, including poor architectural quality.

6. Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Will you like to meet a true champ? Here’s the 7-ton gasoline log splitter king of all period. Any number, form, and mass of logs can be separated without any time. It is appropriate for vertically or horizontally using only when changing the pull pin.

Champion Power log splitter provides compact, efficient, fast, effective heavy-duty log slicing. The 3-inch hydraulic system with a dual-stage pump generates 3000 psi of pressure. The cutting method of a standard log can be completed within 15 min. So, this involves the return of the blade just after the log is removed. It could cut 50 lbs. of a 19″ wood, like chopping tofu.

It also has a 2″ ball hook as well as a dot of permitted wheels. It also contains a 1.3-gallon hydraulic system and a spindle oil filter. The system comes with an 80cc motor with a single-gallon gas tank and a cast-iron cap.

If you need to break the larger files, this one’s not for you. It will break up to a full log size of 19.3 inches. But you’re never going to try more than this amount. The favorite aspect of it is that the computer shifts course before beginning to slice logs.

What We Like!
  • It has 2″ of call connecting, green-lighted tires.
  • Expanded tongue to allow towing activities considerably less difficult.
  • Champion arrives with double log catchers (DLC) that accommodate logs equal to 23.8″ in length and 100 lbs. in mass.
  • The blades are quite effective in operating mode, running at one of the quickest speeds of 12 seconds per minute.
  • The Champion appears at a very fair price point relative to other computers.
  • The Champion comes in 2 years of warranty including professional assistance for a lifespan.
Things to Consider!
  • The engine strength, as well as make, are not included in the model list.
  • The size of the wheels makes it suitable to provide technical assistance for installation.
  • Its energy usage is also quite high.

7. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Our next choice is the Powerhouse XM-380, the best electrical log splitter. It is a small size electrical log splitter. It’s created for small apartments as well as specific areas. It’s only 103 lbs. with a size of 38—11, but it’s great to split 100 logs for every hour.

Due to size, you can’t divide a lot of logs immediately, which implies you can split one plank of wood at the moment. The huge size is not like multi-log saws. But its compactness and powerful motor ensure you could even cut logs without the headache as well as back pain. It has low sound, which is wonderful for hours of work.

Other than, it’s protected than any other mechanical woodcutting operation. It has dual-handles, a sequential procedure, to avoid injury. So, you use both hands as well as perform the task as per your preferences. The layout of the log splitter is trademarked. It is electronically controlled as well as compact. It comprises a hydraulic ram; the protection controls and the ability of the splitter are 7 tons. When people take away your hand to the lever, the splitter detaches so that they would fill up the next log to save more energy and time. The splitter only requires 6 seconds to divide the wood log about 20″ long in 12″ thickness. After separating the log, its log arrives at the former stance in just 5-seconds.

What We Like!
  • It can divide solid wood logs, bigger oaks, as well as hickory.
  • It’s versatile, easily stored, and also has a powerful machine.
  • Electric powered, not by gas.
  • Configured with a recent patent-protected hydraulic pump with a torque of up to 46%.
  • No compressed air is needed.
Things to Consider!
  • The 9-ton engine is not as efficient as marketed.
  • Packaging should be more informative, and often screws are difficult to locate.
  • There are a lot of gaps throughout the instruction book.
  • Assembling can be quite difficult.

Final Thought

So, you could only go for a quick option to pay a fair amount of money. I don’t think it costs a lot for my 2-3 months during winter heat. I tell you, this is a lifetime chance. If you reside in a cold environment but have a stove, a log splitter is also a must-have machine for your house.

A log splitter helps you to spend time with relatives and friends. There are several different shapes, consistency, and strength of log splitters available today. You can pick by one of our listed choices or browse for more information. Making sure the best log splitter is customized to the budget and needs. Even considering a log splitter that gives you the economic purpose.

Buying guide for Best Log Splitter

To choose the best log splitters, some essential factors you need to consider are;


20-25-ton timber splitters would be perfect for home use. For 5-6 weeks of fall firewood supply, often residents use a 6-15 ton’ splitter. Choose the log splitter as per the widest timber brunch. Please ensure your splitter is allowed to work with hardwood. But note, more capacity is more costly. So, be sure to pick thus according to the desires.


Checking the operating tools, the lever, the table, the map, etc., of the splitter is very well finished. Even the machine’s fit casing must be well secured. A strong log splitter was intended to be used outdoors. Only your workshop does have enough storage, so it requires your gas splitter throughout the yard. Gas splitter has developed poisonous gases. But, stop indoor surgery for them. Your electrical log splitter must be easily portable. The heavy splitter is sturdy to move outdoors. That’s why they need a sturdy, strong wheel that glides over lush green, stoned, or cement terrain.


Different sorts of logs require a certain kind of splitter to leak. It’s the strength that takes the capacity to work. However, the hardness of the branch circumference is also an integral element. Test the size of your wood splitter. Also, measure what you would use to break firewood. If you cut 6-10″ branches sometimes, the 6-ton wood splitter would do well. The ton rate is also raised with more depth. For a size of 20 + logs, 22 tons, almost all of the splitter would be perfect.

Here’s one point to mention, the eco logs. Greenwoods are items that are not dried. Typically, this kind of wood is difficult to hack. If you want to use your household tree’s limbs to slash, you must go up to a higher volume. A 12″ green log requires a 16-ton wood splitter.


In most instances, a brand is another name of consistency. Don’t go for a weird or unidentified brand if you want a premium product. Often, many manufacturers sell non-brand motor versions to cut costs. What the turbine or machine is made of and the brand is also a key aspect. Be very sure to ensure these variables.


Most wood splitters for professional and home use are generally around $210 +. So, if you’d like a log splitter for irregular use, set a plan of $310-$700. The variety of splitters is good to deliver the correct number of trees for cold months. And yet, if you require firewood availability for 6-10 months, it’s better to invest in $1000+ splitters. Before assessing the price of a splitter, verify its functionalities, power, capability, as well as the brand.

FQA’s about Log Splitter

What is the best log splitter in 2023?

Here is the list according to our analysis;

  1. WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter
  2. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter
  3. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter
  4. Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter
  5. YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

How durable is a log splitter?

The log splitter energy source or motor influences a hydraulic pump activated by a hydraulic lever to drain hydraulic fluid out of the tank to expand the hydraulic inlet. It has moved the log into the dividing stage. The cylinder has dual-inlet ends, and once the valve is rotated the other direction, the fluid is injected into the inlet to extract the hydraulic cylinder. It shifts the slide back to the initial position to add further wood splitting.

What are some benefits of using a log splitter?

Wood splitters can be useful firewood processing equipment that can save you money and time. If you need a wood-burning fireplace or a stove, the expense of shipping split wood could be drastically minimized if you can cut your stock for such chilly cold months.

What about the log splitters` maintenance or service?

Hydraulic gasoline engine wood splitters may require certain examination and service specifications. Maintenance may be required for gasoline improvements, the repair of hydraulic fluid filters, leak checks, and parts’ lubrication operation.

Does a wood splitter’s splitting wedge need to be sharpened?

When appropriately used, the separating wedge will not have to be sharpened. It should look sharp as far because it is only used timber and just not abused.

What type of hydraulic fluid is recommended?

Check for suggested fluid in the Owners Service Manual and/or the Note emblem on the hydraulic fluid reservoir. It can be partially dependent on the exterior temperatures at which the wood splitter is being used, and AW-68 is suggested for environments over 51 ° F.

What is the significant factor consider before buying a splitter?

Any of the essential considerations that need to be weighed for the purchasing of a splitter, like

  • Time of the loop
  • Power of the engine
  • Cylinder capacity
  • Division of power
  • Security & price options

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