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Buying a car or house doesn’t involve this much emotional attachment as a diamond engagement ring.

Don’t you want to purchase an engagement ring with a diamond?

If yes, let me show you some most beautiful pieces worth the significance of the event.

Don’t get confused. Make your event special and memorable with one beautiful piece.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

7 Best Engagement Rings to Buy

I listed the seven most alluring designs for your best choice.

Add the unique detail to the new chapter of your life.

I wish you Good Luck!

1. Zhannel 18K Yellow Gold   Eternity Band 9.7gr

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. It becomes even more precious when crafted in 18K Yellow Gold. If this combination seems the right one for your engagement too, opt for this ring right now.

This Channel ring comes in an intricate design with a total of 21 stones. Each stone exhibits a delicate round cut.

The diamonds are also unparalleled in terms of their minimum clarity of SI1 and S12.

The subtle and attractive shine of these naturally created untreated stones never fades away. It rather continues to multiply its worth as a valuable jewelry item.

The total minimum carat weight of its stones is 12.60 carats. While each of them individually weighs 0.6000 carats.

The overall metal weight of this ring is 9.7 grams, and it is available in size 8. It features a width of 5.5 millimeters and, thus, is quite easy to fit in your beloved’s finger.

Honestly, the value of this brilliantly created ring reflects the charm of your relationship.

Grab it now and let it sparkle the beauty of your girl to be.

What We Like!
  • 18K Yellow gold
  • 21 clear, untreated and naturally crafted stones
  • 12.60-carat stones
  • Size 8
  • Round-cut stones
Things to Consider!
  • It is not resizeable

2. Platinum Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond is to ring as you are to your Ladylove. If you are wise enough to craft meaning out of this thought-provoking statement, you will never opt for any less than a Platinum Solitaire Diamond Engagement ring.

It is definitely the best option that you will find around. From its quality to its finish, everything is commendable.

Manufactured out of a fine quality platinum material, this ring features a round-cut white diamond with the Solitaire setting.

The naturally created stone weighs 4.10 carats and has a blinding J color with a minimum of Sl1 clarity. Besides that, Its untreated nature bears evidence to its worth and makes it the buyer’s first choice.

Its plat-950 stamp portrays the originality of the product, and EGL USA and GIA certifications further confirm it.

Its unique design, together with its width of 0.4 inches, makes it a highly wearable product.

It is available in size 8 but might be lowered to size 3 or upgraded to size 11 if needed.

Isn’t it a splendid product to invest in? Please give it a buy and let it be your fiancée’s best friend forever.

What We Like!
  • 4.10-carat diamond
  • Round cut
  • Natural and untreated stone
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Platinum material
  • EGL USA and GIA certified
Things to Consider!
  • Might be too expensive for some people

3. Diamondere Natural and Certified Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Ring

A colorful jewel highlights your beauty more than everything else in this whole wide world. If you do not believe it, purchase this Diamondere 15 gemstone ring. It will urge you to fall in love with it.

Its rhodium finished 14k white gold material captivates your heart at first sight. The 0.55-carat amethyst, surrounded by a total of 14 0.22 carat diamonds, gives it its lethal looks. While the princess cut off its stone counts the most in enhancing its royalty.

All of its prong-setting stones are natural and are heat treated. Its gemstones’ minimum clarity is 12-13, and its size ranges from UZ size 4 to 9.

Apart from opting for this mesmerizing ring for your bid day, you can even choose it as a valuable gift for your dear and near ones. It comes packed in a delicate red jewelry box, which makes it look like a wondrous ornament.

Are you still not ready to give in to your desire to wear it? Never mind, go through its numerous features once again. You will give it a buy instantly.

What We Like!
  • Purple 0.55 carat amethyst stone
  • 14 0.22 carat diamond stones
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Serves as a unique gift item
  • Intricate design
Things to Consider!
  • Heat-treated stones are sometimes not valued

4. Diamondere Natural and Certified Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

A precious and rare gemstone ring is ideally the best to symbolize your lifelong companionship. If this thought directly gets into your heart, confidently opt for the Diamondere diamond ring.

Featuring a prong setting i1 diamond, it is exclusively crafted in an attractive and classy design.

It is, in fact, an epitome of elegance, and its quality, finish, durability, and wearability are beyond all your desires and expectations.

This beauty comes in rhodium finished, Nickel-free 14K White Gold material. It gives it its ability to complement all sorts of outfits.

Besides that, the 0.31 carat L colored stone tops it right in the center. To preserve its worth, it’s the natural texture. It is kept untreated. All this, cumulatively, captures the buyer’s attention making it impossible for him to say no to this ravishing beauty.

It is currently available in size 7 and is, thus, a valuable buy for those who can easily fit into it.

If you are also searching for some out-of-the-world product in this size, this is a great opportunity for you.

Avail it to see the huge fat smile on your beloved’s face on their big day.

Note: It is gift-wrapped in a beautiful red jewelry box.

What We Like!
  • Untreated natural diamond
  • Original white gold material
  • Exemplary finish and mind-blowing quality
  • Valuable gift item
Things to Consider!
  • Its size cannot be lowered or upgraded

5. Kobelli Van Cleef Pear Brilliant Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

The cut and finish of a diamond ring truly make you skip your heartbeat. It becomes even more obvious when it’s the matter of your engagement ring. If you also want to experience this adrenaline rush, the Kobelli Van Cleef diamond ring is an ideal option for you.

Crafted out of high-quality platinum material, it goes very well with almost all engagement outfits.

A pear-cut diamond stone adorns it and gives it its irresistible charm. It is further highlighted, placing it in between a pair of tapering baguette-cut diamonds.

The mesmerizing shine of these stones is because of their natural method of creation. These are not even treated; this, in turn, speaks of their everlasting beauty and sparkle.

Currently, this Kobelli Van Cleef ring is available in size 6. The stamp and GIA certification confirm its originality. While the 2.11-carat stones weighing 0.30 carat, each highlights its ever-increasing worth.

Spend on this unique option, and it will continue to be a symbol of love for the rest of your life.

What We Like!
  • Trending design
  • 3 diamond stones
  • Pear-cut and tapering baguette-cut
  • Natural diamonds
  • Untreated gemstones
  • 2.11 carat and GIA certified
Things to Consider!
  • Its diamonds exhibit a minimum color D

6. P3 POMPEII3 5ct Prong Diamond Eternity Ring 14K White Gold

It is never too easy to pick and choose a diamond ring. The choice becomes even more complicated when you are choosing it for your Ladylove. Stop wasting any more of your time and effort and blindly opt for this P3 POMPEII3 diamond ring.

Trending the charts with its outclass design, this resizable ring never fails to capture your heart and soul.

It rightly fits in your criteria of delicacy and charm and satisfies your thirst for finding a budget-friendly product.

Its finish and quality outshine your expectations leaving no room for regrets and ambiguities later on.

The presence of round-cut, 5.0 carat, prong setting diamonds give evidence to its preciousness. At the same time, its 14k white gold material accentuates its elegance.

Unlike several other options, this size 4 ring features naturally; stone treated diamond stones. All this responsibly gives you an idea of its ability to stand the test of time.

The most distinctive feature of this ring is, however, it’s the width of 4.8 millimeters. The sleek appearance makes it perfect to wear in combination with other bangs or rings.

Missing out on such an amazing product will surely be bad luck for you. Please do not get into the selection game all over again and give it a buy right now.

Note: The minimum color of the diamonds ranges from K to L, while clarity lies somewhere between 12 to 13.

What We Like!
  • Round cut 5.0-carat diamonds.
  • Untreated and natural stones
  • Size 4, but it is resizeable
  • 14K White Gold
  • Finished Product
Things to Consider!
  • You may find minor flaws since it is an untreated stone.

7. Diamondere Natural and Certified Diamond US Size 4 to 9

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but sometimes it is actually the object that is amazingly beautiful. This is absolutely true in the case of this splendid diamond ring. It has it that your better half has ever dreamt of.

From its intricate design to its flawless finish, this ring stands out from the rest. It is available in a 14k white gold material that is free from Nickel. The rhodium finish gives it its strength. At the same time, I1 clarity and L color serve as an ideal combination.

It has a total of 15 naturally created untreated stones. The bigger centered stone weighs 0.79 carats, while the smaller ones are 0.32 carats in weight.

Are you wondering about its cut? It features a brilliant round cut and is undoubtedly an original product from the Diamondere collection.

Spend on this appealing product and amaze others with its brilliance and wearability. It will captivate your heart for years to come.

Note: It is currently available in size 6.

What We Like!
  • Resale value is high
  • White gold material
  • Modernistic design
  • Five diamond stones of two different weights
  • Round cut diamond
Things to Consider!
  • It is not a resizable ring.

Buying Guide for Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond engagement ring is sometimes one of the most expensive purchases that you have ever made. Obviously, its price is worth it in terms of its sparkle and glamour. However, one must always make a careful choice in this matter.

This article is thoughtfully compiled to tackle all concerns and considerations that delay the selection process for you.

Read through it and save yourself from the risk of choosing the wrong product.

Let’s begin our journey through this information right now.

Cut of the gemstone.

A sparkling diamond is everyone’s first preference. Do you even know what contributes the most to this characteristic?

It is undoubtedly, its cut. Yes, its cut allows most of the light to pass through it, and, in turn, it shines and glitters like the most precious thing in the world.

Most sellers offer three distinct diamond cuts that include shallow, deep, and ideal. The ideal one is neither too shallow nor too deep.

The cut’s right assessment further depends on its table, crown, girdle, Pavillion, diameter, culet, and depth. All these are of immense importance in multiplying the brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Color of the gemstone

In terms of its color, this gemstone has the following distinct categories.

  • D to F,
  • G to H,
  • I to J and
  •  K to L

Out of this D to F color, diamonds are the most expensive because of their transparent color and quality. G to H and I to J color diamonds are nearly colorless and are ranked the second most expensive options. Finally, the K to L color category is pocket-friendly diamonds that are faint in color. These are relatively low in quality.

Clarity exhibited

A clean eye diamond is ideally the most desired choice for all. Based on this, there are two different kinds of diamonds. These are listed below

  • 13-12
  • I (included)
  • SI (slightly included)
  • VS (very slightly included)
  • IF (internally Flawless)
  • FL (Flawless)

Each of these kinds, in turn, has subcategories. SI and VI are the most purchased ones. At the same time, only 1% of diamonds are flawless.

Clarity also has a lot to do with the shape, texture, color, and diamond size. However, this characteristic is often considered the least important one. This feature

Carat Weight

Carat Weight has nothing to do with the beauty or sparkle of this precious gemstone. It instead defines how light or heavy it weighs and is thus, directly linked to its price. Heavier ones are obviously more expensive than the lighter ones.

Type of metal

Platinum, yellow gold, and white gold are the most used metals in diamond rings. These go very well with this gemstone and also contribute to giving it its elegance and beauty.

Fainted diamonds are ideally available in yellow gold material, while transparent ones are crafted of white gold material.

The material also defines the ring’s worth in the longer run. Platinum is generally not advised for its diminishing resale value. White and yellow gold are thus preferred but only for those who can afford to pay for its price.


The following three characteristics determine the value of this gemstone.

  • Type of metal
  • Method of creation
  • Treated or untreated

Gold is the proffered material, while natural and untreated gemstones are the most valuable ones despite the microscopic flaws.


GIA, EGL USA, or AGSL certified and graded diamonds with stamps on their metal parts are considered for their quality and originality.

Final Verdict

These factors are listed to serve as a valuable piece of information for all diamond ring buyers.

These are critically compiled and have been considered listing the best engagement diamond rings. The products provided conform to the listed standard and are undisputedly the most trusted ones available in the market.

Out of them, the Diamondere diamond ring is the best one, in my opinion.

FAQ’s about Diamond Ring

Can I alter the size of a diamond ring?

Most diamond rings are not resizeable. If you are not sure about the size, the good idea is to opt for a resizable diamond ring. It is more convenient.

What is the difference between natural and laboratory crafted diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds do not grow. Naturally, they are rather created in labs. On the other hand, natural diamonds usually occur.

Which is more valuable, a treated diamond or an untreated diamond?

Untreated diamonds with minor microscopic flaws are more valuable and pricey.

How to know if a diamond is real or fake?

Place the gemstone in front of your mouth and breathe out. It will fog up. If it stays fogged for a few seconds, it is a fake one.

Real diamonds never fog up.

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