10 Best Electric Blanket Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

In winter, you crave it even more because of all the cold. You want to cuddle or snuggle in your soft, cozy bed and blanket.

It takes away all your tiredness. It charges up your body for the next day. But you know what can be a real bummer?

A cold bed and a cold blanket. It can ruin your mood and hence your day.

The big problem has a simple and easy solution is an electric blanket.

Yes, an electric blanket allows you to control the temperature of the blanket as per your choice.

The market is flooded with tons of electric blankets and for a newbie, it’s difficult to find the right one.

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best electric blankets according to consumer ratings & reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Editor’s Pick: SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Electric Blanket is one of the best due to its comfort and extraordinary performance. It works on low-voltage technology and shuts off automatically after 10 hours for your safety.

Best Electric Blanket Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the top electric blankets for 2023:

  • SoftHeat by Perfect Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket
  • Beautyrest Heated Microlight to Berber Elect Electric Blanket
  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush
  • Homde Heated Electric Throw Auto-Off Controller
  • Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink
  • Beautyrest Heated Zuri Electric Blanket | 3 Heat Level
  • Beautyrest Plush Heated Throw Blanket | Secure Comfort Technology
  • Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket
  • Biddeford Blankets Micro Plush Electric Heated Blanket
  • Serta | Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

Best Electric Blanket Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 10 best electric blankets reviews based on consumer ratings and reports.

1. SoftHeat by Perfect Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

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SoftHeat blanket is by the Perfect Fit store. It is a luxurious blanket made up of 100% brushed polyester ultra-soft micro-fleece, and these have micro-thin built-in wires.

This keeps you comfortable, and there is no bulkiness due to wires. These micro-thin wires are spread as such that they provide even distribution of heat throughout the whole blanket.

This blanket has been patented, safe, and warm. It works on low voltage technology, which makes it quite safe than others.

Their electric mattress pad technology is the only low voltage technology that has been certified as non-hazardous. It can be machines washed but in warm water and tumble dries but at low settings.


What We Like!

  • Micro-thin wires inside provide better comfort than other
  • Low-voltage technology saves up the bills, and there are low chances of accidents
  • It shuts off after 10 hours automatically for safety reasons
  • It is safe for pets and does not emit electromagnetic radiation
  • The blanket is available in multiple sizes and colors

Things to Consider!

  • It is expensive
  • It is heavy

2. Beautyrest Heated Microlight to Berber Elect Electric Blanket

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This electric heated blanket is by Beautyrest. The blanket can easily be said a luxurious blanket due to its amazing features.

The material of the face side is 100% Microlight Plush while the reverse side is made up of 100% Sherpa Berber. The seller claims they have the lowest possible emission of electromagnetic radiation.

The heating element is designed and placed as such that the whole blanket receives even heat. Do not worry about safety, as it is 100% UL certified.

The length of the controller wire is 12 feet with a 6 feet power cord. This blanket has beaten every other in the list for maximum comfort, as it provides a total of 20 heat levels. These will be more than enough for anyone at all.


What We Like!

  • It’s easily washable in the machine after detaching the power cord
  • It comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • They are also providing a five-year limited warranty
  • It also has an LED heat indicator
  • 10-hour auto shut feature

Things to Consider!

  • It’s a tad bit expensive than others in the list
  • It is heavy

3. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink

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The last one is by the very great Sunbeam store. Their amazing customer reviews speak for them. The blanket features three heat settings.

One side is made up of plush royal mink, while the other is made up of cuddly sherpa. It has a ThermFine technology to make sure that temperature keeps adjusting as per its surrounding throughout the night.

The 3-hour automatic shut off feature is great for safety. You can turn on the heating system by plugging the power cord into a 110 – 120 V outlet. The blanket material is 100% polyester, which means it is easy to keep clean and take care of.


What We Like!

  • The blanket if of high quality
  • This Sunbeam electric blanket is safe for machine wash and dry
  • It is very affordable
  • A total of four colors or designs are available for this blanket
  • Its very lightweight as compared to others

Things to Consider!

  • Size is suitable for one person only
  • Heating takes time in this blanket

4. Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush

This is a micro plush blanket by the very trusted manufacturer Sunbeam. Sunbeam is one of the most famous manufacturers of electrically heated blanket.

Their amazing customer reviews speak for the high-end quality of their products. It is controlled by the EasySet Pro controller, which provides you a total of 10 different heat settings.

It can be best for those who have difficulty being comfortable at one temperature. It also has the ability to sense the environment and adjust the temperature as per that.

This one as well shuts off automatically after 10 hours for safety reasons. The material of this blanket is 100% polyester.


What We Like!

  • It is affordable
  • The Sunbeam electric blanket is available in four different sizes and multiple colors
  • It is a completely safe machine washed and dried
  • This one also has dual controllers

Things to Consider!

  • Their customer service isn’t the best

5. Homde Heated Electric Throw Auto-Off Controller

The second one we have here is by Homde. They have amazing reviews on amazon as well as features that is why this blanket made it to the list.

It is available in two sober colors, blue and brown. For safety, it is certified by ETL; that is why no need to worry about current or any other hazard. Even if you forget to shut this electric blanket off, it is turned off automatically after 4 hours.

The blanket also doesn’t overheat and is always user friendly. Do note that a suitable voltage for it is 120 V. The controller has a 10-feet wire and provides you three heat settings.

In fact, if you don’t want warmth, you can use it as a normal blanket by detaching the controller. The blanket doesn’t take a lot of time to heat. It is also easy to keep it clean as the blanket is machine wash and dryer safe.


What We Like!

  • It is extremely lightweight for maximum comfort
  • It is safe and easy to maintain
  • The price is affordable for almost anyone

Things to Consider!

  • Heat doesn’t seem to be as consistent as others
  • It’s only available in one size

6. Beautyrest Heated Zuri Electric Blanket | 3 Heat Level

This is another blanket by the same manufacturer or seller, that is, Beautyrest Store. This one has a different quality and different features. That is why it falls under a different price range as well.

This one is made up of 100% faux fur mink material, but it is equally comfortable as any other heated blanket. It is equipped with a new heating technology called Secure Comfort.

This senses the temperature or environment around it and provides the warmth accordingly. The technology is also said to emit almost zero electromagnetic radiation.

For your feasibility, it features three heating levels along with a pre-heating feature. The auto shut feature is only of 2-hours because it is comparatively much smaller than blankets.


What We Like!

  • It is available in multiple colors
  • The safety features make sure no mishap occurs
  • It is quite affordable
  • They provide a 5-year limited warranty
  • It is machine washable after unplugging the controller

Things to Consider!

  • The size can only cater to one person
  • Heating not as good as the expensive blankets


7. Beautyrest Plush Heated Throw Blanket | Secure Comfort Technology

Another electric blanket by the very great Beautyrest. This one also has secure comfort heated technology. It means this also can adjust the temperature as per its surroundings and give you all the necessary warmth required.

This blanket is also said to emit no electromagnetic field emissions, which means it’s completely safe to make this blanket your snuggle partner.

The design of this blanket is very modern and stylish. It has printed designs on it which are quite fashionable. It comes with three heat settings, and it shuts off automatically after 2 hours of continuous running. This feature is there for safety purposes.

The blanket is made up of super soft microlight plush fabric. It is also pilling free, which means the blanket can last for a long time.


What We Like!

  • It is very affordable
  • The blanket is available in many prints
  • The controls are easy
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty

Things to Consider!

  • The size is only suitable for one person

8. Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

Here’s another electrically heated blanket by the great Biddeford. It looks like the previous one, but it has different features and built than that. This one we have here is a knitted blanket.

It is imported, and the material of the blanket is 100% polyester. The manufacturer claim, this electrically heated blanket can provide you therapeutic warmth.

For maximum comfort, it provides you with ten heat settings. The customer reviews on amazon are overall satisfied, which means you can invest in this amazing blanket.


What We Like!

  • It is affordable than the first one in the list
  • Very comfortable due to knit structure
  • It is lightweight that is why cozier

Things to Consider!

  • Customer service doesn’t seem to be the best

9. Biddeford Blankets Micro Plush Electric Heated Blanket

The first one is by Biddeford Blankets. This electric blanket is micro polish. You can have an amazing sleepover as well as movie nights with this.

If you wonder why? Then it is because this is a king-size blanket. It surely can fit more than one person very easily. It is extremely cozy, which will keep you at peace all through the night.

The material of this electrical heating blanket is 100% polyester. This means even if you spill your drink or coffee on it, it will dry out in no time.

With its machine washable feature, it is easy to keep the blanket clean otherwise as well.

The blanket temperature can be controlled digitally. It provides you with six different heat settings for different levels of comfort.


What We Like!

  • The blanket is very affordable
  • It is available in 4 colors
  • It can shut down automatically after 10 hours
  • The blanket also offers dual controls

Things to Consider!

  • It can be a bit heavy
  • It doesn’t have a timer to set


10. Serta | Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

The luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric blanket is by the esteemed Serta Store. It is a micro plush electrical heated blanket. The fabric is micro-plush, of course, with micro-thin wires in it.

These provide an evenly distributed heat throughout the blanket. It has been patented, safe, and warm. It operates on low voltage, which is safe for you, babies, and pets. It has been certified as non-hazardous.

The blanket is single control, and again for safety reasons turns off after 10 hours in case you forget to turn it off. It isn’t dangerous even when surrounded by moisture.

The control also has a backlit display with adjustable lighting. It can easily be machine washed as well as dried without any harm.

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What We Like!

  • It is available in multiple sizes
  • It is lightweight that is why easy to carry and use
  • It includes dual zones for couples
  • The electric blanket also comes with a 5-year warranty

Things to Consider!

  • It doesn’t have the pre-heat feature
  • Not the best quality

How To Choose The Best Electric Blanket

Other than the above best ten electrically heated blankets, you can find a hundred of them. However, you cannot throw your money at any of them.

Consider a few factors before putting your money into any product. That is why we have a small buying guide of electrically heated for you. This way you can choose what’s most suitable for you.


This factor mainly depends on your range. The electrically heated blankets are available from as low as 30$ to as high as 300$. Their price ranges as per their size, quality, features, warranty, etc.

If your price range is low, you will probably have to settle for a small size, and if you are getting a large size, then most probably, many advanced features will not be available in it.


Quality is mostly dependent on the brand you’re buying from or the price. Most of the time, a high price means a good quality product; however, that’s not true all of the time.

Sometimes not so recognized sellers provide good products at low prices. You must make sure that you search quite well for a top-quality product.


For any fabric product, it becomes essential to check the fabric’s material beforehand. The reason is many people have allergies to different kinds of fibers.

It can be proved really hazardous for them if the material is not checked while buying the blanket. If you buy a blanket of material that is not suitable for you, it will only bring more difficulties instead of comfort.

That is why, every time buying a blanket, do check its material. To check the quality of that material is also important for aftercare.


Of course, it is an electric blanket; that is why safety should be the topmost priority. They are safe and manufactured, keeping in mind that they will be in human contact.

The wires are insulated enough in it to not be in contact with the outside layer at all. So yes, the blankets are usually safe, and if any mishap occurs, then it is an exceptional case.

For you to check if it’s safe or not, make sure to check if the wires are not popping out, the length of the controller and power cable, the voltage it requires, and auto shutting-off timings. These things are important for one to know about the safety of a particular electric blanket.


Some people might not even look at them while buying a product, but little do they know that they are onto a big mistake. Honest customer reviews can prove to be of great help.

Sometimes they save you from buying a useless product, and sometimes you can even find an extra guide to increase a product’s efficiency.

That is why, before investing your hard-earned money into an electric blanket, make sure to read up on people’s experience with that blanket. This review factor becomes more necessary in electronic products.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article about the best electric blankets by consumer ratings & reports will guide you to purchase one of the listed items above mentioned.

Do note that these electric blankets are a good investment if used and taken care of properly. They can make your life easy, cozy and fill your body with eternal comfort.

If you want some “me-therapy,” then don’t forget to include an electric blanket on your list.    Also. one can save not only a massive amount of money on bills and but also energy.

Electric blankets are a one-time investment, and then you keep benefitting from them for quite a long time.

FAQ’s about Electric Blanket

These are for people who want to be sure in every aspect, which is their right. Let’s get on to the most common queries of customers.

What are the best electric blankets in 2023?

Here is a list as per our recommendations;

  1. Biddeford Blankets Micro Plush Electric Heated Blanket
  2. Home Heated Electric Throw Auto-Off Controller
  3. Serta | Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket
  4. Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush
  5. Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

Is it better than a normal blanket?

That purely depends on your use, your environment, your house, and the place you live at. If you live somewhere where there isn’t any extreme cold, this blanket could be wasted.

These electric blankets are best for above-average cold areas. Areas where the heater is a need to survive during winter.

Why should this be preferred instead of a normal blanket?

One of the most beneficial reasons an electric blanket should be preferred instead of a normal one is reducing bills. They are almost the same price as a normal blanket but saves you a lot of money on electric bills.

They are also not as hazardous as heaters. These are portable and very much handy. That is why if you want to save money, go for it.

Is it safe?

They are most definitely safe. These blankets have certain certifications about safety. Their wires are well insulated, which keeps you safe from any current. However, one should always read and follow the instructions clearly mentioned in the manual.

In what environment it’s most suitable to use?

As mentioned above, these are most suitable for places where one cannot survive without a heater. People from other areas can also experiment with it, but it is most beneficial for those areas where the heater is a constant in winters.

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